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    Hi all! I didn't want to start a new thread so I thought I'd give this one a bump. I've just edited and uploaded a video to YouTube featuring Jeffy's 2017 highlights. More to come in the lead up to round one! Go Dees!
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    Some guys obviously want to be banned so keep up the sexist posts and you'll find you can no longer post on Demonland.
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    I believe the horse above has a promising future. It's definitely a talented galloper and I'm sure it will be someone's "Best" very soon. It was scratched due to a virus or some kind of blood infection. Hopefully it's not too serious and we'll see if it can return after its short break. In regards to Show A Star, I thought the 1 and the 2 were the obvious dangers but the weight difference was the determining factor towards Show A Star.
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    'Show A Star' was the first horse I had picked out as my best bet D77! ... then superceded by 'Egyptian Symbol' but only just. I also had 'Nature Strip' picked out but was concerned about the hot favourite 'She Will Reign' ... in the end Nature Strip was scratched so my mind was made up.
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    My "Best" comes from Warwick Farm Race 8 No.4 - Show A Star.($2.60 Win) First look at the track but his last run (win) was very good. Pushed hard from a wide barrier to lead the field up, kicked away on turning and fought off a few late swoopers. Big drop in the weights from last start will see him carry 53.5kg. There are one or two in the field with early speed so it will be interesting to see if Tim Clark goes for the lead or if he'll be happy to take a sit just off the leaders. Currently it's only a 7 horse field, the $1.60 for the place might appeal to some that fancy the horse for a top 2 finish. Happy Punting!
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    Well yeah ... there's a fair bit of depth in the race and that may be the reason. Rich Charm's last run was as good as it gets in terms of the time run and the fact that it was in a Group 2 race (and it beat Missrock) And, it's got a very good strike rate ... it is up a few kilos from its previous 3 runs but before that won over 1200m carrying 59 & 60.5kgs. I was in the same quandary with Goodfella and at one stage was going to nominate Goodfella as my best bet - for the place only though. But I baulked at doing that as 1 scratching would have meant no 3rd dividend.
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    Noble Park full-back Ryan Morrison, Mitch White (MFC), Jay Lockhart (North Launceston) and the returning James Freeman all signed with Casey Demons last night. Tweet from Paul Amy.
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    Actually it is. Gawn resting forward would generally be deep forward, he'd draw at least one tall defender (possibly 2), and our forwards would know the balls likely to come in long and high at Maxy, be at his feat then work hard to apply defensive pressure if theres a turn over... If you're implying Max is unaccountable or disinclined to chase, I disagree.
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    I like all long suffering Dee supporters feel a bit crook in the guts at this time of year, 2017 gave us some great wins, un-explainable poor losses, a massive fade out against the lowly Lions and then a gut wrenching loss to the Pies. The Lions win set off alarm bells in my head once again, so I wasn't as surprised as some that we played so poorly in Round 23. This year I am not expecting it to be an easy road to the finals, there are 10 other teams that can make it, I want and expect this group of players to guts out wins that we would have lost and put teams to the sword that aren't 100% on or are injury depleted. No more mister nice guy's, I want mean hard, tough players that play for each other the Club and us supporters. Nothing else will be good enough in 2018. Go Dee's....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Port will finish top four off the back of the players we have given them over the past two years? Crikey. I should stop following the Demons while I’m still young.
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    So nothing to do with my questioning of his agility/mobility/pressure acts when resting forward? Thought as much.
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    Dr G , we don't need Champion Data for that stat, it is on the score board.
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    We seem to forget that we absolutely dominated possession against GWS. Our midfield and backline performed well. It was the forwards who were below par with the exception of Cranston of course. I think this will be addressed this week with the inclusion of Mifsud and Paxman. This women’s team is a good football side, and deserve their early favouritism for the flag. I expect us to win comfortably.
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    I should be able to remember to copy & paste it up Wadda ... that will come with routine. For instance, I start perusing the form online on a Wednesday night (using racenet.com mainly) and then will have something picked out by Friday at the latest. And as for others joining in ... I'm interested to see where the thread takes us - I've always encouraged an inclusive attitude rather than exclusive one. Punters can often prefer to fly solo but again, I've always favoured a joint input - mainly because I'm prone to missing stuff and I'm not smart enough to see everything anyway (plus, there's the available time aspect)
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    The same memo was sent to Ross Lyon a couple of seasons ago.
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    implying..not inferring...you are inferring...sorry pedants corner (typed whilst ducking for cover)
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    Insane by the AFL to do this now, but having said that I'm all for rules which mean that a certain number of players need to be in each part of the ground at a centre bounce for men and women.
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    It will be my next read. What i found very eye opening was a quote from James Cook on observation of the Indigenous people during his exploration of the east coast "They live in a tranquillity which is not disturbed by the inequality of condition. The earth and sea of their own accord furnishes them with all things necessary for life. They covet neither magnificent houses or household stuff. They live in a warm and fine climate and enjoy wholesome air". Looks like no one took much notice of Jimmy's observations !
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    I'm quietly confident. I thought we should have finished top 4 last year. We knocked over one Grand Finalist on their home soil, and should have taken out the other but for injuries. Brain farts undid us. Not playing out 4 q's did us. I think, as our list matures, that will get less and less. We have the list and the support... the real question is if we have the cojones .
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    Tigers and Dogs winning the flag is great for the AFL, means anyone who has few injuries, good draw, bit of luck and can put together a very good last 6-8 weeks is in with a chance for the flag. Demons best players still seem better suited to 2019/2020 for a tilt at the flag, but finish top 4 this year and you never know! 2018 shapes up as an exciting year, just a little luck and we are finals bound, and our best will get us in the top 4, go Dees!
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    Barracking for Melbourne is like staying at the Hotel California. You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave I think we’ll be in for more of these sick in the gut moments over the next couple of years as the stakes rise higher, ....with finals .... prelims (and dare I say it grand finals). It’s now our time though , I just hope to god this football club takes its chance when it comes along
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