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    I went undercover to find out exactly what’s happening at AFL House.
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    Can not wait to see him permanent forward. Hes a matchup nightmare for opponents, especially with that tank.
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    This article is a about Tom's new role as a forward http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-02-11/stressfree-dee-relishing-his-shot-up-forward But there is a tantalising line at the end (re contract): "I'd like to get something done soon," he said. The club hasn't come back to me with anything yet, but it'd be nice to have it done earlier rather than later." Last time he put off contract talks till the end of the season. Not so this time! Looks like he will be off the Free Agency list before too long.
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    The season can’t start quick enough.
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    So the maggots will run out of puff around round 19, be behind the play most first quarters and struggle to turn up in round 23?
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    Nah they're doing the Team Photo/Signing day thing today
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    And there's the thing D2014. It would be so perfect for the 2 founding teams to be meeting at the business end of the season. Does anyone else feel bemused by the complete lack of respect shown to the Dees and the Dogs in the first 2 years of AFLW. I am gobsmacked that they are passed over for the big games and as always the League focusses on the so called power clubs who have yet to provide any evidence of competitiveness. (Fair go to Adelaide and Lions for making the grand final last year by the way) BUT Melbourne and Footscray are the originators of this form of the game. Surely they should be opening the season at the very least. All this is off topic but it does get my goat! Go Dees!
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    It is pretty poor of the AFL to be poaching staff off the clubs IMO.
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    Hopefully he'll improve their decision making as well
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    Hi folks. Please correct me if I’ve got this wrong because I live in the USA so may not know: AFLX is played on soccer, rugby and american football grounds largely to make it easier to find grounds to play on overseas, thereby making it easier to promote AFL type football overseas correct? Why then do the AFL seem to have failed to have the upcoming AFLX games aired through the AFL Global Pass, which I think is the only way to watch AFL live from overseas? "Diamond_Jim said it was promoted as being shown on the “AFL live App”, which i thought was the same as the global pass, but nowhere on my global pass app are upcoming AFLX games mentioned!? So to summarize my post, they’re introducing a game aimed toward overseas audiences but they’re not allowing overseas people to watch it. Can that be right? Thanks, RM
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    Way different situation. For a start we are paying market rate for someone of Levers ability, we payed overs for Tilbrook at a time when it wasn't a professional game. Lever has shown his ability at AFL level, Tillbrook hadn't played a VFL game when we signed him so he was an untried player at the level. Tillbrook came in as the messiah, Lever is coming in to help our team...he's not expected to carry it. Sleep easy 'Farmer'...
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    So we can’t make any judgement on Barneby’s behaviour because others from Labour have been found wanting in the past? What is your fricking point Jnr! I mean why have you left out Ben Chifley? Surely you have something on him as well.
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    Nail on head Wadda! I rarely ever throw a soccer leg in a multi mixed with other sports. The double chance option ( win/draw) maybe, even then the odds are too short. My soccer multis are basically over 2.5 goals each game. High scoring leagues such as the Dutch league, I often throw a 6-8 leg over 2.5 goals multi and hope for the best. I'm finding head to head soccer multis extremely difficult. For example a team placed 6th in League 1 of England was playing the bottom placed team at home. The odds for the 6th placed team was $2.00 and automatically you think that's great odds, they should win yeah, but then you stop and ask yourself, what do the bookies know that I don't? This team should be $1.50-$1.70. Long story short, the result 2-2. Multi gone.
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    Woah. Just got back from a "long trip". No. I am very disciplined. Never before 9AM.
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    The reality is that working as a group is the way to go. 4 sets of eyes has to work better than 1 set of eyes Wadda. For instance, I'm prepared to go to SA, WA or Qld to find that Best Bet. It paid off in the just completed weekend with binman's standout pick out of Morphettville. As stated in a previous post, I'm looking at ways of getting some collects out of a 2 from 4 outcome. Even those series of very small bets I've got in mind can pay ok (in a treble)
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    That's a good strike rate Macca isn't it. We better be careful or the media scouts will be onto us. Even Dr.Turf would be impressed with that. I'm sure though 1 or 2 meetings will bring the inevitable correction. Until then though keep up the hard study and good work guys, its paid off so far.
