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    A few comments, to add to the other reports from Friday’s training session. Considering the trying conditions, strong northerly wind and high temperatures the standard of skills exhibited was quite high, stamina and fitness levels overall were very good. Agree with positive comments made by a number of observers/posters here re: Bernie Vince, Max Gawn, Dom Tyson, Dean Kent, Billy Stretch, Christian Salem, Alex Neil-Bullen,Christian Petracca, Tom MacDonald, Jesse Hogan all were noticeable for a range of attributes from their physical conditioning through to their determination and skills exhibited during the training drills. Impressed that most participants maintained an admirable intensity throughout the session which was intelligently managed by the coaching staff. Observed numerous rotations to allow for recovery and plenty of opportunity provided for maintaining hydration levels. Of the new recruits Bailey Fritsch moved with poise and purpose, looked very neat skills wise, was able precisely pass the footy by foot and appears accurate over an extended distance despite the conditions. He judged the flight of the ball superbly and marked confidently despite the strong gusting wind. Close by he is deceptively strong around the hips and upper thighs. After all the training drills were completed and most players departed for what one assumes was a cool shower. Josh Wagner, Jayden Hunt and Neville Jetta did some extra-curricula work competing in pairs for the high kicked incoming ball. Their positioning/bodywork to spoil or mark the ball was terrific. Jettta despite giving up “inches” was the obvious master. Observations on the possible ‘game plan’ for the coming season. Competewith strength around the packs, gain possession and clear congestion by handball and reminiscent of Hawthorn maintain possession by short passing allowing forwards time to lead into space to receive an accurate footpass. Well at least that appears to be plan A. Final thought as a visitor to the centre of the footy universe from the top end, conditions were much tougher for footy than ever experienced in the ‘cooler’dry season evenings in Darwin. Ok will acknowledge pre-season training is not a fixtured AFL game. But training intensity and duration appear to mimic something of game conditions. In anticipation of a continued positive trend on Goody’s team performance graph for season 2018. Adios from your northern correspondent.?Go Demons!
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    At least after 17 hours the Ghan can stay on track ! Plaudits to the Wanna on NITV football tonight
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    Great summary Ron, any chance we could get Gerry’s thoughts on the squad’s performance as well!
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    There is great literary, philosophic and extremely esoteric meaning in these words, and these come from a long way back in a time when most things were quite straight forward, including umpiring, Well said, Dedogtor. ...breaking a Tom Scully tackle and his leg to kick the winning goal?
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    It's now or never, really. The way our list has been built and developed over the last 4 years suggests that finals is the next step. Granted, it should have been what happened last year but we missed the boat and I'm in no doubt that the players will be using that as a driving force for this year - they won't want to go through that ever again. I know some will demand more than just finals, and that's okay too, but I think breaking our finals drought and putting to bed further demons (pardon the pun) from our past (that some of our supporter base still can't let go of) will play a massive role in the success we can enjoy in the years to come.
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    You're kidding yourself DA. We could be 10 goals up and the usuals will still find something to complain about. My wishlist is simple - finals. Anything less and it's a failed season.
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    Much like Daniel Cross before him, Lewis is our on-field coach. We would not have lost that Freo game last year had he not been suspended. He remains a super important player for us.
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    Thanks for the reports - they provide oxygen to those of us who don’t live in MLB. Stretch is a super neat and tidy footballer. I’m surprised he didn’t have more of an impact last year, but I think he might this year - he’s the type of footballer that I expect Goodwin likes. I reckon Bernie will have a big year this year. He’s not past it. Not remotely. The toe injury he suffered last year affected him more than I think many here realise. I also think Lewis will have a big year (once again). These two still have plenty to offer IMO. I’m super excited about Spargo. I reckon he’ll prove to be an absolute gem for pick 29. I’m just hoping we have a decent run with injuries. And Viney back - he’s critical. Then it’s simply up to us, as I reckon we’re now good enough to win more games than we lose.
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    One of my greatest hopes with the team is that Billy Stretch can emulate a reasonable percentage of the fine running, ball-carrying and disposal that his father, Stephen, was able to achieve on all grounds.
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    Turned up today. Always go to one or two sessions. Definitely about skills ATM. Intensity will come later in pre season. Disposal in general was the best I have seen from a D's team in preseason. In the past players built endurance and fitness during drills chasing mongrel kicks and handpasses all around the park!! It used to be ordinary at best. Those who play or have played lower level footy will know what I mean. Now its all about getting it right - disposal and decision making - all the time. O Mc and Hannan have built up a bit. In general the players close up are way bigger than they look at games, TV or pics. Oliver would be an exception but he is naturally powerful and does not need to carry gym muscle. The usual in rehab. Did not see Weid. Trac over his issues and trained well. Was very vocal and confident during drills. Players called into line groups at one stage. In these groups players would give feedback to the group. Feedback I heard was all positive. As you can image big Max was not short of a word. Trac also chimed in as did most.
