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    Imagine though, if the concerns were all genuine, and despite the FD/Coaches being disappointed, they accepted the concerns and moved on. Perhaps we should too...?
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    My kids are a bit younger and got the "Little Devils" pack and they were stoked. They got a backpack, stickers, colouring book, fake tattoos and the creased Viney poster. They were wearing their backpacks and lanyards with stickers all up and down their arms last night
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    Like I said earlier if the camp were held correctly last year by the club then perhaps it wouldn’t have been an issue this yr. it will be nice when Melbourne actually start to work like a professional club and stop these embarrassing moments which have been all too often in the last 10 yrs.
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    I believe a lot of fans were unnerved at Goodwin’s and most of the clubs hierarchy’s silence at end of season. The emptiness is still there.
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    ....so the boot camp didn't work last year!
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    He was training last Friday. I didn't notice he was hampered in any way but I also didn't know he was supposed to be carrying anything so maybe I didn't look closely enough. For the casual observer, he was fine.
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    I wear thongs when I go on camp. Just one if I go swimming.
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    This is Demonland... this thread has at least another 83 pages worth of repetition left in it.
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    Gotta be honest here... who actually uses twitter? People with way too much time on their hands, those in IT, those in media, and those who are interested in self-promotion. That's pretty much it.
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    Sort of related to the above discussion, while the club has truly become much more professional in the last few years with so much to admire, I think it is still a long way behind in its use of digital communications. (And this from a guy who doesn't use Facebook.) Its use of Twitter is spasmodic, its website is not kept properly up to date and the app has no real value. Digital marketing is an extremely valuable tool and it's an area the club needs to improve significantly.
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    Tonight's TattsLotto numbers as follows: 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12,
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    Yes well ..... a splendid idea picket and no doubt if it would be of great value to your social climbing aspirations. However, your poor old Uncle Bitter is persona non grata at Royal Romsey. There was an unfortunate incident in the rough during a mixed event. Ball tampering was mentioned. An unfortunate misunderstanding really.
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    Probably the crew that is obsessed with the NBA - they want so much to be like those wankers over in the U.S that they think they can run the club.
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    It’s still along way off till round one. Fans are looking for some signs of atonement for the debacle of end of season. What we have seen so far in the off season does not inspire much confidence.
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    I didn't do "camps", training like this was done most days before work. I don't use that as a basis for necessarily agreeing with what they did - more so giving them the benefit of the doubt that they took a certain course of action for a legitimate reason. I can see the work the boys have put into their bodies before the pre-season - and that's all I need to have faith at this stage. I'm a glass half full guy. Each to their own.
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    Its really hard to say without having seen the training program they had scheduled - all I can really say is my body is permanently shattered (feet and back mainly) from doing this style of training regularly over a few fun years. I'd have a guess at saying the players perhaps didn't like the drills involving heavy weight carried in awkward form factors in difficult environments (such as running for km's in a small team with a very heavy log on your shoulders on soft sand). Make no mistake - training like this is designed to break you down physically and mentally. I can see the advantage in this from the mental perspective - but I'm not sure its worth breaking them physically to achieve it. There has to be a better way in the modern era. Whilst I do find this situation to be a bit strange - I'm not concerned about it so much as I've seen the shape the boys have come back to pre season in. They all look as fit as they have ever been - so I guess I trust the fact they made this decision for the right reasons, not because of laziness or anything like that.
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    We need an English teacher to correct this. Now, where would we find one around here?....
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    I sent mine back. I told them unless at least one starting 22 player gets hit on the head with a brick by Xmas I won't be able to support such a soft club. Goodwin wrote back asking if it was OK if he got one of his mates in Adelaide to hit Jack Watts with a cricket bat. I'm thinking it over.
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    Big time deja vu happening forme - players cancelled training with Dean Bailey (ref Jim Stynes book). Look where that got us! On any level this does not sit right: This camp would have taken weeks/months to schedule and organise. Were the players not consulted/told about it till last week? Doesn't sound like two-way communication was happening. Did the leadership group not sass out the players earlier? How did it come to this. Other clubs walk the Kokada track - now that is gruelling. Referring to Tyson and Salem last year is irrelevant. Injuries can happen at any time - just ask Petracca who did his ACL simply going for a mark. But we go weak at the knees at a few days at a boot camp. Sheesh! We finally ditched the 'bruise free football' label. But last year we proved the 'mentally weak' label over and over again, right up to round 23. Respect lost with 17 other teams Club talks about being ruthless. Given the chance to walk the talk and do something really tough the players back off. I'm staggered the club allowed the players to call the shots. So much for Goodwin's tough talk. My expectations for 2018 have been jolted - backwards.
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    AHG pulled out of all its sponsorship, not just at Melbourne
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    Stakeholders who have larger opportunities you might be able to tap into. Coterie is key as well, the big business guys in those, Presidents functions you get to chat to people etc etc. All plays into it.
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    Just what the world needs, gambling on lotteries.
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