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    Just found a photo of ticketek's IT manager.
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    Staggered to discover that putting all the games on sale at once has ended in a debacle.
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    This has to be the most stressful MFC related thing I have been apart of in the last 12 years.
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    It’s super special that he’s doing all this in the famous number 11 as well. When I see him wearing it, I always think of Jimmy presenting Max with his jumper and this photo, I think after Jimmy’s passing.
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    Apparently the Giants are impacted too. Their 8 fans are furious.
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    I do. I can pm it to you. Just confirm that you would like it. You can buy 2 tickets on the one barcode. It is free for you - happy to help some fellow demons 🙂 Cheers
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    Just announced on AFL360! Well done to the people’s beard!
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    This thread is an embarrassment to The Melbourne Football club, Jesse Hogan and Demonland. It should be shut down and removed immediately.
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    Your first post was just vanilla grade post-loss internet melting, so nobody took your opinion seriously. That's why nobody quoted you directly at the time. But looking back with the passage of time showed everyone what people were saying and gives everyone a chance to reflect on how stupid their posts look. Hopefully this gives everybody (not just those quoted) a chance to think about the big picture next time they are tempted to make the same mistake.
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    The twinkle/gaze in his eyes and slight amusement evident at the corner of his lips during pressers should give you a clue that Goodwin isn't lacking charisma. I've always found him compelling, but he's a coach, tasked with winning football, and compulsory media work is only ever a distraction. He's also smart enough to know not to give up any distracting fodder. Dishing up unemotional corporate speak to keep the media pigs at bay should never be confused with a lack of emotion, coaching nous or charisma.
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    Hey DL, Thought i'd make a video to get us all pumped for the finals – Enjoy
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    The Rooty Hill end GWS fan forum will be..... nope no one logged in.
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    Who would give us a better overall option than a proven 23 year old marquee key forward? The idea of trading him for something 'better' is moot, since that would have to be so enormous that it would croke another footy club to the point that there would be no point doing the deal. Plus, even if we trade him for 5, Cerra and another first round pick, we're trying to win premierships in the next few years. This is going to be Hogan's prime and the draft picks will still be developing. People give the goals stats, but Hogan's best game for the season was probably in a loss against Richmond. Hogan plays a different style to TMac, who is lower possession and higher goal kicking. Hogan plays much better than Tom when further from goal and is a far better goal creator. As a key forward, Hogan averaged over 18 disposals and 2.4 goals a game and Tom 15.5 dpg and 2.8 goals. We have a proper competitive advantage, and people want to trade that away?
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    Hahha “Goody called me today and let me know he won it in 06..”
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    Mate, we don't want Jesse traded. We are discussing the scenarios in the event that the might be traded. You know... he may one day request a trade. Or perhaps another club makes the mother of all trade offers, unlikely as it is. If you bothered to read the last couple of pages rather than just the thread title before you post you would see some pretty good discussion on this. Of course everyone wants to retain Jesse and see him reach his full potential. That should go without saying. And FYI, Hogan has not kicked 50 in a season.
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    You, along with many others, made a ridiculous statement to remove the coach after round 4. You made up facts about him losing the players. You jumped at shadows because you haven't understood the process of building a team. These are all facts. Being called out on them is not as bad as any of the above. Perhaps try and have some faith that the people employed to run the club, even though that might be difficult after the 2007-2013 period. Be clear that the people in charge now weren't there then and Roos/Goodwin have been very open and honest about the process since they've been there. Has what they have said been wrong? Who knows, you might even enjoy the ride.
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    No mice running up a clock?
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    If nothing else playing well without Hogan will be good for Hogan. He is not the messiah and may have to rethink his attitude, perhaps he may even choose to chase and tackle and perhaps even try a second effort. I think he will stay but trading him would not be the end of the world.
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    Why should people not be held accountable for past posts? You don’t get to post something terrible and then make it disappear because you’re embarrassed by it.
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    Of course I wouldn't expect you to comprehend. You probably do the easy crosswords too. We actually play more fluent football without him I'd argue. Just like you the whole thing became too Hogan- centric. Have you read Red Fox ? If not do so...it's about a team orientated bloke that emphasised team play. The abilities of individuals are to be welcomed...but if you suffer the folly of allowing that to dictate the team suffers He knew a thing or two. Again WB...how are we travelling without Hogan ? Dare to answer ?
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    One of the most ridiculous comments yet. Have you not been paying attention . Many of those 47 were in the bullying games. He kicks very few under pressure against harder opposition. So the value isn't quite what it seems. Of course he's replaceable. We've had to cover him often. We're covering him now. We're traveling ok are we not ? Tmac has kicked more from less games. I'd challenge the veracity of the idea one person replaces another in pure goal kicking. It can be argued a better performing team is less reliant on individual return and more upon what teamwork provides. But still.. even if say Weed stood up for 1 and half goals per game.. that's 30 odd. The likes of Vanders would be good for similar.. there's 60. I fully accept it's all numbers and hypotheticals but then so is much of the hype about Hogan.
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    Unless Hogan asks to go, he won’t be traded. You can blow on about professional club and every player has a price and improve the list and blah blah blah, but at the end if the day, no club willingly parts with a player of his calibre.
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