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    I sent mine back. I told them unless at least one starting 22 player gets hit on the head with a brick by Xmas I won't be able to support such a soft club. Goodwin wrote back asking if it was OK if he got one of his mates in Adelaide to hit Jack Watts with a cricket bat. I'm thinking it over.
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    So when do we announce our latest sponsor and merge threads? Melbourne Football Club, brought to you by Quit.
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    The players have managed to add extra unnecessary pressure to their year by canceling this training. They must have known that it would give ammunition to all the haters and opposition teams. No amount of flogging on the track will soften what is going to come their way. Media is going to have a field day with it. Good. If anything the feeling of being collectively attacked might have the outcome the club was chasing from this camp. They will have to stick tight and have each others back more than ever.
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    some people can't recognise a red flag when it's flapping in their face too much kumbaya from some posters let's just hope the issue doesn't suppurate or we are in for another mfc year
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    You haven’t studied psychology have you...? A boot camp tests a persons reactions when they are put under severe exterior pressure. Our list has no right to say anything is too hard, after the performances of Round 22-23. Why? Because they went to water (again) when a large opportunity beckoned. If Whorethon, Sydney or Jeelong baulked at a Boot Camp it wouldn’t be news for more than a day. But we the MFC have absolutely no credits in the bank. I don’t love this stuff, it makes me [censored] angry that players have over ruled the Senior Coach, who last time i looked was a dam solid player who played in Back to Back Flags. The last MFC Player to do that were in 1959-60 which is before most of us were born... the Senior Coach is in charge last time i checked, anytime the AFLPA needs to be bought in then i consider that a problem that may fester on. If you don’t think its important, good for you, but don’t tell me how to percieve this very brittle club when it keeps making mistakes like this.
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    The players had a meeting and decided they will not be training. Ever.
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    JH is training but is on a modified program (to manage his back). Certainly nothing serious. I gather is just precautionary rather than as a result of any mishap.
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    Jack Watts wanted to stay at the Dees. For his entire career. Plainly, he was exited from the club. He handled it with class. Whatever people’s views here about his on-field performances, he (and Trenners) we’re without doubt committed to the MFC. He deserves our respect for this. To now rubbish him shows lack of class. Clearly, he has to make comments such as the comments reported in that article. In fact, I expect he actually needs to believe it himself from a psychological perspective - to not think this would probably prolong the disappointment of having been exited from the club. I also expect that, confirmation bias here aside, the betting odds will reflect the accuracy of his statement as to which club is closer to the flag.
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    Sort of related to the above discussion, while the club has truly become much more professional in the last few years with so much to admire, I think it is still a long way behind in its use of digital communications. (And this from a guy who doesn't use Facebook.) Its use of Twitter is spasmodic, its website is not kept properly up to date and the app has no real value. Digital marketing is an extremely valuable tool and it's an area the club needs to improve significantly.
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    If you take what the coach says at face value, it seems to me the players have done what we want them to do...take responsibility for getting the best out of themselves. However, if you take the afl.com.au article at face value, it seems strange that the decision to pull the pin was taken so late and that there was a need to involve the AFLPA. (I'm not against the AFLPA, but wonder why it was necessary to go there.) On balance, I would rely more on what the coach said (even if he was spinning it) than what has been published on the AFL's website.
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    He was training last Friday. I didn't notice he was hampered in any way but I also didn't know he was supposed to be carrying anything so maybe I didn't look closely enough. For the casual observer, he was fine.
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    He will be back soon. its not serious. (I dont know anything)
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    What a level headed bloke. Hope he gets a shot early in the season.
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    Both my missus and I recieved the AGM meeting letter and the proxy voter form in the mail about a month ago. I dont remember getting anything electronic at all though...
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    I don't see anything wrong with Watt's comments either. He is playing a competitive sport and no doubt has been told he needs to be at his absolutely best to gain a spot at Port. Watt's should believe Port are a better chance than any side to win a flag. It takes a team to win a flag and Port as a side need to hear that Watt's is fully on board. It sounds as though he is fully invested. If it were a former opposition player coming to Melbourne and saying things similar to what Jack said - then I would be pretty stoked.
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    Sleep deprived during a two day course? FM how precious are they?
