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    Its one thing not rating a player in the team you support and making your case as to why. I have no issue at all with that. What i do have an issue with is so called supporters bagging their own players, particularly when it is as petty as this post. I cant stand it, whether it is my club or another one. You often hear it at the footy and i am embarrassed when it is a demon fan. Basically a personal attack on a 21 year old kid busting a gut to play for the demons. Questioning his courage? Ridicuiling him? Pathetic.
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    Enjoy ==> Mobile => https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-hqQvsv?mobile=true https://six6six.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=jvSv8k&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=2&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=1&clickable=1
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    Get over the idea that OMac needs to go back to Casey to learn. He's my prediction for a breakout year, if there is such a thing.
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    Injuries and form permitting he'll play till he's 35 he'll get to 300. He has been the heart and soul of the joint for the past decade, deserves every accolade that comes his way.
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    As promised (and thanks to Demonland for increasing the quota for life members), here is the subset of Liam’s photos...
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    Ah, the old 'don't read it' answer. Always a popular choice. I'm not forgiving, I'm just sane. I was filthy for weeks, but what's the point of hanging on to it? The players will need to use it as motivation to ensure it doesn't happen again, but they won't be hung on up on it like you are.
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    Jonesy has been a fantastic servant of the Melbourne Football Club. Certainly played many games where he was unsupported and swimming against the tide. And therein lies the challenge for him. I think he got into the habit (understandably) of trying to do it all. Perhaps needs to increasingly play smarter with the realization that the support in the middle is now much greater.
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    Correct Uncle Think we need to define "bottoming out" ... I think it means going to the bottom quartile (say the last five of an eighteen club comp.) Two years in the bottom quartile hurts a club... three to five.. that can mean damage.. five to ten as we have done is almost a club killer
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    666=18. 18 This is our year for a flag 666 The devils number. Our number is up. It's our flag for the taking. 666 The number of the beast. Frost is looking like a beast. Norm Smith medalist for sure !!!!
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    Unfortunately i missed the afternoon, but from the results there are some good results there and some spot on tips. Love ya work.
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    Vince this season. Lewis 2019 Jones 2020? Too early to say, the next two seasons are locked in, anything after that should be taken year by year.
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    Agree with that Col ... I also believe that recruiting older players (who have been very good players previously) could become a trend. With a view to playing those types in specific games or a set amount of games. We could do it with Vince and/or Lewis. 18 teams was always going to mean that the talent levels were going to be spread thin ... there isn't necessarily a greater amount of good players just because more players are getting greater opportunities. The choice of squeezing out another year or 2 out of a veteran B+ or A grade player might appeal more than persevering with any amount of C grade players who have plateaued out long ago. Or 4th round draft picks. Either/or rather than one way or the other. You don't want to overdo it but the sport doesn't have room for too many young, immature, inexperienced players these days ... the congested style we now see often requires bigger, mature bodies. But those bigger, mature bodies can't be low on skill.
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    Tracc for mine. We saw him move into the midfield out of necessity after Jack went down during the Swans game but he didn’t have the tank to maintain it. Another preseason and my guess is that he can play a floating half forward role while transitioning through the midfield. He will give us an unpredictable edge as while he isn’t blessed with explosive pace, he is built like the proverbial outhouse. In years to come, there will be very few who will be able to match him in regard to power through the hips in the midfield.
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    And wouldn't it be a nice problem to have if Weideman can advance his game? The good news is that T-Mac & Hogan can play in a variety of positions. Back a few years ago a few people here made mention that Hogan could even hold down CHB ... with his reading of the play, marking strength, creativity and his ability to bring others into the play, who would rule it out? In today's footy all things are possible - I see Hogan as a general utility who can float about and play just about anywhere. He had a horrid run of luck last year and just needs a good run at it.
