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    Here are a few snaps from training today. Enjoy ==> https://www.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=3NPfw7&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=2&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=1&clickable=1
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    Any decision that doesn't achieve the desired outcome can be categorized as questionable That's why there are so many hindsight experts, paricularly in the footy environment Also why not many are brave, or foolish enough, to take on a senior AFL coaching role Paul Roos used to get a prodigious amount of email coaching and selection tips from these experts Imagine if he had actually listened He also told me if he picked 15 different teams one weekend, he still wouldn't please everyone Examples Weed and Hogan had been training most the pre season and it was hoped they would form a good partnership in 2017, Pedo was still remodelling himself into the Lean Machine we see today, so Weed was preferred, it didn't work, shock horror, move on JKH was tearing up the VFL, he got a chance and not only told me but the Club Website he had let himself, the other players and the coaches down with his performances, shock horror, it didn't work, move on I know Ben Kennedy had some deficiencies in his game that he couldn't fix, hence no games and delisting Who would have picked Hannan to debut and play so many games, a guy who had gone VAFA/VFL/AFL in three seasons, don't remember seeing him in many pre season best 22 that the experts nominated, was the decision to play him questionable at the time? Or an inspired decision in hindsight. You could fill a topic with pages to rival the Jack Watts traded topic on coaching selections that have either worked or not worked over the lastx10 years, with each expert offering up different opinions, nobody is right or wrong, just a different take or view on each decision and why it was taken
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    Because that's the point. The criticism of Satyr and Joeboy is never deserved. Disagreement with their views is OK, but not criticism of them personally.
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    1. No criticisms of Satyr for his training reports 2. No criticisms of Joeboy for his weekly three word player summaries 3. No criticisms of Melbourne players unless genuinely deserved.
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    Yet Trengove and Kennedy were getting BOG most weeks and were constantly ignored.. Goingby Plapps reviews these 2 were always playing their role and in form. So realistically your theory about Goodwin rewarding guys who are in form every week is wrong. Kennedy should have at least been given a go and rewarded for form. Joel Smith had 13 weeks off and came straight back into the AFL side, after a week at Casey.. it was a bizarre and stupid decision. He looked completely out of his depth. The decision to keep Weideman in the side early on the year while Pedo was in hot form is another mind boggling decision. Sorry, but Goody and the selection committee need to be on their toes this year, as last year some decision were quiet questionable.
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    i'll go: - we win every match on the way to a glorious undefeated season and first run of seven premierships in a row - we don't just beat north in round 3, we absolutely destroy them - 100+ points please - we win every match by a minimum of four goals, meaning no mfcss in the final quarter all year
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    Great pics- thanks. The photos of Viney bounding along and leaping through the air will put a few people's minds at ease.
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    Fabulous pics 666 ...... and it made my day to see JV running, doing a bit of jumping and kicking. Thanks for making my day!
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    Roaring To Go: The 2018 Trade and Draft Board
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    Why didn't you put "unless genuinely deserved" at the end of the first two?
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    I want one of those companies where you burn 100 million and make 90 million and have potential billions to come in. Delivering fired chicken to bogans can't be that hard.
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    Wear it in a classic win next year a la our win against WCE last year and history will start to be rewritten. I mean, we've been wearing our traditional jumper for the last decade during probably the bleakest period in our clubs history. Doesn't mean I want to see us do away with our traditional strip.
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    For all the critics of Oscar McDonald, I have one observation which I think is a reasonable/uncontroversial one in the circumstances. If we can maintain a relatively healthy list this year, competition for a regular spot in the 22 will be fierce. Only our very best players will be guaranteed a spot each week, and they are all the obvious names. Beyond these players, you will have to be playing very well (i.e. be in form) and, relevantly, actually be a properly decent AFL player to be regularly selected in this side in 2018. If Oscar plays most games this year, I think the current vocal critics here should be obliged to concede that: 1. Oscar is actually a decent AFL player; and 2. their assessment of him as a player is not shared by the professionals within the club, and their views might be based more on some personal bias/prejudice rather than a proper assessment of his performance each week. Just sayin’.
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    Bizarre, who pays for pornography these days?
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    is this article about the ex fremantle player sylvia?
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    Good wish list but beat north by a kick after the siren please i want those [censored] on toast 60 pts plus please.
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    There's a word you don't often see on a footy forum. Or anyhere for that matter, Much the shame. I have an old JVC boom box in my office, prbably from the 80's, which has a fine tune adjustment. Doesn't seem to do much., like the eq meters!
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    That’s right. You could pull those 5 preset buttons forward. That would be why. (Never worked that out as a kid) but my first car did have an 8 track Cartridge Player in it!!!
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    found this in wiki seems too my issue with tuners fixed on 9/10 frequency boundaries only applies to modern electronic based tuners
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    The change was made in the late seventies, most if not all tuners were manual at that time, so no issues re-tuning. On the push button car radios you had to pull out the button re-tune then press the button fully in. Now that carbon dates me to over 60, guilty your worship.
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    Now Mark Fine has gone... I thought he was the only decent footy analyst they had and Finey's final siren was a classic. Plus Sam McLure is in for the 6 to 7 slot. It's getting very vanilla...
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