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    The issue isn't whether or not you think that Boot Camps are just macho/bravo BS. The big issue is that the Leadershp Players didn't have the balls to sit down with the Football Dept and address their concerns, instead of running to the Players Association. I can't think of another instance where a sporting team has basically raised OH&S as a reason for not partaking in a training excercise. It's embarassing for the club, and I really feel for Goodwin.
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    Some would say Macca is his mentor. But Macca's people management skills aren't too flash either and he is part of the day to day coaching panel so not always able to be fully objective. I've said elsewhere, I think Goodwin needs a Neil Balme, Chris Fagan (@hawthorn) type who oversees the footy department and challenges him on major team/player related decisions. Right now I feel the checks and balances on our coaches aren't as strong as they could be. We have Mahoney, but his role seems more admin/liason than what Balme did for Thompson/Scott/Hardwick and Clarkson and Fagan did for Clarkson. No coincidence for me that those two guys have presided over about 8-10 of the premierships 12 years.
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    I guess we could probably revisit the topic after last year’s camp where Salem & Tyson were injured & read “what a waste of time.....how unnecessary.....shouldn’t have had that type of camp ”etc ....comments there were. I remember when Collingwood with all their money were doing “cutting edge” camps in hyperbaric chambers overseas & Port had the guru fitness guy ....I could go on...fact is they didn’t win a premiership. If the players, who ultimately only play to win a premiership, feel this camp doesn’t enhance those aspirations....why wouldn’t you listen. It is their bodies that do the work so I don’t see it as a “ weakness” I admire the maturity to address what they feel is not right. Maybe if the Essendon players had addressed their concerns over the amount of needles they were receiving we wouldn’t have the “drugs saga” that stymied our game for so many years...let’s not be too quick too judge
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    Whoo boy nice heated discussion going on here Before I start telling the whole story let me say that some of you are severely underestimating just how harsh and grueling the camp from last year was I'm not going to use names or specific numbers for privacy reasons Now, last Monday Goody told the playing group that the camp would be happening again this year from 18th-20th before breaking for Christmas. Immediately quite a number of players where very much against this for a variety of reasons (including players from the Leadership group), so a group approached the AFLPA to ask how to handle the situation. The MFC staff caught wind of this, so Goodwin gave a presentation last Thursday explaining what they wanted to get from the camp, and explaining that this time they will be bringing a larger amount of medical staff and ensure players were well fed (apparently the food/nutrition last year wasn't the best) Even after this talk, still quite a high number of players were very unhappy about having to do the course again. So over the weekend the Leadership group and AFLPA met with MFC Coaches/high level staff to discuss the situation, reportedly getting quite feisty at times. The club did have the official final say on the matter, and chose to call the camp off. Monday morning Goodwin gathered all the players and told them the camp was being called off due to the high number of players who raised concerns with it, and he said he wasn't angry but very disappointed because he felt they had given enough information to the players that their health and safety concerns were going to be handled appropriately. However throughout the day the players could tell Goodwin and some other coaches were indeed pretty unhappy with the playing group (when you work with people for long enough you can tell pretty clearly when they are not in the best mood) I've got no confirmation of this, but I would assume the three days of training next week before the Christmas break are probably going to make up for the lack of physical and mental work lost from having cancelled the camp. I do agree with a number of you that it is a bad look, especially when the club is in the finals drought we find ourselves in. But I also see where the players are coming from, there is a higher chance of injuries and I sure as s*** wouldn't want to do the camp, and I was in the Army for 5 years. Take from that what you will, its a pretty crappy situation overall.
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    It isn't about the training options for the last few days before Christmas. It is about the poor communication between players/leaders and footy staff. It is about taking players out of their comfort zones. And more importantly it is about not allowing players to call the shots. Slippery slope right there. So what now - anytime a player(s) don't want to do so something, go when it is their turn or whatever, they cry 'too hard boss'!!
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    I am still stoked we landed Fritsch. I thought at beginning of trade night, if we walked away with Fritsch I'd be happy, anything more is a bonus. I don't know much about the others. I have only seen Fritsch play a handful of times - but he looked impressive. I remember watching Mitch Hannan play most of his games the year we drafted him, and I was happy we landed him, he did it against men, and his frame wasn't a limitation. I don't expect Fritsch frame to limit him at all. I think he may play early. There is nothing about his game that suggests he has to put on size (at least in respect of contributing at AFL level - size will naturally come in time). So its a good get for mine. Hope he does well.
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