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    Dropped into training for a quick 20 minutes, my observations: – Piping hot in the sun but it looked like the players were well looked after with refuge in the shade at fairly regular intervals – Clarry with a full face of Zinc cream – I was really impressed with the clinical skills on show – most kicks hitting their target with players kicking very quickly after receiving the ball and kicking to players leading all over the place, both towards the kicker and away into space and with the opposition player on most occasions given no chance to intercept. The quality of our skills are miles and miles ahead of where we were a few years ago. – Very impressed by Petty. For a tall defender he moves really quickly, has some hustle and bustle about him and reads the ball well. Looked really intent and his skills were looking good. – Thought Tyson looked to be a step quicker than the last two years. Might have just been wishful thinking on my behalf but if he finally is completely niggle free then I think he’s set for a big year. – Jones and Garlett doing sprints and looking fresh – same with Tim Smith albeit at a different pace. – Overall I came away thinking that the list is in a very very good place, particularly with the inclusion of the quicker skinnier types such as Fritsch and Baker (as well as Hannan) who add the balance we need to mix with our core group of stronger burst and endurance players.
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    I posted this in another thread, but I can tell you, I was given info from a person connected to the MFC that suggested that the White clash while be done away with and that the new clash jumper will be "as traditional as it could be'. Make of that what you will. I pushed the guy for more details or for a release date, but he was tight lipped...which is fair enough. Based on what he told me, I am excited to see the design.
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    If im a jags player id go to him at the start of the game and offer a handshake then tell him I'll be hitting it all game and first chance id smash it hard, cop.the personal foul and move on.
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    Yep, fair enough too. Watts was always such a bastard and desperate to leave the club
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    Lewis was third in our B&F, and that with missing a few matches.
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    i'll go: - we win every match on the way to a glorious undefeated season and first run of seven premierships in a row - we don't just beat north in round 3, we absolutely destroy them - 100+ points please - we win every match by a minimum of four goals, meaning no mfcss in the final quarter all year
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    Go read my post on the Charlie Spargo thread.. He is light years ahead of the Bleases, Maric's and Strauss types.
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    This is a 'negative for negative's sake' sort of post. George didn't say he was going to be a superstar. He simple passed on his opinion from training that he was impressed with Spargo's ability to kick off both feet and that, in the future, this could make him a viable option in the midfield and we need to see how he develops. There's nothing over the top about that, nor did he say he looked like a star. Some people on here can't see anything in a positive light anymore. It's such a shame.
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    When I was at training not long after the new recruits arrived, I watched Spargo and Petty doing kick to kick. They are different players for different roles, but what stood out for me was the ability of Spargo to hit Petty time and time again on the chest. But not just that, he was doing it both left and right foot. If he is to play mid-field, then the ability to deliver accurately by foot is essential, and it gives the player options on how he does it when they are fluent on either foot ( ala Sam Mitchell). At pick 29 a genuine footballer who can kick is a very viable option. We now have to see how he develops.
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    First and foremost as a Demon I support the Casey Demons as it stands now. As an Australian Rules follower of some 66 years I support the game foremost As a result of the Frankston Dolphins online appeal for memberships to support their 2018 readmission to the 2018 VFL I joined. An outlay if I recall of about $70 , which I considered to be in a really good cause. I,m wrapped that they're in for 2018 as a traditional VFL club and that the support they've received from 2 legendary Hawks Long live what remains of the VFL and a POX on the AFL
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    While I don't think he'll get much opportunity this year due to our improved depth, I feel as though Spargo is going to be a very shrewd selection by our recruiting team. What he lacks in height he makes up for in skills and intent and that can take him a long way.
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    I hope to see Clarry add to his game this year. Everyone knows he's elite inside the contest but let's not forget he's a beautiful kick and as he showed in his junior years he's more than capable of going forward and kicking goals. Clarry has a few more strings to his bow than a lot of ppl realize.
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    And now ... the family connection. Charlie Spargo’s great grandfather Bob Spargo Senior played with the Melbourne Football Club, although it was just for two games during WW2. Bob Snr. stood at 175cm and weighed 69kgs. He played most of his career with Footscray (1934-41) before moving to the Demons in the twilight of his career in 1942. He was a professional athlete who finished third in two Stawell Gifts (1936 & 40). His sons Bob Jnr. and Ricky also represented the Bulldogs and the latter was fifth in the 1974 Stawell Gift. Bob Jnr. played in the team's 1961 Grand Final loss to Hawthorn. Bob Jr's son Paul Spargo played 81 games with North Melbourne and 9 with the Brisbane Bears. During his time with the Kangaroos he was a teammate of Mark Brayshaw, father of our own Angus Brayshaw. He was an assistant coach at Richmond for a while and had a great record coaching in the Ovens & Murray Football League with involvement in multiple premierships. Paul Spargo is Charlie's father. With a great pedigree in football and foot racing, Charlie had a fantastic junior career and two years ago was outstanding in the national carnival. A year ago, he was one of the most highly ranked of the country's draft prospects and headed for a possible top ten selection until shoulder surgery curtailed his season. Don't let his size fool you - Charlie Spargo can play and it's in his blood.
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    I don't know why we can't have a predominantly red strip as our clash strip.
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