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    Hi all! I didn't want to start a new thread so I thought I'd give this one a bump. I've just edited and uploaded a video to YouTube featuring Jeffy's 2017 highlights. More to come in the lead up to round one! Go Dees!
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    Some guys obviously want to be banned so keep up the sexist posts and you'll find you can no longer post on Demonland.
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    Well yeah ... there's a fair bit of depth in the race and that may be the reason. Rich Charm's last run was as good as it gets in terms of the time run and the fact that it was in a Group 2 race (and it beat Missrock) And, it's got a very good strike rate ... it is up a few kilos from its previous 3 runs but before that won over 1200m carrying 59 & 60.5kgs. I was in the same quandary with Goodfella and at one stage was going to nominate Goodfella as my best bet - for the place only though. But I baulked at doing that as 1 scratching would have meant no 3rd dividend.
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    Noble Park full-back Ryan Morrison, Mitch White (MFC), Jay Lockhart (North Launceston) and the returning James Freeman all signed with Casey Demons last night. Tweet from Paul Amy.
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    Actually it is. Gawn resting forward would generally be deep forward, he'd draw at least one tall defender (possibly 2), and our forwards would know the balls likely to come in long and high at Maxy, be at his feat then work hard to apply defensive pressure if theres a turn over... If you're implying Max is unaccountable or disinclined to chase, I disagree.
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    I like all long suffering Dee supporters feel a bit crook in the guts at this time of year, 2017 gave us some great wins, un-explainable poor losses, a massive fade out against the lowly Lions and then a gut wrenching loss to the Pies. The Lions win set off alarm bells in my head once again, so I wasn't as surprised as some that we played so poorly in Round 23. This year I am not expecting it to be an easy road to the finals, there are 10 other teams that can make it, I want and expect this group of players to guts out wins that we would have lost and put teams to the sword that aren't 100% on or are injury depleted. No more mister nice guy's, I want mean hard, tough players that play for each other the Club and us supporters. Nothing else will be good enough in 2018. Go Dee's....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Port will finish top four off the back of the players we have given them over the past two years? Crikey. I should stop following the Demons while I’m still young.
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    I was browsing the form for the following race and noticed that each horse has drawn the same barrier as their saddlecloth. I don't recall ever seeing that with a random barrier draw. https://www.racenet.com.au/racing-form-guide/caulfield-20180210/schweppes-rubiton-stakes-race-6 Tricky race, does anyone think Rich Charm is a bit over the odds?
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    I should be able to remember to copy & paste it up Wadda ... that will come with routine. For instance, I start perusing the form online on a Wednesday night (using racenet.com mainly) and then will have something picked out by Friday at the latest. And as for others joining in ... I'm interested to see where the thread takes us - I've always encouraged an inclusive attitude rather than exclusive one. Punters can often prefer to fly solo but again, I've always favoured a joint input - mainly because I'm prone to missing stuff and I'm not smart enough to see everything anyway (plus, there's the available time aspect)
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    The obvious answer is because he's 7 foot tall. Gawn would chase and pressure to the best of his ability but his agility to change directions to tackle or to gather the ball at ground level is still going to be worse than most key forwards yet alone smalls. Playing off him as a predictable target to at least bring the ball to ground isn't a bad idea and I like the mobility of Tom McDonald/Pedersen in the ruck so I expect to see Max forward a fair bit but more a rest or change up than regular tactic.
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    I hope the AFLW Dees coaching and playing staff ignore the paternalism from Steve Hocking and the AFL and are prepared to win ugly when required. The skill level and physical condition has pretty obviously improved from season 1 to season 2. The depth of talent will improve each year as girls who have played footy from Auskick on through TAC Cup pathway get drafted. Already some of the stars of the old state women's league are struggling to compete with the athletic and skillful players either emerging from development pathways or swapping to AFLW from other sports. Yep. The Blues v Pies game was crap but there are crap AFLM games most weeks. Steve Hocking and the AFL sure do know how to trash the AFLW brand. Mindless incompetence.
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    Yeah shorten the field size? Just like the good old days of backyard footy with my mates playing 5 a side. Lets face it 1 Women's footy is a novelty where skill level apart from a very few exceptions is poor. 2 Any Average grade men's suburban side would beat any AFLX women's team Easily IMO
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    Re Roos coaching. In 2005 he built a defensive structure and game plan around Roberts-Thompson at CHB who was generally considered to be a fringe player at best. His only task was to stop his opponents from getting clean possession and then it was up to his team mates to clean up. He succeeded so well that Sydney won the flag and LRT was seriously considered by many good judges to have been a candidate for the Norm Smith medal. Of all of Roos' coaching achievements, this was his best. Each player has a role based on his particular ability and it's up to the coach to identify and define that rol and make it work for the team.
