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    JT will get the best available. I have no idea who that is but I know he does. The BP years feel like some kind of very dated horror movie now.
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    Leave the jumpers alone. Our home jumper is easily the best in the league. Our royal blue clash is the best alternate jumper we have ever had and i cant think of a better idea. At least its red and blue. No white rubbish like in previous years. Our two jumpers should never change again from now on imo.
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    Why always so defensive in this way? Maybe he doesn't have the opportunity to ask? A non-condescending way to reply would be to say that you chatted to Jennings and got the impression that clubs want to investigate every new 'approach' as professional sport changes daily...
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    I genuinely love this bloke. From nowhere, he’s virtually my favourite Demon. Such a good pick up. I can’t believe how good this trade period was - simply par excellence. Competence is such an attractive trait - thanks Josh, Todd, and JT.
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    WTF are you on about The MFC home jumper looks awesome Why do we have to change everything every year??? GO AWAY....
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    RB you have to stop consuming whatever it is that you are on at present. It will destroy your mind.
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    And of course there's always the Kyneton Cup tomorrow as a prelude to the Oaks on Thursday ... DK Weir has 4 horses running around in the event including the top 3 in the betting line. Kyneton Cup 2000m $125k Wed 4.40pm
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    I forgot about Michael Reynolds. Came from Tassie and booted 6 goals at FF in a game in his first season. Faded out of the picture after 1986.
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    Stood through many a late foggy winter afternoon at Junction Oval etc - last quarter both sides caked in mud and everyone wearing dark shorts. Never any problem distinguishing our boys from the not dissimilar attired “Maroons”. Current jumper is spot on and should never be changed. If we gotta concede to City Hall for away strip, Swoop Northey’s colour TV outfit will suffice. Always think of Robbie when Jones has it.
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    I like the Red Back but I don't want it to replace the Navy Blue. I'd be happy to keep the Red Back for those situations where it avoids a clash that isn't significant enough to warrant the Royal Blue.
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    From all reports Goodwin is not just a dedicated student of Aussie footy but of world sports. He's also been developing a game-plan which, while still admittedly unproven, is on the leading edge of Australian football and could potentially deliver a dynasty in a league of small margins if it clicks with increasing player maturity. I previously posted my suspicion that he has already taken on board some ideas from both European soccer and rugby league. Far from junkets, I think these research trips are invaluable, and demonstrate the single-minded dedication of our coaching panel as led by Goody.
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    Heard him speak on Preliminary Final day and he said he was aiming for Round 1 but he also mentioned that that if he not ready he's not ready but should be ready to go early in the season.
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    According to Jake who I spoke to at season's end, wants to be up and ruuning for Rd 1 selection, has a complete program mapped out to try and acheive this, assume he will need every box ticked as this is 2nd knee
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    I would take him in a heartbeat if we could get pick 66 into the deal as well.
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    Hardly a junket. Unlike our political masters I think the coaching group deserve these trips even if they gain nothing but some valuable time off. However, I'm sure they do gain some good insight. It can't hurt to have a look at what others are doing, discuss, learn where appropriate and ensure we are up with or even ahead of the latest trends.
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    I’m putting this name out there as a possible pick # 23 selection at the draft. He would make a good understudy to our two main key position forwards and would have plenty of time to develop at VFL level. Bailey Williams
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    I remember reading an article years ago that mentioned our anti-hamstring-injury expertise is the best in the world. But that's about it.
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    When are we going to get Range Rover or Mount Buller as a major sponser? Time to profit off those lame jokes.
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    Either that or let SWYL takeover your account for a few hours.
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    I'd like to see the yoke a little bit bigger so that the AFL and sponsor logos sit within it so you can clearly see the whole yoke design.
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    Try asking Craig Jennings, I did, professional sport changes daily, you investigate every new 'approach"
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    All the media types put out their top 30 draft picks or whatever. I wonder how many of them actually have the inside intel on character etc that top recruiters like Taylor and clubs like the MFC seem to use to heavily influence their recruitment decisions. I doubt many do. Must say unless we had picks in the first half a dozen, I find it had to engage with this pre-draft speculation on who goes when and goes to who. Even then, when it seems to be more obvious, clubs pull unexpected moves like McCartin and Oliver.
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    I don’t know if he is any good at footy, but jeez l hope we gazump Hawthorn and get Irving Mosquito
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