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    Amazing 10 pages about something we know next to nothing about. Amazing!
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    Minneapolis StPaul has a population of around 3.3 million according to Wikipedia and the stadium capacity is 67k for the 8 or so games of NFL. Many years ago I lived in Washington DC. Even then tickets to a Redskins game were impossible to obtain. People literally left their entitlements by will to family members. I managed to get to a practice game two rounds before the start of the regular season. The stadium was full even for that. In the year before I went to live in DC, Congress passed a law requiring the NFL to broadcast matches into cities where they were played if no tickets were available. This was almost 15 years or so before the AFL allowed live broadcasts of the Grand Final when they were sell outs. We are very lucky with our ability to attend games and the price while not insubstantial is low by comparison to followers overseas. I often wonder how traditional supporters of the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool ever afford to follow their teams.
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    agree with the stop start. but they do fill the stadiums. which is not surprising for cities the size of melbourne with only 1 team and 8 home games. most fans i met try to get to 1 game a season and they make a big day of it, otherwise the sports bars do well
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    Valid point Ethan but I consider being encouraged to marry one's sister an unfair advantage.
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    Tigers supporters probably outbreed us 10-1.
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    It's always struck me as strange that BMW or Mercedes have never been major kit sponsors. Fantastic to hear we've got a major sponsor lined up though. Thanks for the info. I hope it's Lexus. And I'm with @Dr. Gonzo - I reckon we play into the stereotypes. I've always found it peculiar that people actually bag us for having money. Shouldn't we be mocking them?
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    My wife works in the same area but with children. I often hear some of the appalling stories.
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    still listed on club web site, whereas ahg aren't, but that may depend on contract start date. iirc iselect were a late signing
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    We should play off the stereotype, get Range Rover and Mt Buller or Auski as sponsors. May as well, at least we have an opportunity, not like Collingwood will get Centrelink as a sponsor or Richmond the Australian Dental Association.
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    Pity is that we have to play them in Round 1. By half way through the season Ablett won't be there with some sort of excuse, and Selwood played the latter half of last season like he had lead boots.
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    If no formal complaint has been made and no charges laid, then it's all closed as soon as everybody stops discussing it.
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    Ok, so this sucks. The player, the club and supporters all caught in some weird limbo. No formal complaint has been made, or charge laid. You Can not prove your innocence (or defend your actions) for something you haven’t been properly accused of. it would be a pretty crappy Christmas for that individual. At what point is this all closed, or does it remain open indefinitely? it would be best if the person concerned was able to resolve their position and move ahead. Then we can get from innuendo to facts, to resolution (and justice if needed). Up until then, it is limbo time.....
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    ‘Better own up to protect his team mates.’ What exactly is he owning up to? For about the tenth time, the woman hasn’t provided a statement or assisted police since her first contact. He doesn’t have to ‘clear’ himself at all. Why does he have to suck up the distaste of the allegation? One of the poorer posts I’ve read on here.
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    Send them into a Myer or David Jones Boxing Day sale... that’ll sort them out!
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    It may or may not. And if it does, who knows if the leaks will have any truth to them anyway. The only time I’ll pay proper attention is if someone is charged, which appears unlikely to happen.
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    It does so regularly during the season on footy matters, so why not now (devil's advocate). So, even unsubstantiated charges, ie no conviction, should result in sacking?? Dangerous grounds there in terms of unfair / illegal dismissal, besmirching character etc.
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    [censored] me Ethan. The prisons must be full of tradies!
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    The tragedy for me here, and I suspect many others, is that we were looking at a very positive off-season, all getting excited for what is shaping up to be a cracker of a Rd 1... I've held off commenting on this issue until now, but despite the absence of information, let's hope that the investigation is handled and managed as quickly and painlessly as possible for all concerned. Sadly the club, players, fans and the alleged victim and their family are all in a difficult position. No one wants to see this takeaway from what looks to be a promising year for us, further, no one wants the worst of the accusations to be true. But if so, we'll have to stand by the principals that we accept in our society and trust that the if any alleged incident did occur, that it is met with a swift and a balanced response, and that the club provides the best support possible for the young woman. I noted Goodys call for 'humble' players attitudes this season. I can only reiterate that respectful is also something the team and club will - no matter what the outcome - now, unfortunately take time this season to uphold in the eyes of the AFL community. The team and club now has some work to do, so let's get on with it.
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    We did improve last season but that last round would have taken a lot of gloss of the season. This maybe a contributing factor to the membership numbers. I know it taking me a long time to get over it and I’m still in the process of it.
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    Whoo boy nice heated discussion going on here Before I start telling the whole story let me say that some of you are severely underestimating just how harsh and grueling the camp from last year was I'm not going to use names or specific numbers for privacy reasons Now, last Monday Goody told the playing group that the camp would be happening again this year from 18th-20th before breaking for Christmas. Immediately quite a number of players where very much against this for a variety of reasons (including players from the Leadership group), so a group approached the AFLPA to ask how to handle the situation. The MFC staff caught wind of this, so Goodwin gave a presentation last Thursday explaining what they wanted to get from the camp, and explaining that this time they will be bringing a larger amount of medical staff and ensure players were well fed (apparently the food/nutrition last year wasn't the best) Even after this talk, still quite a high number of players were very unhappy about having to do the course again. So over the weekend the Leadership group and AFLPA met with MFC Coaches/high level staff to discuss the situation, reportedly getting quite feisty at times. The club did have the official final say on the matter, and chose to call the camp off. Monday morning Goodwin gathered all the players and told them the camp was being called off due to the high number of players who raised concerns with it, and he said he wasn't angry but very disappointed because he felt they had given enough information to the players that their health and safety concerns were going to be handled appropriately. However throughout the day the players could tell Goodwin and some other coaches were indeed pretty unhappy with the playing group (when you work with people for long enough you can tell pretty clearly when they are not in the best mood) I've got no confirmation of this, but I would assume the three days of training next week before the Christmas break are probably going to make up for the lack of physical and mental work lost from having cancelled the camp. I do agree with a number of you that it is a bad look, especially when the club is in the finals drought we find ourselves in. But I also see where the players are coming from, there is a higher chance of injuries and I sure as s*** wouldn't want to do the camp, and I was in the Army for 5 years. Take from that what you will, its a pretty crappy situation overall.
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    The way-back machine in operation again - a couple of classics from Eric Burdon as the front man of 'War' & 'The Animals'
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    A couple of randoms that sort of mesh together ... good tunes, all the same ...
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