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    Poor bloke. Nothing he said would be good enough for most, so I'm not surprised by the reaction. But he got asked the question and he answered it honestly. Can't ask much more than that.
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    A lot of people complaining about talk on a talk-show...
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    Video should be up tomorrow but key takes: Team doesn’t work hard enough Only way to silence history is to perform Harshest critics are within the club Rich were 8-6 last year and flogged by STK, they changed and evolved. Need to buy in defensively In the review they’ve seen the damning footage that would’ve been shown on On The Couch. Game review was brutal this week Need to prove ourselves v Freo this week Never seen Goodwin react like he did, was angry, frustrated and brutal. Unfortunately on that show it’s all about Jack and Richmond, however what Jordan said was good to hear, a bit of tough love by the sound of it this week
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    The answer seemed honest, and for me, what I wanted to hear. Obviously I want the actions that come to mirror the words; we all do and it goes without saying. It’s pretty rough to pot him over using words in a medium where words are the only tool he has access to. Honestly if people aren’t interested in the words the club has to say, I’m not sure why they’d watch AFL360 or read Demonland.
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    I know this is not a MFC related thing but what a pity to lose a player like that. When you look at what he has achieved : 4 Premierships, 1 Norm Smith and 3 All Australians, you have got to feel the game is poorer for such a player to leave at a relatively young age. He has changed the role of the small forward in modern football with his Lower Possession, High impact, Team things and Tackling (actual and perceived. In my opinion he is one of the games greats. Well done Cyril ( at least we have the highlights to be viewed)
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    FFS. What exactly do you expect of him? He was asked the question, he answered it, and thankfully enough he answered it honestly. Do you think anyone in the club genuinely believes that by saying things, they happen, without having to actually do something about it?
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    Sheesh what a load of jibberish. I swear it made perfectly good nonsense before auto uncorrected had it's way with it.
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    I don't get why people who think words are meaningless etc pay attention to the footy press during the week. I don't necessarily disagree but if you're just gonna say "actions not words" etc you may as well just shut off outside gameday other than to get injury reports
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    The club should ban all our players from doing any media until we have made the finals. Whether thats this year or in 2022. Sick of all talk and no action.
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    I haven’t seen the video as wifi in Northern Philippines drops in and out, but if Lewis is telling some truth on air, then good on him. That is his main job now. He has been to the mountain top 4 times i don’t see why people on here are giving him a hard time He is not supposed to play like a 23 year old, because he isn’t He is there to teach onfield
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    A week earlier Bevo gave the dogs the mother of all sprays after their loss to the Kangas while everyone canned Goody for accepting Melbourne's loss to Port and his content with how we played. This week Goody gives it to them big time post match roast and everyone thinks, so what! It is all talk. He cannot win. Most agree that roasting post match only has an impact maybe once a season and constantly doing it loses the players and its effect. I am not defending Goodwin as this game was also lost at the selection table and picking Petty was in hindsight an error as he wasn't ready From a source who was present post match, Goodwin certainly did give it to them and no one was spared with the exception of Max. Last night Lewis accepted he didn't have his best game Sunday but finished stating that on a day when they played badly theyb lost by 2 points. He also let us know the harshest critics were from within at the review which was equally as brutal and honest on Monday morning Face it since Lever go injured we have not sorted out the defence both in personell and game play. I hope they find a solution and soon
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    Hudson means Whateley in Portuguese anyway
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    Sounds like he ticked off the talking points from the media department at 100% efficiency.
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    Why is it that every player has to be a hard at it defender? IMO part of the problem at the Dees is we are trying to change the way every player plays. Why is our best Full forward being played way up field? Back to basics might help. Play the full forward at full forward and play the half forward there as well.
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    doesnt really matter what any one says.....I've never seen a scoreboard that reads Goals - Behinds- Words
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    I'm the same, I think the commentators really drive the knife in for me, ie Ling, Bruce and co.
