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    It's career ending, worse than simply a calf, he's now missing a lower right leg. WARNING, look away if you are of weak stomach: (Photo courtesty of Hardtack)
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    I never saw Viv, Ben and Ben do what I have seen Corey do, so he is different. Also my temperature never rose a degree with those blokes. Corey is a bigger unit and he just may raise a few temperatures this year. To dominate a midfield in a VFL final and have Morris hit you three times after you got rid of the ball, basically illegally and with all his power and then to shrug those hits off and continue to dominate is exciting. I think Maynard is capable of becoming a regular senior player, which the other three were not.
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    But he was hopping freely!
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    How anyone can be apathetic about what jumper and colours your team wears is beyond me. Players come and go, but the glue that knits generations of fans together is the jumper and colours. One can try and place themselves above such menial matters in an attempt to seem more enlightened, but you've just taken a position that is at odds with footy, reason, and passion. Naturally, fans put up with it, as there's little choice, but how anyone couldn't care or could even embrace a clash jumper beggars belief. I assume such supporters wouldn't give a yelp if the club decided to push for a permanent change to green and aqua. I find the position disingenuous.
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    There will be zero tolerance on personal attacks and intentional off topic derailing of posts in this thread and others. The culprits know who they are.
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    Preseason training ramps up a bit more as from this Monday with the official return of the most experienced players for that all important month before the New Year break and then, before we know it, footballs will be kicked in anger once again. 😀 Even though most players have already been putting in the hard yards for the season ahead, this is always a bit of a milestone week on the calendar when the squad gathers together and of course, it ends with the addition of new blood on Friday night. Looking forward to the reports and analysis and let’s keep it in good spirit.
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    Ah ... the old Sandown races. Do they still run the Sandown Cup? I remember some of the cup horses used to run in it so as to pay their expenses etc. I hear that the old place may be sold for housing. Perhaps they could extend the place across the road. (The crematorium). Many years ago in a job I had, the people at the Springvale cemetery asked for my advice on how to make the cemetery more family friendly. They were thinking of bike rides etc to increase the cafe patronage. Even offered me a tour out the back which I politely declined.
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    I think Tyson is a very strong player around the ball is very underrated in this regard. The knock on him is his disposal but he is a very important player at getting the ball moving from congestion. I've seen him break even with Mummy (at his peak not in his decline) a few times trying to wrestle the ball off each other and that says to me he is very physically strong.
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    Cheers - agreed we have different opinions respect your stance. Much appreciated.
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    Oh please Saty Saty Saty. Please feed me. Don't listen to them.
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    Old news or not, it's news, regardless of who is pounding up Anderson's Hill. The fact is that some returned to pre-season training having not reached the expectations set by the training staff. Misson said it himself. That's all I'll say on the matter.
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    Sorry cannot stand this stupid response. In what way is caring about the jumper we wear in conflict with us winning games or not? It's not like it's a mutually exclusive propersition. I can thint of a lot of things I care less about posted on Demonland (like Ty Vickory) and this time of year, few more that I care about than seeing our club properly address this issue. I mean obviously there is the draft, but until it happens, it's like throwing darts at a dart board. And even then, until those players that are drafted actually produce on the feild, it's more an act of navel gazing for us mere supporters. And it's not like directing some of the club's management staff to take this issue up with the AFL and get an appropriate outcome is distracting our playing group, coaching or recruiting staff. Getting a good outcome for our footy club could also help to recruit and retain more members. Beyond all, when our team wins, I want to see it happen in a jumper that actually looks like our teams, not some crappy half baked version that looks more like a Sydney jumper than a Melbourne one. Every Heart Beats True for the RED and BLUE
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    Keep the reports coming Saty, love ya work
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    Notes from training today, Tommy Mc running, jumping turning, kicking, told me only 2 or 3 weeks away Tim Smith is another who has been rebuilt whilst off legs, up and running as well, said everything on track, his arms are huge Same guys in rehab, but work went up a notch As noted on AFL website, mood was upbeat Misso took most for 6 runs up Andersons Hill, Billy Stretch the standout, unfortunately his efforts made for a second look at breakfast on the walk back down after 6th run, much to everybody's amusement Jordan lewis was training today, didn't do hill runs The other old man Bernie Vince looks really fit, did the Anderson runs encouraging everybody else Pics will be in Insta later
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    That second game was brilliant, I just love seeing Jetta play so well alongside the other stars of the game.
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    I hear you brother. Please remind me just how many years this guy has spent ('clogging') an AFL list?
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    Pre-defection and Tex dummy spit, he was lauded at the Crows for his professionalism, fastidious preparation and leadership. With an injury free preseason he will have a rip snorter of a season next year. And hes only 21! Wowee!
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    I want us to draft this bloke, purely because he has the same full name as my 5 yo son, but not more than I'd love for my Charlie to be drafted by the MFC in 13 years time. I recon there's about the same chance of either/both happening at this point.
