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    Imagine though, if the concerns were all genuine, and despite the FD/Coaches being disappointed, they accepted the concerns and moved on. Perhaps we should too...?
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    My kids are a bit younger and got the "Little Devils" pack and they were stoked. They got a backpack, stickers, colouring book, fake tattoos and the creased Viney poster. They were wearing their backpacks and lanyards with stickers all up and down their arms last night
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    I believe a lot of fans were unnerved at Goodwin’s and most of the clubs hierarchy’s silence at end of season. The emptiness is still there.
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    ....so the boot camp didn't work last year!
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    He was training last Friday. I didn't notice he was hampered in any way but I also didn't know he was supposed to be carrying anything so maybe I didn't look closely enough. For the casual observer, he was fine.
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    I wear thongs when I go on camp. Just one if I go swimming.
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    This is Demonland... this thread has at least another 83 pages worth of repetition left in it.
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    Gotta be honest here... who actually uses twitter? People with way too much time on their hands, those in IT, those in media, and those who are interested in self-promotion. That's pretty much it.
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    Sort of related to the above discussion, while the club has truly become much more professional in the last few years with so much to admire, I think it is still a long way behind in its use of digital communications. (And this from a guy who doesn't use Facebook.) Its use of Twitter is spasmodic, its website is not kept properly up to date and the app has no real value. Digital marketing is an extremely valuable tool and it's an area the club needs to improve significantly.
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    Tonight's TattsLotto numbers as follows: 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12,
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    What a balls up situation. Amateur hour at the MFC
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    Looks like your new avatar is bringing you good fortune Gorgo ha ha You'd have to lose your last 2 and Seattle would need to win their last 2 in order for the Rams to not win the NFC West. I've worked the playoff machine a number of times and I've got the Rams winning the NFC West and getting the 3 or 4 seed each time. Meanwhile, the Eagles only need to win 1 of their last 2 games to secure the 1 seed. As it stands, the Vikes should get a bye in the playoffs as well with just 1 more win from their last 2 although the Panthers can get the 2 seed if they win out. The other real interest lies with the 2 wild-cards in the NFC & with the AFC. Any number of teams are in the mix and those spots almost certainly won't be decided until the last week of the season.
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    Though true, when has this stopped certain recidivists from continuing to make the same commentary, albeit in different forms, as if they are the moral right.
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    Cameron Mooney appeared to give us an almighty dump on SEN this arvo from the snippet I heard. Couldn’t catch it all but mentioned something about 14 players and something about a laughing stock. Situation normal then .... Carry on.
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    Its really hard to say without having seen the training program they had scheduled - all I can really say is my body is permanently shattered (feet and back mainly) from doing this style of training regularly over a few fun years. I'd have a guess at saying the players perhaps didn't like the drills involving heavy weight carried in awkward form factors in difficult environments (such as running for km's in a small team with a very heavy log on your shoulders on soft sand). Make no mistake - training like this is designed to break you down physically and mentally. I can see the advantage in this from the mental perspective - but I'm not sure its worth breaking them physically to achieve it. There has to be a better way in the modern era. Whilst I do find this situation to be a bit strange - I'm not concerned about it so much as I've seen the shape the boys have come back to pre season in. They all look as fit as they have ever been - so I guess I trust the fact they made this decision for the right reasons, not because of laziness or anything like that.
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    Surely this one matter could not rank high in the list of factors one considers in deciding to support the football club? None of us like the way this was played out in public, but hopefully we can move on and more importantly so can the club.
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    At the AGM the senior coach stated he listened to the players' concerns and responded to them. It is not an issue of overruling the coach or the FD. It is about a collective group determining the best strategy to achieving collective goals. We no longer live in the 1950s 60s or 70s where the the authoritative tactics of Smithy, RDB or Hafey could go unchallenged or else. Most of us know those days are behind us for better or worse. This has absolutely nothing to do with winning flags. It has to do with establishing minimum performance standards, psychological and physical endurance, character and cameraderie. I am not saying at all that l like the modern approach or endorse it. I am simply saying player management in the 21st century is built around communication and respect of each person's role. This camp was not a line in the sand, a demarcation of will and won't do. It is or was part if a training program to improve the group.
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    Some would say Macca is his mentor. But Macca's people management skills aren't too flash either and he is part of the day to day coaching panel so not always able to be fully objective. I've said elsewhere, I think Goodwin needs a Neil Balme, Chris Fagan (@hawthorn) type who oversees the footy department and challenges him on major team/player related decisions. Right now I feel the checks and balances on our coaches aren't as strong as they could be. We have Mahoney, but his role seems more admin/liason than what Balme did for Thompson/Scott/Hardwick and Clarkson and Fagan did for Clarkson. No coincidence for me that those two guys have presided over about 8-10 of the premierships 12 years.
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    Big no from me I think. - I like the boundary throw-in; I enjoy the combative one-on-one nature of a ruck contest and the 50/50 nature of the set up. - Players will very much be in two minds about whether to go for the ball when it's near the boundary. If they do, even without prior opportunity, then are tackled over the line by their opponents, is it then a free kick to the opposition?? - Players shouldn't be rewarded for slapping the ball onto an opponent so it touches them before it crosses the line, ala basketball and netball. - When it was trialled in the preseason comp a few years back, players didn't know if they should stop the ball as it goes over the line. There was a farcical incident where a player shepherded the ball as it slowly rolled over the line so he'd get a free and not have to contest. - And, above all this, I need a break. It's a tense, action back game. I need a moment every now and then to pull myself together, check the scoreboard, check a players' numbers, pour myself a drink, etc.
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    AHG pulled out of all its sponsorship, not just at Melbourne
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    Well said. I agree. Less pressure on them and less whinging from all of us. I am guilty of expecting too much too early off of draftees, and I think part of it comes from the mediocre performances off of our senior blokes. We are always looking for some youth to step in - because our seniors are letting us down. Since we have had Roos we have improved I believe. 5-6 years ago I'd be hoping Petty was the next big thing because we needed him to be. Now it feels as though it doesn't matter as much. We appear to have a ready made list now. There is no excuses for the guys in the side. Best MFC team I have seen in a long time. I do get ahead of myself but our side looks really promising. Hopefully Petty just develops at Casey and gets to learn his craft without expectation. We still have key position back in Keilty who will be ready before he is. That should ease the pressure.
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    If highlight reels were worthless recruiters wouldn't pore over them for hours. And yes, they watch them countless times live, speak to coaches, family, conduct interviews, etc. Petty was drafted earlier than Oscar; Petty was named most valuable player for his state in the under 18 carnival; Petty was named in the under 18 AA team (Oscar didn't make it). I don't think it's a stretch to say that Petty has a higher ceiling than Oscar. I think Petty, Oscar and Lever will be able to team well together in 2-3 years.
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