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    JT will get the best available. I have no idea who that is but I know he does. The BP years feel like some kind of very dated horror movie now.
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    Leave the jumpers alone. Our home jumper is easily the best in the league. Our royal blue clash is the best alternate jumper we have ever had and i cant think of a better idea. At least its red and blue. No white rubbish like in previous years. Our two jumpers should never change again from now on imo.
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    Why always so defensive in this way? Maybe he doesn't have the opportunity to ask? A non-condescending way to reply would be to say that you chatted to Jennings and got the impression that clubs want to investigate every new 'approach' as professional sport changes daily...
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    I genuinely love this bloke. From nowhere, he’s virtually my favourite Demon. Such a good pick up. I can’t believe how good this trade period was - simply par excellence. Competence is such an attractive trait - thanks Josh, Todd, and JT.
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    WTF are you on about The MFC home jumper looks awesome Why do we have to change everything every year??? GO AWAY....
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    And of course there's always the Kyneton Cup tomorrow as a prelude to the Oaks on Thursday ... DK Weir has 4 horses running around in the event including the top 3 in the betting line. Kyneton Cup 2000m $125k Wed 4.40pm
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    I forgot about Michael Reynolds. Came from Tassie and booted 6 goals at FF in a game in his first season. Faded out of the picture after 1986.
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    Stood through many a late foggy winter afternoon at Junction Oval etc - last quarter both sides caked in mud and everyone wearing dark shorts. Never any problem distinguishing our boys from the not dissimilar attired “Maroons”. Current jumper is spot on and should never be changed. If we gotta concede to City Hall for away strip, Swoop Northey’s colour TV outfit will suffice. Always think of Robbie when Jones has it.
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    I like the Red Back but I don't want it to replace the Navy Blue. I'd be happy to keep the Red Back for those situations where it avoids a clash that isn't significant enough to warrant the Royal Blue.
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    From all reports Goodwin is not just a dedicated student of Aussie footy but of world sports. He's also been developing a game-plan which, while still admittedly unproven, is on the leading edge of Australian football and could potentially deliver a dynasty in a league of small margins if it clicks with increasing player maturity. I previously posted my suspicion that he has already taken on board some ideas from both European soccer and rugby league. Far from junkets, I think these research trips are invaluable, and demonstrate the single-minded dedication of our coaching panel as led by Goody.
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    Heard him speak on Preliminary Final day and he said he was aiming for Round 1 but he also mentioned that that if he not ready he's not ready but should be ready to go early in the season.
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    According to Jake who I spoke to at season's end, wants to be up and ruuning for Rd 1 selection, has a complete program mapped out to try and acheive this, assume he will need every box ticked as this is 2nd knee
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    I would take him in a heartbeat if we could get pick 66 into the deal as well.
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    Hardly a junket. Unlike our political masters I think the coaching group deserve these trips even if they gain nothing but some valuable time off. However, I'm sure they do gain some good insight. It can't hurt to have a look at what others are doing, discuss, learn where appropriate and ensure we are up with or even ahead of the latest trends.
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    Maybe the wrong thread but isn't it weird to see this after 12 years! 2018 Premiership odds: $8
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    The AFL is a governing body of a sport. It’s objective must be to do whatever is in the best long term interests of maintaining the health of the sport. Sustainable profit is a part of that, but it’s not all of it. I’d go as far to say if the AFL’s profit margin grows too large, it’s indicative that they are underspending on the game. Pointing to the fact that they have an ABN and report profit and loss is just silly - they’re an organisation with an enormous turnover; this level of governance is required by law. To say the AFL’s objective is profit is a bit like saying the federal government’s primary objective is to run a huge surplus every budget. It’s clearly not.
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    Out. Some things are tradition and while I like the red back it’s time to say a big ‘F off’ to the people who keep suggesting change in the game for no reason.
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    Also not sure if covered anywhere on here, but the Demons site has our 2019 JLT fixtures listed as Richmond on the 3rd of March in Shepparton and and 9th of March at Casey (which I thought was Cazaly's in Cairns at first by its venue code and was going to make a big fuss about but now won't - everything is okay, carry on with your day in peace, but hehe - [censored] Brisbane).
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    I think he needs to simplify it myself. Clarry = Flag
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    I looked at the pics and wondered why the jumpers looked so good. I pine for the days before marketing, advertising and entertainment.
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    Interesting to hear that Valente & Duursma are among the 20 kids invited to day 1 of the draft and Ian Hill & Curtis Taylor, who have both been comfortably ranked inside the top 20 for the last year or so, are not. Dees could have some handy players slide to 23 & 28. Some more names to consider: https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/afl/afl-2018-draft-board-power-rankings-26-to-50-the-hidden-gems-that-loom-as-draft-bargains/news-story/9f1044dcf7c125149ed2139eaa5108e3?__twitter_impression=true
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    Yes. It was very odd that Sydney traded him for just pick 61... Some post-trade/DFA player movements are interesting... Hawks delist the contracted, Will Langford ('for list management reasons'). He is then a DFA, he announces his retirement, then a week later the Hawks announce they will rookie him as a DFA so he doesn't go into a draft. Hawks to rookie Langford Brisbane coax the contracted Jarryd Lyons to join them (after the trade period closes) and GCS conveniently acquiesce and delist him and he becomes a DFA. Brisbane get a contracted player for zip, Gold Coast get nothing in return...?? Lyons to Brisbane Mumford seems to qualify as a DFA, altho delisted last year, and can go to club of his choice ie bypass the draft Mumford to GWS From a far, these look premeditated to happen post the trade period closing as no attempt was made to trade Langford or Lyons and neither requested a trade. And, there seems to be a new rule for Mumford: I think the rule is that if a player retires he needs to wait a certain number of years and come back thru the draft, but not entirely sure how that works. The DFA status gives clubs a convenient way to 'manage' their list 'by-pass' draft/trade rules. The whole area of what is a DFA is becoming very murky!
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    Draft for talent, trade for need. Best available for our first two picks.
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    Yep, draft should always be best available. The draft board is littered with clubs who got this one wrong. Trade for needs...
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    I can't wait for full training to start and see which groups specific players are training with. It gives a good indication although I recognise that things can change quickly in season e,g, Salem mid to back; and Fritsch fwd to mid to back last year and Melksham back to fwd in 2017. Anyway hers's a stab at it starting with whom I consider to be the locks (you're free to disagree): Backs: May, Lever, Jetta, Hibberd, Salem, OMac, Lewis, Frost, Petty, Wagner Mids: Gawn, Preuss, Viney, Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes, Jones, Stretch, JKH, Maynard, Baker Forwards: TMac, Weed, Melksham, Petracca, ANB, Spargo, Hannan, T.Smith, Garlett Of particular interest: KK: back or mid - I'm tipping wing role as a mid. VDB: probably mid? Hunt: has been a back but I think there could be a role change - possibly forward Fritsch: the most versatile - forward, mid or back? He played back at the end of this year for coverage and I have FD intel that this is the preferred role for him J.Smith: was a back but I've posted elsewhere that I like the idea of him forward, has the height to spoil intercept markers and the pace and tackling to lock the ball in. The FD tried him there at the end of this year twice. Keilty: plays back at Casey but they use him as a swingman and goes fwd to create an effective target, With our plethora of tall backs and shortage of tall fwd depth I'd like to see Dec training with the forwards.
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