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    The 'Perth' Ascot ... ha ha. There's about 20 group races in Ascot right throughout the year. As always, the better horses are involved so the form lines are reasonably clear. A few of the Eastern States horses make the trip over there (for the Group races) so there's some familiarity. I don't often bet at Ascot but will do when there's not much prime action in the Eastern states. Time span is about 4pm to 9pm (AEDT) Good luck with Petition ... it should be in the finish if given a reasonable run.
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    That 9th race was a terrific finish....Oliver from the back of the field ..early......Ive only got 1 all up left Macca....Hellova Street into Crystal Dreamer..into ....Petition in the last. So come on Petition...a place will do. Ok so Ascot next week huh.......i dont usually follow the overseas races, but let me know what you like......i might have a look. What time is it on??
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    Ok well GB had an away win last week and back at home this week. The kid qbck is obviously learning the ropes. Rodgers looks like he may play again this season. Ill come over to the NFL thread. I like Hellova Street here.....(yes i have been to Prague)! haha Lot of rain heading toward Sandown on the radar.....soft 5 atm.
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    If they're really that good, won't they get selected before our picks..?
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    Right...well, i think Macca, you and i need our own punting thread!! haha. I was going to start one on Demonland for punting on the Dees, but i wasnt sure if it was in the spirit of the site...... Im know little of the American sports but im ok with the soccer. You always get odds because of the draw leg. I threw the kitchen sink at Honduras because they beat Mexico and i thought the way the aussies had been playing......well. Anyway, we qualified so it was a win after all. Thats some really interesting things you pointed out there. I follow Green Bay, but im still learning the rules of the game. I will have to pay more attention.I I aslo agree with you about the amount of legs. I rarely take more than 3. I have a mate who religiously takes 20 leg multis on American Basketball..and he went hard on the outlays...and yep he eventually got one after about 2 years of trying and won around 20000k. Ive taken Burning Front into Crystal Dreamer.
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    Yep ... bet small to win big. It's the safest and most interesting way to bet. I bet that way with NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer & the NFL (often in a combo) Never outlaying more than an expendable amount. I've got a couple of mates who's maximum bet is only ever $3. It's terrific fun putting it all together too ... I'm always on the lookout to bet against 'road' teams in the NBA or NHL (who are also playing back-to-back games) West Coast NFL teams playing early Sunday games in the East often struggle. Historical head-to-head results in soccer based on home or away is worth noting. Dominant pitchers on home field in baseball is another good heads-up Risking a higher line in any of the above circumstances is often a lower risk. With the horses, I've had better luck when I just concentrate on 2 races (3 races max) And those races are often the better Group races on tracks where the good horses can more often than not get a decent run. I sometimes do a 4, 5, or 6 leg parlay but often it's each way or place only. Crystal dreamer was also suggested to me along with Rock 'N' Gold in the same race. And Burning Front looks a real chance as you've indicated.
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    Yes well thats about the size of it. Its a lot harder than it looks this race. Peaceful State is an interesting runner. 2 runs for a win and a 3rd. Could be anything. I note DK Weir runs his horses up hill on his 1400m training track at home. Sandown straight is uphill. If i join the dots..... I think its, "The more you know, the more you realize you dont know".....feels that way anyway! One particular form of punting that i like is the old Parlay or All up. I know you understand it, but i will explain for anyone who doesn't. You can go win and/or place and/or quinella or any combination of these.....you can skip races, and select more than 1 runner. Today for instance im looking at Crystal Dreamer and Burning Front in the early races into Almandin and Petition later on. The best thing about punting this way is that you use THEIR money and not yours. In other words if you have 3 legs, you only outlay once, on the first leg. That then rolls over into the next leg, but the winnings are from the TAB not your pocket. Thus you bet with TAB allotted outlay on all the subsequent runners. If you lose, you only lose your initial investment. If you win after 3 or 4 legs, you win many times your initial outlay as you know. Thats my take on it anyway. Good punting you guys.
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    Off topic a bit but I’ve never been to Fish Creek. It seems to me to be the quintessential name for a charming but sleepy Aussie country town. Does it live up to that image?
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    Some more great news. I booked for Kazan simply because it looked like a nice relatively small city and it has direct flights to Dubai. Being reported today that the Socceroos will be based in Kazan so we are odds on to see at least one of their matches. All I need is the Dees to do well next year and 2018 could be a very good year PS On closer reading they picked Kazan before qualifying so it will be just luck if they play there. Fingers crossed.
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    My concern here Pro was not so much the issue, as the fact that our elected representatives were too pizz weak to make a decision without testing the electoral water by means of a very expensive poll. Should we have a postal ballot on refugee policy? Renewable Energy? Tax reform? We're considering buying some new destroyers for the Navy - send out the letters! Where does this postal polling nonsense stop? The Victorian Parliament is currently engaged in a debate that certainly "fundamentally changes the fabric of society" as much as any. At least on that issue they are doing their job. As to my being of the Left. Well I'd say I swing on that issue. Nowadays, I'd describe myself as mostly politically cynical.
