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    The MFC website is your friend FD Currently no training sessions due to Christmas and New Year break. Players will be returing Monday 8th Janurary, please keep an eye on this page for all open training times We look forward to seeing you all next year! GO MELBOURNE!
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    Price, while important, is a consideration. But as good as AFL is on TV (and in my view it is one of the best sports for TV viewing), it's still not as good as being at the ground. Emotional investment increases when actually at the game and you can also see much more tactically than the limitations of TV can allow.
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    Will be back in Phuket with the brother in early April. Will probably make the trip to Phi Phi to visit the resting place, as we did last time we were there. Hoping the site is better cared for than it was back then. R.I.P Troy. Although the comments get fewer each year, you are still remembered, even if some of us don't say anything. I hope Troys family are ok at this time, and remember the good times.
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    DemonlAN Zephyr has been nominated for a race this Saturday at Sandown. Im unsure yet if they will accept but this is his last chance to salute for the first/only time in 2017.
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    "The Lexus, flexes, from Long Beach to Texas" - Noted wordsmith and Demons fan, Snoop Dogg
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    The site is taking every precaution to ensure it doesn't get itself into trouble, regardless of whether it's facts or not. I don't see any problem with that. If you don't like it, then go and start your own forum and you can talk about it with yourself.
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    If all goes well on the injury and form front then we could be playing finals in both AFL and VFL.
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    Will Stephenson from the 2017 Gippsland Power team is onboard at Casey for VFL 2018. Young midfielder/small forward. I was told he was disappointed not to get a rookie spot but excited to get a chance at Casey.
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    I was in the interesting and unusual position of meeting a current player & some of his family. Really lovely and polite people and feeling quite comfortable with them I asked him about the “boot camp”situation. His response was quick and direct. In his words ... “ an absolute “media beat up” ..... players and coaches sat down and had a frank discussion about the camp. A joint decision was made to abort the camp. If the coaches had wanted us to do the camp ...we would have done it. The media are just trying to intimate there is a division between “ players & coaches” and it is not the case. That was pretty much his exact words. His family was a bit more direct and Danny Frawley had less than complimentary statements made about him. This is a 5yr player and I thought he was very honest and forthright. There will of course be the usual cynics out there who will decry this info but I am quite content and happy with this explanation and express the same sentiments as his family who are “hanging out for the season” and so excited. Go Dees !!
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    I hear you, but don't necessarily agree with all of this. No-one said they need to be knocking down the door at Dreamhack, but a local Melbourne team that competes nationally wouldn't cost much at all but would provide enough exposure to younger generations for a positive ROI in my opinion. A byproduct of this exposure is of course membership. I see this as a viable longer term strategy to expanding our membership base, not a way for us to make millions in the next few years. Our biggest problem is securing long term major sponsers (no answers for that from me other than getting a better draw from the AFL). Consider this idea a side project at the most.
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    Danny Frawley on the radio changed his tune this morning. Said this would be a moment that galvanised the playing group and that we'd make finals.
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    The look on Moloney’s face is priceless.
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    you'd probably achieve more personally by resisting putting prejudicial, simplistic labels on other people
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    I have chap, most are lifting more metal than ever before and we have had some improvement in the 2k times And a couple of the youngsters now have a man's body, King, Weed Also Mr Gawn is in exceptional nick, his running has gone to another level
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    Nineteen pages on this? Seriously? A journalist wrote an article about something that a guy who is paid to generate discussion on the radio said. Neither of them has spoken to anyone at the club. Neither of them have any idea of what actually happened or who it was in the playing group who raised the issue. It's basically a journalist trying to quote a professional gossip as a source. He'd be better writing for Women's Weekly. This is an absolute non-issue.
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    This is a good point. I don't have anywhere near enough information to form a reasoned opinion on this issue. I have some thoughts and queries but certainly no definitive view. These thoughts and queries include: good on the players for taking responsibility and saying they didn't think the camp is valuable - we would mature adults not sheep in 2017 agree they every right to consult with the AFLPA, not least to understand their rights eg what do standard player contracts say about their right to not participate in an over night camp. I have no sense though of how, when or ho consulted the AFLPA or how appropriate the AFLPA response was what does the fact that the player's decision came so late in the piece say? ie is it evidence of poor communication from the club, did the club not properly evaluate last years camp, did the club not consult with the players or perhaps they did and the players buried their head in the sand and were they the ones guilty of leaving it to the last moment? the players apparently love goody, will this impact on that? who gives a rats arse what a bloke who has the nickname Spud thinks?
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    During Christmas and New Year breaks, things become very slow, in terms of sports news. The likes of "fill-in' breakfast hosts, Maher, Brown and Frawley, will clutch at anything that they can run with, in all their "journalistic" banality and In my view, that is what has happened here. Subscribe to conspiracy theories all you like, but I'll continue to trust in the guys to get the job done.
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    That seems unnecessarily harsh. I'm not an apologist, I just see the gravity of the situation differently.
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    The players had a meeting and decided they will not be training. Ever.
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    That doesn't mean he's always right. In this case, he isn't. On the flip side, I like the fact that the players want to take control of where they are headed by asking for this not to go ahead. They want to achieve something and felt that this was not the way to do it. They gave that feedback and it was cancelled. Nothing sinister in it at all, and no different to most workplaces. As I've stated earlier, this is nothing more than a one off, and had the players known about the camp in advance they would have been able to put forward their feedback earlier. It's a non issue that's getting air time because we're a week out of Xmas and nothing else is happening.
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    I've been supporting Melbourne since I was young in the 1950s. I've been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and I still support Melbourne. Melbourne is for life, and I would never change my club or drop my support. Without support, the club is nothing. I'll leave the idea of "business", "buying", "product" and changing "suppliers" to things like phone contracts, power companies and banking. Not for my football club. If you've managed to stay with Melbourne for the last 11 years, why would you leave now that things are really starting to look up?
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    I hear Casey settling on 15 players with a top up supplementary group of 5 from local league if injuries mount up. Jack Hutchins to captain again. Mitch Gent, Dylan Gordon, Goy Lok and Angus Scott to remain in 2018. Mitch White returns. Tom Couch as playing assistant coach. Col Garland likely to support as required. Corey Wagner recruited to be another live wire forward and midfielder.
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