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    Hogan doesn't have to kick a lot of goals to be a very effective player '56 ... even so, over the course of the season he'd get his fair share of chances within his range anyway (if he played predominantly at CHF) The way footy is played these days the roles of the FF & CHF has changed a lot - and both positions aren't static. Coaches often rotate their big forwards within their forward lines. Hogan is a very creative player and has excellent hands in close - plus, he can occasionally play on the ball as can T-Mac (as a back-up ruckman) Both players are quite versatile and we need to utilise the strengths of both players - T-Mac at CHF & Hogan at FF can still happen from time to time but the other way around has more appeal. Bringing in Lever allows the team to have 2 versatile goal-kicking forwards. And if Weideman comes on strong ...
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    Cheers HT, Liam and Saty for the pics and everyone for the updates. Much appreciated
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    We need a few of our good players to become stars of the game - A grade no less. Petracca seems the most likely to me, Hogan is another. But a breakout year in the forward line for the entire season? T-Mac. 50-60+ goals will do it and he's capable of achieving that. One of his strengths is an innate ability to find time and room for himself. And in the forward line, that's invaluable. And he is a very accurate kick for goal. Play him deep forward and get Hogan at CHF and up the ground.
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    Great shots as ever 666! Thanks for posting
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    So good to see Lever in the Red & Blue.
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    It's all noise, I want the team to not believe the hype, I want them to think they have no Talent, that way they will do all the hard things, the only reason we did not make finals is every time we had a big lead in games we took the foot of the pedal, it started in round 1 when we let the saints kick the last 2 goals, and it happened all the way till round 22, I hope the team has learnt that its never over until the final siren, we must finish strong.
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    Maynard for me, think he could surprise.
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    Interesting discussion, and no doubt the list has improved, but what still concerns me is the way the same list of players took the foot off the gas in the last 2 rounds of 2016 and 2017 Attitude will determine how far this club goes. This club is famous for talking tough before a job is done nobody rates The MFC, we are still laughed at by opposition supporters SEN had the Demon thread up on their facebook page yesterday. Interesting read goodluck Simon. 2018 could make or break you....
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    The only issue I see with these predictions, is that none of these experts would have picked Tigers or the Bulldogs to win a flag
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    Normally I'm a glass half empty kind of fella, except when it comes to footy and especially our prospects in the preseason. I have tended towards a more sanguine approach of our upcoming fortunes often dismissing the pessimistic forecasts of independent observers as being ill informed or waiting to be discredited (like any 'normal' football supporter does). I've been burnt over the last decade as invariably they were right and I was wrong. What makes the situation a little different now is the large amount of chatter about our improved prospects. One example that I came across recently was when I listened to one of my favourite AFL podcasts (Junktime) which was recorded just before the draft. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/junktime-afl-podcast-with-adam-123464/episodes/pre-draft-2017-with-former-afl-23371913 Craig Coombes (ex AFL recruiter for Port who also worked at Hawthorn as a scout/spy as well) spoke glowing of our prospects. He's on the podcast from about the 29 minute mark for those of you not into this type of comedy. He was being asked about the lists as they stand. He has a formula that he uses based on 1-4 year players on the list with a differential applied to those that have played 15+ games and those that are in the best 22. He gives them a score out of 10. In a nutshell he had Melbourne ranked first for development (10/10) and can see us doing a Bulldogs or Richmond this season. He had us with twenty 1-4 year players with ten 15+ games of these he has assessed that 8 are in our best 22. (I’m guessing here he’s talking about Oliver, Hogan, Brayshaw, Petracca, Hunt, Salem Lever, and you can raffle the rest) Yes, confirmation bias here is a dangerous thing, but it’s interesting that a lot of non- Melbourne people are being very bullish about us (which I genuinely can't recall having happened for well over a decade) the same types that when we were crap- told us in no uncertain terms we were crap- so there maybe something in this. I think we have some players who will stamp themselves as being genuinely elite in the next 12-18 months and I'm still a blue sky junkie when it comes to guys like Joel Smith and Sam Weideman. Anyway I always think it’s interesting when a complete outsider with AFL experience is so bullish about us. As the man in the hat would say.. 'do yourself a favour'.
