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    My favourite sort of intent is eye-eagle.
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    Big feature on the ABC tonight on 7.30 report about MFC womens players and what they have given up to play for the club Here is at least a write up: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-01/aflw-women-career-injury/9380274 and the video link: http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/meet-the-aflw-players-who-sacrificed-their-day/9385274
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    My way of finding a standout horse (whether it works or not is highly questionable Wadda ) is to first of all work from the bottomweight up (or the last horse listed in any given field) And I usually only ever look at Group Races/Listed Races. I then start grading the horses as follows ... N ........ No MP ..... Maybe a Place P ........ Place PW ..... Should Place, Might Win WP .... Can Win, At least a Place W ....... Should Win I tried it with a number of the Rosehill Races and then thought I'd throw a few picks out there to see what others thought. It gets tough finding a standout when I start finding multiple horses that should win! My best bet won't be coming from the Expressway Stakes or from Caulfield. Will probably do a few Tri's in the Manfred Stakes & The W J Adams Stakes though (as well as the Expressway Stakes) With regards to my initial picks at Rosehill I marked 'Don't Give A Damn' & 'Kopi Luwak' on top then 'Bye See' then 'From Within' ... and they've predicted a bit of rain for Sydney on Saturday too (clearing up as the day goes on) Right now the track is a Good 4.
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    Havent had a look at Caulfield yet, but the Sydney races seem hard. Any idea on the track atm? Hopefully we dont get those dreadful tracks like we did when it was raining for weeks on end. Really ruined it. Dont mind R6 N9 Bye See.....3 runs in, place last start. (the old rule i mentioned)....remember......
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    They also would have lost to us had we not been crucified by injuries.
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    Thanks and thats a really interesting list of High Chaparrals. I will be referring back to it from time to time......some top horses there. High Chaparral died in 2014, so there wont be anymore. But the last 2 Ace High and Rekindling may well be amongst the best. Yes its a hard one and maybe Gai and Bott with home ground advantage hold the key with Global Glamour atm. Had such a good strike rate in the spring, we are going to have to keep an eye on them every damn race now. Because of this they will often be favorites as well tho. Goodfella has the odds tho, i like it as well. I think your assessment is pretty good.
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    Very interesting Wadda. I've had a good look at the Expressway and I've determined it's quite a tricky race to find a standout. Out of the realistic chances according to the market, there are 3 horses with at least 1 start in their current prep. 2- Global Glamour 3- Memes 6- Goodfella First-up horses that can win(IMO) listed below. 4- Ace High 5-Trapeze Arrist 8- Addictive Nature I watched some replays of the fresher horses in their previous prep and some current trials but it's hard to gauge against a horse in a prep already. Case in point, Maccas thoughts on Goodfella. Yes, the horse is in a decent prep at the moment with some short let-ups in between runs, but the last two runs have been very good behind a quality galloper in Pierata. Im finding it hard to narrow it down to one standout in this race so maybe a trifecta around Ace High could be the ticket.
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    What is a change up? I like us wearing a Melbourne jumper, royal or navy blue is fine by me. We are the team of the red & the blue. NOT white.
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    Yes, im with you D77, wont be far off them i dont think. Hes a High Chapparal and i had a look to see if any of the other prodigies had ever won over 1200. Looks like 1400 by Tivaci in 2012 in The All Aged Stakes is the shortest distance. Doesnt mean he cant set a new record or run a place. Will be interesting. Watch out for Ace high over the Mile to Mile and a half. ...and watch out Winx. Foaled Name Sex Major Wins 2006 Descarado g Caulfield Cup, Caulfield Stakes 2006 Monaco Consul c Victoria Derby, Spring Champion Stakes 2006 Redwood c Northern Dancer Turf Stakes 2006 Shoot Out g Chipping Norton Stakes x2, Australian Derby, George Main Stakes, Randwick Guineas 2006 So You Think c Cox Plate x2, Tattersalls Gold Cup x2, Yalumba Stakes, Underwood Stakes, MacKinnon Stakes, Eclipse Stakes, Irish Champion Stakes, Prince of Wales's Stakes 2007 Wigmore Hall g Northern Dancer Turf Stakes x2 2008 High Jinx c Prix du Cadran 2009 Dundeel c Spring Champion Stakes, Australian Derby, Underwood Stakes, ATC Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Rosehill Guineas, Randwick Guineas 2009 Wrote c Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf 2010 Altior g Supreme Novices' Hurdle, Henry VIII Novices' Chase, Arkle Challenge Trophy 2010 Contributer c Chipping Norton Stakes, Ranvet Stakes 2010 Pondarosa Miss f Easter Handicap 2010 Toronado c Sussex Stakes, Queen Anne Stakes 2011 Fenway f Storm Queen Stakes 2011 Lucky Lion c Bayerisches Zuchtrennen 2011 Free Eagle c Prince of Wales's Stakes 2012 Tivaci c All Aged Stakes 2013 Montoya's Secret f Vinery Stud Stakes 2014 Ace High c Spring Champion Stakes, Victoria Derby 2014 Rekindling c Melbourne Cup
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    Thanks, Jones had a good solid main session at Maroochydore, I was told by a reliable source You will find Lyon's 'influence' at the club has declined badly since the new regime took over, he like a lot of other 'journalists gets his info second hand from sites such as Demonland or interpreting Ben Guthrie's articles on AFL website in the negative
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    That's what made round 23 so hard to take. There was no real stand out team last year. Giving them credit... Toiges had a wonderful 8 weeks or so including the final series. 4-5 weeks out they were on paper a real chance to finish 9-10 on the ladder.
