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    Got to hand it to Pedo. Keeps giving 100% and putting his hand up for senior selection. Would have to know his days on the MFC list are probably numbered. Not going to give up and leaves everything spent on the park. Kudos.
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    18 years ago troy Simmons was knocked out in what would get you 16 weeks now and brad green sent to hospital because he couldnt breathe. The same club then embroiled the entire afl in controversy by instigating a systematic doping regime and flatly denying it. Absolute scum
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    At present I would give him a contract for next year . Fills so many gaps
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    I took my kids (4yo and 2yo) today and they loved it. Especially the 4yo. She has been to about 8 games with me this year, but I think she actually enjoyed watching training more because she got up close to the players and her jumper is now covered in autographs. The players were very patient at the end signing hundreds of kids (and some adults) jumpers, footy's and flags. Special mention to Sam Weideman and Neville Jetta - they were really good with the kids - both engaged the kids with a big smile and little chat, whereas most of the other players were a bit more serious (not that theres anything wrong with that). We were waiting for Gawny at the end and there was a huge queue of kids, and he didn't make it to us because the demons staff told him he has to go and do weights. Poor bloke then got mobbed all the way back to AAMI park. As for the actual training, it was just good to see the team running around in September. Really looking forward to Friday night.
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    100% going ahead with Government backing.
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    This is obvious sitting at ground level at matches. I think a lot of supporters are badly damaged after Sylvia and then Watts. Neither have the personality nor the competitive drive of Petracca. A lot of people think he gets ahead of himself, or that he doesn't realise how good he is. He does know that. And is perhaps his harshest critic. Something I think neither Sylvia or Watts were. They were almost content. Petracca is made for finals.
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    No changes were made for the GWS game and I'm sure they'll want to make as few changes as possible for this game. In: Viney, Hannan Out: Kennedy-Harris, Kent I know Kennedy-Harris has got better and contested well, and by all reports shone on the track yesterday, but he's a casualty of not quite being best 22 with a full complement of mid size players. A confident and inform Hannan offers real X-factor to the team. Put simply, we're better with these changes.
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    My word, so MANY punchable faces in this thread.
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    Apart from the GF team he was gifted, Chris Scott's finals record isnt too good from memory. Winning only 3 of their last 11? No wonder Cats fans were livid on his contract being extended until 2022. Such an arrogant piece of turd.
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    There is a scene from Team America: World Police set in an alleyway that comes to mind...
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    More smiles that need wiping. Please Dees please.
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    Player said I’m staying! Coach said Hogan staying! Manager said he is staying! Kicked 47 goals, handed off plenty, also played up field and in middle, typically has 2-3 opponents, missed a few games. Guy is a gun, give him another preseason and 20 more games, will be elite next year! Well and truly time to close this thread!
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    I could not fathom the arrogance of them requesting a home final in advance while being outside the 8. Be in the position FIRST and then request it. I also hate the arrogance of their fans, they’ve been up for so long they’ve forgotten what it means to suffer and what it should mean when you get to be a part of September action. They deserve a long stint down the bottom for their arrogance but it likely won’t happen for a while because they’re a “destination club”.
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    The smiling assassin. Absolute legend of a bloke. Will be missed, but his legacy lives on in a club that has now become tougher, more fierce and more respected due to his efforts on field. The weekend at Bernie’s on Dangerfield has to have been one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever seen. He really gave our players a social licence to back themselves in and make themselves accountable. Best of luck Bernie!
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    Laconic: (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words. It’s a frequently misused word, often when describing an AFL player.
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    I found it really easy to show Oscar some respect after training today when up close to all 196cm of him.
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    Also from the man himself, Baker will be back for the Prelim Final in 2 weeks time!
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    I almost went apoplectic when Selwood began to enthusiastically clap the decision. [censored].
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    I think I get the gist of it. Kind of like when my 4 year old nephew writes me a card in crayon. He similarly makes up his own grammar and syntax.
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    That sent my hatred for them from simmering to snowballing.
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    Mate the atmosphere in the rooms after a win like that was electric! I feel so fortunate to be apart of it
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    Can confirm every MFC player and coach was here in the rooms for the song
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    Didn’t really care much about Geelong never really hated them till this year, they are now my most hated club I can’t stand the arrogant supporters Dangerfield and selwood are cheats and need the umpires for them to play well ablett is just a sook, can’t touch him without him sooking to the umps, I hope viney buries him into the turf. guthrie for mouthing off at gawn when he missed just screams I’m a [censored] chris scott is just a sook hawkins a [censored] the list goes on and I can’t wait till they bottom out, without selwood and danger they are nothing, if we beat them next Friday I will be the happiest bloke in Australia
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