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    That's a great photo. it looks like a footy card from 1968, which is fitting because Lever looks and acts pretty old school (the hair, the seriousness at such a young age, engaged etc)
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    Gus Brayshaw for mine, assuming he is injury free. This bloke has enormous upside and we haven't come close to seeing what he is capable of, in my opinion
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    Just a beer with dinner my friend! Went down rather well, too. Seriously though, while I see the merit in what you're saying, there can still be players who can surprise us. Oliver is one who showed remarkable improvement from '16 to '17. ANB is another who showed terrific improvement as well. Players still have it in them, even if we don't see it all the time.
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    I think he'll make it to 300. He prepares diligently and professionally and, touch wood, he hasn't had any major injuries during his career so his body should still be in pretty good nick. If he can add another string to his bow (eg. a half back flank role) then he can potentially prolong his career even further.
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    The MFC bottomed out because we had no idea who we were recruiting. If we had recruited wisely, then the system would have given us some reward, but we had a CEO who wanted to control each level of the club, he did this and did it very badly The system gave the MFC multiple chances to get things right
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    I guess my post was more a revision on the idea that the good clubs never experience flat periods (though I know you weren’t implying that). It’s more that their ‘rough patches’ are never allowed to degenerate into the fiascos that we and the Brisbane Lions allowed ours to become. I think the key is always age spread with recruiting. Us and Brissy found ourselves in the position we are by embarking on recruiting policies that were diametrically opposed to each other in 2010 (the Lions loading up on recycled blokes and us recruiting no one but kids). However, both backfired and forced both clubs to overcompensate during later off seasons. The Lions had to hit the draft aggressively but with blokes like Browny retiring, those kids had little veteran support when they got up there. To see how we overcompensated, put ‘scattergun 2013 Damien Barrett’ into Google. As much as we hated it at the time, he was dead right.
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    Improvement from a player inside last years best 22 will be Salem. Improvement from a player well outside last years best 22 will be Maynard. Harmes, Smith and Spargo the other 3 watchpoints for me.
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    Is it just me or does anyone else think the boys look ridiculous in those bra thingys? Guessing they have something to do with the GPS. Also interesting to see Maxy in the visor again, if I'm remembering correctly, it reminds me of the time his role model Big Jimmy wore the (floro?) cap during a game. lol
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    Cheers 'tack. This is something I'd noticed before without paying a great deal of attention to - defenders v defenders etc. at training. I can understand the idea from the perspective of developing cohesion within a unit and it being easier for instruction, but it's a bit of an odd one-track approach or wasted opportunity, no? I would think Omac might benefit from consistently learning how to contain Hogan (and vice a versa re. Hogan being better able to exploit one-on-ones) as much as he would in gaining insight from Lever on positioning. How did Hibberd go? Truly great snaps from your young'un btw. He's got an genuine eye for the subtle nuances of human emotion.
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    The Oracle of Dee Dee as guided by the spirit of Hermes' brother Apollo is predicting that our new number 4 will tear it up against Hawthorn, Brisbane, the Bulldogs and what I interpret to be perhaps Collingwood and GWS. Unless that is, Dee Dee was just suggesting he could do with a good spray . . .