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    Betting on the MFC aka throwing away money and having your heart broken again. Sounds like a great deal.
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    Love Nev as well, and while he's a good kick, he's also very risk-adverse in his kicking choices which helps his stat in this area. Long penertating kicks to the advantage of player on the run are not Nevs standard kick from defence... like the opposite of Travis Johnston, which in a backman is not a bad thing.
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    Armstrong will just sit back and polish his premiership medallion while all this reminiscing is happening...
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    We are extremely fortunate to have access to an suburban oval 12 months a year. To get 3 home practice matches because the 3 teams we play have cricket pitches is a real advantage for Casey, bit extra cash through bar/Canteen and gate takings also helps.
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    Why shouldn’t we give things a good shake? At stages of the 2017 campaign we were scraping the bottom of the barrel in personnel terms, with the stupid suspensions and the cataclysm of injuries we suffered. Add Lever and Hogan to the line up for most of our season and all things being equal we are a two-goal a game better side, even if we see no improvement in other areas of our game. Brayshaw, Petracca, Oliver and Viney being fed by Gawn will be a formidable midfield for anyone to contend with.
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    $7.50 to make the GF.....wow. They’ve still got a bit to prove in my eyes, bit too short for me to have a dip.
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    $13 Premiers $7.50 Make GF $15.00 Top of ladder $3.50 Top four $1.75 Final 8.
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    I am a pessimist/realist. I'd like to bet on Melbourne missing out on the 8 ... and hopefully losing that bet.
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    He's really not. He gets his info from Bigfooty. They even joked about it on SEN once.
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    Really? Bugger, she was my favorite. I love footy season. Go girls. Lets bring home a flag, and give the guys something to chase.
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    Not to mention ... Tracc elite (ok, I'll wear that) but then Oliver not??? Maybe they go by looks in which case Clarry will never make it.
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    At least they got Carlton’s list ranking correct.
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    If economics is the dismal science then surely statistics is the doleful science. i do wonder what data Champion Data gathers and how they use/interpret it. Jayden Hunt considered elite while Michael Hibberd not mentioned, ridiculous in the extreme! Jayden Hunt has the talent to become elite but he has a fair way to go. Hibberd AA proves my point.
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    Sydney has had two recent minor premierships followed by 'coming second' in the grand final. Funnily enough, they've done that five other times in their history, too. Port Adelaide took three tries before getting there in 2004. Brisbane never finished minor premiers in their triple. Overall, it looks like there's roughly a three-way split for final result for minor premiers; 1/3rd win the premiership, 1/3rd come runner up, and 1/3rd don't make the grand final. With the power of statistics and imprecise grammar, I could thus 'accurately' say "winning the minor premiership means you are less likely to win the premiership than another team".
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    Betting agencies are always "on trend" thats their job. It has been suggested - If you know how to exploit that the more you bet the more you win. If you dont know how to exploit that your money is set to head into their pockets over the long run.
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    I’m not even drunk and I have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe the trick is I need to be drunk. Back soon.
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    Appears correct as Alex was in the group photo.
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    Are you sure they have the Right name it might SOS2?
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    It's like the Yeti monster though, difficult to capture on camera....
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    Kopi Luwak is my 2nd pick D77 but at this stage it's paying around $2 where as Don't Give A Damn is good value at about $4. I didn't necessarily see it as the standout horse but the race analysis has it as the standout horse. Both horses have drawn good barriers. By the way, Ace High has drawn the No.1 barrier. There's a reasonable field in the Scenic Blast Stakes at Ascot later on Saturday. For me it's more of a trifecta race.
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    There is Norway and there is Qatar who make $60 billion a year in royalties from their gas reserves. We are about to surpass their output in gas exports but our income is measured in the millions because we have sold out industry to overseas multinational companies who specialise in tax minimisation and enjoy tax holidays because they have invested money in extraction infrastructure. We are handing over natural resources for next to nothing to overseas multinational mining, oil and gas companies who exploit our resources and pay minimal tax and royalties. Rex Connor might have been on to something all those years ago!
