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    What I know from some what I consider good reliable sources Meth Coast have always had an eye on Hogan but this current move may have forced their hand a year early Fremantle as is well known have constantly been monitoring Hogan Dees have planned well as I said earlier in the thread the club has been in constant dialogue with Jesse over the season assessing his plans post 2019 as list managers prepare moving forward Tom Lynch was considered as part of a plan but we were ruled out early as the Hogan talks continued We were Gaffs club of choice but not prepared to pay what he (his manager)was asking. Has that changed after he saw how close he was last week and realised what it actually means to win one, I have no idea Hogans trip to Perth this week is nothing suspicious it was long planned he and mates are heading to Europe and may include Oktoberfest Suns want May out if he is not prepared to commit beyond next season. As they move to restart their culture and despite the bravado will take the best offer available (within reason)
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    The heat on Freo just went up on Freo: "WEST Coast coach Adam Simpson hasn't ruled out pursuing Jesse Hogan, declaring the Eagles are "all ears" if the star Melbourne forward...want to come home". http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-10-04/eagles-all-ears-if-hogan-kelly-want-wa-return Eagles don't have the sal cap or the trade currency to better a Freo deal but it certainly puts the pressure on Freo to get a deal done. Very clever by WCE it forces Freo to pay the max which weakens their position on other list management decisions and in a two horse town it by default strengthens WCE's position. Its a mini version of Packer forcing Ch7 to pay max price for AFL TV rights! Thank you, Eagles 🙂
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    Correct and well said but you shouldn't need to do it. I have already posted this in the thread and it's far from the first time. It is hard to understand why @Dr.D continues to post wrong information about historical trades and then makes incorrect assumptions based on these errors. The real information is easy to find on the internet. Mahoney and ream have done a tremendous list management job recently, not least creatively trading up for Oliver and Weed. We had @goodwindees telling us we should be "harder" and more like Essendon. When I challenged him to provide a list of Dodoro's trading coups all I got was crickets. There's an agenda of unjustified outrage among some posters who use misinformation and ignorance as fuel.
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    But if Lever did not get injured we most likely take Collingwoods spot last week and be singing Mahoneys praises. Lever was the right player to trade for at the time.
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    We have the whip hand and really should drive a hard bargain on Hogan. We're in the premiership window and if don't get what we need we keep him. Pick 5 and a future first would also be reasonable.
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    If it’s take pick 75 or Kent goes to the draft; I take 75. Both options amount to nothing, however one tells the footy world we’re big tough chest thumpers at the trade table, the other says we do the right thing by our players. I understand why people want us not to be seen as pushovers, but I think it’s misguided. I think not delivering the trade does us more reputational harm than any good it does. If St Kilda lowball us, they have identified themselves as poor traders and this will harm their future business. The clubs all have rivals they like dealing with and clubs they avoid. I know which club I want to be. It all comes down to Kent’s attitude about it. As @Fifty-5 said, if he gets in cahoots with St Kilda and says he’ll walk, we’re stuffed and he can have fun getting booed every time he play us. If he insists they deal fairly, we regain some power and we negotiate a fair outcome. There’s no point trying to throw our weight around if he throws us under the bus though.
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    Weak troll. It might seem like a cute joke but the ignorant here will believe this and run with it. You should know better.
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    Rare footage of the 1964 Grand Final Banners.
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    Reality is that Freo need Hogan now, delay, and the Eagles loom as viable alternative. And Freo need this deal more than MFC, we’re now top 4 irrespective and perhaps capable of acquiring May even with Hogan on the books. Freo’s Picks 5&6 gets it done, any less and we wait. Commentariat proposing less are afraid of how strong we’ve become, and how we only become stronger with two top ten picks to “rebalance” our list.
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    We're getting some fairly bogan names - Travis, Brayden.... doesn't suit the image...or perhaps we're changing the image
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    He would need to perform against top 8 sides to kick that many...
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    I know you don’t. I don’t want to see JH kick 70 - 80 goals for Freo the way Kennedy does for Meth Coke. Carlscum lost out on that trade badly.
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    I'd be happy with Freos pick 5 or 6 plus next years first rounder, fair for both parties, we get what we want and Freo get an early pick in the draft plus Hogan. Swap of picks or Langdon and we walk away happy.
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    if we get May it will be a case of where will Oscar and Frost fit.
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    the appropriate word would be "unlikely" rather than "realistically"
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    He's had a good season Rusty absolutely, plenty want to throw enough darts and occasionally hit the board with one and didn't they come out to gloat after the Prelim. His experience was so important in big games and assissted the development of our group. Having said that I expect him to be part of the list next season just like Lockyer, O'Bree and other elder statesmen were as the Pies started season 2010. If the list develops and evolves as it should I would expect by late in the season Jordy and the FD will not need to make the call as the form and maturity of the playing group will dictate the outcome
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    Don't rule the Eagles out of this. Have heard a strong message they are very keen to find a way to do this.
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    It also means that Freo will now have to do a deal this year as next year is the unknown and they won't hold better cards than they do now, it's a good situation for us right now thanks to Eagles interest.
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    And why not? That’s the exact number of games Cyril’s played these last 2 years.... 😁
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    As an aside we went thru this little dance with Jesse with his last contract extension. It was announced on Oct 4 2016, a few days before the trade period started. I recall learned chat here on DL that he had been given an ultimatum: extend the contract now or we will trade you. The timing of that contract supports that chat. I suspect the same thing is happening now, except maybe a tougher stance on extension terms. Can't imagine the club wanting this little dance to happen every two years. For the club, for the team, for Jesse he needs to commit for the long haul or he goes. I really don't think there is a satisfactory middle road here.
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    In addition to Lever we got back pick 35 (Harrison Petty) and our fourth round this year is upgraded to a third rounder, that significantly increases the chances of picking up an AFL grade player, or could be on traded this year. We got a bona-fide, known quantity star key defender, and a developing key defender out of those draft picks. It really surprises me that when people are asked which is worth more out of a $1m house or a Tattslotto ticket, people would choose the Tatts.
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    Freo to GC on MAV Weller “you want him, you pay our asking price” Melb to Freo on the Hulk ““you want him, you pay our asking price” Karmas a biatch
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    Sorry, this talk of him being totally finished is such utter rubbish. Yeah he was bloody ordanary in the prelim, but so was half the side. Lewis was a stand out performer in the Rd 22 game against West Coast and also the Crows game at the Adelaide oval, for just two clutch games that I can think of. And how many of the younger guys say how invaluable his finals experience was for the Elimination and Semi finals. It's true, as Bernie somewhat showed this year, that we don't know when his body and mind will fall completely off a cliff, but even if we only get the equivalent of half a season out of him, he'll provide a much better return and investment than anything we would likely replace him with on the list, given we have already have 7 delisted/retired players.
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    A top 5 pick I'd give a 1 in 4 chance of being a star, 4 in 5 chance of being a quality player. There are a hell of a lot of top 10 picks who are just good players, nothing too special. Hogan is a star - for a 23 year old. Will be unstoppable when he's 25-28. Unstoppable! Hogan in 3 years time... stop and consider this for a moment. He is a generational player, a young guy who's had a heap of off field stuff to deal with - and yet - what a contribution. Think I would prefer to keep him. Feel pretty confident the FD know his value.
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