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    All the best to Mark, all the worst to Essendon.
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    Easy for a Tigers supporter to say. Just saying.
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    One club got a good CEO, board and the right people around them. They believed in the path they set and were not put off by discontent from their fan base. The other took a little while longer to learn the lesson. Culture is set by those in charge, ours was toxic for a reason and it wasn't because of the fans or those on an internet forum.
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    I agree PD, we are improving nicely and perhaps we needed the slightly lesser skilled teams to give us the room to get our game style to click. It is really starting to do that now and we never looked like losing the either the Saints or the GC games. People can gripe about the quality of the opposition but this is head and shoulders above our wins even last year. Also sometimes you just beat a team well and make them look worse than they are, North have looked pretty sharp since we spanked them. You can sense the media hovering at the moment, like so many Dees supporters they don't know whether to jump on board or not. We have all been hopeful before only to be let down by our inconsistent form. I'm going to put it out there and say I think this is the real thing. I don't know what the limit is, but this side looks like the real deal to me. Adding TMac and Weed has really straightened us up and bringing back Viney on the wave of confidence we should now be riding should really improve our already dominant clearance rate and hopefully allow us to get some cleaner forward 50 entries. I don't think Carlton is going to change anyone's minds but if we can take out Adelaide, I think we will start to get some media attention and hype, perhaps even some of the pirennially sceptical here could start enjoying the game again. Lastly, how about Gussy & Fritsch? Gus is really starting to show what many of us saw developing in his first season. Adding him to our midfield roster has really given us some extra toughness and class. I anticipated him being a game winner but this is coming faster than I imagined. Fritsch looks set to give us the class we need on the wing/ high half forward role, he is so clean above his head and below his knees for a first year player. I am excited to see what he might be once he puts some meat on those bones. I for one am super excited about the rest of the year. Go Dees!
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    None of what that bloke says make much sense aside from calling Essendon the Drug Cheats. I liked his use of capitals
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    I've been doing this thing lately where I quickly sneak around opposition forums leading up to our games against them. Not sure why. Maybe boredom, maybe just want to get an idea of how we are perceived by opposition club supporters. For the most part, we aren't even mentioned, it's more about their own lineup. They don't talk about who will match up on Hogan etc. One thing is for sure is that they don't suffer from their own form of CFCSS. Mostly very bullish about their chances. And then there was this. Do we think we are tough?? Dominator_7 wrote: Their team is full of wannabe tough guy flogs. Oliver, Melksham, Lewis, Vince, Viney. Need to bring the same Physicality we broough against the Drug Cheats. Got close to beating them both times last year, so we know we can match them. Gotta get things right at the selection table, and we’re a sneaky chance. Absolutely spot on. I like the fact they think they're 'tough'. I think we should do the same. Reality is they can't back it up and when under pressure, they resort to sniping. We bring the pressure, they won't cope... Bring it on!! Go Blues
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    Im a bit conflicted about this. Usually i dont give a rats about peoples feelings, and im probably known on this site as a bit of a w@nker because of that,. but i genuinely feel for the bloke. He didn't mean to fail at MFC. He honestly thought he could make us better. Any coach would think the same regardless of their actual ability. Ok, so he was wrong. We not only didnt improve but it can easily be argued we went backwards during his time as coach. Watching the post-game pressers you could see the hurt was real, even if his words were hollow. Regardless of all that, the bloke is still a human being who lives and breathes footy. He has a family and friends and all that mundane stuff most of us have. Sure, i will be happy to see the drug cheats crash and burn from here to eternity and will feel genuine joy whenever that CLUB fails. The individual is a different matter. Its not cool to be basking in the failure of the poor bloke.
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    I've only just read this, but yours and binman's are excellent posts. It's worth noting that this new structure (Weideman and McDonald back) has allowed Gawn to kick goals in each of the last 3 games. Not only is Gawn getting important resting time, it's affording him the luxury of drifting forward and hitting the scoreboard. People can carry on about who we've beaten, but we're a very different team than the ones that ran out in the first 4 rounds. Against Hawthorn Hogan was the only tall forward they had to cover. If we played them this week they'd have to cater for Hogan, Weideman, Tom McDonald and a resting Gawn. It's easy to call out the fixture, but it's as if those same people don't realise we're a vastly different prospect to a month ago. And we're only going to get better.
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    Is there any chance we can enjoy our wins and keep them in perspective? Just a thought.
