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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-11-23/melbourne-makes-fourth-consecutive-profit Key Stats: Profit of $1.3m Debt reduced by $1.3m to $4.1m (Was $8.1m when Barlett and Jackson arrived) Revenue up by $2.m over 2016 ie 9% “A key factor in the financial result was the support of members. A Club record 42,233 signed up for the 2017 season, with the Club also breaking its attendance record with over 830,000 people watching the team play this year – an increase of more than 146,000 from 2016. An incredible turnaround in 4 years to go from a financial basket case to one that is financially stable, thanks primarily to Jackson. Fair to say In-Jackson-We-Trust
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    Just listened to the segment. I thought Wallace was absolutely spot on, but for some slightly curious inclusions and omissions in the best 22. Interesting that he said 'Jack Watts? I personally would've kept him, but it won't hurt the club long term'. Despite the 1 billion posts on that topic here, I think that pretty well sums up that trade perfectly.
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    We weren't a financial basket case 4 years ago. In fact, we were in quite a decent financial position with excellent ongoing revenue streams. The ship just needed to be righted - Peter Jackson made special mention of that when he arrived in 2013. On field - we were deplorable. Mixing up the 2 areas (Financial & on-field) is a common misrepresentation. It's true that we posted a loss in 2013 but we had previously posted profits in the 4 years prior to 2013. And that one poor financial return can be put down to our gate returns hitting rock bottom after an equally deplorable year in 2012. PJ obviously righted the ship but let's not forget to acknowledge the financial turnaround that we all witnessed during the Jimmy Stynes era. In 8 of the last 9 years the club has posted a profit. It's all there in black & white in the annual reports. There are 4 main reasons why we've posted profits since 2009 (other than the increased dividend that all the clubs are now receiving from the AFL) Pokies (the profitability of our 2 venues has matured & increased year-by-year) NT (800k per game) Foundation Heroes (large sums of money were raised initially & 3 - 4 years hence) Increased Membership We can now add the increased revenues from our home fixtures against other big clubs apart from Collingwood (ANZAC eve, vs Cats season opener etc) Considering how unsuccessful we've been in the recent past, it's a minor miracle that we have posted a profit in 8 of the last 9 years. In real terms, having a debt of only 4.1 million is not an issue when considering our more-than-solid revenue streams and cash-flow.
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    I've been reliably told that they're planning their preseason around Weideman in the 22. Obviously things can change and it will be dependent on form, JLT, etc., but the plan is for Weideman to be in the team.
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    Yes i wondered about his sanity when i heard that. Melksham was a shining light in 2017. Weiderman will be, but he aint ready yet
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    I can’t see where we’ll lose a game.
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    If that doesn't do it, how about Ginger Baker after the famous drummer from Cream?
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    Any chance we can save the top 4 talk until we make the finals for the first time in 12 F/ing years?
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    One thing that I think posters need to think about when it comes to Petruccelle is Jayden Hunt. The similarities are all there and Petruccelle’s kicking is no worse than Jayden Hunt's. All he needs is guidance on lowering his eyes like Jayden is learning to do. Having said that, I wouldn’t play him at half-back because I do value kicking skills from that area of the ground. But he’d be a very dangerous small forward imo and would go beautifully alongside Garlett as a small pressure forward who could eventually pinch-hit through the middle. His aerial ability, speed and agility, goal sense and pressure would really add to our forward group. It’s clear an ability to lock the ball inside 50 or at least maintain huge pressure on the opposition when they gain possession in their defensive half gives you a huge advantage. Richmond won a grand final off the back of it this year. Petruccelle is the kind of player who like Hunt, would benefit more than most in an AFL environment given his small body of work to date but huge upside/potential.
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    Its taking a lot of people a long time to realise Hogan plays best at CHF
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    Pretty sure the debt only came about from the takeover of the Bentleigh club. We took over their debt and poker machine obligations but obtain the asset and future revenue. Either way the on-going profit is a great result.
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    I don't know anything about Sam Hayes (or any other prospects) but I'll be aghast if we take an 18yo ruckman. We've got King and Filipovic and it will be a struggle to play and develop both of them at Casey - there is no Development League team. With TMac and Pedersen's 2017 efforts when Gawn was injured, and with Keilty who can pinch hit if required, I'll be disappointed if we take a ruckman full-stop.
