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    Was still a great crowd considering the weather. Sausage sizzle and hot coffee easily best afield in these conditions - Cam Pederson looked in ripping touch. Beat TMac at least three times in some one on one drills. Looks a lock for Monday. - Joel Smith did some nice things although disposal was a tad ordinary at times. Don't mind the coaching group backing him in for the Lever role as I think he has more upside than Frost. - Mitch Hannan had his knee strapped and rotated between rehab and the main group. Didn't seemed too restricted by his injury. Obviously, expect Jeff Garlett to get the call up should he not feel 100% for QB. Speaking of Jeffy, seemed to be doing most things right aside from a bullet pass that landed directly in the hands of the opposition player (Charlie Spargo) during some match simulation. Sort of sums up Jeff's season so far - Kent looks very close to rejoining full training. Participated in a couple drills with the main group. - Jetta was Jetta. Good lord, he is a marvel to watch in one on one drills. Never gets beaten, even when he was matched up against the likes of Hogan and McDonald. Always broke even at the bare minimum. Happy to fill in any blanks if anyone has any questions.
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    https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/channel-seven-boss-wants-more-goals-more-beauty-in-the-afl-20180608-p4zk9t.html Too easy. Show more Melbourne games.
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    At today's training with lord nev
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    Training Friday A morning to harden the team with cold wind and light rain. The Casey team weren't there. An extenened rehab with the light duty group. Mitch Hannan, Angus Brayshaw, Tim Smith, Jake Melksham, Dean Kent and Corey Maynard. I didn't notice if Melksham or Tim Smith joined the main group. The rest did except for Corey who was increasing his work load. Simulations played with the slippery ball. Spread was good. Cam Pederson was hitting up well. Joel Smith was round about. Tom Mcdonald looking in shape. Jesse Hogan big and strong around the field. Max Gawn zoning and chasing everyone. Some individual goal practice with Bernie Vince, Nathan Jones, Jesse Hogan and Michael Hibberd who joined in later. Harrison Petty and Jayden Hunt not on the field. Jeff Garlett doing his stuff. Petracca and Jesse last to leave field after shots at goal.
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    I wonder whether Channel 7 had any say in getting Carlton 4 Friday night games? If so, you reap what you sow.
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    Whew, it’s lucky that the entire place completely turned around, all relationships healed and everyone suddenly discovered that, instead of hating Goodwin, the actually love him! It’s unbelieveable that the whole club has transformed in just over a month. Seriously, it’s not believable.
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    Of course. More goals = more ads
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    Fritsch for Watts. Sometimes you just gotta pinch yourself.
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    Fritsch for Watts is the biggest upgrade of two players I can remember.
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    Watts running around contests like a dog running around sniffing rubbish bins.
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    I'm actually not disappointed in that. Wagner, as hard as he tries, is very suspect with his disposal.
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    Had the sound turned down for the first half as the kids were doing stuff in the room. Turned it up for the second half, hear BT... immediately turn it back down.
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    This stuff is disturbing. Increasingly, we are seeing the interference in the peoples game by television and its executives. So the 7 boss wants to see more goals and wants players to play with more freedom. I reckon the Demons and a few other clubs are delivering that to the spectators and TV stations today. Seriously, how much tampering with our great game are we going to see? No problem, pick up the phone and ring the AFL to change some rules to change the way the game is played. It seems that every week that as well as TV executives, there are media types, ex coaches and players calling on the AFL to change the rules. Just leave the bloody game alone. However, I feel that this is just going to get worse, and we will see more interference to please the games Masters. The TV and media outlets. One day, we will wake up and suddenly ask whats happened to our game. Sorry, i forgot the game is there for ratings, advertising and to fatten the coffers of the parasites, leeches and vultures that circle our footy game.
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    The best 25 AFL players under 25: Carlton’s Patrick Cripps ahead of GWS jet Josh Kelly https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/the-best-25-afl-players-under-25-carltons-patrick-cripps-ahead-of-gws-jet-josh-kelly/news-story/93d9f6ae59654be8ff8e645ab1a586c0 ...and Jack Viney doesn't even get a mention. Criteria was " They have to be under 25 right now" and " it is based on what they have produced this year and in recent seasons, not what they might produce in the future." How Jack Viney doesn't make this list I can only think is an oversight. My view is that he sits quite comfortably top five, if not top three. Whilst Jack hasn't yet again reached his pulsating best again in 2018, I've actually been impressed with the level of output and impact he has made in his handful of games to date off the back of an interrupted, injury plagued preseason. Think he is building nicely and full expect him explode in comming weeks. ...come on Jack - tear the Pies a new one!
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    BT hates Razor Ray. Not sure whose side to take.
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    Jack Watts owns the ‘swans around the pack’ stat.
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    Cant stand ya Castagna....