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    My favoured form of betting outside of the horses is of all things - Rugby Union (specifically Super Rugby but sometimes the Internationals) ... but definitely not Rugby League. I'm not bad at the NBA but find MLB, NHL & the NFL very difficult. And I'm no good at all with the AFL. Soccer - no good. I usually quiz mates for their weekend 'Special' and most people I know have one sport that they're adept at finding a winner in. Counting the first week we're sitting at 6 from 7 with one runners-up. That is not a bad start Wadda. Australian Group & Listed Races
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    That sounds really good Macca. I like your thinking here. Aflw demons are red hot for taking out the series at 3/1. A lot of people think they can do it too. Plus the price won't change because of late scratchings! I've actually always kinda tried that by throwing in a soccer game and a couple of horses. Trouble is a lot of fav soccer teams like stupid MV lose when they are supposed to win and there is also the draw factor. Maybe d77 can explain the soccer, because I can't. So I prefer an afl match when available. I think this is now an interesting strategy. Also along the lines of afl matches whenavailable I do like the under or over 39.5 points selection. You get better odds also. Its often not so hard to pick.
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    If Lever had stayed in Adelaide the Top 10 B&F would have looked a lot different We recruited a great young player and they know it.
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    Wadda you've given me a solution for what to do with any of the 6 available doubles within our 4 best bets (AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD) Couple any of those doubles up with 1 other separate selection in any amount of other sports (like the AFLW) or 1 other fancied horse (apart from the 4 best bets) I'm talking very small outlays of 2 or 3 dollars. So if we end up with 2 from 4 (which will happen at some stage) one can still have at least 1 live treble or in fact a number of multiple trebles that are still alive. If any 3 of the 4 win like what happened last Saturday then that would mean that 3 of the 6 available doubles will have got up and/or would still be alive with another selection (or 2) I'm thinking of ditching my trifecta/first4 thinking (Sha Tin on a Sunday aside ) and going more for straight out selections with a series of trebles based around our 4 best bets.
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    From the above i hard two hard luck stories. Backed Smart Coupe for a place (which i rarely do ie back the pace) but i thought it would lead and prove very hard to run down and thought was terrific value for a place. I also thought Lord of the Sky was chance in the Orr, in part because it is likes to lead but it is also an under rated horse who has a pretty good rating and was way unders. Had a little on the win and more on the place. It loomed up and i though it was with a chance but it obviously peaked on its run. going forward i think Gallo Chop will do well and Merchant Navy will love Flemington
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    Farmer, B&F's are chook raffles. IMO if he had resigned with Adelaide he would have been top 3.
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    Good one mate. Didn't see you start a thread when: Tony Burke spent $250,000 on travel for his mistress that was also his staffer Bill Shorten faced rape allegations Bill Shorten got Chloe Bryce pregnant while both were still married Bob Hawke dumped Hazel for his biographer Gareth Evans cheated on his wife and hooked up with Cheryl Kernot (who was also married) Craig Thompson spent thousands of dollars on union fundson prostitutes and Gillard supported him becuase she needed his vote Gillard supported the vile Peter Slipper that sent appalling texts referring to the female anatomy again because Gillard needed his vote It's the hypocrisy that is appalling and Joyce should perhaps be put to the sword on that given his previous comments however it's got nothing to do with the side of politics as you can see from above. It's neither conservative nor Labor or Green. Its got to do with the character of the people involved. The sins of the flesh have been committed since time immemorial. The ALP are being hypocritical once again in pursuing Joyce this week because they are trying to avoid sending Susan Lamb to the High Court and have her dual citizenship adjudicated on. Take off your blinkers and see the real game here.
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    I’d suggest there was less poaching and more applying for the position.
