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    yours truly and some members of my family appear in a double page spread in the HeraldSun this morning...prolific but wasteful 😜
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    For years this [censored] has bent us over. But right there, he had nothing to say. Geeeez I love footy.
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    TMac and Spargo on a day off :
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    Right now, I will happily take just one
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    and just to help you work out who I am, I’m sitting next to some guy who I’ve been told played a few games for the club.. Brassi or something
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    The general argument that we can play better is correct. But saying things like we "took a step backwards" is just sensationalist stupidity. We're a young, inexperienced side playing in front of 90,000 people for the second time ever, against a much older and more experienced opponent. To find a way not just to win, but to win by 6 goals, when not playing our best, is an absolute step forward.
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    🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Pray let it be a Melbourne-Collingwood Grand Final. At least we get the opportunity for revenge for the 1958 Grand Final when they prevented us from winning a record six consecutive Premierships (viz. 1955, 1956, 1957, xxxx, 1959 &1960)!  To beat Collingwood by a point with a Sam Weideman goal kicked after the siren would be a wonderful sight (especially if the cameras were all trained on Eddie McGuire)! 😈
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    He didn’t worry all of us. Some of us always saw the longer term plan, and that he had the essential qualities. Oscar has got where he is faster and younger than most were/are prepared to admit. The whipping boy treatment he got before probably the last half of this season has always been misplaced and ignorant.
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    Bulldogs won a flag with a mediocre list throwing the ball to each other at every contest. The Tigers won a flag with a slightly better than mediocre list + a couple of genuine stars The list that we have demands multiple flags ala Geelong/Brisbane/Horforn. Anything less will be a failure. Yes, I think the future is that bright.
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    Just noticed a large amount of fireworks advertised on Gumtree. Second hand, in box, unopened, as new. [censored] colours though.
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    Nup no change. This team has won us 2 finals. Don't change a winning term as much as I love Bernie. Also a note to the AFL. Is it possible to give us the 3 umpires that we had for our last encounter against WC in Perth a few weeks ago. They were pretty good and didn't get sucked in by the home crowd. If that isn't possible then just don't give us Nicholls. Thank you.
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    We were down contested ball at half-time. We're the second best contested ball team in 20 years, but were being beaten. We weren't playing our game. It was being played on Hawthorn's terms. We can't afford a first half like that next week. It has nothing to do with your "woe is me" commentary. Just facts.
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    Many of you will remember the ‘debate’ we had here about Frawley leaving to join the Hawks to chase the ‘ultimate’ success. There were two camps at the time, one of which was quite generous in that they argued that Frawley leaving was absolutely acceptable in the circumstances - he was randomly drafted by the MFC (ie, not his choice), we were super carp, he had shown much loyalty to the MFC, his career would not last forever, so why not deprive him of the opportunity to taste ‘ultimate’ success elsewhere. It was an interesting debate - in many respects it hinged on what ‘ultimate’ success looked like to different posters. I was firmly in the camp that ‘ultimate’ success was essentially about the journey with your team-mates, the club, the supporters etc that gives the quest ‘ultimate’ meaning. Without the shared journey, ‘ultimate’ success was saccharine, it was hollow. Many disagreed - they argued it was all about ‘ultimate’ success (ie, winning a flag), and the ‘journey’ etc was just noise, emotive noise, which shouldn’t influence a player’s opportunity to taste the ‘ultimate’ success albeit with a new club. Snagging a flag with a club, with players, whom you met at the 12th hour, in the premiership window, was apparently just as meaningful as doing it with the club to which you were drafted. In this context, I closely watched James Frawley last night. And I couldn’t help but thinking - I bet you envy the hell out of Nathan Jones right now, even though he has tasted ‘ultimate’ success, after all he has won a flag. Irrespective of whether Jones ever gets to hold the cup aloft (and I bloody hope he does), I reckon he’s been far closer to tasting ‘ultimate’ success than Frawley ever has. In the context of their respective careers, ‘ultimate’ success is surely more aligned to leading an unpopular and much derided and widely patronised club, against all odds, to fertile pastures - it’s not been the easy road to success, but geez it must feel rewarding. And the legacy is surely more enduring. I suspect Nathan Jones will eventually look back on these last two weeks, featuring heavily in 2 great contests in front of 90k plus passionate and expectant MFC dominated crowds, and feel super proud of his achievements. Genuinely proud. As he should. This, to me, is ‘ultimate’ success. In my view, that’s got to feel better than jagging a premiership with a group of dudes whom you’ve just met.
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    WD you will enjoy this excellent article by Jack Niall https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-in-sweet-spot-for-long-term-success-20180915-p50417.html He says: In the giddy afterglow of Melbourne’s romping win over Hawthorn, I asked a former Melbourne official when the Demons had last been so well-positioned. ‘‘1954,’’ he replied. He wasn’t kidding. The Melbourne Football Club – out of the finals for a dozen years in a draft system – has the best platform for sustained success of any club in the competition. What If? Not quite ready to dream of the glory days again but happy to shift from 'one week at a time' to 'one flag at a time'
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    I would be happy to see one. But next year i want another one. And the year after that i want one as well. While we are at it, i also want one the following year. Year 5... what the hell, might as well throw in another one. My internal organs should have failed by then, so what happens afterwards wont bother me. But my family will want more of them.
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    Amazing to believe that a six goal win against a top four side in a semi final is being considered as a 'down week.' Remember when such a thing involved an upset loss to Carlton or St Kilda?
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    West Coast is a Clarko Footy disciple and currently play better Clarko Footy than Hawthorn. Kingy is right. We got away with the game last night. If the Hawks were on their mettle we would have been skewered. If West Coast is on their game on Saturday we will be in trouble simply because they are comparatively better than Hawthorn and we most definitely struggle against Clarko Footy. Nevertheless, we beat the Hawks despite being quelled around the contested footy, which is usually our long suit. Last night's game was weird in so much as it was like Melbourne playing against Melbourne. The Hawks kept taking the ball into our forward line, but we were able to hold them out and score on the breakaway. We can't tempt fate and allow West Coast the same territorial ascendancy, simply because they will operate better than Hawthorn. With luck and good management we will play the game in our forward half and put the slows on their sling shot and stop Kennedy and Darling getting clear chances. Fingers crossed we don't play tennis against a brick wall. No matter how well we play the ball keeps coming back.
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    "Hawthorn, if they had taken their opportunities, they’d have been three or four goals in front at half-time and it’s a whole different ball game then,” And if my auntie had balls she'd be my uncle.
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    Can’t see Jack - proably in the ice bath still. And I think Charlie is on the jumping castle.
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    Misleading heading and King is exactly right. We were average last night, which in some ways makes the win sweeter. King isn't saying we'll lose, although he may tip West Coast later in the week, just that we can't afford a first half like last night. King famously loves the Dees in 2018.
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    Eddie won't love Cinderella too much when she turns up to the ball, boots a few blokes in the nuts, does Prince Charming on the dinner table ,tells the king where to go and then downs a magnum of Champagne and belts the ugly sisters with the bottle.
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    Several years ago when Hawthorn beat Geelong in the Grand Final of 2008, the critics were raving about Cyril’s game in which he had a low number of possessions. Charlie Spargo had only a dozen disposals tonight but it was one of the best games of 12 touches you could get. He kicked 2 goals and was involved in at least three goal assists of which I was aware. His “quiet” game was probably the difference between the sides. Spargo plays in WA.
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