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    Hardly a junket. Unlike our political masters I think the coaching group deserve these trips even if they gain nothing but some valuable time off. However, I'm sure they do gain some good insight. It can't hurt to have a look at what others are doing, discuss, learn where appropriate and ensure we are up with or even ahead of the latest trends.
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    We've got 34 + 2 rookies (+2 Cat B) at present. We not rushing to sign any DFA. Makes sense to just take 4 at the ND and go with a senior list of 38. There's a small salary cap saving there too. Then add just 2 in the RD and go with 38 + 4 + 2. Leave 2 Rookie spots open for those 2 new sign-ups/drafts mentioned in that article and take a ruck there like @Good Lord George says if disaster hits.
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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-11-05/returning-to-the-track Melbourne’s first-to-fourth year players still have a few more weeks to cool their heels before returning to training on Monday November 19. The senior players are due back on Monday December 3. Injury list: A number of players underwent post-season surgeries including Jack Viney (ankle), Christian Petracca (knee), Mitch Hannan (knee), Clayton Oliver (both shoulders), Aaron vandenBerg (shoulder), Jayden Hunt(shoulder), James Harmes (shoulder) and Neville Jetta (shoulder). All the players listed are expected to resume full training post-Christmas. Draft picks: 23, 28, 54, 62, 91 Major off-field moves: Following Peter Jackson's planned departure at the end of the season, Gary Pert has taken over as CEO as of early October. Melbourne's coaching staff has had little turnover and is locked in for another season. Round one: Port Adelaide, MCG, March 23, 1.45pm. 2018 Premiership odds: $8 And another thing … Melbourne coaches have covered all parts of the globe in the off season. Simon Goodwin(London), Craig Jennings (Japan) and Troy Chaplin (US) embarked on study tours to gain insights by visiting sporting clubs in those countries.
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    I'm confused about how you think Bailey Williams is going to provide AFL depth in 2019 if Weid doesn't perform consistently? Sure it's a reasonable argument to recruit KPF depth but there's no way a draftee is going to help next year. I think you've put two ideas in the blender there.
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    According to Jake who I spoke to at season's end, wants to be up and ruuning for Rd 1 selection, has a complete program mapped out to try and acheive this, assume he will need every box ticked as this is 2nd knee
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    Name another club with more than 2 good/reasonable KPF's? Richmond now have 2 West Coast have 2 Hawthorn have the ageing Rough Geelong have Hawk GWS have Cameron and an injured Patton Collingwood have Cox and whoever else they use to pinch hit Port have Dixon North have Brown Swans have Buddy EFC used their full back when Daniher couldn't play this season etc. etc..... Our list is in good shape, we have pretty good coverage across the board.
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    At risk of sounding like an old fart, it hadn’t occurred to me that there would be adults on Demonland still young enough for Colin Sylvia to have been included in their idols growing up set. His era feels too recent as the years fly by. It adds another dimension to the club’s collective grief that I hadn’t considered. Condolences to yourself and others out there in that boat.
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    I don't care about the non-Melbourne games so I came up with this ladder.
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    Chris Doerre (aka Knightmare) has done an interesting draft needs analysis for ESPN - AFL Draft: Your club's list needs Here's his analysis for the MFC - List needs 1. Classy inside midfielder 2. General forward 3. Relieving ruck Draft picks: 23, 28, 54, 62, 91 Who should they draft? As a medium marking forward, Sam Sturt would be a strong addition to Melbourne's front half at 23. Bailey Williams at 28 would be ideal as a relieving ruckman who has uncontainable athleticism as a marking forward. If one of the Demons' preferred choices in the 20s is unavailable, midfielder Sydney Stack would add further class to the club's engine room. Through their NGA, Toby Bedford will provide speed and pressure through the midfield and up forward.
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    Which was the other 3yo.... If Ace gets up Macca....it will be Dancing in Dubrovnik!
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    I looked at the pics and wondered why the jumpers looked so good. I pine for the days before marketing, advertising and entertainment.
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    Annoyingly, a tax exempt business with one of the largest property portfolios in Australia.
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    I am doing a Box Trifecta and maybe a F4 as I often do with the cup ... but this time around I'm going wider and am happy with the smaller percentage. The dividends are often extremely good anyway so any sort of collect can be decent. The two 3YO's are almost certainly going to be included and not just because of their lightweights ... both are good performers and we all saw what Rekindling did last year. And it goes without saying that the overseas contingent will probably dominate the finish anyway. The rest of the card is average compared to what we've been seeing ... however, races 2, 6, 8, 9 & 10 have a number of familiar names. Very difficult finding some standout winners Wadda but the value for me then becomes the trifectas. Full Race Card - Melbourne Cup Day
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    Mmmm.....interesting comment DZ. I do now remember the Caulfield Cup run, it stood out and was all the talk last year before the Cup. Dont think Bowman rode it last year? Didnt Vengeur Masque run well also? What are peoples other thoughts on Cup Eve? The 3yo...any chance? The above comments almost seem like a Joeboy 3 word analysis! Also just looking through the race card for the day, its always so bad. When is that gonna change? So many other race days have been vamped up to the max. Darby Day now has many rival days for instance. Its the VRCs day of days and yet we have listed race BM90s or some rubbish. So many people turn to Cup Day that know nothing about racing and want to learn about it and they get served up that rubbish. I find it strange to be honest. Also i mean i hate to mention the bleeding obvious but... The Shieks horse has won its last 4 races including the Caulfield Cup at 16/1 when the jockey was saying it was a great horse from a great trainer and in any other race in the world no way would it be 16s, but thats ok cause it takes the pressure off me. I mean.....is there something im missing here?
