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    Betting on the MFC aka throwing away money and having your heart broken again. Sounds like a great deal.
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    Love Nev as well, and while he's a good kick, he's also very risk-adverse in his kicking choices which helps his stat in this area. Long penertating kicks to the advantage of player on the run are not Nevs standard kick from defence... like the opposite of Travis Johnston, which in a backman is not a bad thing.
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    Armstrong will just sit back and polish his premiership medallion while all this reminiscing is happening...
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    We are extremely fortunate to have access to an suburban oval 12 months a year. To get 3 home practice matches because the 3 teams we play have cricket pitches is a real advantage for Casey, bit extra cash through bar/Canteen and gate takings also helps.
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    Why shouldn’t we give things a good shake? At stages of the 2017 campaign we were scraping the bottom of the barrel in personnel terms, with the stupid suspensions and the cataclysm of injuries we suffered. Add Lever and Hogan to the line up for most of our season and all things being equal we are a two-goal a game better side, even if we see no improvement in other areas of our game. Brayshaw, Petracca, Oliver and Viney being fed by Gawn will be a formidable midfield for anyone to contend with.
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    $7.50 to make the GF.....wow. They’ve still got a bit to prove in my eyes, bit too short for me to have a dip.
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    $13 Premiers $7.50 Make GF $15.00 Top of ladder $3.50 Top four $1.75 Final 8.
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    Anything Gary Lyon has to say about the MFC I take with a massive handful of salt.
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    Think of the game as one of rotations: Midfield, secondary zone, bench. Bernie and Lewis rotate centre-back-bench, Trac, Jones (Hogan, Hannan) rotate forward-centre-bench. Stretch wing-centre-bench. Oliver and Viney as almost pure mids (on ball - bench). Etc. Provides lots of options, and also leadership on every line. With Lewis and Lever coordinating the back half, Jones could add some valuable leadership forward if needed. So I'm not against him spending time forward as Trac rotates into the middle. I don't speak to him, or for him, but in the pics posted he seems to be going OK for an old bugger with bung calves....
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    I have such admiration for this player. To have come out of the last ten years at this club the player he is is an incredible feat. At the time of his delisting he could have been forgiven for running for the hills to get as far away from this shambolic club as possible. But he didn’t. He knuckled down and won the respect of his coaches, teammates, the opposition and now the whole footballing community. He’s a great role model for every player in the league.
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    Are you suggesting the players are not completely candid when they talk to random supporters? Surely not. Calf injuries, particularly in older players, is becoming one of those injuries that never seem to go away. Like foot injuries.
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    Let's wait until we drop the first three games...!
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    Schmucks are schmucks until they prove otherwise. 20-1 would be more reasonable odds.
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    I think we are ready with some very good capable players and with enough experience now to make an assault at the Flag. Barring any major injuries take the 13 dollars for PREMIERS, you won't get those odds after we beat the pussie cats. The depth runs deep. IT'S TIME BOYS.
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    Hmm, that's an interesting one yeah. Trying to think of some rationales. Main one would be that people don't see the Demons as a team which will win constantly all season, but they do see us as being capable of putting a surge of form together to win through the finals. Those odds would suggest 'they' think we are about 50/50 to make the finals, and if we make the finals, we're about 50/50 to be top 4, and if we are in the top 4 we're about 50/50 to make the grand final, and if we make the grand final, we're about 50/50 to win the premiership. One coin toss at a time?
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    Dom Tyson's foot skills were sharp and polished; A new 3 word analysis of Dom perhaps?
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    “Ian’s brother Greg...” ”Yes he’s here....”
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    I'm not a moderator of this site so I can't tell you what you can and can't say and do. Demonland has rules you can read. But my opinion is that online personal criticism, particularly when it's anonymous, on any forum is always unnecessary, cowardly and disrespectful of both posters and readers.
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    1. No criticisms of Satyr for his training reports 2. No criticisms of Joeboy for his weekly three word player summaries 3. No criticisms of Melbourne players unless genuinely deserved.
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    There are two Statts I believe in from 2017. Richmond were the best team and Brisbane were the worst. The rest is just Champion data trying to justify their existence.
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