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    Only ever got to see Barass play as a Blue or Vic rep. Two very different styles. Ron in effect would set out to impose himself on the game..Tulip just did. Ron purposely placed himself in the thick of it....the 'thick' just gravitated to Robbie..because it had to...or he'd open up an opposition quicker than Lechter. One outwardly very confident..the other im sure had as much belief but in a different fashion. Barass collected more silverware but its arguable he was better supported throughout his career by teams with many champions. Robbie....not as much support ? Ron the more accomplished of the two I dont think there's an argument there. Gee..a hard ask to rank them ? If i can just say Robbie Flower has always been my most favourite of Melbourne players. He epitomized to me what a true champion is. Ive seen a lot of football over many decades now. Tulip sits aloft in rare air. Im not sure who's the best Footballer, but to me Robert Flower is/was the best Demon I've ever had the privilege to see...indeed meet. He was as mild mannered as Clark Kent...but a Superman in Red and Blue. ( Funny really...Superman does wear Red and Blue? ) If only one....Tulip. A very good a nigh impossible question
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    Tom Morris is not even on the list. won't happen ?
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    My view is diametrically opposed to yours. He's an incredibly difficult matchup for the opposition, because not only does he have courage in the air, he also has timing. Put simply, he has real ability in the air, which is a rare commodity. To complement this aerial ability he has speed, poise, nous and elite kicking skills. And as he gets stronger with more preseasons he can play an outside wing role Isaac Smith style. Their physical bios are almost identical. Although I'm not sure he'll have Smith's tank. For me, Fritsch is one of the least likely busts I can think of.
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    What I love about Fritter and Spargo is that they are both natural footballers Makes them effective and easy to coach They don't hesitate like Tyson etc all they play instinctive footy and it is great to watch We need more like them rather than the schoolboy everybody chase the ball overcommit roost the ball types that we have . Hopefully their teammates may learn something from these two and lose the auto responses that they currently display Very very refreshing
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    For the Tmac non believers, in case there's still a few of you lurking out there: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-05-02/big-macs-back-stats-highlight-demons-mcdonald-flexibility#/
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    The role Bull is playing seems to be less a KPF and more for tackling pressure and on the ground. I think we could really use that in our forward line. Its just a bonus he has a great mark and kick for goal going for him.
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    All these speculations about the way the coaches are going to evolve our way out of the problem make the assumption that the new strategies are going to make for more attractive footy. I think they won't. They'll still involve crowds of players surrounding the ball, flopping it between them randomly like a chip being chased by seagulls, until one random movement gets it far enough away from the pack that a player has enough time to throw the ball on his boot and gain space and time. then the pack forms again, repeat. The coaches don't have the interest of the game in mind the way we do. They manipulate the rules to get in the W column, and hang the look of the game. It goes all the way back to Norm Smith having Brian Dixon kick out of bounds all the time. Leading to the new rule "out on the full". And it goes probably further back than that. (And of course the AFL put two coaches on their new super panel of experts, and NO FANS.) The only thing that has alleviated this in recent times when when the AFL capped interchange. Then we stopped seeing groups of players dashing on and off in relays, as if the game was combined rugby and track and field. We stopped seeing huge packs around the ball. But then teams got the fitness levels even higher, and we're back to Australian Rules Rugby again. Get rid of interchange or severely limit it. Ten per team per quarter, and they can't be banked. Use them or lose them. TLDNR: coaches can't be trusted with the future of the game. Interchange is the problem.
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    Tim Smith is incredibly vanilla. I don't care if he is playing midfield. Who does he replace in there from last week (remembering Salem played off half back)?
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    You honestly cannot be serious. A howler? You honestly think he made errors in that video? No i don't believe it, you must be having a lend. In no way can Oscar be blamed for that goal. No way. If you watch this video from the 14 second mark you will see that the culprit is initially Oliver for coughing up the ball on the wing, then the midfield for allowing an easy handball to Zaharakis who is all by himself in the corridor and is allowed to take a few steps and under no pressure boot the ball 50 metres to Smiths advantage over the back. And when Zharakis kicks it Oscar is about 10 -15 metres from the spot where it is marked and the same distance parallel from Smith. he had no chance to cut that off. He did pretty well to get back actually. I can't make out the dees player on the half back flank but whoever it is makes no effort to pressure Zaharakis, for instance by diving to smother. Pathetic and the an example of the very thing that causes us to leak goals. Though some still prefer to blame defender in such scenarios as if it is still 1992 and the zone hasn't been invented and only a handful of players players get multiple tackles. But you think Oscar made a howler? Beggars belief. But hilariously provides a concrete example to illistrate my point about confirmation bias.
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    When played deep opposition defenders would block his run ...which is what you are talking about. ..but he would pack up shop and do nothing to counter this and was done for the day. When played up the ground he was just a lazy footballer who would pick and chose when to go. He's grown up a lot at C/wood as a defender where Roos identified was his best position. He's not lazy now and works harder. Our man Fritsch works a lot harder to make position than Howe did and is a much better field kick and kick for goal. I don't think you can compare the 2 really 'Chaz', although I get where you are coming from.