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    By the end it was freezing but glad of the hot coffee. Really impressed with Oscar who really has some speed. The guys really looked like they were having fun out there.
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    The coverage into NSW - a market the AFL aims to grow - is just poverty stricken. And I don't mean Sydney. I mean all of NSW including the Northern Rivers and MNC where there is a sizeable Vic/SA/WA expat base plus the crazy banana benders from SEQ who obviously are discerning and realise Viccy Kicky is better than that NRL buffoonery. Saturday 1.XXPM and 2.10PM games are almost never on. Neither are the later (pre 7.30/7.45) ones. Unless it's GWS Freo. GWS Manangatang Ladies Coterie. etc etc. Instead, you have 35 channels on 7 all showing 2 shows with 18 flavours. Here they are for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Ice road truckers Alaska Ice road truckers North West Territories Ice road truckers Yukon Pimp my ride Venice Beach Pimp my ride GLENDAAAAALE (actually this one is funny) Pimp my ride Rancho Cucamonga It just goes on and on and is just risible I know 7 have a partner in Fox, and I know they ponied up billions in fiat currency but geez Louise, it's just poxy to the max. Show more Demons games FFS Agree with old mate Ern up there re: stop f#cking with the game but I spose given the money they get.... Then again, Carlton on telly is a bit of the, how you say, a joke
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    They get heaps of goals in their Carlscum games 😂
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    Must admit, I get a little sickened by the talk about trading in and out. I don't say don't do it selectively, but every time a name is mentioned, folks start talking about trading out players like a meat market. If a player like Tyson comes to the coach and wants out, that's another thing. However, if the mateship and culture is as good as is being stated, then it is important that we keep as many as our existing group as possible. We have a talented list and we will always need depth. Loyalty to the Club and to your mates is an important ingredient of any successful club.
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    I believe Gus was in rehab when I arrived. Was participating in main group drills by the time I left. Don't remember him being too hindered by anything.
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    I'm not suggesting Keilty hasn't done this, but this quote about Petty was telling: "Petty has impressed for the Casey Demons in the VFL, especially with his ability to pick up Melbourne's defensive concepts and play his role in the system the club is trying to implement"
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    The volunteers obviously, burn them at the stake I say
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    Combined 18 goal Friday night game. So much winning for Channel 7 advertising revenue.
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    Watched the game in it's entirety. Surely Wattsy wasn't this bad for us?
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    2nd spot ours for the taking come Monday!!! 🤣
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    Omg snowtownlaide the burns on this board are rolled gold meth coke snowtownlaide where does the madness end
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    "Just bounced off the big broad chest, eh?". Yes Bruce he dropped a sitter.
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    Had a chat to nev about wrecker, said that wheels was his biggest role model at the club, and wheels taught him how to be a professional footballer.
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    Petty and Hunt trained with the VFL squad today. Won’t be playing Garlett, Pederson, Stretch and Joel Smith trained with the AFL squad Ben Guthrie reckons it’ll be JSmith and Pedo in for Lever and TSmith
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    You've officially won the internet today.
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    Great to have Pedo onboard, ain't it? A big pack-splitter, a great mark these days, good for 2-3 goals a game, hungry for the game and wins to the MFC. A balanced inclusion making our fwd line terrifying for the Filth. Suspect a very big score this match, now. We have to have something to overcome the umpires' frees for the Filth inside the 50m - that will go on and on all game.
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    I know I should have gotten over it by now, but every time I see Ollie Wines, I think of Toumpas and want to vomit and cry. I know Toumpas is no Ollie, but he wasn’t even an AFL standard player and taken at 4. Just sad. A terrible wasted opportunity.
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    Bruce Mceveny ( or however you spell his name ) is a complete cakehole. Going on about what it will mean for port and how they have beaten the premier side 5 times out of 6, and how season defining a port win would be and can make the top 4. He is an absolute pratt.
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    Watts vs Fritch what a win for the Dees!!!
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    There to meet Ollie?
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    3 times BT said five in a row, no, it was 4, 6 of 7. BT is a clueless idiot, 7 useless not giving the clown the correct stats
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    Hear what you say but I am firmly convinced that Smith when playing well provides a better balanced team in that he can do more on the ground than Pedersen and Weideman while still providing a marking target and relief ruck. Pedersen deserves a go but I have been really impressed by what Smith brings to the table. Our forward dynamics on Monday will be very interesting to watch.
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    True, before they totally [censored] up, the AFL should put in the no brainer rule and reduce interchange to only 5 or 10 rotations a quarter. If that doesn’t work, then think about trying something else. No knee jerk reactions please.
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    Ben Guthrie reporting Pedersen, J Smith, Stretch and Garlett are training with the AFL squad. Hannan has strapping on his knee and is on light duties with Gus. Some rumours circulating Gus is carrying a sore calf.
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