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    I went undercover to find out exactly what’s happening at AFL House.
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    Can not wait to see him permanent forward. Hes a matchup nightmare for opponents, especially with that tank.
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    This article is a about Tom's new role as a forward http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-02-11/stressfree-dee-relishing-his-shot-up-forward But there is a tantalising line at the end (re contract): "I'd like to get something done soon," he said. The club hasn't come back to me with anything yet, but it'd be nice to have it done earlier rather than later." Last time he put off contract talks till the end of the season. Not so this time! Looks like he will be off the Free Agency list before too long.
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    Nah they're doing the Team Photo/Signing day thing today
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    And there's the thing D2014. It would be so perfect for the 2 founding teams to be meeting at the business end of the season. Does anyone else feel bemused by the complete lack of respect shown to the Dees and the Dogs in the first 2 years of AFLW. I am gobsmacked that they are passed over for the big games and as always the League focusses on the so called power clubs who have yet to provide any evidence of competitiveness. (Fair go to Adelaide and Lions for making the grand final last year by the way) BUT Melbourne and Footscray are the originators of this form of the game. Surely they should be opening the season at the very least. All this is off topic but it does get my goat! Go Dees!
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    She is definitely the best in the league in terms of the natural footy ability to find the ball in close and rack up clearances.
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    A lot of punters don't bother with times but I'm baffled as to why that is ... however I am times specific. Caulfield & Moonee Valley times are often very difficult to work out but it's virtually the opposite at Fkemington, Rosehill, Randwick, Sha Tin & Ascot. Times and weighrs can be compared at those tracks. And I add a second to a second and and a half off all Morphettville times. That track is a fast track as far as I'm concerned. But each to their own . . we all read the form differently and that is a good thing. Reading the form isn't easy but nor should anyone expect it to be easy. By the way 1 second equates to 16/17 metres. I kg is a length or a length and a half (according to the experts) Edit: Add a second or a second and a half to Morphettville times (not take off)
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    “With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it,” the statement said. “As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.” You have also got to ask yourself the question - a Republican "opinion piece" is released however the Democrat rebuttal was not allowed to be released. I don't have a clue as to the accuracy of the memo but it gives you pause to think that a heavily politicised committee allows a Republican majority opinion to be released by won't allow a Democrat rebuttal ? Neither should be released if there is not consensus or both. I just am amused when Wrecker writes with authority that "it is clear". What is clear is nothing is clear.
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    I am more than bemused - I am seriously peeved. All the AFL love seems to be going to Carlton. They get the opening marquis game each year and have more FTA telecasts than any other team ie 4 - more than half their season. And 5 of their 7 games are in the cool of night. To top it off they have been gifted another marquis game: The 'Pride' game to be played vs Bulldogs. Atm it isn't a FTA game but I wouldn't be surprised if that changes in the next few weeks. You can bet it will be a marquis FTA game on the fixture next year. To be fair the Bulldogs approached the Blues. (To me it is a joke Carlton play in the 'Pride' game when they wouldn't even endorse the 'Yes' vote to change marriage laws). What really irks me is that Carlton have done absolutely nothing to earn those privileges. These privileges are on top of the equally irksome 6/7 FTA Friday night games their AFL team gets in the men's season. I'm pleased the Bulldogs get the 'Pride' game but for Carlton to get the best of fixtures is just plain wrong - I mean they don't even have that many members! Meanwhile we play on Feb 18 in Perth at 3.35 pm, then a 6 day break to play in NT at 5.40pm, then another 6 day break to play at home. That is 3 games in 13 days in scorching heat, criss crossing the country with 4 long-haul flights!! Did no-one tell the AFL how hot it is in WA and NT during the day!! Without checking all the clubs, I reckon we get the wooden spoon of the fixture. 3 games in 13 days could easily bring our season undone. I sincerely hope not. As a founding team and having played very well last year we deserve a bit more respect. ...Rant over
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    The form from the Orr Stakes will be tricky because of the very slow time they ran (1:24.79) Anything could have won it as it waa a blanket finish and only 3 or 4 lengths covered the entire field I am big on times & weights specifically for WFA races or Set Weight races so I much prefer racetracks where the races are truly run. Caulfield is not a favourite binman!
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    Just looks a natural forward doesn't he? A lot of similarities to Josh Kennedy in terms of style.