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    The name has been mentioned in dispatches a few times in recent weeks but when two well respected observers in the media nominate a previously obscure draft prospect as Melbourne’s first draft selection in their mock drafts, there’s a fair chance that they might have some inside knowledge about the club’s intentions. It’s surely no coincidence that Oskar Baker was named at #30 (number revised to allow for an earlier matching father/son bid) by both Brett Anderson and Callum Twomey so it's time o sit up and take notice. This what Twomey has to say about him:- "OSKAR BAKER POS: Midfielder, Ht 182, Wt 75kg, DOB 25/5/98 From Aspley The Aspley flyer with the flowing red hair has caught attention this season playing in the NEAFL, and with his pace and ball-carrying ability could add another element to Melbourne's midfield mix. Baker, who was previously a member of the Brisbane Lions' academy before being cut and thus making him available to the open draft pool, was overlooked at last year's draft but had a terrific season to stake his claim for a spot on an AFL list."
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    Here's your handy tool to decode what the recruiters mean when they use the following expressions after the draft is done and dusted: "He's a project player" means "He needs to add at least 15 kg and he still may be no good" "He comes from a great family" means "He has no outstanding qualities of his own" (or, "They have no visible tatts") "Couldn't believe he would still be there at our pick" means "We're worried that there's something wrong with him that everyone else knows but we've missed" "Has real X-factor" means "We're taking a risk because he's unfit and has a reputation as a lazy trainer. But that left foot...!" "Was in the top few at the Combine" means "He's a great athlete...hope he knows how to play the game" "We went with best available" means "We couldn't find the player we needed to fill the specific gap in our list" "He's an elite kick" means "He doesn't get the ball a lot" "Couldn't be happier" means "Could be happier. Maybe next year."
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    Yeah he still posts on bigfooty but had the Giants as his team of support, never misses an opportunity to bag the die hard Demon supporters and blame the supporters for anything and everything that is wrong with the club. Even in this thread he blames the supporters for the club being unable to land a back of jumper sponsor earlier in the year I mean FFS
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    no such thing these days as a starting 18. it's a starting 22 you only have to look at who starts on the bench each game, and the time on ground % of each player to realise it's a starting 22 wallace needs to get out of the past
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    I like Bailey much more than Baker if I was lining all the kids up in the draft. I don't have a full list, I don't watch the kids I just see a few games of state champs or TAC plus make judgements from what I read or see in highlights. I'm just not overly enamoured with him like others seem to be. Sounds like Bailey will be gone by our first pick and he would've been a nice fit there but I think there's others who are as good. Baker seems like someone fun for our later picks.
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    Have to see the financials to verify it, but as I recall the majority of our debt was from purchasing the Poker machine licenses, which are being paid off from the poker machines themselves. I think it was anticipated that would be achieved within 2 years. So we will be in a better position than North, once that happens, as we will have an unencumbered revenue source, and they still will not.
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    It was Carltank’s elite Training regime a few summers ago, remember that. Went flat out for about 3 weeks then disappeared (Like Carltank actually)... i thought of the good Doctor last week...
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    Financial basket case may have been a tad colourful but I suggest we weren't in a good place financially when Jackson et al took over. Certainly Jimmy deserves great accolades for saving our club and turning the ship around. But sadly it wasn't sustained. While huge work went into fund raising/selling games (Brisbane then NT) our 'core revenue' was in decline. And I suggest that one of the main reasons we posted profits in 2009 to 2012 (the 'minor miracles' as you put it) was because we grossly underfunded the football department, football facilities and player development. This under funding wasn't sustainable. When Jackson et al took over we didn't have a major sponsor(s). We had very low and decreasing membership . People didn't come to our games. So 3 of the 'core revenue' streams were on heart support post Jimmy/McLardy. The precious fund raising during Jimmy's reign, while desperately needed had papered over the financial cracks. I'm with you in praising the work Jimmy did but I hold a different view to the years that followed. The business model and spending priorities we have now is vastly different to that pre Jackson/Barlett. This 're-engineered' business is now a sustainable and financially stable club. FWIW, my view is we would not be where we are without Jackson. He had a vision and slowly put the building blocks in place to fulfill it.