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    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always thought to have a ‘head of coaching’ or a ‘head of strategy’ a dumb arse thing to start with. The Head coach should be head of everything for crying out loud. Theyve got line coaches in junior footy now and it’s just so over the top the way the AFL has turned a once pleasurable Saturday morning with your kids into an animosity fuelled atmosphere with rabid parents barking instructions rather than letting a good, single coach teach the kids to have fun and play fair. Blame the business that it’s turned into for the fallout it causes to individuals like Neeld and their families. Rant over.
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    The football produced by the Dees under Neeld's leadership is the worst AFL football I have ever seen, bar none. And I am talking Dees and Saints in the 70's, and the Bears a bit later. A limited if not incompetent senior coach, and an atrocious communicator. But I really feel for him here. A genuine sadness and disappointment for another human being burnt by AFL footy. Can you imagine giving 20+ years of your life to the game, only to be thrown on the scrap heap like this? And for those back-room whisperers and leakers at Essendon, pouring out confidential info so Neeld becomes a scapegoat for issues probably belonging to the whole coaching group - I hope you reap what you have sown here.
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    Watching those pricks beat us in the Granny was bad enough, but their supporters around me were even worse Laughing when Greeny was bleeding in his throat, cheering when Long dogged Simmonds.....I hope they never, ever recover from this
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    I ventured to Casey yesterday against my better judgement because when you get a chance to see 17 Demons running around and the weather is good the lure is just too strong. Here's how I thought our blokes went. As always when making these comments remember that the ground is big and it's very hard to see exactly what's happening on the other side. There was a slight breeze blowing to the forward pocket at the northern end so that's where I stood. Jack Viney: First clearance of the match and first kick was just great to see. He was harder and faster around the stoppages than everyone else and did a lot of the grunt stuff. Looked in good touch and was generally very clean and kicked the ball well when he got the opportunity. But he was heavily tagged for 3 quarters so he didn't find much space. I'd be stunned if he wasn't back next week. Billy Stretch: I was a huge fan but was frustrated by his lack of improvement but yesterday I saw another side of Billy because instead of playing wing he played on ball, centre square and inside mid as well as outside. And he did it very well. He found the ball regularly, he had clean hands and pretty good decision making. Initially he found his kicks and handballs smothered but as the game went on and he got his confidence he got better and better. He's not as small as you might think and he's starting to use his body well in contested situations. Finished with a lovely goal and was one of, if not, the best on the ground. It is hard to see where he fits into the team though but will remain with us or in the AFL system based on yesterdays performace. His challange is to back it up. Promising signs but a way to go. Frost: Played a solid game with some good contested marking at times and a bit of dash and continued to do what he does. He's a tweener at the moment, probably a bit too good for VFL but not good enough for AFL. Still prone to silly mistakes like letting the ball go over the back of packs when he's last up but was a good contributor on the day. Pedersen: Full of fumbles I thought in the first half and not much of a contributor but stuck at it and played better as the game went on. A great mark in the second quarter and a good contributor. He played KPF and relief ruck. JKH: Played mainly forward and didn't really get into the game much. Kicked the first goal of the match and I thought he might be in for a good one but faded and whilst he was far from poor he wasn't a major contributor. It's hard to see where he goes from here. Harley Balic: He's an interesting player and one that if and when he plays senior footy for us will do it competently. Played mainly high forward and was very clean with the ball, found it well and kicked it well. Is capable above his head and knows where to run to provide options and find space. It was his first game back for a while and he'd be pretty pleased with it. It's hard to see where he fits in and will need some injuries to get a chance you'd think but when he plays he may well make it hard for whoever he replaces to get back in. I like him and think at present he's a terrific 23 to 30 player on the list but he might improve significantly over time. One to watch. Jayden Hunt: Poor old Jayden. Looks bereft of confidence and really struggled to find the ball and get involved. He just needs to start to try and enjoy his footy again and concentrate on the basics. We all know what he can do but he didn't do it yesterday. Tomas Bugg: I'm not a fan but there's no doubt he can play at this level. Started quite slowly but fought his way into the game and then really dominated it for a period where he kicked 3 goals quickly. They were at the other end to me so I can't really judge them but he was a good contributor in the typical Buggy way. It's really nice to see he's left the fake toughness behind and is just playing footy. Oscar Baker: Played wing and did it well. I've seen him three time now live and yesterday was the best of them. In the past the major knock is a lack of composure and an inability to see options and take them. But yesterday was much better and he used the ball quite well. He runs hard and takes the game on and has clean hands. He goes hard for the ball too. My view is he's still a long way from senior selection but moving in the right direction. He certainly has some great attributes and he's great to watch and improving. Harrison Petty: I love this kid and that's what he is, a kid. He reads the