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    Rule changes relating to runners will be trialled during the upcoming JLT. ”The AFL has told clubs runners may only permitted to enter the playing arena after goals and at quarter breaks during the home and away season, with the league set to implement a rule trial during the upcoming pre-season series.” https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/run-out-afl-to-trial-new-runner-rules-this-year-20180211-p4yzyf.html
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    I don't expect anyone to necessarily agree with me with regards to measuring times ... but my view on times is extremely complcated taking into account different tracks, weights, the tempo of certain races and a heap of other factors. As I said, each to their own as there is no absolute way. A great example with regards to times is Winx ... the horse runs extremely fast times in its victories (primarily) And the other horses simply can't keep up. But of course there is also the will to win factor and numerous other factors ... 'times' like anything else is just a guide and not the be all and end all. For some the times matter and for others they don't
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    She is definitely the best in the league in terms of the natural footy ability to find the ball in close and rack up clearances.
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    A lot of punters don't bother with times but I'm baffled as to why that is ... however I am times specific. Caulfield & Moonee Valley times are often very difficult to work out but it's virtually the opposite at Fkemington, Rosehill, Randwick, Sha Tin & Ascot. Times and weighrs can be compared at those tracks. And I add a second to a second and and a half off all Morphettville times. That track is a fast track as far as I'm concerned. But each to their own . . we all read the form differently and that is a good thing. Reading the form isn't easy but nor should anyone expect it to be easy. By the way 1 second equates to 16/17 metres. I kg is a length or a length and a half (according to the experts) Edit: Add a second or a second and a half to Morphettville times (not take off)
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    Don't tell ProDee that.....
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    “With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it,” the statement said. “As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.” You have also got to ask yourself the question - a Republican "opinion piece" is released however the Democrat rebuttal was not allowed to be released. I don't have a clue as to the accuracy of the memo but it gives you pause to think that a heavily politicised committee allows a Republican majority opinion to be released by won't allow a Democrat rebuttal ? Neither should be released if there is not consensus or both. I just am amused when Wrecker writes with authority that "it is clear". What is clear is nothing is clear.
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    I am more than bemused - I am seriously peeved. All the AFL love seems to be going to Carlton. They get the opening marquis game each year and have more FTA telecasts than any other team ie 4 - more than half their season. And 5 of their 7 games are in the cool of night. To top it off they have been gifted another marquis game: The 'Pride' game to be played vs Bulldogs. Atm it isn't a FTA game but I wouldn't be surprised if that changes in the next few weeks. You can bet it will be a marquis FTA game on the fixture next year. To be fair the Bulldogs approached the Blues. (To me it is a joke Carlton play in the 'Pride' game when they wouldn't even endorse the 'Yes' vote to change marriage laws). What really irks me is that Carlton have done absolutely nothing to earn those privileges. These privileges are on top of the equally irksome 6/7 FTA Friday night games their AFL team gets in the men's season. I'm pleased the Bulldogs get the 'Pride' game but for Carlton to get the best of fixtures is just plain wrong - I mean they don't even have that many members! Meanwhile we play on Feb 18 in Perth at 3.35 pm, then a 6 day break to play in NT at 5.40pm, then another 6 day break to play at home. That is 3 games in 13 days in scorching heat, criss crossing the country with 4 long-haul flights!! Did no-one tell the AFL how hot it is in WA and NT during the day!! Without checking all the clubs, I reckon we get the wooden spoon of the fixture. 3 games in 13 days could easily bring our season undone. I sincerely hope not. As a founding team and having played very well last year we deserve a bit more respect. ...Rant over
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    The form from the Orr Stakes will be tricky because of the very slow time they ran (1:24.79) Anything could have won it as it waa a blanket finish and only 3 or 4 lengths covered the entire field I am big on times & weights specifically for WFA races or Set Weight races so I much prefer racetracks where the races are truly run. Caulfield is not a favourite binman!
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    Just looks a natural forward doesn't he? A lot of similarities to Josh Kennedy in terms of style.
