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    Arrived around 10am and the session was just about in full swing. I’ll try my best as my fingers are frozen. The first thing I noticed was no rehab group. Lever, Hunt and Maynard the obvious absentees. Kent a no show also but overhead he might be lining up at Casey this week and was to train with them. Great to see McKenna and Vanders in the main group with the latter looking really sharp and vocal. I was surprised to see Vanders move as well as he did. A lot of encouragement throughout the session and it was a solid hitout. A lot of short drills in duration but no lack of intensity. To me it looked like the session was built up around rapid ball movement and frequent switching with players supporting the receivers for options. Skills were very good in somewhat slippery conditions. Good luck with selection as some of the players pushing for a spot this week were certainly a highlight. T Smith and Frost very clean and strong with marking. Interestingly, Frost was used as a leading forward in some drills and was excellent overhead and kicked accurately from distance. He took J Smith to school a few times one on one. A drill I found interesting was one of the centre square setups. I believe it was Filipovic used as the ruck with Max used as a blocking midfielder and his opponents had to find their way around him and win the ball. He didn’t let up on them. Another Max highlight was his 50 metre chase on Baker. He didn’t catch him but never gave up and was actually gaining on him by the end. Everyone around us commented at the effort that Max put in. That’s what you want to see from your leaders even if it’s just a training session. Brilliant work. Dion Johnstone was very good with his kicking and it was good to see him up close. Hopefully he gets a chance soon, I liked what I saw. I am a Tyson fan and want him back in the side but unsure if it will be this week. Looks bereft of confidence especially with his kicking. Missed a few targets where other players hit theirs. Towards the end of the session Jesse, Weid, Pedersen and T Mac were having the ball kicked to them and competing one on one. They swapped over every kick with each winning their fair share of contests. The other forwards, Melksham, Fritsch, Bugg, Garlett, Spargo and Hannan were setup around the goal square. A kick would come in and one of them had to deliberately tap the ball to ground whilst the others would try to rove it or pick it up cleanly from the deck. Garlett was very clean and smart around goals. A couple of times he kicked the ball off the ground truly as his opponents were too close for him to pick it up. Didnt see much of the defenders drills as they were on the other side of the ground so apologies for that. It was basically a full squad out there and impossible to keep track of all. Trac ran some solid laps after the session was finished. Happy to answer any questions as best I can.
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    Just a few add ons to Dee Zephyrs report. The rehab had only Harley Balic in it. He later joined the main group but not in any contact drills. I assume he was a bit sore and needed a test. Training with the midfield group was Oskar Baker and Billy Stretch. Dion Johnstone still getting plenty of help from Neville Jetta. Both Aaron vandersBerg and Pat Mckenna trained with the backs. Jay Kennedy-Harris trained with both mids and forwards. I thought Tom Bugg and Sam Wiedeman had bad training sessions (maybe just my impression). Tom could not get his hands on it in simulations and Sam fumbling (slippery ball) and finding it difficult to get to the right positions. Oscar McDonald had a good hit out considering he had some concussion problems. Dom Tyson looking professional given the situation he finds himself in (breaking back into selection). Jeff Garlett killing them for pace. Charlie Spargo doing everything correct, rarely misses with his collection and disposals. Harrison Petty seems to have matured quickly, looking confident and strong. I think he needs an AFL game so he can figure the pace and skill level required in order to further develope. The backline had a drill where the players created space by using bodies against the forwards to have one player go up for the mark uncontested. Another drill included punching the ball when it was kicked in the goal area. Some of the drills today were in slow motion, probably in order to get the structure and game plan right. I think they were working on a bit more awareness of each other. So they work together and not compete for the same ball and space. There were also attempts to control the tempo. The simulations had both get the ball and move it or hold on and wait. Plenty of individual or small group assistance by the coaches to end the session. I thought the training was a bit subdued and a few finding it difficult to keep up the pace, some gasping for air. Hopefully they will be ready to go by friday.