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    It was fantastic to read and hear that Watts made the bottom 50 of the Bigfooty's world famous "Moffra's bottom 50". As in he's deemed to be the 35th worst player of 2017. Player 35 - Jack WattsPictured: Getting some head is an often misunderstood termIt may have escaped the Bay's attention, but there is a player in the AFL called Jack Watts.He's 196cm tall, quick, has sticky hands (I mean on the field you dirty people) and is a beautiful user of the ball. On paper he should be a star.Problem is, AFL is a contact sport and Jack deals about as well with contact as your average soccer striker.Above: almost as bad as Clayton Oliver, presumably mentored by WattsHe was taken at pick 1 in the 2008 draft, which hurts even more because every other pick 1 has been a superstar *cough*.Taken at pick 2 in the same draft was the walking marketing phenomenon NicNat who is the best in the AFL in his position when fully fit. Other stars taken in the top ten that draft include Vickery, Hurley and Yarren making it closer to a police line up than a draft class.It's also the year for notable hairstyles with some important inspirations:Julian "Not Convicted" AssangeSide Show BobTom Hanks in CastawaySide Show CecilJack Watts hasn't exactly set the world on fire since his career began in a gang-tackle at the MCG - he's been handy from time to time but in no way has lived up to the hype. Granted Melbourne's development program has screwed more teenagers in the past few years than a Justin Bieber party held in Seaford but Jack just doesn't play a modern, contested, desperate style of football. Seems like the perfect AFL X player though (unlike many their other early Melbourne picks who have become AFL ex players).He did play well against Essendon (as a Brighton Grammar Private Schoolboy he obviously has strong morals) and then the rest of the season happened. A 5 kick effort the next week, hamstring issues, then intensity issues. Some of his chases from round 18 onwards would have been better handled (and more entertaining) if performed by Wilde E Coyote. Showing all the intensity of fairy floss he was banished to the VFL for a couple of weeks before earning a recalla farewell game in the last round.It seems he's on the trade table to either Port or Geelong, which means he'll probably be the first Brighton Grammar product to set foot in that part of the world. Hope he's brushed up on his "youse" and "yeah-nah" in preparation otherwise the locals will have no idea what he's actually saying.Jack, good luck with your new home. With a solid pre-season I'm sure we'll see you back on your knees in no time.Votes this time will be counted, welcome to the Bottom 50 for 2017.
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    Here's some info I put up on one of the draft threads: Oskar played for Wilston Grange (my local team) up here in Qld before being poached by NEAFL team Aspley early in the 2017 season. Has pace to burn and kicked the NEAFL goal of the year from memory running/dodging his way from half-back before slotting it from 50 on the run. He will take some time and doesn't win a heap of the footy but his outside run and pace means he can have a real impact on games regardless. A mate from WG says a few other AFL clubs are interested as well. Was a Lions Academy member but was cut two years ago which seems to have spurred him on.
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    Because consecutive is spelt without a q. Maybe thats the French spelling.😆
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    ...and the tell sign is...? To answer your question - Melbourne born to Italian parents so I guess that sort of makes me European and an Aussie - equally proud of both.
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    Had forgotten how big the debt had become prior to Jackson. Scary. A remarkable turnaround. Prudent financial management by Jackson. Highlights the key role of a capable CEO with his hands on the clubs financial levels. The fact that Jackson has achieved this with a minimum of fuss and without ripping the guts out of the club speaks volumes for his management strategy and style. Also a reminder that significant financial improvement can only come by long term sustained success on the field over a 5 to 10 year period. Better take out that membership again for 2018.
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    NEAFL though 'Dee'...players rack up the numbers in that comp. I think a lot of the so called experts have decided we need some run and carry and have been blind sided by this. They have us picking on a needs basis and as our own history tells us, this is a recipe for disaster. I just want us to get the best available prospect.
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    And the traditional "Great mark for his size" means "can't play midfield and too short to be a forward". "A great trainer" means "can't actually play". "Not at all worried about the go-home factor" means "we hope we can get a better pick for him in about two years".
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    Tomorrow will be draft number 34. Here are games averages for various draft picks. Picks 20-28 Ave games played = 58.3 Picks 29-37 Ave games played = 59.5 (Melb picks 29, 31, 36) Picks 38-46 Ave games played = 53.7 (Melb pick 46) Effectively we could have picks 20, 21, 22 and 23 (ave games 56). Statistically at least there seems to be bit of a lucky dip after the first round. Given that we now have a recruiting team who know what they are doing you would we should end up with at least a couple of very handy players. Get excited about tomorrow!! PS. Favourite stat is pick 53 that gave us both Tom and Oscar McDonald (whose combined jumper numbers equals 53) averages ............... wait for it ............. 53 games.
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    I love Bernie but he will have to have a big preseason to earn his spot in the 18. he has lost a yard but mostly his decision making has taken a hit which is mostly a mental issue. i have him between 19-26 spot at the moment
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    I would buy merchandise if it was unique to the MFC (not the same rubbish every other club has with their brand and colours).