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    In my form analysis i put a big emphasis on things such as record at the trip, first and second up form, record at the track and record in the relevant conditions . In this my ratings often reflect the Whitway rating in Winning Post as they use similar criteria. Tosen Stardom has an average record at 1400 - after Saturday 0 from 5 and also an average first up record (after Saturday 11–2–2–0), and for that matter not a brilliant Caulfield record (after Saturday 6–1–1–1), which added to my previous comments abut the track favoring leaders (which ironically turned out not to be so correct in the Orr with Hartnell coming late, though haven't watched it yet - was it from far back?) explains why i thought he was way too short. By the by the way i do form is also why i often miss horses that good tipsters select as obviously horse sometimes defy their record across those areas listed above. But no doubt Tosen Stardom can win next up. A terrific horse as is reflected in his ratings. A big change for me in the last few years with doing form is trusting ratings more and now i put a lot of credence in them, particularly in group and listed races (my favourite for ratings is mares set weight races as they often throw up a ratings special). Tosen stardom is at 115 and twice a group 1 winner so it would be folly to not consider him next start. but i suspect he is a big track horse and Fleminbton is his go.
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    Will be great up forward this year Tom. Hoping for a few bags 💼 of 10
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    So Crocosheeit media to be pursued for monies owed to The Ox and Finey! Hope the boys get every last penny owed to them!
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    I'v heard from 2 different sources within the AFL Gill will be "stepping down" most likely to take a role at crown.
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    ...Gill dancing naked around the horse corpses, bathing in their blood and stoking the ritualistic fire with their flesh... cocaine’s a hell of a drug, ya’ll
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    Newmans goal happened right in front of me. It was special. Cunningham and Humphries look special players to me. Our midfield of Paxman, Pearce and O'Dea play well together. Jakobssen from Carlton played really well.
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    The only thing that's clear to me is that the elites (and I mean the real ones, not The Mad Monk's imagined ones) always find a way to protect their interests.
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    Every time I hear a Gil to resign rumour I get nervous about Peter Jackson being tapped for CEO. Then I contemplate whether that might actually be a good thing, before giving up and going back to watching reruns of Mr. Robot.
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    We were close to winning quite a bit of money (or at least I was) ... you've got to take the good with the bad when betting. Itz Invincible nearly got pipped so those who did the 3 from 4 multi's got a bit lucky (myself included) Watch for Tosen Stardom to bounce back - the commentator called it last but there were 4 horses behind it on the line in a blanket finish. Only about 4 lengths covered the entire finish and Tosem Stardom wasn't that far off the winner. The wide draw and the fact that is was 3 or 4 wide for the entire race made winning the race a very difficult assignment for the horse. I wasn't on it yesterday but @Wadda We Sing & @binman were both circumspect about its chances anyway. One to watch and the odds might be attractive for its next run (The Futurity Stakes Feb 24 and/or the Australian Cup March 10?) Australian Group & Listed Races
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    JV7 I heard the same a month ago that Gil was falling on his sword..story then was Benny Gale was taking over to clean up the mess..
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    I wouldn’t be relying on Mr Leg if I were you OD. He was last seen on a banana plantation in Pago Pago holding court with the locals and was apparently so impressed with the place that he’s considering migrating to Western Samoa and laying down his roots there.
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    Geelong Shmeelong. Dangerfield is a toss, Selwood is a ducking idiot and Ablett is just plain weird. Plus Harry Taylor walks like he has something in his butt. I haven’t look forward to our opening game this much since 2013.
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    alicia newman - goal of the year! three bounces and then a checkside from the boundary
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    I popped down briefly. Not a huge amount to report. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and went about their business. But I was watching Weideman pretty closely as he was doing his run-throughs / sprints in front of me, lead some of the time by Crossy. He's looking a lot fitter and much more 'AFL ready' compared to last year. I saw him at a similar stage last year and thought he really seemed to look quite heavily running across the ground – almost trudging – but today he really glided along and ran swiftly for a big bloke. Wouldn't want to be standing in his way. Obviously he's still got another couple of years before we see the best of him but I think we might see some exciting glimpses this year. He couldn't be too far away from joining the main group as he looked pretty comfortable running at pace.
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