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    It’s all about Greater Western Sydney. That’s the population the AFL want. It will be the same size as Sydney is now in 20-30 years Brisbane and GC are just useful for broadcast rights deals. The AFL can cover those costs when $Billion deals are done.
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    If anyone, Richmond should rightly be the Tassie Tigers. (Then we could take over Punt Road oval which is in Melbourne not Richmond!) problem solved (for us)!
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    Unfortunately, there's no commercial value to the AFL in placing a team in Tassie. The incremental increase in revenue would be miniscule because of the small population and the fact that most are already watching AFL. That's why Gold Coast was a preferred option.
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    The reason GWS and GC are in existence is simple and twofold. I have said it before and I'll say it again. 60% of the advertising revenue in Australia comes from NSW and Southern QLD. Rugby league viewing stats (in around 2008 when the decision was made to expand the AFL) had the NRL holding around 8 of the top 12 viewed sports programs excluding the Beijing Olympics). The AFL, on order to make theirs the pre-eminent national product for advertisers, needed greater exposure on those two regions. They were given a solid head start because the AFL did not want to see the Brisbane Bears reincarnated. They wanted a competitive team quickly. This has happened with GWS but GC seems to have stuffed it up. All the clubs agreed to it and to the concessions. We have 9 games a week which is why TV revenue drives outcomes. IN 2011 braodcast rights were around $1.25bn. In 2016 these rights were around $2.5bn. Be in no doubt that this show is driven by TV money and not by 'real fans'.
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    Leicester, Cubs, Astros, Cronulla, Bulldogs, Richmond, Philly Eagles... the more these drought-breaking outsiders win championships, the less confident I am that Melbourne will break its drought.
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    If we do not make finals this year I will still blame Jack Watts
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    Will come down to a bit of good discipline and luck with injuries, if we had those things in our favor last year I still believe we would have been pushing hard for the top 4, so top 8 or epic failure this year, I am slightly reluctant to embrace the hype that loss to Collingwood is still in the back of the mind, but saying that the Collingwood loss is not the reason we missed finals was a combination of things the loss to freo, nth x2 and not burying Brisbane when we had the chance, I just hope the players are hurting as much as us supporters if they are I don’t think they will let it slip this time
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    The competition is getting closer every year now the the GWS and Goal Coast concessions are drying up. We could finish as high as 3rd or as low as 14th, our season won't come down to games or even quarters, it will come down to moments. Bookmark it.
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    Even though I didn’t think it at the time, it’s possible that 2017 is the year we had to have. A finals birth is absolutely there for us in 2018. And not a mere position in the 8, we now have the list, the coaching group and the experience to make an impact. In short, it’s ours to stuff up this year. For some reason, I don’t think we will - I definitely see us playing finals for the first time since 2006.
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    Melbourne overcame a sloppy start to its AFLW season with six straight last half goals including a late snap from Richelle (“Rocky”) Cranston which knocked Greater Western Sydney out of the contest and gave her team the win by six points. The Demons, with midfielder Karen Paxman in great early form with nine possessions, dominated proceedings in the first quarter but their poor disposal and the Giants’ ability to score goals on rare forays up forward, saw them trailing by four points at quarter time. By then, Paxman was off with a back injury (later diagnosed as “back spasms”) and things were not looking good for the Dees when their opponents scored their third goal early in the second term. At the main break they were down by 9 points. However, with skipper Daisy Pearce, the strong and reliable Elise O'Dea and the new look Richelle Cranston all lifting, the Demons willed themselves back into the game after half time. It took just three minutes for them to snatch the lead for the first time and by the 10 minute mark, they were in front themselves by 9 points. But GWS were not to be denied. They fought back against the run of the game with two goals to go into the last break with a 5-point lead. It was still anybody’s game. As it was, the lead changed hands early in the final term with goals from Cranston and Shelley Scott but the Giants were undeterred and fought back to level the scores. Then followed a tense five minutes until Rocky’s snap gave the home side the lead and the win. After the game, Cranston said, “I had no idea how that goal went in – I just heard Daisy say ‘get it on the boot’ and lucky it went through.” Other players who stood out were Meg Downie across half-back, Lily Mithen up forward and newcomers Bianca Jakobsson from Carlton and 194 cm recruit Erin Hoare who had 20 hit-outs in the ruck. The Demons are at home again next week with a clash against reigning premiers Adelaide, smarting from their first up loss last night to Brisbane. Melbourne 1.2.8 1.3.9 4.3.27 7.3.45 GWS Giants 2.0.12 3.0.18 5.2.32 6.3.39 Goals Melbourne Cranston 3 Scott 2 Hore Cunningham GWS Giants McWilliams 3 Barclay 2 Staunton Best Melbourne D Pearce O'Dea Downie Cranston Scott Mithen GWS Giants McWilliams Farrugia Barclay Staunton Injuries Melbourne Paxman (back) GWS Giants Nil Reports Nil Umpires Gibson Johansen Curtis Official crowd 5,100 at Casey Fields
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    And another courtesy of 'The Count': Checked out a bit of the rehab group ... - Viney was very clean when they had the footys out. - Joel Smith has put on a really good amount of size - Harmes started there, then moved over to the main oval and ran a few laps before joining in with the main group towards the end. He's really matured in his body shape I think. - Jeffy and Johnstone also moved to the main oval and ran a few laps together, and Weid ran a few of his own as well, has put on a little bit of size, but still has a ways to go Viney and J.Smith were running some sprints and then some 400's together, Smith was smashing him, tho I believe is a fair way ahead in terms of running. - vandenBerg did his own session up at the rooms under cover, did a fair bit of boxing and battle rope stuff, but its very clear that he's been off leg for some time, huge upper body, tiny pegs. As for the main group, as Jack said, the conditions meant that you can take absolutely nothing away from a skill perspective, but it at least looked like they were training to them, in the full ground drills, the long kicks down the line were kicked to space to the advantage of the man, rather than trying to hit a target. - Agree on Hogan, one of the better performers in the conditions, and looked hungry. One of the drills in the positional groups, Hogan had to tackle TMac while Pedo tried to shepherd him, and TMac avoid being tackled by him. Pedo was doing a good job, and it got pretty heated between the two for a second, and Hoges just concentrated on getting rid of Pedo, which he did, before getting back to TMac and tackling him to ground. - Trac is still sublime to watch, even in the rain. Was with the mids all session, and was covering the ground well. - I was impressed with Tyson, and I'm a critic. Was moving really well, noticeably better than last season. - Nobody told Oliver it was wet ... ridiculous what he can do. He walked past me afterwards as well, deceivingly tall. - Hibberd kicked in from a behind during some of the heaviest rain, and it would have gone 60+ - Fritsch took a few nice grab, needs to smash the hamburgers tho - Get on board the Ginga Ninja, I've seen plenty of him in full flight in the NEAFL, and he looked like he was fitting in really well.
