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    Melbourne last night. It's better than anything that can be Photoshopped. I'd like to see us use it in our marketing.
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    1. You have no evidence of this - it is pure speculation 2. This is garbage. Watts was given the clear message that he would be best finding another club. 3. Another garbage point with no basis at all in fact. You seem to confuse what comes out in the media as what happens at the coal face of the club. The club under Peter Jackson has very clear guidelines on how to manage player commmunication. Just because some some flea in the media or on social media makes a claim or a statement doesn't make it true. There are 1700 accredited AFL media. They are trying to earn a living and are scrapping for stories. They are largely irrelevant and i would prefer my club to manage players rather than focusing on external commentary.
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    I might be in the minority, but I like a 'vanilla flavoured' President. He can do what needs to be done behind the scenes and let others, like PJ, Mahoney and Goody do the talking. He's done that well so far and worked really well with all areas of the club. We can't ask for much more than that.
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    I see one of the therapists who are contracted to the Dees (i've had multiple spinal operations and also require ongoing management) We always have a gasbag about the players, their aches and pains and some funny tales. Anyway, Hunt was in getting treated for general work around the hips and glutes etc and only mentioned literally at the very end of the treatment that he had a sore back. So the session was extended and the treatment took a different direction with some work on his back. With due respect to not advising the therapist, He/She didn't think it's a worrying sign, just a management thing.
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    If we get thumped by Jeelong in Round 1 at home, it won’t just be Melbourne Supporters remembering. Players had better win early games...
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    And where exactly do we know that from? Seems to me that as usual speculation and rumour quickly become fact. In any case if they just went to the PA for information it seems perfectly reasonable to me that the players should gather as much information as they can before they discuss an issue with the coach if they feel the coach has made a very bad decision. How do we know that some players didn't tentatively raise it with the coach first, saw he was fixed in his position, still thought he was wrong and felt they had to argue again more forcefully? When we have one well-connected poster quoting a player saying how much disruption to his physical preparation last years' camp was, I think an exception to 'always do what the coast says' could be warranted. If a player lost that much conditioning by being out on the town instead of at a boot camp, posters here would be calling for blood. It is just possible the FD got it wrong and after seeing how seriously the players felt about it, the FD saw cancelling was the correct decision. An organization that works that way is far more resilient than one where such interactions are impossible and things fall apart completely after years of pent-up frustration.
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    I’ve never respected client/patient confidentially anyway. Thanks Port D!
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    As to the camp itself, I'm unsure as to whether it was beneficial and should have gone ahead or it's a waste of time and pointless. But the way in which things have played out is just no good from a PR perspective. The coaches look like they have (not saying they have) lost the players. The players look (not saying they are) self-entitled and like they know what is best despite choking this year and having achieved two-tenths of stuff all in their careers to date.
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    The players did go back to the coach and two days later the coach said the camp was still on with some modifications from last year, such as a doctor being there who might be able to deal with Tysons dislocated knee cap. Some players weren't happy and spoke to the Aflpa. Their main issues were, one deconditioning, some players lost 5kgs over that 3 days, abuse and risk of injury. The majority of players saw no advantage in the camp at all which was proven late in the season. Maybe the players were right to protect themselves against a FD that might be wrong. Maybe we should congratulate them for standing up??
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    Dr Turf is by far the best SEN presenter. Either way, my life is so much better since I stopped listening to SEN.
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    It was probably more boring than I expected. And I didn't expect much.
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    Getting screamed at while sleep deprived and doing super intense physical work isn't everyone's cup of tea
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    I doubt it, we have a vanilla flavoured Pres.
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    I reckon a lot of the posters that are angry now are the same posters that were saying the camp was a waste of time last year, hypocrites worst people in the world.
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    I look back at some of the things Bomber Thompson tried and then said when the Cats became a dominant team. I think it went along the lines " I stepped back once the Leadership Group started leading, they drove the standards they set the agenda". This is not the non leaders group from years ago. I have no problem with them stepping up and saying "No" to something they don't agree with. The proof will be in how much they "drive" the season. If Goodwin has a Messiah complex he will fail, if the "players" drive the season it will be a great thing IMHO. I cannot fathom how the current player group has not got the drive to go all the way and on that basis if they have said no to something, I think they need to be supported.
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    Seriously? Honestly SWYL, I've never seen someone make such a mountain out of a mole hill. His strategy has been rebuked? It was a 2 day boot camp. Have they rebelled against the 99% of the other training they do? Have they cracked it over the gameplan? Did they kick up a fuss about what they needed to do before they returned to training, or what they will do over the Xmas break? No, they didn't. They just felt the boot camp wasn't worthwhile, so it was cancelled. I'll say it again, you LOVE this stuff. I bet you sit there and rub your hands together at how hard you can go with it. It's like Xmas has come early for you.
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    Hutchy may have business acumen, but if anyone has listened to his inane banter with Liam Pickering, on their Saturday morning show; "Off the Bench", you would know that Marko and Ox are oracles in comparison.
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    I don’t know really what to think about this other than to say that it is not a positive development. It’s just not, on any construction. What concerns me is that Goodwin seems not to be absolutely in tune with some of the players on the list. The 19th century master-servant stuff that some here doggedly adhere to is not the way the best coaches manage their players anymore. While it can still work, it generally doesn’t. The communications (and the general vibe) around the Watts trade was poorly handled. The club has since all but acknowledged this (even if utlimately it was the right decision/result). Here too, after presumably so much planning and thought around the camp, the communications and the execution of it have clearly been poor. I hope Goodwin discretely seeks out Roos over the break, has a coffee with him, and invites a bit of feedback and mentoring about how to deal with this issue. I reckon Roos would know exactly what Goodwin should do in the circumstances.
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    And the leader of the free world
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    Smoke this, that is what got essendon is trouble, that is what got Russia in trouble take these jabbs I'm your coach I know what's best for you they don't always
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    Gee, those pesky refugees must have been sneaking advance parties off to Sweden in the 1990’s... ”In 1996, Sweden registered almost three times the average number of rape offences registered in 35 European countries.” (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_in_Sweden#) You could be right about them not functioning properly...maybe those lascivious Lutherans have a few sexual hang ups.
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    Oh cute, first congrats on the new family member, second welcome to the Demon family little Oliver #13
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    Players that come in their rookie year and play senior footy, let alone make an impact, are the exception not the rule. Years of looking at the draft for saviours may have clouded your vision but almost all players taken in the draft are "project" players.
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