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    Seriously ProDee if you don't like @Satyriconhome put him on block. There are many here that value his input and find you tiresome, how are your training reports going?
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    I heard from a very reliable source that both Christians (P & S) were told at their end of season reviews to prepare for next season as midfielders. Based on the training reports this appears to have been confirmed.
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    I think usually at this time of the year most us are looking forward to and speculating on who might make an early AFL debut or feature at some stage for the MFC in the year ahead. (Not so long ago we would have already slotted half of them in our starting 22 by now). But a function of being an actual decent team with some genuine depth and competition for spots is that the number of 2018 debutantes in the red and blue will likely be diminished, and that we should actually be less hopeful to see them happen. As a bit of a present round-up: King: I seriously had to double-check if his name was Max or Mitch. Seems as if they’re ramping up his training this year and he looks in good shape. But is he Gawn’s direct replacement in the event of an injury now, or, despite Watts’s departure, will we continue to attempt to plug the gap like last year in overlooking Spencer? I think the preference atm would be seeing Pedo go number one in the middle and a rejig up forward toward a smaller make-up. Are we already in some trouble if King enters the frame? McKenna: The forgotten man on the list. Arrived with little fanfare and has barely been heard from since. I’m not even certain what position he in fact plays, but from memory it’s somewhere around half-back, where he’d be an especially long way behind in the push for a spot. I doubt that few of us hold even a vague hope that he’ll bolt out of nowhere and be pushing for a place anytime soon. Johnstone: Assumed to be the direct understudy for Garlett as a mercurial pocket type, but by most Casey reports has been largely underwhelming to date in terms of development, with little impact across the year and not much on display in terms of rare, untapped talent. Looks fit in the training photos, but if Garlett were to go down, I imagine there’s plenty of mediums who would be selected for the small pocket role before him. What has to go wrong before he becomes a realistic chance for debut? Keilty: Seems to have been to have been a consistent improver over the back-half of last year in the seconds, yet, despite I assume a number of us here rooting for him a little extra due to his relative’s (brother's?) personal insights on this forum, when you take an objective step back it’s difficult to see where he might force his way in. Has been shuffled around a bit at Casey, I guess as part of his development, but appears to have settled into a back role - to ultimately end up against some stiff senior competition if not currently offering a stand-out trait. The signs are on the positive side, but again, would we have to be in a fair deal of trouble before he was being considered for debut? Filopovich: I really don’t know much about what’s going on here. A raw project still, and a long long way back I would presume? Then there’s our quartet of draftees: I’m not sure if it’s a remnant of a past MFC-conditioned supporter mentality, as well as the usual hope and hype around draft-time, but all of Spargo, Fritsch, and Baker (and to a slightly lesser extent Petty) feel as if in some way closer to a debut than most of those mentioned above – be it needs-based in the case of some extra dash with Baker, or, in reference to Spargo and Fritsch, that our small-medium brigade up front isn’t as quite as settled and proven as our other lines? Obviously, most of this assessment is based on subjective perception and a very limited range of second-hand sources, so I am curious to hear what others may think? In your opinions, who is likely or at least a chance to make their AFL debuts this year with Melbourne and why?
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    I couldn't make it to training today as I double booked it with my daughters end of year school concert. If I was really committed to the Dees you'd obviously be looking at photos from training. I'll spare you the Prep graders rendition of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana.
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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-12-07/youngsters-bond-in-threeday-camp My mate Miffsy who is a junior coach at Torquay watched the boys training yesterday. Miffsy (who son is a promising junior) was gobsmacked by the players' foot skills and marking. He ain't a Dees man, but was very impressed. BTW Torquay has produced some handy AFL players including Travis Boak and Jasper Pittard. Noah Gadsby likely to be a name you'll hear in a year or two.
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    Lets accept all training reports for what they are. Everyone who contributes should be thanked. They go to the trouble of attending and writing reports that provide information that we can enjoy. I also like to read the different comments and perspectives. I think all those who write them deserve a break. Readers like me are in a sense free loaders who benefit from the contributions of the training watchers. Are we better off with these contributions irrespective of content? I think so. See the common good and ignore the things that irritate you. The summer period is a time to renew our hope and faith in all things including our beloved Demons, and to look forward to the season ahead. A time to be positive and to accept our differences. Particularly as we all share the same love.