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    Very good, damn autocorrect lead me into Ancient Greece mythology by mistake
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    Wasn't sure where to put this and apologies if it's been posted elsewhere, but here is another outsiders analysis of our upside for season 2018. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/chris-cavanagh-looks-at-eight-reasons-why-melbourne-will-play-finals-in-2018/news-story/381f1a8a850dd417e650d5a28e6583a7 One stat jumped out at me in particular. I knew we were up there in terms of contested possessions (ranked second) and tackles (ranked second), but what interested me is we were first for loose ball gets. For a midfield that is often maligned for its lack of leg-speed, this stat is impressive. Is it possible that we simply will ourselves to each contest and ensure we scare the pants off the opposition to get that loose ball? Or does it tell us that in fact in leg-speed is not an issue for our midfield? Of course, most midfields could do with a bit more pace and ours is no exception, but as Sydney have proved over the years, you don't necessarily need pace everywhere if you're winning the contested ball every time. And as this article suggests, finals football is often played in close and contested - in this situation, our midfield would stand a pretty decent chance of beating most opposition if we could make the dual a contested one. If someone like Joel Smith can make a defensive position his own and Frost improves, this should allow the likes of Hunt and Hibberd to join in more through and via the midfield and exploit their pace.
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    This is an article from the week leading up to the Carlton match: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/dons-longterm-weight-gain-brings-shortterm-pain-20120415-1x1mm.html This paragraph from another article is particularly cringe-worthy: “At the start of the 2012 pre season coach James Hird promised the playing group that they were in for their hardest pre season ever, with an emphasis on bigger bodies and overall fitness. Apart from the occasional one paragraph news article tracking the Bombers progress through the pre season we have been basically kept in the dark with the club choosing to close down most training session from the prying eyes of the media... Internally the club appears to be ecstatic about the progress made over the pre season”
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    Another thing is that drafting usually takes around three years before you get results. We may think we have drafted well over the last 4 years but save for Oliver the bulk of those draftees are still in the "potential basket".
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    Great photos guys. Salem looks to have really developed his upper body and Frost is a beast. Hope the boys have accommodation with all those houses being trained down.
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    Good friend of mine is well connected at Carlscum. I am referring to the “Get me the Good Stuff game” bones were broken that day, i was told Carlscum players were coming off the ground when rotated and saying “what the hell is going on out there” Players spoke to Ratten about it.
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    The 2 strong sides of the last 10 years, Geelong & Hawthorn have been helped by the expansion. They've been artificially held up and it allowed them to become "destination clubs" which gave them an extra kick. However... The Cats are on their last legs & will have to go to a rebuild once the Ablett experiment is over & that maybe a lot sooner than they think. The Hawks have papered over some cracks but have a lot riding on O'Meara...they don't have the talent to sustain another premiership shot without going back to the draft & rebuilding.
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    not for sports radio........but you do generally need boys' club connections
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    I don't think Nev Jetta could become any more perfect in my eyes but I think he'll jag an All-Aus guernsey if he plays 22. I'm thinking Hoges will repay the faith in him this season and have a wonderful year. But I'm backing in Frost to become a full time best 22 player. Not a champ, just a good solid fullback who does a job week in week out. That's enough of a break out for me
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    Angus Brayshaw. Hopefully we get a full season out of this kid so he can showcase his potential.
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    I enjoy having a flutter during the carnivals and will do as much study as possible. I tend to mix it up during those times with quinellas, trifectas and first fours. I will back a horse to win if I believe it's overs in the betting. I finished slightly in front during the spring. I haven't had much success after the carnival but no great damage done either. This time of the year I rely on a work colleague for tips, he has a horse with the Weir stable and gets some good word on horses, especially mid-week. The fields aren't as strong and you get some decent value for runners. I was going to share a tip yesterday on here but the Mornington meeting was called off. The horse is Von Richter, I'll see if it's worth following next run. I'll always have a small bet on the Zephyr when and where he runs and I've been following your selections lately for races you mention. I'll invest a small amount with a small combination to boost the percentage, today the 7 split me and I missed out on the tri. Silly me, in hindsight I could've taken your top selections for 1st and added the 7 and 8 for second and third. I look forward to your Magic Millions selections, it's usually a great racing day. There is a $242,000 Maiden Plate on the day with $142,500 for first. Not bad for a first time winner compared to the horses that slug it out in $15,000 maidens around the country.
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    Watched the Goodbye to Ripponlea studios on the ABC last night. Excellent show. May have noticed a well known Demonlander in one of the shots.
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