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    Agree. The other thing I like about Fritsch is that he's got so much development left in him. Like Oliver he took a slightly different path to the big time compared to most players on AFL lists and hasn't been as professional for as long as some others his age. Once he develops physically, both with his tank and upper body, and also gets used to the game plan and being in AFL environment he becomes a seriously damaging player for us. This is opposite to someone like Billy Stretch who has basically lived the life of a professional footballer since he was 16 with access to far better coaches, programs and facilities. I still think Billy has a place on our list going forward but there's not nearly as much upside with him as with Fritsch.
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    Some only see what they want to see no matter what the reality is Jnr. Looks like this is his break out year though and settling in to his role down back. Very much a keeper now (who else do we have for this one on one role!) but also has the odd moment here and there that leaves me scratching my head. Only 43 games also which means there's so much learning and football ahead. Can only get better. The least of our worries down back right now.
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    There's merit to both sides of the argument. In the past, Oscar was rightly criticised for some bog ordinary efforts and performances. But that's going to come when a club decides to play a 20 year old bean pole as a key defender at AFL level rather than trade for a stop-gap in order to let Oscar develop for a couple of years at VFL level. Turns out we didn't opt to go down that path and maybe the MFC knew there'd be some bumps along the way, but he'd develop quicker at AFL lever. To date, it's clearly worked. He's been super solid so far this year, not without the odd-brain fade. I think part of why posters like Binman and others become enamoured with pieces of play that one would term 'elementary' is because there was a period of time where he was not only getting beaten easily one-on-one, but he was missing spoils completely, getting caught holding the ball, getting out-positioned too easily and making really dumb decisions whether in the contest or not. When a player is doing all of those things on a regular basis, he is going to cop criticism. It's fair. Now that he's not doing that, we're hearing that he's "improved out of sight", when really, it's just that he's eradicated so many brain fades from his game. He is now competing strongly and is more reliable and consistent in the contest as a key defender. He is good with ball in hand and he is playing with more confidence. All positives. Against Roughhead, I thought that's when we saw the best of him this year with his ability to take intercept marks and out-position Roughie thanks to dodgy kicks on a few occasions. That's now his next stage of development. Turn some of those one-on-ones into genuine wins by using his body and either taking strong intercept marks or killing the ball with conviction. That's when we'll really see the signs of a high quality key defender. I'm not convinced yet, but the signs are positive so far. Oscar has been a positive in a disappointing start to the season for the MFC.
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    One of Hird's assistant coaches at the time is now our senior coach...just saying... In the Bigger Boardroom of our State the two highest public office bearers are die hard Essendon supporters. And I recall a shady character 'convincing' witnesses not to show up at the ASADA hearing. And another anonymous character paid Hird's very hefty legal bills/damages. So the tentacles of possible influence extend far and wide.
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    i've already heard one sports journalist blame his demise on the "unfair" accusations of the bummers supplements "persecution" (words to that effect) expect a lot of the "industry" to rally around and make sympathetic excuses for him gil will continue to flummox and make babbling sounds should be lots of opportunity for the sports journos to endlessly dissect it for months....without really saying anything more popcorn time
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    The Weed has to stay in. If he gets his confidence up and starts to feel more comfortable he will be a massive asset. The 2 contested marks he took in the last qtr against Essendon is just a glimpse of what he might be capable of.
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    No, he plays for Port now, geez, I wish people would just get over him!
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned in another thread but the crowd size Richmond vs Collingwood was 72,000 on a lovely Melbourne afternoon with both teams supporters at their feral best,hardly a mention whereas our Anzac eve match on a drizzly night of 77,000 was counted as disappointing.
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    I hate the filth ...
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    I'm not too fussed about it, though it is definitely daft. Fact is, Collingwood are getting the condescending pat on the head for trying while we are getting the 'come on you can do better'. Kind of how the football world should be.
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    Nothing to worry about. Just tell the judge it was the "good" ecstasy. And show them a photocopy of a picture of a label of a Nurofen bottle. All good.
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    Summary of the last page of this thread: Oscar is a dud because he couldn’t stop a perfectly weighted kick, nor chase down Essendon’s fastest player who some other dope in a Melbourne jumper let get 30 metres in space. Sweet.
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    He's not big enough to play KPF, he's taller than a small forward. He's an inbetweener that is getting on the end of a few, very early in to his career. He's a newbie that opposition sides don't have as a priority when looking at our match-ups. If continues his current form, they will absolutely put more time in to him. How will he cope with extra attention? How will his ability to fly for marks go when opposition players are blocking him more off the ball? Will he be able to kick more goals from crumbing as opposed to set shots? These are the questions that I will have answered in his next 45 games, and I'm sure all start to get answered maybe later this year, but definitely moving in to 2019 and beyond. I'm enjoying what he is bringing to the team currently, but I'm also mindful that his role is one that good quality backlines can deal with quite easily.
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    That’s a great quote. I wonder if anyone has suggest to him that he’s probably a right footer.
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