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    People are missing the importance of Jack in Port's structure yesterday! Having him forward enabled Hinkley to make the match winning move of Dixon to ruck the 2nd half, without leaving a gaping hole in forward 50. He also took a key defender which enabled a young kid (Todd Marshall) to kick 3 goals. And, Jack's hand pass to Boake for his first goal helped spark the turnaround to win the game. I'm sure people will get a lot of laughs this year from looking at Jack's stats and ridiculing him. But that just shows they probably haven't watched the game and don't understand the role Hinkley is asking of him. TBH, I just don't get the lingering antipathy towards him. We pushed him out. He is gone. You don't need to wish him well. But this petty ridicule just makes posters look mean spirited.
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    I thought the same about Harmes, but then discovered he had 23 disposals. His heat map shows the majority of them on the half back flank near the boundary, or directly in the middle. I'd say he's playing the role of a foot soldier in contests, perhaps probably as the link player (received handball from inner mid, deliver to the runner/kicker); that might explain why his touches go unnoticed or appear low impact. I'd say he is probably contributing more than we are giving him credit for.
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    I know this is a generic reply, as I am being lazy and can't be bothered re reading and finding the people who have written the comments such as "we need to demand more" and "we should expect more" etc. I really find these comments amusing!! How do we demand more???? What affect does that really have?? do you think the people involved at the club, such as the players and coaching group, don't want more and aren't working hard to improve and be better??? Of course they demand better from each other. i am sure after a poor game that the coaches go back and say, good effort, we are really happy with that close win, let's keep going like that and we will be fine!!! just as I am sure all the better performed teams play better because their fans demand and want more and don't accept mediocrity. these sort of statements mean nothing unless you actually have a way of doing something about it.
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    He was back to his insipid best. No marks, no goals, no influence. And you'd be ecstatic with a game like that ? Nothing surprises me on here.
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    I think his demeanour is fine, my main issue is with our loyalty to this overloading behind the contest AND then we panic kick to the forward line where our players are not. It is fuel to the fire when teams get a run on. We just give it to them on their HB line. I think we need to read the game better and make it a one-on-one contest when teams have the momentum against us. I honestly think we can win against most teams in an arm wrestle.
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    Amen to that. If he kicked more than he handballed then he would be considered one of the Top 10 players in the game already. He stood up for us in the second half when others didn't - he had 23 touches of his own in the third and fourth quarters. He had 35 touches, 22 of them contested to go with 11 clearances and 8 tackles. He does it every week without blinking an eye. Absolute superstar.
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    With the Chinese space station due to crash onto the planet later today, let’s hope this doesn’t add to our injury list. It’s true that the odds of being hit are 3 trillion to one but after what this club’s been through over the past dozen years, we need to take precautions.
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    Re how Lever is playing/being played. 1. There is a big assumption on here that our coaches want him to play as the 3rd tall, sweeping, intercept defender. The assumption is based on Adelaide's game plan not ours. 2. Even if given the 3rd tall role he can't sweep and intercept if opp coaches isolate him. Scott plonked Lever's (debutante) opponent in the goal square and moved his other forwards away. Lever couldn't get to the play to make a contest. 3. If Lever can't play one on one he becomes a one trick pony. Opp coaches aren't going to sit there and watch him waltz around their forward line so he is being taught to play one on one. A good ref point is Rance who has learnt to play one on one and on Friday night showed how good he is when he was able to switch between the two. Lever is still learning the defense craft and when he does he will be every bit as good as if not better than Rance. It will take a little time but Lever and our team will be much better for it.
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    10 possessions, 0 goals. The wrist slitting by many posters on here after Watts kicked a few goals last week in a blowout win was truly embarrassing. Give me Bayley Fritsch any day.
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    Good post, TU. I have a feeling 2018 is all about finding balance. As long as we can keep winning early on, we'll hit our straps at a point and both ends of the ground will gel and we'll be formidable. At the moment, our defensive unit hasn't played a lot of football together and I think we've tweaked our press to sit deeper. This will take some time to implement consistently. The addition of Lever is also a personnel change that will require some time to gel. We got the defensive area of our game right for 4 quarters in a row (the second half of the Geelong game and the first half of the Brisbane game). Unfortunately, the forwards and mids were wasteful of opportunities in those 4 quarters. We should have been out of sight in both games. Our accuracy has been a big plus for us in the past, but this year it has noticeably dropped off. Improve this area of our game and we see us smash sides. The other aspect to our game style that still requires gelling is the forwardline. When our tackle pressure in the midfield but also forward of centre diminishes, our entire game style falls over and we get scored against heavily. So laying tackles is paramount, but also connecting between centre and half forward to goal is really important. Guys like Melksham, Petracca and (even) Fritsch are really good at this. Little lead ups to centre wing and high half forward and then clean ball use inside 50. We had real difficulty all of last week with these connecting players. Petracca managed it on occasion, but Melksham really struggled. But if we get consistent output from our forwards, they lay tackles and help connect as they should, then our entire team is helped. At this stage though, I'd say there's too much room for error in our game style, but there was far more last year. I think we've worked on a Plan A and B as I said last week, and these two presses will be implemented depending on the strength of the opposition. With more game time and experience, our players should be able to show a greater level of consistency and therefore execute the game plan most weeks. I really believe we're getting there and will get there. It might take another year of patience though. But let me be clear. I expect finals this year.
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    Hold the phone !! Didn't we put the brakes on Geelong in round one after they dominated us in the 2nd quarter. How did that happen?? Was their momentum only stopped by the half time siren ? I think the coaching staff are doing something right. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. At times it will look terrible but I still trust them.