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    Insane by the AFL to do this now, but having said that I'm all for rules which mean that a certain number of players need to be in each part of the ground at a centre bounce for men and women.
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    Watching Carlton/Collingwood and then Melbourne/GWS showed me that Melbourne is superior in moving the ball through the middle of the ground. The challenge is that scoring opportunities are from 30m out, not 50 as for the men's game. This enables poorer disposal teams to stifle any benefit gained by the attacking team by collapsing defence into this critical area. The ability of the forwards to mark under pressure is now a bigger advantage. The other, which Melbourne use is to quickly move the ball from turnover into the danger area before the defensive team is set. This is where better kicking skills are a must, and where supporter frustration is reduced. I remember the collective groans of us Melbourne supporters when the men's team would turn it over after having one bad possession in a potentially successful chain, only to have the opposition take full advantage down to their goal. I haven't seen the Adelaide/Brisbane Bulldogs/Fremantle game, so maybe Brisbane and Bulldogs have shown similar skills. I like the game now, and once there are clean extended chains, this will increase the attractiveness of the game.
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    Probably won't help for the first 100 years, as they learn how to kick properly. More mums out in the backyard teaching their little girls, on the opposite foot, for two or three hours every night. Equality is a pain...........
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    I'll settle for a long sequence of comfortable, routine, unremarkable victories.
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    After the debacle at the end of last year, I had a feeling of peace come over me and i guess it was from knowing that its done and dusted.I wouldn't be kicked in the guts any more.The pathetic finale to the end of the year had taken it all out of me and i dare say a lot of other supporters of long standing (in my case 53 years)It was like stuff this,i'm going fishing next year.But as the new season approaches,and I look at our list,with all our youngsters with another year under their belt,and hopefully not so rotten of luck with injuries the old spirit is coming back with what I started this thread with a nervous feeling in the guts. I'M BACK IN. GO YOU MIGHTY DEMONS.
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    Tigers and Dogs winning the flag is great for the AFL, means anyone who has few injuries, good draw, bit of luck and can put together a very good last 6-8 weeks is in with a chance for the flag. Demons best players still seem better suited to 2019/2020 for a tilt at the flag, but finish top 4 this year and you never know! 2018 shapes up as an exciting year, just a little luck and we are finals bound, and our best will get us in the top 4, go Dees!
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    I know what you mean. On the basis of the following there is logically a growing expectation of this year being a breakout year :- - linear improvement; - the demographic of the team with a solid core of players reaching a competitive level of development; - the raw talent; and - what I believe is an excellent coaching panel with a gameplan that at stages last year showed it could beat the best teams. However there are some intangibles we've suffered in the past two years that make me understand what you are saying. They might be cultural issues or maybe they were caused by too young a list. My three keys to correct for success are :- 1. I reckon we've played 3 x 4 quarter games in the past 11 years. Dogs and Eagles last year. Hawks the year before. When we start playing 4 quarter games watch out. 2. We've had too many games where we fade out and fail to close out games. 3. The last two years we've had bad drop offs in the last month. Maybe 2 & 3 can be explained by too young a list or maybe there's a more inherent cultural issue. Lets hope its the former and the list has reached a critical mass of physical and footy development. In my experience the transition from being grateful for any improvement to an expectation of good footy brings plenty of frustration and gnashing of teeth. (I'm being very restrained here). I was fractionally too young to remember '64 so my first experience of this transition was '86/'87 and we're in that window now for only the second time since '64. The competition is more even and plenty of teams around us are improving so there's no guarantees. My gut tells me the footy injury gods are finally going to shine on us and we are in for a big improvement but the logic of our experience as Dees supporters won't let that queezy feeling go away until its proved otherwise. Go Dees
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    How I miss him. His non stop pursuit of equality and moral superiority was the perfect antidote to my actual achievement of human perfection and unquestionable wisdom coupled with my spiritual and intellectual godliness.Sometime one needs a snivelling rat to kick into the gutter to reassure oneself of such a thing.
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    Gerard is a nice person, knowledgeable, balanced, and experienced. I doubt you'd hear a bad word about him. I find him boring.
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    21 games, 42.28 goals is a great result...but would it be selfish to want it to be 21 games, 55.15 goals? some of his misses in front are inexplicable - his set shot work needs a lot of work love his ability to outbody bigger defenders and use his footballing 'nous' to control the space around the drop of the ball and put himself in an advantageous position to make the most of his opportunity his football definitely became more subdued as a result of off-field circumstances, but he still looked threatening he's a massively important part of our forward line
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