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    I've been saying this for weeks. If we fail to win any of these final 3 games we do not deserve finals. Even if we win this week and then lose the last two and be "unlucky" to miss out I will still maintain we don't deserve it. This year we did a great job of beating the teams in the bottom half and matching it with some of the teams around us but we still haven't taken the scalps. Yeah Adelaide and North are technicalities. We need scalps to stop those cliches and wins in 2 or 3 of the next few weeks will go a long way to shutting people up. Fail and they have every right to mock us as pretenders.
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    Misson has got to go.
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    There’s that clichè again...: “MFC and it’s supporters drinking their own bathwater.” “Have not beaten any team in the top 8.” (Even though Adelaide and North were in the 8 both times the Dees won). Even if we beat Sydney, “still haven’t beaten anyone in the top 8...” They won’t stop. So.. Time to break the shackles in these next 3 weeks Demons - arguably the toughest run home of all in contention. Win all three and top 2 is within grasp (Port over Eagles at home!) and a home final. Aim high Dees! It’s time.
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    According to Goody, who is currently on SEN, Hunt is a good chance of playing this weekend.
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    Hope you haven't bought a ticket to Sydney.
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    Dickson and Dal Santo on Fox claiming Oscar has to be the match up for Franklin due to a “lack of other options”. Then went on to speak about the need to cut down Buddy’s leading space and nullify his athleticism. Not a single, solitary mention of Frost. Can the bar for footy analysis actually get any lower?
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    I always thought we wouldn’t get far with Harmes and ANB in the side. I was very wrong - both have become important cogs in the wheel.
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    Last year against them we didn't have Nathan Jones, Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Angus Brayshaw, Christian Salem, Bayley Fritsch, Charlie Spargo and Aaron Vandenberg.. While their side is actually not too similar to the one they have this weekend. It wont let me upload a screen shot from last years line ups, but our side for the weekend is levels above last years! No excuses this week!
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    It would appear Casey will have a distinct advantage in this game, given Sandy seem to be planning on having only 17 players on the field (given they have named no-one in one of the back pockets...! LOL)
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    The club got back to me and indeed they'll be wearing armbands in remembrance of Jarrod. Black ones.
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    the irony is if we lost to the crows twice and north they would now be in the 8 and they would be 3 more games we lost to top 8 teams! haha surely some people understand in a close season if you beat teams, they are less likely to be above you. pretty sure Confusious said that, or maybe Robbo
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    A cold morning. A staggered start. Rehab had Jake Melksham, Michael Hibberd, running and ball work. Mitch King doing light duties with them. A small group trained with the running coaches till joined by the rest, absent Max Gawn. Max on the paddock in track pants and runners. No obvious strapping, walked laps and did a couple of runs. Drills done professionally. Cam Pederson, Jayden Hunt and Josh Wagner in the defense during simulations and doing well. Jayden ready for speed and Cam is zoning well. Lachlan Filipovic was doing some drills with the mids. Though during simulations was ruck practicing with Mitch King and not in the contest. The intensity of simulations built up as the players made more contact with each other. Thought Neville Jetta and Jesse Hogan were a bit hampered till they contested, looking good. The squad trained well. from Kev Martin
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    Listened live. Sounds as though Hunt will play unless he's foxing.
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    I had totally forgotten about the other scissor kick.
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    true. And Richmond haven't beaten anyone above them on the ladder.
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    Yeah I get the feeling that they'll be looking to solidify a team heading into finals and the FD would be keen to see if they can get game time into Hunt to be a part of that and this is the perfect opportunity. We need the desperate Jayden back who plays with intensity and provides pressure wherever he's positioned.
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    Nah [censored] geelong winning. Love seeing them out side of the 8 and dangerflop cracking the [censored].
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    This is the week the footy world discovers that Frost…actually not that bad at footy.
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    I'm actually not on the wating Meth Coast to beat Port bus, I'm about making our own destiny and if we play our best we should beat Sydney and a Meth Coast without Gaff, Nicnat and Possibly Kennedy(retirement is not farxaway). Like 87, 98 and 00 finish strong boys and build on the momentum
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    Not sure if this is relevant, but Sydney has played its last eight games on the same two grounds - the SCG and Etihad - neither of which much resemble the MCG in size.
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    Uh oh, we've been talked up, it's a big high profile game being broadcast everywhere, and there's a lot to gain. I must not panic. I must not panic. I must not panic. By the way, if all the right results happen this round, we can actually be two games and 15% points ahead of 9th (Geelong), with obviously only two rounds to go. For once we'd be on the good side of the 'only really a mathematical possibility' saying. In fact, in a show of how mad this season is, all but the Richmond - Gold Coast and the Carlton - Fremantle games matter to our final position. Best Case - The right results in seven games, and we are not just in the 8 at the end of the season, but secure in at least 7th with any chasers needing to win all remaining possible games and gain at least 15 percentage points, just to catch us even if we lose both remaining games. We would also only need one more win, specifically against GWS in the final round, to guarante a top-4 finish. Worst Case - We finish the round as one of four teams on 12 wins, two inside the 8 and two outside, with another two teams on 11 wins. And we'd have by far the toughest draw of the four teams on 12. Of course, we'd also still only be one win out of the top 4. I've been annoying people for weeks saying over and over each week that 'this is the most important game for the Demons in almost 12 years', but, well, this is the most important game for the Demons in almost 12 years.
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