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    Josh Mahoney: ok, I’m finally ready to sell that car you’ve had your eye on Peter Bell: great! I’ve been hanging out for it. JM: I’m asking $15K PB: I think I can do that. Yeah, alright. JM: come around and we’ll do the paperwork Later… PB: This will be a big hit with the chicks. Here’s your 9K JM: 9K? We agreed 15! PB: Yeah, well, I just spent 6 of it on something else so you have to accept 9 now JM: I can’t sell it for 9 PB: take it or leave it, [censored] JM: will have to leave it. PB: (on twitter) I have pulled out of the deal. The asking price was not possible for me to meet. JM doesn’t negotiate in good faith. I don’t like the way that car handles anyway. And I think it’s got rust.
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    Also, should we get May, the overwhelming likelihood is that Oscar and May play in the same team. It isn't one or the other.
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    This isn't about them not wanting Jesse all of a sudden. It's about getting something for nothing. I wish we could go dodgy eBay seller on them and give them their win by accepting the second rounders but then send them one of those blow up Jesse dolls and then not return their emails.
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    It’s funny isn’t it. We’ve spent years talking about brayshaw’s concussion saying how tough his football style is and that’s why he’s getting them. Now people say that KK is soft because of his style of play e.g. more outside, I guarantee you a lot of those people haven’t seen him. Very excited about his acquisition. The right mix of tough and polish and I think he’ll be a great addition.
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    Ahh, here we go. The poster who knows eff all during the year, then at trade time, suddenly knows every intimate detail that gets discussed in the FD, right at the moment that you could probably just assemble all the rumours and take a wild stab and get to the same conclusion. Add a dash of “trust me, this is rock solid” and there you have it. The only surprising thing is that it’s taken over 300 pages of this thread for him to turn up.
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    It must be challenging to live with disappointment year on year.
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    The ‘message to the group’ is that we will be honest with you about your role at the club and that we will facilitate a trade to a club that sees a more preferred role should you not agree with how we see your future. I know it’s not a ‘bumper sticker’ of a message but it’s more preferable and accurate than your ‘earn your wage ya bums’ slogan...
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    I'm feeling content - no lose situation. Trade with Fremantle will happen at a reasonable price and we'll on trade for May. Trade doesn't happen and an exciting experiment with Jesse at CHB in 2019. The dogs may bark but the caravan rolls along.
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    There is so much misinformation around it is just laughable. On the 2nd back page of the Sun today one journo says Langdon staying with the Pies. Underneath another Journo says Pies want Beams, who wants to go back, but have no picks, so will use what they get in the Langdon trade.
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    I have not heard anything. I am ambivalent to Hogan leaving providing we get a player that makes us better. I am glad we have Mahoney not Bell negotiating on behalf of our team. I think Fremantle have disgraced themselves and wonder why a player would want to go there or stay there.
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    I have 13 followers, 4 are pending though.
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    I just told him how amazing Jesse is and that he should just do the deal and leave the thinking to those better qualified for it.
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    You can email all your thoughts on Jesse Hogan to peter.bell@fremantlefc.com.au I have already done it and told him what I think.
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    Exactly right! When GCS played Richmond and Reiwoldt kicked 10.6 on him, you didn't see May complaining about the midfield did you? Nosireee! He took it on the chin and accepted that it was because he was just not a good enough one on one defender! But Oscar McDonld, did you see his press conference after the Melb v Richmond game when Reiwoldt kicked 2 on him? Carrying on, blaming the midfield for those two goals, it was a terrible look! He should have taken responsibility for those two goals, just like May did for those 10, right? /sarcasm Virtually no defender will win one on one's in modern football without appropriate zoning and midfield support. Oscar had a pretty bloody awesome year considering that fact. Other than Hawkins, no one really got a hold of him. And as per actual match day form, even May wouldn't make a difference in those scenarios.
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    The main indicator to me of the Jesse deal being done, is that we have said we are doing it to get May and May does not seem to be panicking and talking to other clubs as a fall back position. If May is comfortable with what is happening, it’s because we have probably told him the deal will be done and to just hang in there. That suggests to me that Jesse will not be a Demon Wednesday night and May and KK will. What the deal is, who knows, depends who blinks first.
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    My interpretation was a more basic version of the same: dumb footballer trying to use corporate wank speak and mincing his words.
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    The bloke is passing on some info. No need to pot the bloke, if you don’t believe it then good good for you and move on. I’m sure there are many including myself who are happy to have info shared on here.
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    In a side that lacks linebreakers we can ill afford to lose Jayden Hunt. He ain’t perfect but you’re underrating him. Seen him play some very good footy particularly on the bigger grounds and I can tell you forwards love it when the footy comes in quick and long the way Hunt can thump it in there. He also doesn’t want for courage. Goes when it’s his turn to go and sticks a decent tackle. Still young with room for improvement. He’s a keep for mine.
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    Nice story 'GNF'. Up there with Little Red Riding Hood & a few other tall tales. Make it plausible by using North, they're throwing cash around like confetti. Problem is their offers are for free agents and out of contract players. Oliver is neither. Olivers vague connection to North is that they are an AFL team & he is an AFL player. It didn't make the media because it didn't happen. I have no doubt when Oliver's next contract is due he will get some very large to massive offers and we will need to take good care of him.
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    Can’t believe there are still people who want T-Mac to return to defence.
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    Comparing May and Oscar is not valid. Oscar is 22, the valid comparison is May at 22 in 2014 with Oscar now. Oscar is on a steep improvement curve year on year and will become a very strong all round defender.
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    5 minutes prior to that ... PB's wife: you knew I was looking forward to that car! You've embarrassed me. You go right back and apologise and buy it!!! Or no nookie for the next ...... forever!!!!!!
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    Yes total outlier situation when we were bleeding goals. Akin to the last 2 minutes of quarters. It's pulling the emergency cord. The context of the question was using Hogan as starting CHB next year. Are you seriously suggesting that we'll ever start TMac as key back in the future? It's over - he's a key forward. .
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    There is a miss conception by some on Demonland. The preferred position by our FD is and has always been for JH to stay. Let me make this point with absolute and clear authority. I have been told directly. The MFC is becoming a destination club. The FD is aware that doing the right thing by players...... even contracted stars to purse their own journey is required to becoming a destination club. As I have said before, this situation only started because JH in his end of season interview said he would not sign a contract extension over summer. He had yet to make a decision on whether he would move at the end of his contract. The discussion went forward from this point. He has never requested a trade. JH is happy to play for the Dees next season and is far from a certainty to ask to be traded next season. Talk that our FD preferred him to leave or thought we would have a more balanced team without him is utter and complete rubbish. I cant say this strongly enough. It is a fact. Our FD is ecstatic that JH appears to be staying for 2019. They are more than hopeful he will end up signing an extension. The FD are thinking this is his Dusty moment.
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