play really well, he reads the ball in the air really well and he's got sure hands above his head. And when he gets it he has good vision and executes really well. He was far from dominant yesterday but you can just tell he knows how to play footy and is a great prospect. Two more preseasons I reckon and we'll all be happy. Jeff Garlett: It's hard to appreciate how quick he is unless you see it close hand. And it's hard to understand how he can see options in a sea of players as quickly as he does. But he does and was a clear cut above this level yesterday although he didn't get a lot of it. He applied pressure and provided options yesterday as well as spending some time on ball. Reality is he's a cut above Spargo at the moment (no criticism of Spargo) so I guess his selection will come down to how he's playing his role and whether Goody wants him back. But he will get back and he is in our best 22 when he's going. Dion Johnstone: I think he's struggling at the moment and he played mainly back yesterday in what for me was a new role for him (I can't remember where he played against Richmond when I last saw him). He's tough and he has a go but he's struggling to find the ball and get involved. Hope he picks up but at the moment he's miles away. Josh Wagner: Solid and hard at it and a very good VFL player who did his bit yesterday in a very good team effort. But he won't be pressing for a call up given yesterday's performance and that of the seniors. Joel Smith: He's getting back if he isn't back already. I loved his game yesterday. He was involved, he was clean, he did things faster than almost everyone else, he ran well and he provided options and got into space as well as being strong in the air. His kicking is a weakness but I'd be very surprised if he doesn't press very hard for a game in the next month or so on that form. He's great to watch. Tim Smith: I've watched Tim over a long period now and although he's played some good games I've never thought he had AFL attributes - until yesterday. He was fantastic I thought. Strong in the air, strong on the ground and found plenty of it. He's not called Bull for nothing and for the first time yesterday I thought he really could play AFL footy. Great game. Dec Keilty: He played a really solid strong game without dominating. I didn't see him make a mistake and he took some solid marks. He was one of our three talls who, against good opposition, played their role well. Lachlin Filipovic: I like this kid. He had to play against Ceglar who is a good near quality AFL ruckman and would replace McEvoy very competently. Flipper did well in the ruck but struggled around the ground and in the air against a much more mature player. But he does get involved and he has surprisingly good skills for a ruckman of his height and appears to make pretty good decisions. I'd be amazed if he's not retained as a long term development project because he's showing good attributes. The game was a pretty fierce contest yesterday and Casey were relentless in their pressure and tackling and it was a genuine 4 quarter effort. The Hawks always threatened as they have very good system and use it well by foot but Casey just fought so hard all day that they finally wore them down to kick away to what appears to be a comfortable win but wasn't. Good fun yesterday and great to see the spirit and effort of all the players.
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    Your sanctimonious posts are nauseating.
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    I just think that its first and foremost a fan forum. Its ok to have a bit of a barrack now and then!! God knows weve been deprived of that over the years. Criticizing the side to the enth degree after a win is beyond me. As others have said the whole reason we didnt make the finals is because we lost to low teams too many times. At least in that fashion we seem to be progressing. We have some serious talent in this team, get out there and support them. Enough of the fun police.
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    Either they both get rest for a week, or the AFL's double standards are (again) on show for all to see. Plain and simple!
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    We are starting to move the footy fast enough and well enough for Jeffy to really capitalise and turn his opponent inside out. I love Spargo but happy for him to have a rest. It's Jeffy time! Viney - no brainer
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    I take no joy in the demise of anyone. He was a poor selection as our coach, but I assume he did his best. I hope he is ok on the back of this.
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    I take no pleasure in Neelds pain. Im comfortable with Essendons
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    Why on earth would he have been Essendon’s game day strategy coach? Were they tanking?
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    We have beaten teams placed 18th, 16th, 15th, 14th & 10th and about to play the 17th Team. We have lost to teams placed 1st, 3rd & 5th. Its a reminder for us to not get carried away. i admit we are playing ok footy, but until we beat teams in the 8 i am no more excited now that i was at the start of the year. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.
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    Re not valuing the last 3 wins against 'lesser sides' - I would be concerned if we had just got over the line. But they have been very good wins: Ess: 24 scoring shots. 36 point win. StK: 26 scoring shots. 39 point win. GCS: 41 scoring shots. 69 point win I'll take 6 to 10 goal wins every day of the week regardless of who they are against! There are still a few things to sort out with structures, how we play the G and finding the best-fit position for some players. So, there is every reason we can beat the 'better sides' but perhaps by not such a big margin as recent weeks. In the meantime, I'm happy to boost our percentage.
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    He just engineered his second six-month paid holiday in the space of five years. The man is a strategic mastermind.
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