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    Goodwin has won more games as coach than he has lost, 27 games in to his coaching career. He now has one belting to his name. I want to contribute something meaningful to this thread, as no doubt others have since it's 20 pages in, but the concept that he should be under any pressure whatsoever at this stage in the journey is just effing dumb. It's just not worth the energy of any further engagement.
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    Your comments have been super weird since you got called out on the Roos/Goodwin era appointments. Now you’re on to conspiracy theories and irrelevant rants about agendas. I also know that a lot of what you’re claiming as inside information is actually just plain wrong, which is very amusing from my perspective. The more you protest the more it looks like you’re just embarrassed about being shown to be wrong.
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    Editorial meeting: 'This Hogan story's getting a bit stale. Throw in a Brayshaw brothers angle to liven it up again!'
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    Avoided? He had an operation on Monday.
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    Fagan at the Hawks please review history and not what Clarkson is today. From 04 to the start of 07 there was a lot of Hawks people still unsure about him. I recall one ex player saying how confused the players were with his tactics but they felt once they understood it and knew exactly what each players job was and etarted to tryst the structures put in place they would flourish. Mark Thompson was nearly out the door at the end of 2006 when the up and coming Cats had a doen year. It was the leadership group and the players who kept him from the scrapheap. Roll back to 2016 and Dimmer was in the same boat. What we have in common with those sides is this. Our 08 to 12 rebuild failed ee started again and are just starting to see that now but there will be bumps along the way. The Cats started to hit their straps in 04 and 05 with the father son picks and drafted players picked up in 99 and 01 like Scarlett Enright Johnson Chapman Bartel Ablett Rooke and Kelly forming the nucleus of that side who flourished once they started getting to 60/80 + games The Hawks likewise from 07 on wards (barring 09) getting the 01 and 04 drafted players to that 60/80 + game mark. Hodge Mitchell Lewis Roughie Ellis Birchall Buddy formed that core group. The Tigers won a flag off the back of 4 stars drafted between 07 and 10 Riewoldt Rance Martin and Cotchin. It took them a fair while to rise. So just be patient and don't get caught up in that we've been waiting 54 years stuff. Is Goodwin the man? Who knows but building a sustainable list takes a lot of time
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    The only person who's kept Jayden Hunt out is Hunt himself.
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    I have read a few of your posts and you have a very poor understanding of football or you are simply trolling. Hunt is the only player keeping Hunt out of the team. He was dropped.
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    To be fair, the people are their own worst enemies by lapping up what the media provides.
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    Maybe you aren’t acting like a crackpot because you went too hard and were called out on it. Maybe you’re just acting like a crackpot for other reasons.
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    Are we also going to give it 110%? How about we don’t accept second best? Maybe we could thrown in a bit of taking it one week at a time? Then I’ll just be happy to get the four points. I hope I’m doing this correctly.
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    Richmond lost by 11+ goals twice last season. Once to a team that didn’t play finals. It happens. People seem to think that not storming the club with pitch forks & torches after a loss means it’s accepting it.
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    Jayden Hunt is keeping Jayden Hunt out of the side. From the moment the first JLT game began until he was dropped he was in horrible, horrible form. It had nothing to do with Jordan Lewis.
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    I was with you until the last sentence Wiseblood. Serious commitment is not something the MFC playing department has majored in for a very long time. Witness the end of 2017 and last weekend.
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    Gee there are some nasty people on this site Unbelievable
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    Not painful? Honestly? Try getting the site of the injury smacked with a wet football or using that hand in a tackle or marking contest and see if it’s not painful.
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    I won't do my form to Friday. But trapeze artist was super impressive kast start. I backed le romain last start at huge odds.. A very talented horse but doesn't win out of turn. Those sort of horses often upset the aplle cart. Like catchy an wstb last sat.
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    Unlike what many here think, I believe the media is active in its positive support for us, as evident in its talking up of Melbourne throughout the pre-season. When Melbourne goes bad it's a story because we've been so bad for so long, and I think people do genuinely want to see us do well. The expectation now is that we should not be performing still as we did on the weekend. It's a story because even people that don't support Melbourne are sick and tired of the rubbish they give up. Media folk are just as quick to talk us up and praise us as the next best thing as they are to talk us down. IMO, the scrutiny we have faced this week is completely justified. It was as bad a performance by a team as we've seen this year. Carlton hasn't had anywhere near as much AFL assistance as us, and didn't have a Paul Roos or Peter Jackson brought it to right the ship. It's a non-story when they don't perform. Essendon is building back from 4 years of excessive media scrutiny that goes far beyond any on-field ineptness. I don't think Essendon performing badly is interesting. Like Carlton, it's a bit of a non-story. The public is just exhausted of anything Essendon. For all the complaining Melbourne fans make of us not getting coverage in the media, we actually get a hell of a lot. St Kilda didn't get anywhere near as much coverage about its performance as we have after one bad performance. I get that the media are merchants of negativity, but even as one of the league's so-called "smaller" clubs, we have always seemed to get coverage akin to that of the powerhouses. This may be due to the club's "friends" in high places, and the weird number of people in the media industry that are Melbourne supporters (we probably have more former Melbourne players, and supporters working in the media than any other club). We're scrutinised because people expect (and want) so much from the club. That's not a bad thing. Besides, none of the coverage this week has been unjustified. We deserved to be hounded. That wasn't just a 67-point loss. It was -- as they say -- a football lesson.
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    For those who consider inconsistency, occasional blow-outs, and the failure to live up to pressure and expectation as some particular trait specific to Melbourne . . . We bailed out of or botched two consecutive rebuilds and had a poor period of drafting. As such, we've had a young and developing team for the best part of decade. It's frustrating, but those traits are the mark of a young and developing team. The development of that team has also be hampered by a leadership and experience vacuum in our list profile courtesy of those rebuilding failures. (See the number of club-grown players between 100-200 games who can provide leadership but are not yet long in the tooth = Tom Macdonald and Neville Jetta). Such that it will take a little longer than usual to get back up on top.
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    It’s a long time to wait between games. The upside is that there’s no possibility of my weekend being ruined.
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    That's fine. If you think his performance has been poor this season then there's nothing wrong with that opinion. I think most of us have been disappointed in the tasteless way a select few have potted the bloke in the face of an injury. There's no need for that.
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    Go back and take a look at the posters who took some sort of delight in his injury. It will tell you all you need to know. Anyone who is happy to see one of our players injured isn't a true supporter of this club.
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    So many sh.t supporters potting a bloke who broke his hand and still played over a half of football with it. I assume most who are potting would miss a day of work with a paper cut. Poor form.
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    This just in 10,000 Demon Fans Out With Broken Hands Fans believed to have punched walls, slammed table tops, in unexplained epidemic last Sunday afternoon.
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    Agree. I’ve been disappointed so far but am still a be-Lever.
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