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    1. Ask the media to write flattering articles about Melbourne. 2. Deliver 22 copies to AAMI Park 3. Turn up game day 4. Run harder than Lance Whitnell
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    We are often talking about our kicking skills (generally) and how we would like to see some more accuracy hitting up targets and in general. In some ways i think the dropping away of this skill in the last few weeks and our ability to maintain possession and therefore control the momentum of the game (by foot where you don''t have to play on), has cost us dearly and seen us move away from what we were doing more of and more of successfully in the games we were dominating. Controlling the ball in those matches for extended periods (without turning it over as often) allowed us to halt some of the opp's run ons and maintain and then go on to build on our lead once we caught our breath and reset for the next flurry of attacking break neck play. Obviously pressure from the opponent playing a large part here but possibly the speed (or lack thereof) of many of our potential receivers and their inability to get away from their more speedy opponents (in some cases) also may have played a part. So here's a brief summary of the season so far, broken down into positions so it's a little more relevant. I have not included players who have only played one match so far like Stretch, Maynard & Petty. Note the positions are determined by AFL StatsPro and i don't have time to adjust into more relevant positions in most cases. The two obvious exceptions (for me anyway) were T-Mac where i moved him from a Key Defender to a Key Forward and Spargo from a Mid Fielder to a Forward....
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    Just about to start here in Perf. Will report if he says anything new or different.
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    By the sound in Roos' shift in opinions of late, it looks like he wants to bash the door down and come back and takeover. He is clearly as frustrated as us.
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    I've narrowed down the list of suspects. 6 Jordan Lewis 1 Jesse Hogan 11 Max Gawn 9 Charlie Spargo (wouldn’t be able to convince the cashier he’s over 18) 4 James Harmes (couldn’t find the guy standing all alone behind the counter) 12 Dom Tyson (he’d get caught too easily) 14 Michael Hibberd (moustache is a smoking hazard) 15 Billy Stretch (a bit of a stretch, I think) 10 Angus Brayshaw (you’re not allowed to enter 7/11 with a helmet) 18 Jake Melksham (prefers the harder stuff direct to the bloodstream) 23 Bernie Vince (would have been more interested in DeeZee’s daughter) 28 Oscar McDonald (Tomald says he’s not allowed to smoke) 2 Nathan Jones (c) (has the big c next to his name; is always jonesing) 3 Christian Salem (hypothyroidism linked to smoking in numerous studies) 5 Christian Petracca (ducking out behind the sheds explains frequent absence) 7 Jack Viney (c) (Jack Viney’s so tough he eats cigarettes for breakfast) 8 Jake Lever (the only player in the team who can afford a pack nowadays) 13 Clayton Oliver (pale, recent weight loss – clearly has cancer) 16 Dean Kent (released his own popular line of filtered originals) 21 Pedo (‘Hey, kid, you wanna cigarette? Jump in the back of the van') 25 Tom McDonald (out of breath from a punctured lung, huh? Right) 29 Jayden Hunt (there’s only one thing better than a chocolate milk . . .)
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    1 - Obvious, obvious, obvious. Tell me a team that wins applying no pressure. Their pressure didn't win it our lack of pressure lost it. 2 - Man up stop playing 3 talls Weideman is useless at ground level, bring in a crumber or 2. 3 - Bring in Mr Dependable Keilty. Just tell him to stop his man don't worry about possessions, the problem is McDonald and him are similar and don't get a lot of the ball, but coaches are obsessed with zoning off and getting the ball like Lever. We can't replace Lever no one zones and reads the play like he does. Get Hibberd to zone off. Let our keys play to their strengths allow for McDonald and Keilty to get 4 touches as long as they beat their man that's the main thing. Hibberd needs to rebound more as does Salem Baker to play Hunt's role off half back\wing. 4 - Bringing in Stretch, Spargo and Baker should help this problem even Garlett and Frost if they want to bite the bullet. 5 - Every team drops off but the better team's stop momentum before it gets out of hand we have been unable to do that. That's were leadership comes in. Viney never tag again and play like you did in the last quarter, Lewis and Jones must lift. Gawn to reach greater heights if that's possible and most importantly spread like they did against Adelaide stop being obsessed with the inside ball stats and work harder on the spread.
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    Talk Talk Talk Yawn Yawn Yawn
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    Reassuring and awesome proof in puddimg
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