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    In my form analysis i put a big emphasis on things such as record at the trip, first and second up form, record at the track and record in the relevant conditions . In this my ratings often reflect the Whitway rating in Winning Post as they use similar criteria. Tosen Stardom has an average record at 1400 - after Saturday 0 from 5 and also an average first up record (after Saturday 11–2–2–0), and for that matter not a brilliant Caulfield record (after Saturday 6–1–1–1), which added to my previous comments abut the track favoring leaders (which ironically turned out not to be so correct in the Orr with Hartnell coming late, though haven't watched it yet - was it from far back?) explains why i thought he was way too short. By the by the way i do form is also why i often miss horses that good tipsters select as obviously horse sometimes defy their record across those areas listed above. But no doubt Tosen Stardom can win next up. A terrific horse as is reflected in his ratings. A big change for me in the last few years with doing form is trusting ratings more and now i put a lot of credence in them, particularly in group and listed races (my favourite for ratings is mares set weight races as they often throw up a ratings special). Tosen stardom is at 115 and twice a group 1 winner so it would be folly to not consider him next start. but i suspect he is a big track horse and Fleminbton is his go.
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    Will be great up forward this year Tom. Hoping for a few bags ? of 10
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    So Crocosheeit media to be pursued for monies owed to The Ox and Finey! Hope the boys get every last penny owed to them!
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    I'v heard from 2 different sources within the AFL Gill will be "stepping down" most likely to take a role at crown.
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    ...Gill dancing naked around the horse corpses, bathing in their blood and stoking the ritualistic fire with their flesh... cocaine’s a hell of a drug, ya’ll
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    Newmans goal happened right in front of me. It was special. Cunningham and Humphries look special players to me. Our midfield of Paxman, Pearce and O'Dea play well together. Jakobssen from Carlton played really well.
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    I think North's confusion was because they thought it only applied to players who might soon be recruited to their club, and since no players have been willing to go to North lately they just figured there couldn't be a problem.
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    Did they finally realise the "Gil is a Dil" isnt some cute rhyming joke, but the truth. FFS the best thing he has done for the game is lower the cost of food...
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    BACK TO BACK by Ruby Tuesday Despite a slow start that saw it lead by a solitary point at quarter time even though it had first use of a strong breeze at Casey Fields, Melbourne thrashed reigning premier Adelaide by 32 points to retain their unbeaten record in the 2018 AFLW competition. The AFL hierarchy had made clear its edict for higher scoring and the adoption of a a 5-6-5 structure and the Demons responded with four goals against the wind in the second quarter to well and truly stitch up the game. With the lead out to 20 points at the main break, the home side continued to control proceedings and coasted home in the last for back to back victories. In just two matches, they have passed 100 points for the season and gained recognition for their attractive play. The highlight was no doubt the Buddyesque goal from Aliesha Newman who carried the ball from the wing with three bounces evading two opponents and curved the ball through the big sticks to record the early contender for goal of the year. But the adage about a dominant midfield was no more pronounced than in this game with Melbourne’s Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce and Elise O'Dea setting the tone from the very start with Paxman dictating terms after her injury scare in the opening game when she left the ground before quarter time with back spasms. This week she was leading possession gatherer with 21 disposals despite being afforded the luxury of a rest in the final term with the game well and truly done and dusted. O’Dea and Pearce worked hard all game and were not far behind her in the possession count. The Demons worked harder than the Crows and were well rewarded with the four points for a game in which they held sway across the ground. Lily Mithen continued her impressive start to the season and Bianca Jakobsson again showed that she will be a vaualable addition to the ranks. The team travels interstate for its next clash against the Dockers at Fremantle Oval. Melbourne 1.1.7 5.2.32 7.4.46 8.8.56 Adelaide 1.0.6 2.0.12 3.0.18 4.0.24 Goals Melbourne Cunningham Newman 2 Cranston Hickey L Pearce Scott Adelaide Hewett Holmes McCormick Wallace Best Melbourne Paxman, O'Dea Jakobsson Hore, Mithen D Pearce Adelaide Marinoff Cox Randall Varnhagen Cox Injuries TBA Reports Nil Umpires Gibson McGinness Heffernan Official crowd 3,800 at Casey Fields
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    Holy crap I just saw Newman’s goal. I’d like to see any of the guys try that goal, that is as good as you’re going to see from anybody! As an aside I think it would actually be awesome if the MFC social media department set up a video this week of getting the likes of Petracca, Garlett, Oliver etc to try to emulate that goal at training and post the video on the club website. For one thing it would be a great way to tie the teams together, and I think it’d be hilarious to see the reactions. Even better if she’s there watching it!
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    Get rid of them, the players go on and off the ground so often that coaches can communicate to players easily enough using the interchange. After watching a player like Hodge directing and coaching last year from the backline tells me that the players know what and how to structure up without the need for fluoro 'ex-players' getting involved!
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