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    I've been one of Jack's biggest critics in the past, I reckon he would be so focussed and try to win the game on his own. This focus had him getting in a teammates way, unrealistically trying to break tackles and not giving the ball off to others in much better positions. However, it's a pity the injury flared up when it did as I believe he was just starting to work a more team oriented game with the other boys. They were just stating to gel...when Jack works with the others we will be a much better team and he a much better player.
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    I'm sick of the negative group think on Alex NB in these forums. Nibbler is not perfect but he's had a consistent year and has made a tremendous contribution to the success of the team this year. He's there for a reason and he has a lot to offer. You naysayers can pull your heads in.
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    old dee, cast your mind back to the Melksham trade. He got rubbed out for the season a few short weeks after the trade was done. The outrage and frustration at trading a valuable second rounder for a player who couldn’t play was palpable. Now nobody gives a toss, because he’s playing good footy again. When you recruit a player with a huge amount of footy ahead, the value plays out over their entire career, not just year 1. Lever will more than repay the cost. He had already started before the injury. If short term success was the measure of success for a trade, Mitch Clark was the greatest trade in history.
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    What absolute bullsh*t. Really lowered your colours on this one mate. You don’t just walk into a position of leadership.
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    But we have an AFLX title to defend ...
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    You are all wrong about ANB. He has the capacity to be elite. He is only 22 improving every year. More importantly he has elite vision. He has the ability to spot the short option. Currently his execution lets him down but he will tidy that up and become elite assist player
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    My thinking calming down after the match and watching the replay is no changes until: - Viney and Hibberd become available, then decisions have to be made, - there is injury - or someone absolutely demands a spot, putting in a series of blinders at Casey. Until any of these events occur let’s keep the current 22 in place so they learn more playing together. Yes maybe it could be better but I think there are more short and longer term advantages sticking with a stable team coming into the finals, if we manage to get there. Tyson played well. jKH has earnt another game, I think. J Smith is worth the gamble, he is learning, has great potential and he will improve.
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    The so called 'premiership quarter' has been a strength of ours this year. One of the things I am enjoying about this season, is the 3rd quarters, I slacked off at work and checked and we have won 14 (and lost round 5 Tiges and round 15 Saints by 1 pt each). My memory is fuzzy but even in our salad days between 2000 to 2006 (relatively speaking) we never had such a good run with 3rd quarters. Following conclusions: 1, When Goodwin says the playing group is not caught up/in history(Pre Roos/Goodwin), I believe him. Our percentage this year shows the team took round 23, 2017 to heart. 2, Everyone bar Richmond has been cruelled by injuries (GWS might just get all its players back, which sucks). The dance card for the grand ball is open. donc We get to the finals, lack of experience will mean nothing for us. Our 'on' switch is terrifying and I expect cricket scores. If HUNT shows form at Casey swap him for Vince, but might want Vince for hardness if we get there. My favourite finals team: B: Michael Hibberd, Sam Frost, Neville Jetta HB: Christian Salem, Oscar McDonald, Jordan Lewis C: Jack Viney, Clayton Oliver, Angus Brayshaw HF: Jake Melksham, Jesse Hogan, Bayley Fritsch F: Christian Petracca, Tom McDonald, Charlie Spargo Foll: Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Dom Tyson I/C: Jeff Garlett, James Harmes, Alex Neal-Bullen, Bernie Vince Emg: Cam Pedersen, Aaron vandenBerg, Jayden Hunt, Sam Weideman, Jay Kennedy Harris,
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    In one way I agree. I just dont think Jones has the talent of a selwood or a dangerfield so in my opinion he shouldnt be compared to them. Its a different sort of inspiration he brings. He stood tall pyschologically when the club was falling backwards . He held a light up to the young players showing by example how to prepare your body and all the extras needed to get the most out of yourself. I dont know as Im not around the club but I imagine that when Jones talks standards players listen. THAT type of leadership is what has improved this club and in part what will help drive the Brayshaws, olivers and Petraccas etc to be elite ...let them "drag the team over the line" now Jones may not dominate games like he did, or like Selwood or Danger have, " drag the team over the line" with individual brilliance. But, as a player that has got the absolute maximum out of himself, became a a battering ram to protect the younger bodies coming through, and driven others around him to reach their potentials , then he IS elite. I, for one, feel is one of the best leaders we've ever had.