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    From the author of the top 10 under 23 Ben Guthrie‏Verified account @BenGuthrie_ FollowingFollowing @BenGuthrie_ More Ben Guthrie Retweeted AFL.com.au Clearly should have had Clayton Oliver on this list! The midfielder has been absolutely immense tonight. So clean in slippery conditions. #AFLLionsDees #thegameisingoodhands
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    Classic Saty. Gets stuck into people for having an opinion, and when he's challenged on it he raises his hands in the air and claims it's just 'his opinion.'
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    Finally got to watch the game. They got back into it in the third quarter through a couple of silly errors from us but also through three or four key free kicks at the wrong place/time for us. Then we started Q4 limply and by the time we worked out what was going wrong (too many behind the ball and outworked on the spread from stoppages) they had slammed 4 on. We fixed those up, and coupled with being fitter/stronger than the younger Lions, and we turned the game back in our favour. Having read this thread beforehand, I expected Lever to stink - he was much better than this thread suggests. It seems we are trying to get him to learn to be the second key defender, and at times last night he was no good in that role, but he had a lot more opportunities to zone off and break up Brisbane chains last night and he did it a lot better than last week. Oliver, Hogan and Garlett were all outstanding. Gawn's first half was part of the reason we were on top - Martin improved as the game went on and Gawn's influenced lessened. We're carrying a stack of underperforming/out of form players: Bugg, Jetta, Hunt, Harmes, ANB, Melksham, Lewis and Pedersen were all either ineffectual or just OK last night. ANB disappeared after HT, Harmes wasn't sighted. Tyson was a major improvement on Maynard through the middle but he has an infuriating tendency to handpass to someone under extreme pressure. Has to stop doing that or he'll never become the player we need him to become.
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    Goodwin is not a demonstrative coach During the 3rd qtr Crossy was out on the field quite often and players on the phone when on the bench, what were they doing, ordering takeaway for after the game Goodwin can coach all he likes, if the players don't implement, listen to what Hogan said post match, back to fundamentals no bells and whistles We still have an inexperienced side who had freewheeled in the first half, we tried it again in the 3rd when Brisbane lifted with the obvious result We steadied in the 4th because the leaders righted the ship and went back to fundamentals We learn again and move onto the next game
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    At least he’s realised his mistake but it’s a crazy one to make in the first place.
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    Got to love some of the collective hypocrisy going around on this forum Re Frost and Lever. A few weeks back the story was Frost is a liability and not best 22, Lever a total gun, going to be soo great for us. Now it's - gee, we need Frost because Lever isn't up to it one on one and needs Frost so that he can play his natural game. Pretty easy for players to look like superstars when others are doing all the heavy lifting and they don't have to be accountable for a man. Personally I think somewhere in between is where the truth of all this sits. When he's on his game, Frosty can be a real asset in his own right, but I do think it has been shown up how much people underate his contribution to team ballance, because he give us a third genuine tall, without sacrificing run and mobility. Ironically, as much as it could help Lever, having Frost, I think it could also help Hunt, because I suspect he is also attracting the oppositions best/quickest defensive forward at the moment. For the record, I also think Hibbard and Jetta have got form issues and have been solid without being at their normal output levels and that also won't be helping the Lever situation. I don't think Wagner isn't as bad as some people make out either.
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    We rely on contested ball and when it comes free, we don't have the players to spread. Taylor, Cox, Cameron, Christensen etc cut us to ribbons like the Cats last week in the second quarter. The ball was greasy and that affected our game. We had a 6 day turnaround interstate and gave up a longer break to our opponent. Same will happen next week . We have some players like Hunt and Jetta who are badly out of form. We have sub AFL skilled players like Bugg getting a game. We are not using Lever like the Crows did . He needs to take the third forward, not the main or second one, as that then allows him to spoil more contests and sweep and set up play, which he can do very well . We don't shut down play when a side gets a run on . The umpires were pathetic and we don't have duckers and actors. We have one of our best mids and our second best forward out injured . Players like Kent, Stretch and Baker, who have pace need to come on to give us that outside run, or we need to find a couple. In the end we won and fought back at the death and it was a hard earned 4 points and I will gladly take them .
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    I don’t know why you can’t post this without the first sentence.
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    Stuck working while the game was on but watched the replay when I got home. I'm actually not that disappointed in the game, I thought our second quarter laps against Geelong was worse. Lions kicked 7 goals to 0 in their run, but in between the 7 goals we missed set shots from Hogan, out on the full, and Oliver. Jetta also missed a pretty simple snap. There may have been another set shot and snap too, Bugg and Hunt?, can't remember now. Petracca also missed a set shot before the start of their run. We convert any of those shots and we would've taken the wind out of their sails. Throw in a goal to the Lions after a lucky spoil from a Lions player landed in the lap of another Lions player 20 odd meters away too. ? Still need to improve, but I'll take the 4pts.
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    That thirty metre handpass to Trac in space which led to Hogan's 5th goal? Yeah … that was better than any [censored] kick.
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    He's playing AFL midfielder minutes on ground now, too. He just gets the ball, and gets away a clean disposal, in ways other players just can't. We've been waiting for a star for so long, it still hasn't sunk in that we've finally landed a genuine one.
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    What a player.... thank you Jason Taylor for moving up in the draft to get him. Stroke of genius.
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    Salem won’t be dropped. I was surprised at the lack of ball he had, but he was 2nd leading pressure acts in the game. He blocks rather than taking the ball. He’s fine.
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