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    Hey, that is great news, it will be a fantastic recovery if he can make it. Really liked his game style and contributions in the past.
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    Let the actions on the park speak louder then the words in a presser this week please boys.
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    As an MCC/ MFC premium member ,I am entitled to a membership for a child under 15. I don’ t have anyone to give it to. Please send me a personal message if it’s any use to anyone.
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    My boy (typically) lost his membership card on the way home from the QB game. I wrote to the club to get a replacement, promising he hadn’t cooked it in the microwave. 😁 But somebody found it and sent it back to the club, they’re now posting it back to us. Your post plus the kind soul who returned my boy’s card just reinforce my belief that there’s some fair dinkum good people out there still.
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    At least he addressed all the talking points from last week that is a good sign in Goodwin’s own development. He knows he is under some pressure, that ‘s a good thing.
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    No way omac doesn't get dixon.
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    A lot of the groups for drills were mix and match, so fwds with backs is irrelevant AVB and McKenna aiming for a run with Casey in 2 1/2 weeks time
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    I spoke to my source last week, the long and the short of it is if Gaff signs with us he will be a Demon.
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    Such an important game. Not the match to trial Petty despite his promise. Frost for mine.
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    Well at least we will see whether this team has improved and where it's going, if we cant handle the heat against top 8 sides this year we don't deserve to make it, a real test especially for the leaders.
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    Phil Rhodes was a workmanlike utility who played for Alexander the Great. Career statistics: 3 Thracians, 2 Persians, 4 Cappadocians. Delisted after the battle of Bactria where he copped a bad knee injury, and concussion. Tried for an assistant coach job with the Babylonian army but was forced to resign after a salary cap scandal. An honest trier, remembered fondly.
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    Speaking of clearances. I have read despite Gawns overwhelming ruck dominance, our midfield rank 17th for first touch leading to clearance in the comp. One effing huge discrepancy there. Finger points to Jones and Viney being the main culprits who seem to think they are playing rugby when then they get the ball first. Dumb as batshit in their inside roles as main grunt players and leaders.
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    Would not be surprised either. If selected, I hope we are not throwing him in the deep end with the pressure of going home to strut his stuff in his home town. I would hate to see Petty play and get smashed. I also think that if we are going to persist with Frost on the list, we need to give him a shot. He is tall, fast, and will be desperate to do well. Petty has time. He seems to have what it takes. Its just a question of when. What's the lower risk given the importance of the match? Not sure, but Frost has several years in the system and some big game experience. 1
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    The fans deserve for the team to make finals. If they can't handle the heat against top 8 sides that is a blight on our application and mental steel rather than talent
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    Well I got the opposite info. I was told if he doesn't sign with us he won't be a Demon..
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    Korea.. another victim of VAR... ok the penalty was arguably there. what I couldn't understand is that I thought they kept playing until the next break of play. Korea were streaming forward and then the ref stops play. Not sure I thrill to this system when it comes to making decisions on penalties
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    Goodwin isn't afraid to back the young guys in. Would not be surprised in the slightest if Petty is selected and I'd also back him in to perform well.
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    Thank you. Great of you to go training and giving us great insight. Cheers.
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    Thanks for your efforts @Dee Zephyr Happy to hear they practised the switch, this is one thing that stands out a mile when we play the better sides, we get pressured then either lose confidence or go the safe option every time, we need to keep the switch on as its our strength. It happened clearly in Tigers and Pies games where we went into our shells and didn't switch. Interesting to hear Frost was training up forward, I wonder why? Apparently he played some time forward at Casey recently, could it be Frost for Pedersen perhaps?
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    If I recall correctly, his son was truly a colossus.
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    Murphy is a highly skilled player who uses the ball really well. Would be a terrific 17-22 player for the Demons, provided he wasn’t required to do grunt work for 22 weeks! Anyway sounds like it won’t happen, so we move on! As an alternative, let’s take Gaff!
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