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    They're different. Happy to have both.
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    In my opinion spread is not going to be helped by one outside midfielder, sure someone like Gaff who can run those outside lines is handy, but spread happens from good skill execution in space, off a turnover/intercept possession or as seen on some of our kick outs. Gone are the days of needing a genuine outside mid and it is more necessary to have players execute with the footy well when we are on the break. When we are able to hit targets, we move the ball as quick as any other team and it’s not footspeed that this movement is dependent on. This is not to say that an outside mid is not a weapon, but players with good decision in congestion become outside players as they are able to judge when team mates will win the footy and then spread. Our biggest issue is the over commitment to the contest, which we are finally starting to correct and has lead to better ball movement over the last couple of weeks. By moving the ball better, it will highlight our lack of need for a genuine outside mid as our game style is more relient on using our half backs as deliverers of the footy, and then having overlap from the mids. But don’t get me wrong, Gaff would be a handy addition and an upgrade on someone like Harmes, but I also think his lack of versatility would not be in his favour in our team.
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    Is that the same ladder predictor that our club used before round 23 last year which prompted them to tell us about finals tickets?? In which case I think it would be better left down :-((((
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    It was mentioned On the Couch that we are the number 1 in the competition for winning the contested ball - and that is without Viney. This means that possibly Salem will play more outside as a distributor when he comes back. Clarrie, Viney and Gus on the inside, augmented by Trac, Hoges and TMac makes a powerful unit and Melksham along with the newbies Spargo and Fritsch who are good ball users will be the beneficiaries of this dominance. Could be a special time ahead.
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    Brayshaw may be more all rounded but i don't think he has the highs of Petracca
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    Apparently BT to his credit apologised on Talking Footy for his on air comments. It’s the ones who came out firing in the cold light of day after having a chance to properly review the tape that should be apologising. Are their eyes painted on? How did they not see Carlisle’s second action? Why did they need the goal post footage? I genuinely don’t understand. My eyes are shithouse and I saw him strike the throat when it happened live.
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    The way he come out firing during his 1st season it was plain to see Brayshaw was going to be a gun. Hit a few road bumps over the next couple years mainly due to his raw courage and is now starting to find the rhythm again. Petracca just needs to improve the tank and find more ball.
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    The umps make it up as they go, their understanding of the rules and game is average at best
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    Can anyone explain why Weideman wasn't given a free for front on contact in the first qtr when the Saint player ran straight through him? He did hit the ball with his fist but made no attempt to mark the ball. I thought this was an automatic 'front on' free? I have seen much lesser incidents paid....
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    They complement each other. Much like Selwood and Dangerfield. And Cotchin and Martin. In the years to come, that is.
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    What has always impressed me about Brayshaw is his intensity and work ethic.
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    Throw Jones and Tyson and that's batting pretty deep.
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    Weak supporters don’t cough up for memberships for 35+ years and donate money to the club and travel to most interstate games from my own pocket as well as all Victorian games. I call it as I see it, some don’t like it, on this occasion I got it wrong as I assumed the umpire didn’t see it front on and from the footage I saw it looked like the chest, as did some commentators. I also give credit where’s its due. Not many on here even apologise for being wrong, but I always do. I’m still going to say that Hogan went to ground easily, the force didn’t appear strong and Hogan is a big boy, it is what it is, all I care about is winning the next two games.
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    3 talls doesn't usually work and can leave sides top heavy, but in Tmac and Hoges we have 2 very mobile and multi dimensional forwards who are a fair headache for oppositions to match up on
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    Ah ok, thanks. That explains the Jack Steele $2000 fine I guess. He perhaps should've punched Maxy in the face, apparently there's no charge for something like that....
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    I start very few threads, in fact i think this is probably only my 2nd or 3rd in my time on DL. But i am really excited about a new innovation on afl.com called stats pro. Well to be precise excited about the video element where you can watch the edited video of every players involvements for each game from the start of 2017. The involvements match the stats collected on afl stats pro, so spoils, one percenters, score involvements, frees against, kicks, marks, clangers etc. You can watch every involvement or just highlights. But you can also select specific involvements (which are often part of clusters of involvements). Unfortunately it is only for telstra mobile customers who have live pass but i wanted to flag it those who have live pass. It is brilliant and a fascinating way to analyse how individual players perform. Genuinely new way to absorb the game and will definetley allow viewrs to assess players more objectively. Ive watched the video for about 8 of the players from the bombers game. Addictive. One player that was interesting was tyson. His game was much better than i haf thought it was. Got caught a couple of times and a couple of clangers but jeez he was involved in alot of good clearances and scoring chains. Weideman was another whise game was better than i had thought (albeit still not fantastic). He looks quite a natural ruck man. Has anyone used this yet?
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    I personally don't want to compare Petracc an Gus as l love both of them playing for us. They are going to be super players and help build a great culture and hopefully lead to a to a premiership . Need to sign up Gus sooner rather than later. How fortunate we are to have both of them.
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    Fritsch. Early days but that left boot is, so far, a thing of beauty. Seems to make good decisions and obviously good above his head too Salem. Can kick, makes good decisions Spargo. Yeah right O, right O he will never look like Isaac Smith gracefully running down the wing but has anyone seen him waste a possession yet? Small sample group like Fritsch but always seems to put it to the favour of the receiving player. We want the ball in Charlie’s hands.
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    I have question marks over Gus' disposal (particularly by foot over short distances). I don't remember him hitting a target by foot in the first half. In the second he kept it simple and less fancy and was a lot more effective. He was brilliant in fact.
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    Just a side note; I am thrilled that our first 2 draft picks in the 2017 draft are playing already and playing well. Taylor is one of our most important signings in the past 10 years
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    Probably trying to make up for the fumbles, missed targets and mistakes he made during the game.
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    Just watched the replay of the first half after watching the second half yesterday. Two things - I really loved the way we regularly switched play rather than dumping it long down the wing. Gee, we looked dangerous every time we did this. second - I counted about 85 throws from the Saints, not one of them was picked up. I swear the umpires must have felt sorry for them. Gees it was frustrating.
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    Early forecast is 22 and sunny, no reason not to run with the tall forward line again and see if we can't stretch the suns defence, in particular if May doesn't get up
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    Petracca has to work on his set shots. He is at a putrid 1.6 for the year.
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