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    Normally I'm a glass half empty kind of fella, except when it comes to footy and especially our prospects in the preseason. I have tended towards a more sanguine approach of our upcoming fortunes often dismissing the pessimistic forecasts of independent observers as being ill informed or waiting to be discredited (like any 'normal' football supporter does). I've been burnt over the last decade as invariably they were right and I was wrong. What makes the situation a little different now is the large amount of chatter about our improved prospects. One example that I came across recently was when I listened to one of my favourite AFL podcasts (Junktime) which was recorded just before the draft. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/junktime-afl-podcast-with-adam-123464/episodes/pre-draft-2017-with-former-afl-23371913 Craig Coombes (ex AFL recruiter for Port who also worked at Hawthorn as a scout/spy as well) spoke glowing of our prospects. He's on the podcast from about the 29 minute mark for those of you not into this type of comedy. He was being asked about the lists as they stand. He has a formula that he uses based on 1-4 year players on the list with a differential applied to those that have played 15+ games and those that are in the best 22. He gives them a score out of 10. In a nutshell he had Melbourne ranked first for development (10/10) and can see us doing a Bulldogs or Richmond this season. He had us with twenty 1-4 year players with ten 15+ games of these he has assessed that 8 are in our best 22. (I’m guessing here he’s talking about Oliver, Hogan, Brayshaw, Petracca, Hunt, Salem Lever, and you can raffle the rest) Yes, confirmation bias here is a dangerous thing, but it’s interesting that a lot of non- Melbourne people are being very bullish about us (which I genuinely can't recall having happened for well over a decade) the same types that when we were crap- told us in no uncertain terms we were crap- so there maybe something in this. I think we have some players who will stamp themselves as being genuinely elite in the next 12-18 months and I'm still a blue sky junkie when it comes to guys like Joel Smith and Sam Weideman. Anyway I always think it’s interesting when a complete outsider with AFL experience is so bullish about us. As the man in the hat would say.. 'do yourself a favour'.
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    Angus Brayshaw. Hopefully we get a full season out of this kid so he can showcase his potential.
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    Interesting discussion, and no doubt the list has improved, but what still concerns me is the way the same list of players took the foot off the gas in the last 2 rounds of 2016 and 2017 Attitude will determine how far this club goes. This club is famous for talking tough before a job is done nobody rates The MFC, we are still laughed at by opposition supporters SEN had the Demon thread up on their facebook page yesterday. Interesting read goodluck Simon. 2018 could make or break you....
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    Didn’t Voss say when he was coaching that we would be the next superpower team or something like that and look what happened. Its nice when people thInk we are going to be a great team but let’s see what they produce on the field first as we all know when expectations are high how disappointing our team can be. Time will tell.
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    On Wednesday they had Hogan and Hibberd working together separate to the main group before they left the session early (see my photos posted yesterday in this thread), but for the most part they seemed to be pitting backs against each other and forwards against each other... for example Wagner on Lewis, Frost on OMac, Kielty on Lever; perhaps in an effort to learn from each other.
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    Who is your nomination/nominations ? AlexNeal Bullen for me, and James Harmes will be right there alongside him.
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    I don't think picking a team to win the flag is the point. Rather it is picking teams which are in a strong position to do so. After that random factors like run with injury (and when) etc. play a big part.
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    Keep the boring, political tribalism to the loony general board please
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    They lose Rance and it all goes to Dust...
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    Thanks for all the photos Saty, Hardtack & Lil Tacker - great for those who can’t get there.
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    Fake news he was running at top speed on Monday
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    More photos taken by my son Liam at yesterday’s (Wednesday) training session - and considering Liam’s just 15, I’m extremely proud of his efforts so far. Here’s a link for those able to view in Facebook (https://m.facebook.com/tim.fleming.75/albums/1579333815435229). Otherwise, here is a subset, albeit quite a substantial subset, for those who can’t...
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    Reckon Drunkn167 might become Hangover167 if that's the case. How proud and excited would a bloke be to see his brother make his AFL debut? Hope it becomes a reality for you bloke.
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    The key sentence in the whole document is "a partial explanation" - there is no long term evidence to suggest drafts are an equalisation tool in AFL football. In reality the opposite is the case - drafting errors are symptomatic of far deeper problems. Drafting "success" in todays game - is a combination of many other key factors ironically the roadmap to success was created by the Port Adelaide football club in the early 2000's. The model still holds true today.
