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    I got down to training this morning for an hour. It was a beautiful morning for it, if a little dewey which caused some handling issues. I spoke to Brendan McCartney briefly and he said the mantra this week was ‘Get in and bang some bodies’. Ben Matthews took the session. Here are some observations: - A few of the Casey lads were running when I got there. They play tomorrow so it was only the senior squad that was training today. -T-Mac did the majority of the session with the main group. The big fella looked fantastic and can’t get be too far away. -Jack Viney is moving well. Straight line sprints, lateral movement stuff, kicking in boots over distance. -Forgotten man Aaron vandenBerg was moving as well as I have seen him for a long time. He can’t be too far away from joining the main group either. -Sam Frost was training with the re-hab group. I’m not too sure why. -Jordy Lewis’ hand was heavily bandaged. He was the chief mover of the witches hat. -Hunt, Stretch, Tyson, Tim Smith and Weideman all trained today with last week’s team. There was no Bugg so I assume he has been dropped and will play tomorrow? I assume we’ll have two or three carry over players who will not play tomorrow and will be emergencies for the senior team. -No Balic, Hannan, Pedo or Maynard. -It was a spirited session. The boys looked keen for Tuesday.
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    Ah... what I love about Demonland ... one minute it's "sack the coach" and then we have a discussion on the correct phonetic translation of ritual Japanese suicide. Thanks... has made my morning
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    I can understand how one might extrapolate a player's journey and conclude the timelines are the same for a coach, but it's too simplistic and narrow a view. Coaches need to develop their mind, game-plan, tactics, player development, and management skills. An 18 year old player who comes in at 75kg will need 5 preseasons to get his body ready to regularly withstand the rigours of AFL footy. A coach doesn't have those physical limitations. The journey for a coach, who has already done an apprenticeship under a senior coach/es and is surrounded by assistants and experienced mentors, such as McCartney, can reach coaching's zenith far quicker than most players will reach their footballing equivalent. There are some similarities in that some coaches will simply be better than others. Another is that a player is limited by the quality of his teammates, while a coach is limited by the talent at his disposal, but the length of development for either isn't parallel. Goodwin beating an eventual grand finalist in Adelaide on their home deck in his rookie year is the equivalent of a skinny 18 year old kicking 8 goals plus in his 8th game. As I said, it's too simplistic and narrow to compare timelines. Goodwin is already a great people manager if one listens to reports coming out of the club from day one. He's already had significant coaching victories. He's also a 300 game premiership player who captained his club. He can get things right in the coaches box and training track far quicker than you're insinuating. The players on the other hand are a slower burn. Most successful rebuilds take 7 years + due to the club's list/age profile. A total rebuild is (almost) just that. We're in year 5 of ours. So your 2020 marker is probably accurate, but not necessarily for the reasons you mention. And that's nowhere near a "long, long time away" for me. It will also be a period of sustained success. I'm excited by it.
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    After reading the bulk of the posts on this thread many well reasoned, many frustrated l think Nasher you have succinctly come closest to our challenge. Paraphrasing your post, the coach has a life experience of 27 AFL games. Just as it would be foolish to assess a player's ability after 27 games, it is just as foolish to make a judgement of Goodwin. He has much to learn about player management, game plans, structures and match day coaching. That is undeniably as sound, measured and rational a conclusion as any post on this issue. Unfortunately for us all, the natural extension of this argument is that he will not be a particularly "good" coach until he has coached for 80 - 100 games. Alternatively, it is too soon to come to a good assessment of his coaching abilities until he has had a fair opportunity to develop. On that basis, we probably need another 2 to 3 years for Goodwin to master his craft. Similarly we need another 2 to 3 years development of our best players who are all 24 or younger. Again, these conclusions all seem reasonable and sensible. The problem that arises for us all is that we have been through this cycle many times over 54 years. (Yes, l am one of those oldies that has seen them all). Each time we relied on the hope that in a few years, our dreams will come true, our patience will be rewarded. We all sense we finally have the playing list to be successful. Yet it does not seem to happen on game day, so we now turn our gaze to the coach. Since he is young and inexperienced, he needs time just as Hardwick, Clarkson, Thompson etc did. And there lies our ultimate challenge. Hungry as we are for success, there is really no shortcut to a flag. Each successful team recruited well, worked hard, had some luck and took time to mature. Despite our hopes, 2018 will not be our year to make top 4. 2019 may be. As for contesting in a Grand Final, our best shot, logically seems to be 2020. In April, 2018, that seems a long, long time away. Goody needs a chance to prove himself. The introduction of this thread and most of the posts are just a relatively harmless release of fans' pent up frustration, unrealised dreams and desperate impatience for success. Such is life.
