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    Sorry 'bing', it might be a bit early in the morning for me but that doesn't clarify anything at all. Lots of nice words like...protocol, integrity, mechanisms, sending a message & appropriate support though. Sounds like 'Dill' speak to me.
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    Take the emotion out of it Deestar. It’s a matter for the Police and there’s been no offical complaint from the woman. It’s not up to the AFL to punish the ‘alleged offender’ because you feel he shouldn’t get off ‘scott free’. You’ve put yourself in the woman’s shoes, do the same for the player. Would you want your employer determining your guilt based on a half baked investigation? Without going too much into a sex assault investigation, a lot more goes into one than just interviewing those concerned. The AFL can’t do much more than that.
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    The only way the AFL can go it alone without Vic Pol or Bali Pol is if they have a watertight clause in player contacts which says they can do whatever the f*** they like and everything and everyone else can suck s***. Otherwise they better have massively deep pockets because both parties will sure them to kingdom come and back again
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    Well, no. It's up to the coppers to investigate, not the workplace. If the police don't have allegations to work with, that's where it will end. No formal complaint from an alleged victim, and there is nothing to go on. Too many people have already made their mind up that someone needs to be punished. Based on nothing more than newspaper articles which dont provide anything more than someones "opinion". No complaint = no investigation = no finding of guilt = no punishment. You know, the law and everything.
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    Apparently earlier today I was in a 'sel-harm' mood and instead of calling lifeline I went through with it and watched the last quarter of the final game against Collingwood. Jack Watts absolutely stank it up that quarter. From failing to cover his opponent (cost a goal) to spectating and then failing to lay an effective tackle or smother in the goalsquare (cost a goal), to spectating and then arriving too late to affect a contest just outside the square (cost a point, luckily) to fluffing a forward run, to a whole string of really poor body language, it was terrible. I don't have a personal problem with Jack Watts the way some people seem to, but rewatching his last quarter for us has left me with a much better understanding of why he had to be moved on. Wishing him all the best (up to a certain point) at Port, and also confident we made the best decision possible at the time.
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    Watts will bag 9 against the dees
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    The problem the AFL now has it that if they truly want to protect the “victim’s” privacy, then they cannot act against a player, because as soon as the player is identified then the victim is easily identified. Surely the “bringing the game into disrepute” path can only be taken if the case becomes public (that is, people involved are disclosed publicly)? The AFL appears to be caught up in a perfect Catch22 scenario.
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    Another reason why these matters should be left entirely to the police. I cannot see why the AFL should have any role in this sort of thing. For a start their prime motivation will be protecting the image of the AFL. Fairness to the parties involved will be secondary. And even if they were fair, I don't see why the AFL should poke its nose in until the court process is finished. Edit to add:. And if there is no court process, what possible role has the AFL got other than getting involved in a libel action. (Of course they could threaten an 'employee' in some way but that is also objectionable. If mediation is required, once again I don't see a role for AFL house which has a major conflict of interest. )
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    Safety on ALL Mining Sites is a red hot issue. Nothing gets out. Especially the accident stats. Conversely on privatised Port sites like Freo and Darwin a fair amount of stuff gets in. Like Unknown drugs etc. God, those bloody Unions were a nuisance.......
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    Not sure what stats you base those views on faulty. Union membership overall has dropped rapidly from about 60% in the 1960s, fast heading towards single digit figures now. Union membership in the construction industry is around 9% and the highest unionised catagory is professionals/managerial eg. education. The decline in blue collar workers in Oz mirrors the decline in union membership overall in the last 60 years.
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    If no complaints or charges are made and the AFL decides to impose a penalty could they not be opening themselves up for defamation charges?
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    Unions in the cities have been smashed Faulty. Most kids i have spoken to don’t know what a Union Membership is, and work 2-3-4 jobs on short notice. The Mining Industry i am not privvy to. It is a big problem for the ALP. The Liberals still have ideas that are relevant inside Toorak!!
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    Since all the Utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity, Public Transport) were sold off by the State and Federal Governments in the 90’s there is a much smaller gap between parties. Taxing is their only way of revenue raising. The ALP has an image problem today. What do they stand for?, unions have been smashed, we are heading down the American road which scares the sh!t out of me. The LNP is definately scared of The ABC and Guthrie, ( The MD) is doing a job to dilute. Losing “lateline” is so obvious. The young generations have got to decide whether they want the truth or the corporate truth? Social Media may be what saves us, but the sources must stay clean
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    What has CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) got to do with it? For that matter what has the AFL got to do with it...the so called spokesperson seems to think they (AFL) have more authority in Bali than the Vic Police. It would seem neither have any... I'm not a fan of the way the AFL run their business but without any charges they can't be expected to be judge and jury. Surely they can only act after the law has run it's course.
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    Ease up. Dr Turf has been a clever, successful and funny bastard since his days on 3RRR A lot of the topics he raised with KB were very worthy of discussion and no i am not gambler or horse lover of any note. The Jon Ralph hours were far worse
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    Ha ha! Again, just a great story D77. As much as it's a gambling sport, the stories that surround the winning & the losing of these major races is very real for the participants. I really do like seeing people achieve their lifelong ambitions. It's part of what attracts me to these group races ... they are quite literally life-changers. Anyway, we've got the Magic Millions coming up on the 13th of Jan but I may have a nibble at Japan & HK next weekend (there's 3 or 4 Group 3's on show - all with very healthy prize-pools) And for those who haven't seen the Perth Cup, here it is as well as the interviews afterwards et al ...
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    Yes it was, got stuck behind some traffic, hemmed in at stages and when a run presented, it finished off like a train and missed by centimetres. I thought the trifecta paid ok considering 2 favourites filled the top 2 spots. If they bring Pounamu here I will be jumping on the bandwagon. Always a great story when there's a family involvement and Ms L Warwicks' post race interview was a good one too. ‘’I was out in front a long time by myself – it’s a massive straight.’’ She said things were ‘real quiet’ but she kept telling herself that ‘no, he’s coming’.
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    Pounamu was a good thing beaten wasn't it? Definitely worth following if it comes over to the East - looks a Flemington horse the way it powers home. It's a 6 year old but it's found it's true form. I got a percentage of the Tri as I changed my mind on Material Man - took it to win as well as Pounamu & Trap For Fools instead of Royal Star to win. But it was a grandstand finish and a fairytale ending for the family involvement of Material Man. A great story.
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    Just show them your posts ? *joking ?
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    Kids 3 and under use to be able to enter for free as long as they didn’t occupy a seat. Although I identify as a 3 year old, security still didn’t let me in. This doesn’t help you at all Egg, apologies.
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    We have to all promise to act surprised when they announce the deal in January.
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    That is correct. Just ponder this question... under what circumstances would you or any person for that matter go and make a report of such things? To put your own name out there under such circumstances requires courage. There is nothing good that comes for the girl to report this and have the media attention. None whatsoever. That is why I take her word immediately and place more weight on it than presuming the innocence of a footy player. again, personal opinion only. And everyone is entitled to their view.
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    It is black and white. The Nazis tried to wipe the Jewish people off the face of earth, no ifs, buts or maybes. It's instructive that on the previous page you post swathes of internet links about British genocides without any kind of critical analysis of the material, but the Holocaust is somehow 'not as black and white' as we're led to believe. Wow. Just wow. Don't think I've ever heard anyone victim-blaming the Holocaust before. Hopefully the 6 million Jews who perished were the 'bad Jews'.
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