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    The mornings session was sharp and sweet. Blink and you would miss it. Plenty of media there. They seemed to be in a joyous mood. There was lots of talk and regularly they gathered in small groups to have discussions. Probably related to structures. Rehab had Bernie Vince, Oskar Baker, Dean Kent and Lachlan Filopovic. Bernie, Oskar and Crossy doing some nice kicking to moving targets (Great for Oskars development). Kenty doing laps. They started off doing kicking practice, then split into their lines. The mids did hit ups to the forwards. Backs continued kicking. Goodwin spent time with the forwards. At one time structured them up without any ball play. Jack Viney did some one on one work getting his touch with below knee drills. Some work with drills to stop the opponent recieving the handball off the mark from running on. The forwards and mids finished with goal kicking. Sam Frost doing some work running up the wing and then kicking the ball to a coach. No Aaron vandenBerg, probably being managed. He had been in the test group the last two weeks. James Harmes at training. Mitch Hannan having long discussion with Max Rooke. Last to leave were Jake Melksham and Christian Petracca who were goal kicking. Go Dees, from Kev Martin
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    5 Years ago today Roosy was announced as coach of the Dees. It's fitting that tomorrow we play in a final that he had a huge hand in getting us to. Thank you Roosy.
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    We owe the Cats. Last two losses down at Kardinia Park (111 and Zach T) reduced my eldest daughter to convulsive fits of despair and snot after the final siren. She used my shoulder and my 1980s hand-knitted scarf (marked with my own tears from 1987) as a hanky each time - it’s still intact and will be worn with pride this Fri night. Anyway, what a difference a few weeks make. Here she is running out with the boys for the GWS game last week, with all ahead of her and the team. Great photo full of hope, joy and purpose, from article here: http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-09-04/finals-experience-no-issue-lewis Go Demons!!!
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    Heard from a reliable source: Viney and Hannan in for Kent and JKH. JKH stays if Tyson doesn’t get up.
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    Can still remember the day! I was on an RDO. I was browsing Demonland and Paul Roos wasn’t the coach. Went and had a shower, came out, jumped back on to Demonland, and Paul Roos was the coach. I haven’t showered since. Saving it for Grand Final day. Seriously though, how fitting is it that the anniversary is so close to our final? Almost exactly 5 years after the journey began. We all hoped it would be the beginning of something great, but I think many of us are still struggling to comprehend that it is actually happening.
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    If Fritsch stays back I expect Hannan to play. I watched him closely at the Eagles win and he is a very difficult match-up when he has the space to create multiple options in due to his speed and spring. JKH doesn't offer us that so I can see him making way for Hannan who essentially would've played without any doubt against GWS had his knee been okay. His follow up performance in the VFL of 3 snags and a screamer is enough to warrant a return.
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    Did you punch him in the throat and ask how he likes that history?
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    No-one should ever forget that Paul Roos took over a completely broken football club. A club that lost the first 3 games in 2013 by a combined total of 321 points - average losing margin of 107 points. For me, Roos is a marvel and was worth every cent he was paid.
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    From an article last year when the Tiges beat the Cats in the qualifying final “mauling Geelong with an unrelenting brand of pressure that carried them to a 51-point win”. That’s the template on how you beat the Cats.
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    Anything to do with Wayne, well you know, I tend to shut down...but anyone's my best friend when they tell me things I want to hear... https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-rising-a-new-september-force-gathers-20180906-p5023s.html?crpt=homepage
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    Got there late - Nev was there so was JV and Lewis JSmith and Hunt doing drills with the backline group TSmith working with the forwards?? And Hannan didnt see AVB
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    Don’t really care about other results. Except, prefer Pies to beat Eagles so we get all four at the G, should we be good enough. Cats, Hawks, Pies, Tigers. Slaying that lot is what dreams are made of...
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    A risk of what? That he might be unavailable for finals? We are at the pointy end. If he’s not going to play now, he may as well retire.
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    People forget, last year Hogan broke his collar bone, had a plate inserted, came back 3 weeks later and kicked, was it 5 or 6 goals. Message from the club was the plate makes the bone even stronger, just need the wound to settle down.
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    This is what I'm hoping to see from Jack Viney tomorrow night. All night long.
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    It sounds like Tyson will get up for this one so I think there will be two changes. Ins: Viney & Hannan Out: Kent & JKH B: Jetta McDonald Hibberd HB: Salem Frost Lewis c : Brayshaw Viney Harmes HF: Petracca Weideman Melksham F: Spargo McDonald Neal-Bullen R: Gawn Oliver Jones Int: Tyson Hannan Fritsch VandenBerg Emg: Pedersen Kennedy-Harris Smith Bugg
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    Hold tight and when the time comes - if it comes - perhaps one day if we beat the Pies or go further and win a Premiership - send a selfie with your jumper with the caption ‘Premiership Team’
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    Correct. GWS have lost a few kids too, but they're doing bloody well. Every club goes through a cycle of losing players. Remember Rivers, Frawley, Howe... the list goes on. The problem is GC will get pick 3 for Lynch, and will end up with another kid who has no desire to play for them and the cycle will start all over again. The AFL have epically stuffed this club up from the start. Let them clean up the mess. As for Lynch, better Richmond than mother effing Hawthorn!!!
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    Fritsch was doing drills with the backline squad, Lewis, OMac, Frost, Nev, Salem, JSmith, Hunt.
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    So will Tyson. (full disclosure: no source, only personal opinion. But it will be a correct opinion)
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    I have had a few goes at ideas to improve free agency. Today's is Top 4 sides must pay 1.5 times the AFL valuation of free agents in draft picks to the side losing the player. Sides 8-5 must pay the AFL valuation in draft picks. Bottom 8 sides pay nothing, the AFL compensate the side losing the player. There must be a cost for top sides and not $. This does not hinder any player going to any club. It puts a realistic cost on the player movement. Would Richmond give up 2 top ten picks to GC for Lynch? How would they get them? They would have to trade out some players. Would top clubs still target the best players of lowly clubs if the had to pay? Make it real AFL make the top clubs pay, and that includes Melbourne. I am sick of free agency destroying all attempts at equalisation.
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    No doubt if we lose and Viney has little impact then all and sundry will be pointing the finger at that as the main reason. Personally, I'm 100% comfortable with Viney coming back in. He's an animal that'll will himself on every contest and punish the opposition far more than JKH or Spargo can. I reckon his preparation has been flawless this time around and he'll be a significant factor in the clearance battles even with 6 weeks without game time.
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