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    She still lives in Albert Park but hates people unless they are born overseas.She developed this luxury by growing up in the greatest era of prosperity and low unemployment in human history.All white Australians are to be despised due to it.She is obviously senile.
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    Going by the photos on the mfc site hogan is lean and in fantastic shape. His body shape looks more like that of a mid than power forward, which fits with comments he might play more as a mud this year. Scary thought for opposition mids.
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    Think of the game as one of rotations: Midfield, secondary zone, bench. Bernie and Lewis rotate centre-back-bench, Trac, Jones (Hogan, Hannan) rotate forward-centre-bench. Stretch wing-centre-bench. Oliver and Viney as almost pure mids (on ball - bench). Etc. Provides lots of options, and also leadership on every line. With Lewis and Lever coordinating the back half, Jones could add some valuable leadership forward if needed. So I'm not against him spending time forward as Trac rotates into the middle. I don't speak to him, or for him, but in the pics posted he seems to be going OK for an old bugger with bung calves....
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    I have such admiration for this player. To have come out of the last ten years at this club the player he is is an incredible feat. At the time of his delisting he could have been forgiven for running for the hills to get as far away from this shambolic club as possible. But he didn’t. He knuckled down and won the respect of his coaches, teammates, the opposition and now the whole footballing community. He’s a great role model for every player in the league.
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    You can fluke a premiership without being the best team all year like the Bulldogs or Tigers. You can't fluke top of the ladder ithout being the best team all year. We are a much greater chance of inning the premiership than finishing on top. The best bet is Melbourne to win the women's premiership at $5.
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    Pedders looks 5 years younger and super fit. Hope he has another ripper year.
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    Are you suggesting the players are not completely candid when they talk to random supporters? Surely not. Calf injuries, particularly in older players, is becoming one of those injuries that never seem to go away. Like foot injuries.
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    I'm chucking on a hundred for premiers. Worth a punt
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    Dom Tyson's foot skills were sharp and polished; A new 3 word analysis of Dom perhaps?
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    Not enough choices in the poll. I voted "love it" but the total truth is that it is better than most of what has gone before it. Always hated the royal blue number in the 70s and 80s though. So it's relatively better than the white number, ok, but love it is a bit too strong.
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    As for the rest of the session. Turned up around 10:40 with the players soon to start some pretty decent going match simulation. White v Blue. Rehab boxing: Weideman, J Smith, T Smith Walking back to AAMI: Vanders Walking laps, possibly with a issue or unwell?: Dion Johnstone Running: Viney Match sim was fast paced and aggressive. Loud cheers as Lever timed his back pedal and spoil going with the flight to knock the ball away from Hannan who was loose inside 50. Equally loud cheers from the other side when Kent and Spargo amongst others forced a ball up inside forward 50. Spargo found the ball in space a few times but wasn't as clean with it as I'd have liked. Balic is similar and also has a real art at smothering the ball. After this it was some simple kicking and handballing cone to cone stuff that then resulted in a kick inside 50 to a 1 on 1 contest inside a box that was maybe 15 wide by 10 deep in the hot spot area. Keilty gave Hogan a good test. Hogan was encouraged by Macca to coach the guys who made poor decisions on where to kick, which was a lot of them. The forwards were starting behind (or I guess the defenders were starting in front) and so it takes the forwards and the kickers to be on the same page. Hannan and Jetta had a good battle, with Hannan using his body to keep his ground then mark over the back. Petracca had Frost turned around a lot, which concerns me with Frosty. Frost only takes a few steps to recover but sometimes you don't have it. Clarry at Oscar were similar but Oscar probably kept closer. Bugg, Fristch, Harmes and Tommy Mc then rotated in as did Wagner and Perry on the defensive side. Perry has good instincts and nice closing speed. After some tackling work the forwards and backs did a drill where it was 6 on 6 deep inside 50 and they were working on their zoning. I didn't really like this drill because it involved some big contests in the air with players backing back and other attacking the ball. ANB got a Hannan knee in the glute that had both players sore but able to continue. Wagner had a big spoil with some heavy contact. That said, the defenders worked well with each other and the forwards did a nice job too. The mids were doing boundary throw in work on the wing. Gawn beat King a little too easily for my liking. The drill often resulted in repeat ball ups but I guess that's not uncommon when it was one on one. I would've liked to have seen some cleaner chains of handballs but the counter to that might've been the other side was defending well. It was certainly willing stuff. Baker easily sidestepped Gawn and then did the same thing to Petracca in one series of play. Of the midfield group he's was behind Gawn and towards the middle at best in the running and he's not quite a pure kick of the ball but he looks a natural running with the ball. If we're looking for pace in the midfield group then keep an eye out for him.
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    There are two Statts I believe in from 2017. Richmond were the best team and Brisbane were the worst. The rest is just Champion data trying to justify their existence.
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    Jan 2017 Champion Data: Pies no 1 midfield Dees 18th Grain. Of. Salt.
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