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    Sounds like a deadset peanut. No thanks.
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    Tracc has to become more accurate in front of goal. I thought his 2018 was pretty good, but for his goalkicking
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    And on Harmes, I'm hoping he doesn't take his foot off the pedal either and re-doubles his efforts to improve even further. If he gets to A grade, with a fit Viney, we'll have the best midfield in the competition (if we don't already).
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    You are a valuable resource for this site. Thanks for your work mate. Might be a struggle for the Dee 2's next season after so many regulars got the axe. Would be wonderful for our growth in the area if we could bring home a flag for the Cranbourne area. Best of luck to the new boy. Go hard Tom.
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    Thought Jay should get his own thread. 177cm, 75kg, and will be 23 years old for the start of the 2019 season. Runner up in Casey's B&F and very highly rated by Rawlings. Jay has good speed and uses the ball well. Despite his size, he's shown an ability to win his own ball, playing in multiple roles. Started the year at half back, but then moved to a wing and on ball. Spent short stints forward also, kicking 10 goals for the year. Hoping we can get the rights to Jay through trading with Gold Coast in relation to the May/KK deal. He fits our needs and would be especially good to get a mature body in given the likely departures of Tyson & Vandenberg.
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    AFL website nominates players to watch in 2019. Sam Weideman is rightly the one to have to stand up. He will be given the role and has to grab the opportunity. I think he will. Others noted are Joel Smith and Jayden Hunt both of whom need a good run free of injury. Oskar Baker and Harrison Petty are the youngsters named. I think others really are - Billy Stretch. Showed his ability to provide run and delivery but toe injury killed the 2nd half of 2018. He has a wing position there to take. - Christian Petracca. Yes the Trac can still get better and better. He must impact for longer and assert himself. Looking for A grade in 2019. - Jeff Garlett. Jeffy can be the one to make a difference and take us to the top. There will be the chances if he has the renewed will and desire. Talent is unquestionable. - James Harmes. Proved himself in the 2nd half of the season. A full year at that standard would be sensational. From the injury front, Viney and Vandenburg should be hopefully ready to have full seasons. Of course, we should Jake Lever back, if not for Round 1 then by rounds 3-4 onwards. Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Tmcd, Jetta, Melksham all had great years and hope they keep fit and maintain the standard. There is still plenty of upside in many others. #1 in 2019.
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    Chris Judd used to turn up to his junior games for East Sandy wearing the Melbourne jumper with #3 on the back. When he came back to play in Victoria, he chose ...
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    Take a look at his 2017 goals... Compare them to many of his goals from this year, where he was often looking to dish off, or played on to kick around his body. Also, in 2017 he kicked 26 goals, 6 behinds. In 2018 he kicked 19 goals, 23 behinds. It's confidence.
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    Great idea. Come back early after knee surgery, what could go wrong? Nice one Gary ...
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    Agree mate. Don't get me wrong, I still love footy and going to the game is the ultimate experience. Despite my nostalgia, I don't hanker for the past. When the ball is bounced at the beginning of every match I still feel nervous and excited. However, I do find all the distractions a pain, such as the incessant advertising, entertainment, noise and other marketing ploys. I also think that due to the saturation of the sport (extended seasons/fixtures/matches played 4 and 5 days in a row, media coverage etc) the sense of freshness and anticipation we have when we go to a game is now a little blunted. Its like obesity,. There is so much food that people eat more, when less is better. Our health improves and we live longer lives by eating less.
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    Booing a guy who wanted to go home after he survived cancer and had his dad pass away from the same disease with within a few months? Cool.
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    Everybody should be replicating Gawn's fitness regime he's close to the best player in the AFL.
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    Confucius says, “the green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” At this rate he's heading for a fall...
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    It’ll be disappointing if Hogan gets booed but there are less enlightened and intelligent supporters that are sure to.
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    Maybe it's just me but I think Petracca's 2018 season was very underrated by DL posters. I'd rate his season as good as he averaged 20 possessions a game playing predominately half forward. He had over 40 shots at goal but was inaccurate compared to his previous year but all his major stats were up. He came with a lot of expectation and I understand some are disappointed he isn't yet a superstar but it's only his fourth season in the AFL with his first ruined by injury. What I find more disappointing is people questioning his attitude when the reality is I doubt many know and are just guessing. Questioning someone's attitude by guessing is poor form. As for Lyon's view - I couldn't care less.
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    I watch Garry Lyon train in the old days and he never pushed himself either so he knows what a waste of talent is when you think you can just turn up and perform. One of the great athletes of all time Carl Lewis used to have a saying 'when you are number 1 you have to train like number 2' also Jesse Owens had a saying 'that people say I am lucky but the harder I train the luckier I get' the saying's are basically true but lazy sportsmen blame other things for their failure to get to the top of the heap.
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    Good mail still about Ely Smith. Has the competitive spirit and contested footy. Good pace. Physically ready to play. Played 2/3rd in Vfl for Collingwood and he looked very comfortable.
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    Yeah fair enough. I’d probably try and get in touch with Wattsy.
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    I looked at the pics and wondered why the jumpers looked so good. I pine for the days before marketing, advertising and entertainment.
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    Wishes 23- Xavier O’Halloran (Bailey Williams, Ely Smith, Sam Sturt, Chayce Jones) 28- Xavier Duursma (Tom McKenzie, Sydney Stack) 54-Joe Ayton Delaney (Jacob Kennerley) 62-Toby Bedford *NGA 91- our smoky (Frank Anderson, Nick Rippon, Mitch Lewis) Rookie #15 Matt Hammelmann/ Hayden McLean/ Lachlan Waddell/ Hudson Garoni (Ruck/big forward options) #33 Jay Lockhart
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    makes so much sense on so many fronts. The only people it might upset are the stadium owners but with less games you would probably see a 10% increase in crowds per match is my guess.
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    And accomodate needs, like the 3 day Anzac break, 6 day back to back interstate trips and NT recovery requirement etc. Would prolong careers as well.
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    Just as Taylor would want.
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    Deservedly tough draw. We are a top 4 side. Other teams will not look forward to playing us. Huge from a financial perspective and brilliant for sponsors. Some huge games against big Victorian clubs will make for some terrific games and big game atmosphere. 13 FTA is massive as is the fact we gte get six stand alone FTA games (3 Friday nights, a Thursday night, the ANZAC eve game and QB). That's a brilliant result.
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    Finished 4th in the 2018 B&F in a great year for the club. Clearly the FD still rate him. Explain that to me? One injury to the starting midfield of Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Harmes and he's straight in there. He has challenges ahead to adapt to a new role on the wing and probably half-forward but he's too good not to be in the 22. He's be in any club's best 22. The FD will find a way to use his talents and he'll need to rise to the challenge of adapting to his new role. If he can adapt to a new role there's no reason he can't play 2-3 more years - he has been incredibly durable.
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