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    Heading to the ground with my youngest (nearly 3) today for her first AFL game. She has her demon backpack packed already and is packing her snacks into little ziplock bags, never seen her so organized! please the lords of football let her cheer on many goals and get to sing the song at the end of the game today!!! 🙏🙏🙏
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    I really want Melbourne to win too make a bad week a little bit better. My 88 year old mother is currently in hospital after having her appendix removed on Monday. I will be visiting her on the way to the game. A win would really lift my spirits. CARN THE DEMONS.
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    Down from Sydney with my 6yo. Hoping for a big win
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    Don't worry, we rarely miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. 😰
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    All good she has her flag which she will no doubt wave at every opportunity and if all else fails nothing like an ice cream to make it the best day ever for a little one 👍👍👍
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    Would be really happy for JKH and the MFC if he can step up and cement himself as an AFL player. As others have hinted at above his introduction to AFL with our team of 4-5 years ago can not have been easy, particularly for a forward. He is a slightly different sort of player, but Spargo has certainly had a much easier introduction to AFL than JKH. My recollection of that first season was that JKH he showed real promise as a player that had a bit of X factor, good skills and poise delivering the ball. It's been variously stated by Roos that before his time younger players were both gifted games too easily and thrown in the deep end and that realistically these players should have been given more time to develop in the VFL. That all said, I'm not sure thay the MFC has been able to deliver on many of those long term development players in the VFL either, which has been very frustrating as a supporter. I've heard many on this forum write off the likes of Billy Stretch and JKH on the basis of a lacking of fundemental football attributes like leg speed and/or ball skills. At the same time many are also critical of players who lack mental strength and/or good character that drives successfully team culture. From all I have heard talked about both JKH and Stretch is that their character and training ethic are first class. Thus I think it's really important for the MFC that players such as these guys succeed and become a valued and embedded part of the team moving forward. Probably the best example of where it has come off for us would be players like Nev Jetta and ANB.
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    Staying home with your blinds closed?
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    We should smash them i haven’t been this confident for a win since the Saints game
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    Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw.... Wow, just wow.
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    We might stop hearing about this "top teams" myth that posters keep talking about. Hawthorn, Geelong, Port, Sydney are all ordinary.
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    Losing is simply not an option if we want to play finals. Luckily we’ll come out pumped up and show the Dogs what we’re made of. Dogs by 27.
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    In my first ever game of under 12s, I only got one kick. It slewed off the side of my boot and through for a point to the opposition.
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    Got a doggies mate who thinks they’re tanking for the no.4 pick. It would be very Melbourne to lose to a team that’s tanking 😂
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    For a renowned handball practitioner, Oliver's boot is ridiculous.
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    To anyone reading this thread not watching the game, we’re actually 14 points up.
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    Another Goodwin move. Bring in Hannan who has done SFA all year for Viney when you have Tyson, who all year you have refused to play in his rightful spot as an inside mid. Honestly this coach and this team are infuriating.
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    My unsolicited advice: make sure she has the best day ever, even it the MFC are poo.
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    I got one up on you. In my 150th game of junior footy, i was playing full back on the league's leading goal kicker. Kept him scoreless initially, but didn't get a disposal myself. Anyway, 3rd quarter, kicking in from a behind (the first time I'd touched the ball all day). Kicked it straight into him, he grabbed the ball and snapped a goal. My stats for the day: 1 clanger 0 disposals
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    C'mon Dee supporters, enjoy our journey. Win or lose, we are getting a better ride than in previous years. Go to game, watch the game, none of the heeby jeeby's, jinx's or general anxiety. We are competitive, we can win when we are behind and can dominate games. I know there is an emotional gamble but is only a game. Enjoy, I don't get the hide away, not go or watch it. Individual superstitions really don't determine the outcome (stop the magic thoughts). Have some courage, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else on such a beautiful Melbourne day, at the "G", win or lose.
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    If my calculations are correct, wins over Port and the Saints would have us 2nd on the ladder and a realistic chance of top 4. We really stuffed up.
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    hm, i'm more circumspect than you about them although in fairness last night they did have 12 players with under 50 games under their belt, and another 3 in the 51-99 mark but how many of them are much chop? the younger curnow and cripps are stars, but ed curnow is about to turn 29 - he's not part of their long term future, and nor is simpson (34), murphy (31), thomas (31), rowe (31), kreuzer (29), wright (28.5), casboult (28), or even really liam jones (27) their list is in a bad, bad way it's glorious
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    I think a few people are being spooked by Pert, because PJ has been so good and a few people are hearing gossip about some problems at Collingwood, which if true you would hope he has learned from. He was there for 11 years and oversaw their transformation, along with Eddie, to a powerhouse club. Hopefully he does a great job for us. If he is no good he can be moved on.
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    That is literally the most MFC win contra indicator I've heard of.
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    Dusty dreams of being as good as Clarry
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