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    Have been reading with great interest the story of the Zephyr and feel that I vicariously know each leg of this horse. Any chance of a photo and good luck Zephyr !!
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    The camp I was talking about http://melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-12-07/youngsters-bond-in-threeday-camp
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    I'd be talking to one of Amazon's new business partners in Australia, GetSwift. That's the company run by Joel MacDonald and which has Joel and James Strauss as significant shareholders. (In Joel's case "significant" means about 140 million dollars worth.)
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    Saty, it's like panning for gold on a good prospect - ya gotta ignore the dross and appreciate the nuggets, not the other way round. Keep up the good work!
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    The constant negativity on here is one reason I feel like not posting again, whilst I can understand some of the angst, it is December, it is a new season, it is at least 2 months before we fire a shot in anger Read the reports, look at the photos, let's revisit Oscar, the fwd line, the game plan say around Rd 6, then we will have some data to go on At the moment, nearly all the squad hopefully will be ready to go Rd1, competition for spots will be ferocious, Goody does not play favourites From what I have seen at training, we will have a team of versatile men who can run all day and the skills are getting better each session
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    My last car was bought from an AHG dealership. I went there on the basis they were a MFC sponsor when there were closer dealerships available. But I do agree with your view. I am in the market again but this time I will look closer to home.
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    Will be interesting to see how much our midfield is transformed by having the kicking skills of that pair following the ball around. Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Jones, Petracca, Salem A good mix of brute force and Silk
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    And your contribution is.......................... Off to ignore you go
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    Now ahead of last years figure....... 28,354
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    They do indoor wrestling and Garlett was working with Pedo and tweaked a rib, all good, did nearly an hour and half of rehab
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    The real problem is caused by the club only training 3 days per week. It's the other 4 days where people fill in the gaps. If we could only get the club to train 7 days per week the problem would disappear.
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    Right from the start he showed something and this season he proved it has what it takes. You nailed his important attributes 39. His determination to succeed and his "knack of being in the right place at the right time"". He showed the latter attribute right from the start, he just started doing it more frequently last season as his confidence grew from becoming a regular selection each week and having time to develop his confidence. He is definitely a team player. I like him up forward because he is an opportunist near goal and a reasonable shot on the run.
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    People underestimate his strength inside forward 50. He provides a decent amount of pressure, and he has the ability to lower his eyes and hit targets very effectively.
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    For those apologists who believe Melbourne don't 'deserve' equalisation money from the AFL or Friday night/prime time exposure, this is how it manifests itself. Any sane sponsor would rather back a team that is constantly in prime time getting valuable media exposure. This includes playing finals. So Melbourne is to blame for parts of thios equation but the AFL has created a massive ueven playing field with their 'fixtures' that discriminate so heavily against teams. Add to this the rank stadium deals where teams like Geelong and West Coast get 100% of corporate box revenue, stadium advertising, a good clip of food and beverage spend etc then you see why the Dees are at such a disavantage to other clubs..
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    I'd be talking to amazon
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    It is a training report thread, it is the only topic I am posting in, the rest degenerate into slanging matches and negativity If anybody wants to whinge and whine do it in one of those, let the rest of the readers read them in peace @DeeSpencer puts a lot of effort into his reports, read and enjoy, that's what I do and I am at the same sessions
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    Just a couple of quick notes from training today Oscar Mac is now a healthy 99kg and is working on core strength, from the player Standout in running today that involved Trac, Clarry, Gus, Tyson, in other words the younger mids. was Salem Hogan was again a standout as was Vince, anybody who thinks Bern is just going to go quietly is mistaken Lewis' left foot is a thing of beauty Lot of craft drills today, including an interesting one where they were torping in from the square and the forwards were attempting to mark Viney was out in the fresh air today Kent is back with main group and looking really fit Pics on Insta later if Mr Demonland wants to move them over And the younger players are not involved in a boot camp, from Mr Mahoney, and the boot camp last year is showing the benefits this year
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