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    Good point D11. However, at the beginning of the respective years, few would say that those two teams had no chance whatsoever of winning a flag. No one for the past decade would have even entertained a sliver of hope that the Dees could win one - until now (maybe).
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    @Dappa Dan thoughts on this weekend at Philly ? Reckon the Eagles will hit the Falcons with the run. Ajayi ran shreds through us early in the year with Miami... I reckon the noise about Foles is a bit over the top, yeah he's no wentz but he's no slouch. The falcons record against back up QBs since I started follwing them has been horrendous. As the week goes on the less confident I've got.
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    The only issue I see with these predictions, is that none of these experts would have picked Tigers or the Bulldogs to win a flag
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    No surprise with Hutchy as the new boss...
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    Trac is rehabbing at the moment, Salem is ticking of the sessions, looks super fit and strong, working exclusively with the mids
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    In Goodwin’s words: Harley Balic Harley arrived at the club in the off-season from Fremantle. After settling in, he’s been outstanding at training. He won one of our training ‘player of the week’ awards, which is a credit to him and his development in the time that he’s been involved in our program. We’re really looking forward to seeing him play in 2018.
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    Or when the wife's birthday is.
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    The most startling revelation to come out of these updates is that Jay Kennedy Harris does not have a hyphen between Kennedy and Harris. It's all happening.
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    I thought it was just me...!
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    SEN have been low rent for much of their existence. They didn't start out that way. Started out with big names – Lyon, Brereton, Brownless, and big salaries. But quickly found out that while companies may fall over themselves to sponsor Collingwood and Essendon, they don't fall over themselves to sponsor a radio station that talks about Collingwood and Essendon. They ended up with a moth eaten collection of almost literally low rent advertisers. Jacques from Xenium Mortgages, anyone? In no time at all, Brereton left because they couldn’t pay the bills. When Pacific Star bought in, there was an uptick in the quality of the advertisers but not an equivalent growth in audience. They have been hovering at 2s and 3s for a long time. They recently tried it again. The “big stars”. Morning "dream team" with no chemistry. Garry promptly set up Hollywood Boulevard again and poor old Hamish "brother of" was let known, even on air, that he was not part of the boulevard. He was an onlooker. He was right to leave. And still ratings flatlined. The "big names" talking about the same stuff as the no-names doesn't draw extra listeners, because the die-hards are all listening anyway. Now Whately ... the big fish ... this is Francis Leach all over again. The "inna-lekshul" "egg head" "big words" toff. Doesn't fit the demographic of tradies and bogans. It looks like they may be trying to change the demographic but realistically ... how much more can they eke out of the broader radio audience who mostly want old songs, daft DJs, and talkback lashing one political party or the other? By the way, it's clear that Whately left the ABC in such a hurry because Hutchison said, I'm offering $$$$ but you need to make your decision today! The offer's only open until close of business. If you can't commit, we're not interested! And yet Hutchison obviously was very keen on getting Whately. Hutchison is much more experienced in the wicked ways of the commercial world than Gerard who is a babe in the woods. There may be some room for growth as SEN have increasingly gone all out on AFL. Bugger-all soccer, hardly any cricket ... recently when Chuck Berry was hosting, he said one day "there you go … we were supposed to be talking about cricket but somehow ended up talking about St Kilda." They struggle to go for 5 minutes without coming back to AFL. Whately looks like their gamble to pick up some disaffected fans of general sports. Can’t see it working. Their bigger strategy might be that they want to get into live commentary of cricket, soccer, tennis, Olympics to add to AFL and basketball. With sports increasingly going the other way, into pay TV, free to air coverage for the die hards on SEN could look attractive! People like Maher and Fine, for all their flaws, represent good value for SEN as they surely can't cost much but actually know how to keep the show moving. Guys like Lyon need a chaperone/MC like Hamish or Huddo. Harford was a good performer and they let him slip. Dunno why they dumped Ox. It’s taken years but he has grown into a polished radio man. Whereas “Marko” remained one dimensional, and that’s putting it kindly. KB & Doc … KB is an inveterate stirrer and cannot resist an opportunity to do so. With solely him in the driver’s seat, it's somewhat amusing to see how many people he gets to bite. He is SEN's best performer and actually knows something about sport other than AFL, specifically, athletics. (Also horse racing, on the generous assumption that that counts as a sport.) Doc generally makes for good radio and good entertainment. KB & Doc for 3 hours ... No. Their Tuesday morning one hour love-in consisted of KB trying to bait Doc, and Doc slapping him down, rinse and repeat. 3 hours daily? No thanks.
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