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    MFC should get a Christmas card from Eppworth and the Avenue.
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    Anyone know what Lever's timeline is at this stage?? Any chance at all for the opening rounds?
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    Marmello did run last year Wadda. I was on it then. It wasn’t a very good ride, the jock took the horse to the front too early. Connections said they will ride the horse a bit quieter this year. It ran a cracking race in last year’s Caulfield Cup. The horse seems to be in good form, can it win? Not so sure but it should be in the mix for a top 4 finish imo.
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    Certainly a hard one this year. Lloyd Williams cant be dismissed. Call me mad, but im sticking with Ace High. At least the odds are good. I will have another one i like though, just thinking about the others.....Bowman is on Marmello, ran last year didnt it?
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    Interesting to hear that Valente & Duursma are among the 20 kids invited to day 1 of the draft and Ian Hill & Curtis Taylor, who have both been comfortably ranked inside the top 20 for the last year or so, are not. Dees could have some handy players slide to 23 & 28. Some more names to consider: https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/afl/afl-2018-draft-board-power-rankings-26-to-50-the-hidden-gems-that-loom-as-draft-bargains/news-story/9f1044dcf7c125149ed2139eaa5108e3?__twitter_impression=true
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    Shannon Byrnes and Matty Whelan fulfil this role at the club I put in the other thread that apart from being a natural footballer Col was a top bloke who was always up for a chat and a laugh whenever you met him offfield
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    In my opinion, yes Gorg. Usually I can find one that stands out to me each year but it’s a struggle this time around. The horse I’ll choose won’t be with much confidence, will probably box a few horses for the exotics and hope for the best. I also can’t recall the last time we had a shortish favourite around $5 two days out. I’m a bit surprised at Yucatan’s odds but it did win extremely well last start although the final margin doesn’t really reflect the performance.
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    Might be another WA furphy... I'm sure we all remember Jack Darling.
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    So what you are saying is that we need a backup for the backup ruckman? Not sure that AFL lists are big enough to enable that luxury these days. I know we sort of had that when we had Spencer to some extent, but I think allowing Pedo to retire was a fair sign that we don't think we wanted to go back there. I haven't paid too much attention to what this mid season draft is all about, but I'm wondering if the opportunity that could present to pick up the best/ in form state league ruck in case of an emergency is something that factors into all this?
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    That is quite an advantage. We have recruited Vandenberg, Hannan, Fritsch and ? from State leagues paid for with draft picks. All now multiple finals players - GCS and Carlton get the like for free. TBH I don't mind GCS getting a helping hand but not Carlton - They tanked, have had a plethora of top draft picks, deliberately trade out their experienced talent, had mega favourable fixures (Home games at the G vs big crowds), FTA favourtism, are poorly managed and are now asking for more handouts!! Oh, I forgot - the AFL and Eddie want to make them 'great' again!
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    Ha ha! Rostropovich is the other 3YO* ... I followed the fortunes of the horse during the European summer and the horse was running in SW or WFA Group 1 & Group 2 races to very good effect. Was running against class WFA distance performers in Latrobe, Poet's Word, Crystal Ocean, Old Persian & Saxon Warrior but because it is a 3YO, it gets into the Cup at the lightweight. Many of the other European Cup entrants have qualified as slightly older horses through the Group 2 & Group 3 Handicaps in Europe. Up until tomorrow Rostropovich has been carrying 57kgs up to 60kgs in its races - it has 51kgs in the Cup and drops 5kgs from the Cox Plate. It has been reported that Tom Waterhouse has backed the horse to win $1Million today and I have it definitely included in my exotics. Currently 27-1 which is overs in my opinion. It's Cox Plate run might have been a training gallop to get the horse primed 😏 Trained by Aiden O'Brien the master trainer. Cross Counter is the other 3YO and if the horse is healthy, it can get into the finish as well. Of the Australian contingent, Youngstar is the standout. But it is a very tough race this year with at least 10-12 realistic chances Wadda. *n.b. Cross Counter & Rostropovich are Northern Hemisphere 3YO's and even though they're listed as 4YO's here, they are not weighted as they otherwise might be.
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    OP - you’ve gotta update your username, too!
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    Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Runner. Pace. Skill. Would not be disappointed if we used 23 or 28 on Mckenzie.
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    Try asking Craig Jennings, I did, professional sport changes daily, you investigate every new 'approach"
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    No direct link. I was making a point (to Smokey from memory?) that sporting comps are more than just prosaic dollars-and-cents entities. Your post was timely in that it was making the point (if I read it correctly) that there's a certain amount of soul in being in a sporting comp, and following a sporting comp. So in my world, it fit in with what I was trying to say. Another way of putting it: I was not really replying to you but was more using your post as supporting evidence. When in doubt, agree with me. It brings peace, inner calm, mindfulness and good karma.
