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    People we are playing in Alice Springs during the day not Darwin at night. Mid to low 20's for most of the week. Sunday is 27 degrees with 25% humidity. It won't be slippery. It should be pretty similar conditions to the Brisbane game last week. Very similar conditions to what the players were playing and training in every day only a couple of months ago. There's really no reason to pick different players based on the conditions.
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    It was slippery today, and Gawn was close to best on. Byes are for resting. Preseason is for creating monsters like Gawn. Sam Jacobs would slaughter the cannon fodder thrown at him, why would you want to give Adelaide a head start?
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    Only an opinion but maybe it had something to do with Oliver’s broken finger suffered last week and surgery on Monday. If there was a chance Oliver couldn’t come up Tyson would be the most logical replacement.
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    I got so accustomed to the theme of today, I turned away in the last quarter as I drank my pint in the MCC and laughed without a care in the world, like I was a Hawthorn supporter...
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    Yes. IIRC, Vince has said he would play at Casey and be a back up and do it for less money so he can stay connected to the afl. A handy in if we got lots of injuries.
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    No change, Bernie no case to answer.
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    If you want to see the mindset Goodwin is trying to instil, watch how many players get to Hannan, after he chased and caused the turnover for Clarry's goal You go from siren to siren, no matter the score
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    I hope every single Melbourne supporter enjoyed every minute of that today. That performance could not have gotten any better, and after the last decade and with what we've put up with it's so satisfying to put Carlscum to the sword. And think about this... Hogan had just one goal. Oliver and Viney were relatively quiet. Hibberd was tagged out of the game. Yet we still kicked 25 goals and made the Blues look like an Under 11 side. Melksham was BOG for me and what a recruit he has been. Not only did he kick 5 but he set up heaps with his sublime skills. McDonald kicked a bag, ANB got in on the act, Brayshaw continues to get better and better while the kids like Fritsch and Spargo are doing the same. Just a total team performance. Special mention to Bull Smith as well - he battled manfully in the ruck and did some excellent work around the ground. I love this bloody club and I hope you all do, too! DEMONS!!!!
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    Those coming up for the game, if any, don’t make it a hit and run. Central Australia is amazingly beautiful, you can be busy for a month and not see all the sites. Anyone coming up for the game and want some advice on the area, feel free to ask and will do my best to guide you in the right direction
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    I was meaning to update a couple weeks back so it's not just a fair-weather bump - but I do hope others can help to keep the numbers fresh and add their own bits and pieces when they come across them. Anyway, at the end of Round 9: Scoring: 1st Scoring 1st Inside-50s 1st Inside-50 (Differential) Intensity 1st Contested 1st Contested Differential (by a huge margin) 2nd Clearances (1st Center - 3rd Differential) 3rd Tackles (3rd Most Tackles Against) 5th Tackles i50 4th poorest D/E% against/most Turnovers Against/most Clangers Against 3rd (!) Contested Marks! (6th least Contested Marks Against) Space/Territory 1st Least Kicks Against 1st Least Marks Against 1st Marks i50 3rd Metres Gained (2nd Differential) 4th Intercepts (2nd Differential) 2nd Least i50s Against 17th Rebound-50s 18th Bounces Notes - again, most of the stats are telling us exactly what we're seeing - although I don't think we're entirely appreciating the extent of our various multiple areas of dominance (possibly because we're still not consistently and fully capitalising on-field). We're top-notch at the coal-face stuff but we're also forcing the opposition to play our close-in game - i.e high tackles against. We're also putting a lot of pressure on the carrier and it's telling in the opposition turnover/DE%/clanger stats as well as the least kicks against figure. And we're smashing the territorial battle. The big surprise for me is in our continued contested marks statistics - a huge improvement on last year, and we've also properly balanced our kick/handball disposal ratios - another common grizzle from last year. The most pleasing thing for me - we're doing all the hard stuff and proving a dynamic forward threat. If I had to build a team game from scratch from a fan perspective, and could choose aspects of dominance by compromising in other areas, I would probably take contested/high-scoring/forward territory over high possessions and DE%. The Roos to Goody transition may have been an unintended masterstroke. We're both a hard and attacking football team in an aggressive and pressurised modern era. But disregarding my own personal footy fan-boy preferences - is this the formula for success? Manic, contested footy, a high-press, and thrusting the ball forward as the first priority?
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    The Hawks haven’t played the Lions at the Gabba in 10 years I believe and that came back to bite them today. Yes the fixture is a FIXture that’s for sure.
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    can't agree on Hogan. Played well all game and made lots of opportunities for others.
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    Why? 18 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles plus 9 hitouts is more then Pedo will do. Plus Bull has some important knocks, tapons and spoils. Why drop a bloke after a great win for no reason?
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    If only Max has kicked straight in Round 1.... not only would we be 7-2 , but the Cats who are currently 8th would be 12th with a 4-5 record. Damn it Maxy! But you have made up for it since, big time.
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    Casey win by 106 dees win by 109 been a pretty good weekend for the club
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    When did Collingwood, Essendon or Hawthorn last play at the Cattery? It is always Melbourne, North, Western Bulldogs, Fremantle etc. Geelong has the only real Home Ground advantage left out of all the Victorian teams. The corrupt AFL - it is and always will be about $$$$.
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    That’s a crap idea. Max is the fittest he’s been for yonks and is dominating every game against all opponents. He’s loving it and he’s hungry to smash in every week. He’s getting enough chop-outs now. The bye is in a few weeks time and he’ll get his rest then.
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    Only mice get to play at the cattery.
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    Not against Adelaide.
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    I like what Bull Smith brings to the table... 18 disposals, 9 hitouts, 5 tackles, 2 shots on goal. Whats the point of bringing in Pedersen who may or may not replicate Smiths numbers/impact? NO CHANGE
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    This just belies all evidence. He hasn’t missed a game; not a bad effort for someone supposedly no longer good enough for a spot on the list.
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    He’s had no trouble at all retaining his place in the side and he hasn’t had any injury woes. I’d say he’s playing better now than he did last year as well. At this stage I’d anticipate him still being on the list next year, but there’s still a lot of season to go yet. He’ll be the last player they offer a contract to and it will depend on what happens with everyone else, and he will understand that. I love Bernie still. He instantly made us better in the Roos era, and while he’s not the dynamic player he was then, he still plays a tough brand of footy and still adds to the side. Looking forward to seeing him clock up his 100th MFC game later in the year.
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