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    Just welcomed a new Demon member to the world at just the right time that I can get to the game this Friday!!! Was due last Friday, arrived this morning, our 3rd child (2 girls, now a boy). Im taking this as an omen 😁😁😁
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    I'm sure viney just let him pass so that they didn't create a blackhole
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    Training thread in mid September! Love it.
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    Vandenberg just brushed Viney aside with ease.. The man cannot be stopped!
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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-09-11/rawlings-named-vfl-coach-of-year "The Casey Demons senior coach was named head coach of the best 2018 VFL team on Monday night". Congratulations! Great to see more recognition coming to the Demon family. Jade may get a well deserved senior coaching gig in a few years on the back of this and earlier AFL experience. Reckon Roosy would give him a pretty good reference as he is the only pre-Roos coach kept on by Roos. (Mahoney moved into admin which he has also excelled at).
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    And thats a wrap! Happy to answer any questions.
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    Like many others he has developed some mongrel and is prepared to take it up to his opponents. i am proud that we have a team that is becoming as tough as nails that will not take a back step. We have become intimidating rather than being the intimidated. No more sissy's at Melbourne.
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    Absolute belter of a day here at Gosch Paddock! Crowd slowly building. Bit breezy though..
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    They're expecting 90,000 again. We got reserved seats in the MCC on Level 4. But I reckon I'll go early to get a Level 1 seat. I still think regular H&A attendees should get preference to finals seating, instead of all the bandwagoners...
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    Bernie now testing out the shoulder with a tackling bag. Reckon he'll be right to go this week.
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    I think many don't recognise how critical his running is. Covers more ground rhan anyone and gut runs to get across to outlet kicks and stop/slow transition. The whole team has improved this defensive running in tge back half of rhe season, which has been the key factor in our ability to restrict opposition scoring in the last third of the season (where have the calls our defensive unit is weak gone?). But in the first two thirds of the season anb was one of the few players willing or able to cover the sort of ks and do the gut runnning required for the dees to be competitive with the top teams. I have little doubt goody would have used anb as an example to his team mates as what is required at this level in terms of running and effort.
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    He needs to develop his game. Last year was his break out year and opponents didn't have much intel on him. Now opponents are aware of the damage he can do if left in space they have shut him down. He needs to add more strings to his bow if he is going to be a best 22 player. His attack on the ball and opponent is great, but he needs to add polish to his game so he isn't just about dashing with ball in hand.
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    I am absolutely confident he will be best 22 in the future. Seemed to have some injury concerns at the start of the season and in pre-season which killed his confidence. Think he was also rushed back too quickly against Sydney out of necessity and wasn't ready. I think he just needs to re-set come pre-season next year and work on doing the little things right. Confident that McCartney will get him back to his best.
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    Very calm and measured he is. But he looks like a man now. The way he moves and marks with his hands outreach reminds me a lot of Josh Kennedy from West Coast.
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    Don't really disagree but would like to give an alternative view: Re MFC members: There are many reasons why people can't get to games regularly. Some stories that touched me in the last week are: @Deebymistake who is a member and her story is in the 'First Finals' thread. She can now go to the Semi 😀. Then @Neitz the Greatwho lives in Brisbane and buys an Armchair membership just to support the club. Brought his Dad down for the Elim. Finally, the delightful story and video of young Sam (son of @Demon Spofforth) who lives in Queensland. I'm sure there are many, many others who can't get to games but still support the club as best they can. Are you referring more to MCC members who have suddenly come out of the woodwork in droves? A friend expressed sympathy for them as they 'pay all that money for membership' then have to queue up or can't get a seat. I couldn't share the sympathy as they are go to MCG Away games for free, are able to get finals tickets for free or a nominal fee. Whereas paid up MFC members have to buy them at AFL prices. Even paying the $200+ per MFC membership for the Grand Final Guarentee only gives the right to buy a ticket; they still have to pay $xxx to buy the ticket. So after spending something like $400-$500 for a membership with GFG they still have to pay around $300-500 to go to all finals. No Guest passes for them either. Last week in the local Ticketek queue I met a 70+ year old lady whose family had been MFC Trident members for 38 years. That is some coin! But she was there in the queue just like everyone else. The real bandwagoners for me are those that don't buy an MCC or MFC membership of any sort, don't volunteer, don't donate, don't go to games but come out at finals time. Have little time for them. This is a long winded way of saying there are varying degrees of merit for priority purchase of finals tickets. Not sure game attendance is the best one. But I don't know what the answer is, either. Finals ticket purchases will only get worse as our membership increase (Great for the Club Revenue).
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    What a brilliant photo. Certainly a perfect way to sum up the moment
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    He had some swagger last week. Looked pretty aggro and fired up too. Gave a mouthful to Danger at one point after smashing him in a tackle. I said earlier in the year that he had got much bigger. He seems to have got bigger again. Seriously big unit now - with a very long reach. Developing into a handy second ruck as well. Which is perfect as it allows TMac to stay in the forward line, Hoges to play as a roaming center half forward and max to drop into the hole down back.
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    I can't explain how excited I am about this. I don't think I've felt as good about our footy team as I do now. Even in 2000 - that was a great ride, but it was against the odds and we were never going to beat the unstoppable Bummers in that year. This year, we've navigated just about every hurdle we needed to (can't beat top 8 sides being the biggest), we're in form at the right time, we play a style of footy that is built for finals, and we're every bit as good as any of the teams we're going to come up against. It's the polar opposite of how I felt in the run of games prior to the West Coast game, where the leadup to every game felt like a complete grind. Just waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the team to clear that final hurdle to prove they are as capable as we all hoped. Finally they got there with the West Coast win. The game's obviously not won yet though and by Friday afternoon I won't even be able to pretend to work anymore and I'll be on the brink of a good spew - standard fare for all of us this week I suppose. I'll be bitterly disappointed if we can't get it done, but we also have to understand that by this stage of the comp, every team will be as determined as we are, and there can only be one winner in every game. I believe we will anyway, we are good enough. Go Melbourne.
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    I have some family firmly in that bracket currently. Scrambling to get them tickets because they couldn't be bothered getting a membership during the season. Pisses me off.
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    Did a job in Ocean Grove yesterday.... Should have taken the scarf with me to hang out the window as I drove through Geelong
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    Understand that mate and I'm sorry if you're in that category (this is directed at bandwagoners of which there are clearly plenty), but as someone who gives up 4 hours of his weekend every weekend and have done through some very dark times, it pisses me off to think I could miss out on a grand final ticket one day, because some muppet bandwagoner comes along for his or her first footy match for the year.
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    ANB was very good. Really set the tone early by causing Geelong to fumble the ball and strong legal tackles. Yes he had a trademark missed goal but he wasn't Robinson Crusoe and his other two misses were harder shots. He's a smart player. Stewart was going for exactly the same pass as 2 mins before and Alex read the play beautifully and chopped it off. That goal was fine icing. He's a vital cog - I've come to appreciate that.
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