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    So tell us all of the great games Jack played this year? Pedo and Salem played less games and finished higher in the B&F
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    From a couple of the Bigfooty Phantom's: Snoop Dog: Knightmare: Young Talent Time:
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    Melk was brilliant in his new forward role. Was a masterstroke from the coaching staff. He even has the 6th longest steak in the AFL for consecutive games kicking a goal (12 games).
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    And here's what his Queensland club's football operations manager said about him in Inside Football:- Oskar Baker DOB: 25-05-98 181.9cm, 75.6kg Apsley “Oskar was cut from the Lions academy in January and made his way to Apsley as a rookie, but due to a raft of injuries he got his opportunity early in the year and never looked back. His ability to take the game on is his strength - even against the AFL-aligned reserves he looked to tuck the ball under his arm and run. He has skill, is good overhead and is mentally strong. One of the better state league prospects.” - Apsley football operations manager Mark Perkins
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    No Jake Melksham, Weideman at CHF. Terry Wallace is clueless.
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    I heard from an ex-recruiter this afternoon that the Pies are dead keen on Fritsch, most likely in the second round, and have been speaking to him over the last couple of months. However, with their Pick 38 I just can't see it happening. We'll pick him up in the 30's for mine.
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    I had a brief chat with Mitch Hannan at Monday's training session and asked if he thought Fritsch was a chance... he seemed to think they must be looking at him and that he would love to play one flank with Fritsch on the other. Personally, I get the feeling we will grab Fritsch with pick 31 and Bailey with 29... no idea about the others.
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    I like Jason Taylor's thinking based on the article on the website today (or at least what I think he's thinking) - multiple clubs with multiple picks before us means they are more likely to select based on needs (lack of pace, key defenders, developing ruckmen, etc.) allowing serious talent to slip through to us.
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    If he works harder at Port and does try and make us pay,we'll know how unprofessional he is!!!
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    Absolutely nothing. Sorry. They are a commercial entity not a charity. I await the howls.
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    Neville Jetta Oscar McDonald Jake Lever Michael Hibberd Sam Frost Nathan Jones Jayden Hunt Clayton Oliver Alex Neal Bullen Christian Petracca Jesse Hogan James Harmes Jeff Garlett Tom McDonald Tomas Bugg Max Gawn Jack Viney Angus Brayshaw Christian Salem, Dom Tyson, Jordan Lewis, Bernie Vince I think we'll look to hand over the midfield to the younger guys and phase Jones, Vince, Lewis out and into other positions. I think with a full pre season Brayshaw is ready to stand up. I think forward pressure will be a big priority, Bugg, Neal Bullen, Garlett, Harmes are all good in this area and with the two talls it gives us the capacity to play four ground level Backline looks great, three All Australian quality defenders, Oscar a promising up and coming defender, Jones has experience and great ball use and Frost i think will continue to develop in the role.
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    Personally I don’t think he’ll be a great player but he’ll play his part and be a good contributor.
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    Spot on...nor the short term either...
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    Ditto my thoughts as to the suggestion of half-back. Up front, but more in my mind as a partner for Petracca. It's evident that CP5 already makes the opposition tense and he receives a lot of close-checking. A second player of that nature would be fantastic and cause all sorts of match-up problems for a modern defence.
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    His height and intimidating physical presence would be to our advantage, but I think his age may not be in his favour.
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    I'm unsure of how it would work in the AFL, I follow the NHL closely and they have a trade deadline around early March each year just prior to the play-offs commencing. Teams vying for a play-off spot will look to acquire a seasoned veteran or a consistent scorer to enhance their chances whilst a team with no chance of making the play-offs will look to offload veterans to acquire young prospects or draft picks for future seasons. Its basically a period of increased player movement. That's a simplistic way of explaining it. The NHL regular season commences in early October and ends in early April. Each team have a full five months to sort out their specific needs by the time the deadline arrives. In the AFL after five months we are at finals stage, not sure how they could manage a trade period mid-season in a shorter time frame. Edit: Players that are signed by an NHL team participating in the play-offs prior to the deadline might only get signed up for the upcoming play-offs and can get offloaded to another team for the next season.
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    Of course he will. We're Melbourne.
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    17 NAB AFL Draft Friday 24 November 7:00 PM AEDT Fox Footy SEN 3AW AFL Live Pass At least the AFL site now has some info even though Fox Footy doesn't.
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