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    This is a great point. I think if we do make it we need to back the boys and not worry about defeat. Doggies had no fear because they were happy to be there. Richmond almost played with no expectations because of their past performances in the finals and when they got that win they became a wrecking ball. We can turn it on and nobody bar Richmond will want to face us because as we have shown so far this season we are hard to beat. Yes we can look at the dissapointments of both Geelong games and the Hawthorn/Saints games. I was so gutted after the Geelong game and i was fuming after the St Kilda game because i didn't think the group was learning the lessons from past experiences. After the natural anger period wore off after those defeats i was able to find positive. Speaking for myself here, when i look at Goody and the players in the team i refuse to believe they ain't trying to improve. I don't believe they drink their own bath water (i think that's just phrase people here use to justify why we lose). I also don't believe the top 8 scalp is playing on the minds of players or coaches. Looking back on the season i can say we did learn a lot from the Richmond and Hawthorn games. More so from Richmond because i think the Hawthorn game was an aberration of players not playing to the base standard we expect. Since round 5 against the tigers we've gone 9 and 4 with 3 of the 4 defeats being close defeats. We also had to deal with the loss of Lever, Viney and Hibberd in that time while having everyone in the football world hype them up one week and tear them down the next week. One game at a time, but if we make it i sure as hell hope we get Geelong. They survived us twice, but i don't think they will a 3rd time.
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    Huge game this one. Not for the season or anything but coming into the back end of the year there’s a few boys that’ll need to play some great footy if they don’t want to find themselves traded or delisted at the end of the season. Hopefully Keilty did what he did against the Blues this time last year and has 10+ intercept marks.
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    The knives out for Nat Jones is disappointing... I know he has been down on form but he has been solid this year and is adjusting to a different role with the emergence of two of the best young mids in the game. He is well ahead of anyone we have down at Casey. I would love to see AVB play again for the Dees but as a supporter I don’t know whether he is in our best forward line... Kent intrigued me but has to be at his best. Garlett has to stay as he is our only natural small forward who can crumb. Spargo has had an excellent start to his career but if Kent displaces him and brings his footy IQ, his toughness, and his left foot - we would have a devastating forward line.
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    The last two weeks have been “finals like”, intense high stakes games in the opposition’s ground. We lost one, learnt and won the next. Now have a two weeks of games we should win to ensure we’re in the finals (13 wins + %). Then the final two rounds will again be finals like with us and our opposition looking to cement a top four spot. Couldnt ask for a better preparation, and if we end the season in the top 4, we’re a legitimate chance. But as we all know, first, beat the Suns... 😜
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    Pig and Captain Jack are nice additions in the lead up to finals. If Hunt can build some form we do have some options to strengthen the lineup. I'm not getting ahead of myself, but we could be a sleeper if we make the top 8.
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    SWYL: You forgot mention that we won the third quarter in round 23 2017 against Collingwood.
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    Yep, definitely proven his worth. Surely we can look past a few gaffes here and there.
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    "As a testament to his standing within the team, Neal-Bullen has been given a leadership position in the forward line, with Misson saying the unofficial title was indicative of his attitude." Can we stop slagging him off now?
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    Paul Hasleby was on SEN a short time ago and stated a story was breaking over in the West about J Kennedy possibly missing the next 3-4 weeks for the Eagles.
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    One away game was 80 k's away in Geelong. It will be 31 days since Darwin this Sunday. Do you really, think that game has any significance on us at all now?
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    I was sitting in the cheer squad 6 rows back and got to have a close look at Jenkins and more significantly Oscar on Jenkins. Jenkins was rag dolling him early. Oscar couldn't match him one on one and was just knocked off his feet. Sitting there looking close up at him and Walker and Lynch and McGovern and Betts and seeing Oscar getting monstered so easily I was thinking early on this is daunting this forward line looks scary intimidating. But Oscar held Jenkins goalless and did enough in enough contests to negate his influence. Stats can be funny things. He only had 4 disposals but there's no stats for the amount of times he beat Jenkins punching the ball away and stopping him marking. They need a stat for that for stats to have any relevance for a backman's role. Jetts only had 4 stats but you wouldn't have thought that either with his influence. On the other hand Frosty had the physical strength to take Tex on one on one and beat him and once he took off Tex didn't even try to catch him. Frosty has a very rare X factor with height, strength and speed. His decisions, brain fades and skill can be scary but I'm surprised he hasn't been given more of a go. He played a significant role in the win. I have no doubt there's at least two games we would have won if he'd been selected.
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    Very pleased ive got Deeluded/DV8 on ignore.
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    triumvirate ? like these ? or these or perhaps these
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    But yet you missed Jones critical goal against the cats? Or him reving the boys up at 3 qtr time before the coaches addressed the players? Pfft.. The Jones bashing is getting beyound the joke now! Sorry but Jones is still our number 1 leader, and you'll be a disappointed man when hes named captain next year.
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    The more games Smith gets the better. I was terribly frustrated with him on Saturday night but I still have a lot of faith that he is going to be a valuable part of the back 6 in time. Maybe needs another pre-season but I do feel it will come together for him once he gains some more 'football sense'. He's got some great natural tools.
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    Austin has a younger brother (Jensen) who is 14 years old. If he is any good at football it’s about time he concentrated on basketball for a few years.
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