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    Happy to refund you. Send me your PayPal details via PM.
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    I'll make no apologies for posting topics about the Dees in the media for discussion here. No one is forcing you to read or comment.
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    Definitely not flat track bullies since we haven’t been able to bully anyone, even Kangaroos or Bears.
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    Frawley is a $%#@carter.
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    I'd love to be flat track bullies... problem is we are just as likely to lose to Carlton as we are to Richmond...
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    Goodwin is a 26 game senior coach. Yet some are aghast he was out coached by arguably the greatest coach of the modern era in the 309 games coach Clarkson. Allegedly that occurring can only calculated that this must mean he cant coach. In Clarkson's first 6 years as coach he only had a season win record 60% or better once (granted it was the premier year of 2008). I assume there was many times in that period he was questioned. I am sure he learnt plenty on the way. Damian Hardwick was 8 years in before anyone really rated him and it took a premiership for that to make some get there. He clearly switched last year to a new game style and an inclusive attitude that had a team full of role players with 3-4 stars clinically put it all together at the right time of year to win the ultimate. They now are invested and continue it on in 2018. I like it that a new coach is still trying new things strategically and I assume in how he works with the players. He would still be learning about the team, his beliefs and the players at his disposal. 26 games in the team is not his yet and it pains me to say but the thing that still cruels us time and time again is our lack of mature leadership on the field. I suspect it will be much improved when Viney returns and when T-Mac even though not officially a leader starts prowling the forward 50. I think that the last weekend ,may close the first chapter in Goodwins senior coaching development which has been pretty static in style until now. I suspect he will have learned more about himself and the team in that than the many games before. If he strolls out with the same team and no change in style I will be disappointed but dont suspect that will be the case.
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    Adelaide with 9 changes last night puts the MFC to shame Don’t tell me the club is too inexperienced, it’s a cop out. Train the players to follow team structures and to win. allowing a side to kick 15 of 16 goals on our home deck is just “Laziness” and “i don’t care enough” Many here will disagree and tell me i am impatient, tell me its rebuild 39 and will take time. (That old cop out) Go away and accept mediocraty somewhere else. Adelaide’s coach was murdered not long ago and they can still function. Get your shite together this season Goodwin, you have had the best coaching transition in AFL History. Use it, don’t waste it
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    My best bet for the weekend is Sprightly Lass at Caulfied. Some very short horses at Caulfield and i think most will salute - French Emotion, Widgee Turf, Kiwia, Nature Strip and Cliff's Edge. Of those only Widgee Turf and perhaps Kiwia are backable really. But i think Sprightly Lass is overs at 3.60 as i think there is only one real danger in that race, Property. The form through Dothraki is very solid and it always gives a great sight. Best value for the day (apart from Sprightly Lass) Higher Ground at at Randwick Best longshots for the day Mo Femme at Morphetville and Guerrier at Randwick
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    Have only just finished making my final selections and emailing our bets to my betting partner. I found this race super hard in terms of choosing another winner bet in so far as i i kept coming back to trapeze artist (though am concerned it had its grand final last week). I'm going to have to say Le Romain, but really only because Brave Smash and Trapeze Artist were taken. A good horse but again - and at the risk of being stubborn and repeating my error of last week, i'm thinking on speed will be the go with the rail out 6 metres and no wind to bother front runners. Le Romain will be running on hard and i think pinch a place, but of course can win. For my bet in that race i have actually landed on a box trif of these 3 horses and no win bet - which is very unusual for me. Won't pay much but i find it hard to see what else might place - though I'm somewhat has good rating
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    That sums things up. Goodwin didn't have a good day at the office. Having no defender goal-side of the opposition's goals was a mistake, having defenders too far off their opponent was a mistake, and playing Jones on Mitchell was a mistake (in my opinion). I subscribe to the view that a team like Hawthorn is going to average around 400 disposals per game. If Mitchell gets heaps of it then in all likelihood the other Hawthorn players get less. If Mitchell has a poor one it's most likely other Hawthorn players will get their hands on it. It's no coincidence O'Meara and Shiels had their best games for the year while Mitchell had less of it. Either way they'll still end up at around 350-380 disposals. I would have sacrificed Vince's game on Mitchell rather than Jones. We missed Jones drive due to the tag and I think Vince could have been just as effective in the role. All that said, I like that Goodwin tries new things. I like that the players have a high regard for him. I like that he's considered to be a very astute footy person within the industry. But I recognise that he's still got a lot to learn. Clarkson is a far better coach in 2018 than he was when he was in his second year of coaching in 2006. In my view it usually takes 7 years of a quality rebuild to be a top 4 team. If it happens earlier great. We're not even a quarter of the way through the 5th.
