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    Just listened to the segment. I thought Wallace was absolutely spot on, but for some slightly curious inclusions and omissions in the best 22. Interesting that he said 'Jack Watts? I personally would've kept him, but it won't hurt the club long term'. Despite the 1 billion posts on that topic here, I think that pretty well sums up that trade perfectly.
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    Yes i wondered about his sanity when i heard that. Melksham was a shining light in 2017. Weiderman will be, but he aint ready yet
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    I can’t see where we’ll lose a game.
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    If that doesn't do it, how about Ginger Baker after the famous drummer from Cream?
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    Any chance we can save the top 4 talk until we make the finals for the first time in 12 F/ing years?
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    One thing that I think posters need to think about when it comes to Petruccelle is Jayden Hunt. The similarities are all there and Petruccelle’s kicking is no worse than Jayden Hunt's. All he needs is guidance on lowering his eyes like Jayden is learning to do. Having said that, I wouldn’t play him at half-back because I do value kicking skills from that area of the ground. But he’d be a very dangerous small forward imo and would go beautifully alongside Garlett as a small pressure forward who could eventually pinch-hit through the middle. His aerial ability, speed and agility, goal sense and pressure would really add to our forward group. It’s clear an ability to lock the ball inside 50 or at least maintain huge pressure on the opposition when they gain possession in their defensive half gives you a huge advantage. Richmond won a grand final off the back of it this year. Petruccelle is the kind of player who like Hunt, would benefit more than most in an AFL environment given his small body of work to date but huge upside/potential.
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    The name has been mentioned in dispatches a few times in recent weeks but when two well respected observers in the media nominate a previously obscure draft prospect as Melbourne’s first draft selection in their mock drafts, there’s a fair chance that they might have some inside knowledge about the club’s intentions. It’s surely no coincidence that Oskar Baker was named at #30 (number revised to allow for an earlier matching father/son bid) by both Brett Anderson and Callum Twomey so it's time o sit up and take notice. This what Twomey has to say about him:- "OSKAR BAKER POS: Midfielder, Ht 182, Wt 75kg, DOB 25/5/98 From Aspley The Aspley flyer with the flowing red hair has caught attention this season playing in the NEAFL, and with his pace and ball-carrying ability could add another element to Melbourne's midfield mix. Baker, who was previously a member of the Brisbane Lions' academy before being cut and thus making him available to the open draft pool, was overlooked at last year's draft but had a terrific season to stake his claim for a spot on an AFL list."
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    Here's your handy tool to decode what the recruiters mean when they use the following expressions after the draft is done and dusted: "He's a project player" means "He needs to add at least 15 kg and he still may be no good" "He comes from a great family" means "He has no outstanding qualities of his own" (or, "They have no visible tatts") "Couldn't believe he would still be there at our pick" means "We're worried that there's something wrong with him that everyone else knows but we've missed" "Has real X-factor" means "We're taking a risk because he's unfit and has a reputation as a lazy trainer. But that left foot...!" "Was in the top few at the Combine" means "He's a great athlete...hope he knows how to play the game" "We went with best available" means "We couldn't find the player we needed to fill the specific gap in our list" "He's an elite kick" means "He doesn't get the ball a lot" "Couldn't be happier" means "Could be happier. Maybe next year."
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    I would buy merchandise if it was unique to the MFC (not the same rubbish every other club has with their brand and colours).
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    So tell us all of the great games Jack played this year? Pedo and Salem played less games and finished higher in the B&F
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    From a couple of the Bigfooty Phantom's: Snoop Dog: Knightmare: Young Talent Time:
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    Melk was brilliant in his new forward role. Was a masterstroke from the coaching staff. He even has the 6th longest steak in the AFL for consecutive games kicking a goal (12 games).
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    And here's what his Queensland club's football operations manager said about him in Inside Football:- Oskar Baker DOB: 25-05-98 181.9cm, 75.6kg Apsley “Oskar was cut from the Lions academy in January and made his way to Apsley as a rookie, but due to a raft of injuries he got his opportunity early in the year and never looked back. His ability to take the game on is his strength - even against the AFL-aligned reserves he looked to tuck the ball under his arm and run. He has skill, is good overhead and is mentally strong. One of the better state league prospects.” - Apsley football operations manager Mark Perkins
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    No Jake Melksham, Weideman at CHF. Terry Wallace is clueless.
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    I heard from an ex-recruiter this afternoon that the Pies are dead keen on Fritsch, most likely in the second round, and have been speaking to him over the last couple of months. However, with their Pick 38 I just can't see it happening. We'll pick him up in the 30's for mine.
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    I had a brief chat with Mitch Hannan at Monday's training session and asked if he thought Fritsch was a chance... he seemed to think they must be looking at him and that he would love to play one flank with Fritsch on the other. Personally, I get the feeling we will grab Fritsch with pick 31 and Bailey with 29... no idea about the others.
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    I like Jason Taylor's thinking based on the article on the website today (or at least what I think he's thinking) - multiple clubs with multiple picks before us means they are more likely to select based on needs (lack of pace, key defenders, developing ruckmen, etc.) allowing serious talent to slip through to us.
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    If he works harder at Port and does try and make us pay,we'll know how unprofessional he is!!!
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    Absolutely nothing. Sorry. They are a commercial entity not a charity. I await the howls.
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    A few quibbles as to selections, but if you can move past this, and any prejudice against the 'List Manager', the general thrust of what Wallace says here is fairly close to the mark.
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    Why would you do a top 18? There are 22 players in a team with a lot of rotations within a game. I disagree with a few of his selections too.
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    Dom Barry. Game has evolved towards his strengths in his time away from AFL level. Played at SANFL level this year.
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    1990 was the first year that we had a real chance of a flag since our resurrection began in 1987. In 1987 the lolly blues (think jumper colour change as a promotion for lolly manufacturer sponsor) were waiting to smash us even if we had got over the dorks. In 1990, I recall that we had to play the dorks in the final round and the again in the first week of the finals. Two weeks in a row against the reigning premiers. Tony Campbell at full back (for those who remember set positions and man on man contests) beat the gorilla both weeks which made a major contribution to our successes. The drawn final between the filth and wet toast caused us to lose any momentum and advantage in that finals series. Not for the first, or the last, time did over confidence seem to affect our game and we lost to the toasts and were eliminated. The other years where we real chances were 1994 and, especially, 1998. In 1994 we had Schwarz and Lyon firing and, after smashing lolly blues and doggies, we had to confront the toast in WA at a time when they were dominant but still vulnerable. We ran out of puff. In 1998 we beat the black birds by eight goals in the first week of the finals but did not get another crack at them after losing the prelim final to the marsupials due to being out-coached on the day. In both years our team was good enough but couldn't last the four weeks of the finals. Since then we have struggled to put together a team and coach combination likely to contest. Things could be changing.
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