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    I'd agree that you need to develop mids so that they can cope with a lack of ruck dominance; you also need them to be able to make the most of having ruck dominance.
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    Excellent tribute Jack. So sad that it required writing. Agree with Saty’s comments on Colin too, he was an extremely friendly bloke, who was always happy to have a chat and a laugh.
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    Dayum. Brees takes down the biggest baddest team in the comp. NFC just got even more interesting.
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    I think it will also upset supporters. How often is the word "tradition" bandied about, including on this forum? A 22 game home and away series is an inherent part of that tradition. My gut feel is that more people would be aggrieved with a 17-game "fair" fixture than purists might expect. The 10% increase idea might be true, but it's also possible that attendances might drop because of the perceived damage to the traditional fixture. In short, I think tradition will outweigh integrity of the draw in the minds of the majority. Agree with everything you've said. As I've posted before, I can't recall one Premiership being won by a club where the inequity of the fixture was considered to be a significant contributing feature to that result.
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    I enjoyed going to that game as well, gutted we didn't win (and we were royally screwed by the umps that day) but it was a cracker or a game. I would go back there again and encourage others to make the trip south.
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    You cant carry ruckman on a list these day purely for insurance. With the mid year rookie draft next year we have exactly the right setup, in the event we did lose Gawn and Preuss then we take the best available experienced ruckman from SANFL, VFL, WAFL etc in the mid year draft.
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    Fantastic performance by 'Enable' again DZ. In fact, all the winners from Churchill Downs were impressive as we witnessed the very best of the best. The Creme de la Creme. 9 Group 1's were decided in all and they raced for a total of over $30Million. So we have our time-honoured Derby Day whilst in the States they have a similar day. On the same day! I had a few bets, got a couple of winners and ended up all square! 🙄 I at least got the winner in the Classic which was pleasing. Here are all the decided races in order ... the links will take you to youtube and the videos are from the Breeders Cup Organisation themselves. Fillies & Mares Sprint Dirt Mile Fillies & Mares Turf Breeders Cup Sprint Breeders Cup Mile Turf Sprint Breeders Cup Distaff Breeders Cup Turf Breeders Cup Classic
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    Enable became the first Arc winner to salute in the Breeders’ Cup overnight. One serious racehorse, would love to see her race here.
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    Best available at 23 and 28 and then balanced for needs at 54,62,91,rookie.
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    We've been here before.... You don't draft for needs. It's a recipe for disaster. Best available every day of the week. You can think of picking for needs but then make sure you extinguish that thought and pick best available. ...and that best available must be a competitive ball winner, tall, mid or small. If they're not then they're not best available.
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    i agree, i think we need another forward and another good midfielder..but the moment you get caught uo going for needs then its a big risk. I don't want to pick up a farren ray or a kane tenace for outside speed just because we already have some good inside mids.
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    The funeral is Friday 9th November at 11am in Mildura. I just saw it listed in this mornings paper.
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    My two cents is that this is a really rubbish fixture, for all our 'blockbusters'. Geelong in Geelong, again. North is Tassie, again. Worse this year because we play them when a top 2, 4 or 8 spot will be up for grabs. West Coast in Perth, again. Playing teams in Alice that are used to warmer temperatures. again. And we lose our QB home game. At least we finally get a home game against Essendon and we get to spank St Kilda twice. We also could well be 4-1 or 5-0 going into Anzac Eve - Essendon are our biggest threat in those first few games, I think Sydney and Geelong in particular, but Port as well, are candidates for a pretty big fall next year.
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    unfortunately, the AFL and CA are killing the goose. just talking with my son about how much we used to look forward to the cricket and footy season having had a complete break from the other. one returned the next season feeling eager and fresh and enthusiastic. however, with extending seasons and game played, spectators are losing interest due to saturation of coverage. its the way it is and its not going to change other than provide further fodder for broadcasting and the media. anyway its all been said before.
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    I like the sentiment but I've never understood the semi-ambiguous nature of these type of tributes. What's wrong with a proper tribute from the club/fans prior to the game? Perhaps something during one of Robbo's segments. They could invite some of his teammates who could say a few words, show some highlights and have a moments silence. No need to hide the tribute while the game is on. I think the display that you are suggesting is more suited to protests and not necessarily the right thing for a show of respect for the untimely passing of a past player.
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    Gold Coast will win at least 2 games, more likely 3.
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    Brian Lake played his first game for Hawthorn as a 31 year old. Played in 3 flags.
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    I'll say it again: We are closer to a flag in 2019 with May in our team than Hogan. Add KK, Preuss, Toby Bedford and things are positive. Who's likely at pick 23?
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    It's very sad watching you flap around like a dying fish. You've entirely missed the point, and art, of trolling if you're the one that ends up making all of the effort. You're just trying pathetically hard. This is just painful to watch. Please stop, it's making me sad.
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