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    Lol, bolter alright.......maybe Trapeze Artist gets rolled and we still end up with the right combo. The former Japanese ( Satono Rasen) galloper creates some interest in the All Aged. Now with Waller and hasn’t won under 2000m.
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    So here are our 4 best bets (best available odds) ... Randwick Race 3 No.2 Dothraki $3.50 Randwick Race 5 No.4 So Far Sokool $4.80 Caulfield Race 7 No.11 Sprightly Lass $4.20 Randwick Race 9 No.7 Osborne Bulls $2.50 And our trifecta at Randwick Race 7 W/2/3 .... No.10 Trapeze Artist W/2/3 .... No.2 Brave Smash W/2/3 .... No.1 Le Romain 2/3 .......... No.8 Tom Melbourne 2/3 .......... No.11 Showtime 1, 2, 10 / 1, 2, 8, 10, 11 / 1, 2, 8, 10, 11 There some value there and best of luck to all!
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    If teams are going to be sponsored by their alcoholic drink of choice, Collingwood's sponsor would be somewhat misleading. After all Brut aftershave is usually used for an alternative purpose but they could at least use it as an angle to also score a deal with Coca-Cola Amatil.
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    I like the idea of Weids coming in for a long look at it but at the right time for both him and us 56. His next foray at AFL level is probably his 4th (or so). If he doesn't hit his straps a little this time around it might be a big hit on his confidence. Would hate to see us do another Watts on him this time around. Rnd 7 vs the Saints is looking ideal. Perfect time for a minimum 3 match foray with the next 2 weeks against Gold Coast and Carlton. Pedo offers decent form for this week's crucial match and a whole lot more forward/AFL experience. He has the size he can throw around to get the ball to ground, rattle the defence a little and, as you say, provide some structure when Hogan goes roaming. Pedders is no great relief ruckman but anything's better than a Harmes or similar medium.. While I'm not sure he would be classified by many as a wizard, he definitely brings others into the match around him and can lay a hard tackle inside 50 also to let the opp know he's about. Perceived pressure if you like. I would be very surprised if he doesn't get the call up 56.
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    FMD, only Demonland could turn a picture containing a blurry Max Gawn in the background into a near full team revolt. What's next? Nate Jones wants out to the Hawks?
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    Richmond are the best side in the comp. A performance like Sunday is unacceptable, but if we give 100% and are beaten by a better team, while disappointing I wouldn't go as far as to say unacceptable.
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    Further to that... In his first 26 games Hardwick lost 11 games by 8 goals or more. He lost 6 by 10 or more. Last weekend was Goodwin's first. It's not lost on me that Goodwin inherited a far better list than Hardwick, but if you look at who Clarkson inherited you'll see names such as Hodge, Crawford, Franklin, Mitchell, Lewis, Roughead, Sewell, Holland, Ben Dixon, John Barker, Everitt, Clinton Young, Bateman, Joel Smith, Campbell Brown, Vandenberg, Trent Croad, Mark {Shotgun) Williams. Obviously those players were at varying stages of their careers, but he had a fair bit of youthful talent and senior talent to complement that youth.
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    Balic was training on Tuesday and seemed to be moving freely.
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