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    Article quietly hidden in the Financial review: http://www.afr.com/business/sport/the-afl-propped-up-gold-coast-suns-with-25m-after-sponsorship-woes-20180201-h0s15t While most clubs get $10-15M from the AFL each year, this is an absolute disgrace for an enterprise that simply will NOT work. How would an extra $10M go at any other club? There are no fans in the back blocks of the Gold Coast, and the list of failed sporting teams from that area is long. Can't get sponsors....there is a reason for that.....businesses can see value in promotion through sport, but they can also see that money would be wasted with this venture.... How well would a Tasmanian team go if the AFL threw in $25 M toward their operating costs? And then provide ambassadorships to leading players on top of their salary cap?
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    Forget the railyards. They will never be covered in any meaningful capacity that would facilitate our purposes. Eddie can also forget about dropping Richmond Station underground. The disruption and logistics are of a magnitude to give even the largest of Civil Contractors colliwobbles. Will never happen. The magic triangle at Goschs actually has potential.
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    saw a post yesterday, biffo (not demonland) that fair dinkum said "shabby sheik"
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    Everyone keeps telling me what a great list we have,and that we should push for the top 4, but I find it so hard to feel genuinely optimistic. I guess it's because of the persistent heartbreak we've suffered over the last 53 years. One thing I am optimistic about, is that once we have some good seasons,it will start a positive feedback, of more supporters, more members, less home game sales, more Friday night games,and a better deal from the umpires, due to more Demon crowd pressure. A lot depends on injuries,and emergence of some players to elite level.
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    How is this a surprise? The AFL will not let GCS or GWS fail. As for a Tassie team, it's been gone over again and again. But it looks like NMFC will eventually become "the" Tassie team, by stealth.
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    Spot on rjay, win lose or draw we have a team that can compete with the best, I firmly believe we will play finals this year given a reasonable run of injuries. Even if we don't I am confident we will win more than we lose. We have come a long way since the days where the only thing to be decided was the size of the loss. Heads up guys this season is going to be fun.
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    The mental issues.......... the supporters?
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    Oh well, there's always next year............... (have I gone too early?)
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    I'm feeling it too. Have been thinking there is huge pressure on the team to make finals this year. As much as I think they are primed and ready to make the next step, the last few years and watching other teams like Carlton and Collinwood and North that were also said to be building over the past decade, but then only falter into mediocrity, tells me it's no certainty. I'm really looking for this Melbourne team to mature into something solid and dominant beyond MFC teams of the 90s and put a consistent season from start to finish, stitching up a top four position and setting it's self up for a realistic crack at the big prize, rather than scrapping out the last six rounds just to scrape into the top 8.
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    I don't understand why anyone listens to the radio anymore. Terrible music, non stop adverts and banal or far right hosts. Podcasts and iPod for music for me.
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    Hmm, that's an interesting one yeah. Trying to think of some rationales. Main one would be that people don't see the Demons as a team which will win constantly all season, but they do see us as being capable of putting a surge of form together to win through the finals. Those odds would suggest 'they' think we are about 50/50 to make the finals, and if we make the finals, we're about 50/50 to be top 4, and if we are in the top 4 we're about 50/50 to make the grand final, and if we make the grand final, we're about 50/50 to win the premiership. One coin toss at a time?
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    Love the clash jumper. It's interesting for me as I started following the Demons in 88 so I haven't really see us play in the royal blue. I have written this elsewhere but I think it's a chance for us to recognize a part of our history that the spin doctors at the club (and a lot of supporters) tend to bury. If you were to believe the CS's of this world, we all fell asleep listening to Bobby Darin in 1964 but no one of consequence played for us ever again (besides Robbie) and that when we woke up, the league hadn't really changed that much. I reckon we as a club need to embrace the struggle that we have undergone to get where we have. For me, winning a flag isn't a birth right or an acknowledgement of our inherent greatness. It will be reward for years of toil. The royal blue for me is emblematic of the struggle.
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    Yes! We're only two games away from a grand final.
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