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    Jonsey actually took part in the City to Surf Fun Run last Sunday. He walked the 5 km with his family. I'm tipping there's no way this happens if he had even the slightest of calf complaints.
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    Gday Macca.. The Guineas often throws up the outsider as the winner, because a lot of those horses are at the end of their tether by this race. A good field leg in a quaddie. I like Taj Mahal too. Ran very well last time. I think you have the trifecta there at least! The running doubles and quinellas pay ok. Pools should still be good. Good luck with those FFs. There is one more horse i like called Burning Front, DK Weir. As one well known sporting identity put it today, its had 37 placings from 53 starts.......its not a racehorse, thats what you call an ATM.
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    “They’ve come back in OK shape – some that we would’ve liked to have come back a bit better".
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    G'day Wadda ... I'll have a go at the two group 2 races at Sandown tomorrow (races 7 & 8) In the Zipping Classic (race 7) I like 'The Taj Mahal' from Big Duke & Almandin ... 'So Si Bon' may run on as it was only 3.8 lengths behind Tosen Stardum last start. And in the Guineas (race 8) I'll give 'Snitzepeg' another chance ... Beau Geste & Black Sails should be in the finish as well. 'I'll Have a Bit' could run on if anyone is contemplating a first 4 bet. Went 2 from 2 (winners) on Emirates Stakes day but just missed the first 4 in both races. I'll back both horses (The Taj Mahal & Snitzepeg) each-way tomorrow. The running double last week paid $33 but always remember, I'm often the world's worst tipster! Its buyer beware. There are a few Group races at Ascot tomorrow as well but I haven't perused the form there yet. Those 2 races at Sandown might do me. Good punting to all!
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    Maynard is a completely different kettle of fish and it would be a good idea for people to realise this and treat it as such . The blokes you've mentioned have had/having careers as professional footballers and subsequently not cut it at AFL level. Maynard has spent all his formative years playing elite level basketball and is now into a second pre-season after playing dominant VFL games and showing some competency in one single AFL game. I think it's quite realistic to have high hopes for him given his back story.
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    Well, if they are precious enough that being told what they need to improve on to get a game as professional footballers was too much for them to handle, perhaps we are better off without the both of them. Although I think the more likely scenario is that this means absolutely nothing and we are simply short of things to talk about around here currently.
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    Thought the fields tomorrow looked pretty good. Some interesting races. Race 5 is a good one. I like Lucky Hussler who won his only start here, mixes it up a bit, pulled up sore last time so maybe he wasnt right. Also like Hellova Street. Ill be following Weir again and he has some good runners going around. Almandin should get the biccies here with Ollie back on board and Lloyd loves this race. Robert Hickmont (ex demon player) last gasp for the stables b4 he goes out on his own. What do you guys think?
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    I'd be interested to know who the players were that didn't turn up in the shape the club expected them too. It's a little disappointing to hear that after our end to the season. On the flip side, great to see someone like ANB not resting on his laurels of an improved season and going even further with his preparation. That's exactly what we want to see of players at the club.
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    If only Trengove was at Melbourne for multiple years with Watts then it may have helped Watts become a more professional player.
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    September 12, 2016 Richmond statement 10 week comprehensive review by external consultant. New General Manager of Football (Neil Balme, no less). Major restructure and increased status of recruiting and list management section. Two assistant coaches sacked (Ross Smith - defence. Greg Mellor - forward) Senior Development Coach Mark Williams sacked Replaced the head of strength and conditioning. Also worth noting they traded out one of their best players and Vice-captain, Brett Deledio. Three years of token appearances and failures in finals, then an abject flop in 2016, with most of their best players being 25+ already and close to no variation or new appearances in the B&F boards for the last 5 years. I ask, if that is Melbourne's situation in 2020, would it seem maybe just a bit like a genuine crisis?
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    Good article on JT going to Port. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-11-17/trengove-happy-with-upfront-and-honest-hinkley He noted: "The other thing that struck me about Ken is that he really does just focus on what you can bring to the team, opposed to the little inefficiencies you need to improve on...for a player that's been around for a few years now, it's great to hear what you can do again". Watts said something similar in a post trade interview. I don't think either meant to chip Goodwin or Macca but it makes one wonder about positive motivation vs 'carrot and stick', post Roos. On a lighter note JT is the designated 'chaperone' for Watts: "Ken was pretty keen for me to live with (Jack) to keep him on the straight and narrow." Watts said in a recent interview they will share a house at Henley Beach. Having his mate who knows his way round Adelaide, is a known hard worker/trainer to buddy with, may just be the making of Jack Watts. Wish them every success.
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    So let me get this straight.... Uncle Bitter is now a Lefty? The bloke whose main contributions to the board involve banter with Biffen and Daisycutter and jokes about llamas, S&M, Romsey and getting pizzed on 15 dollar plonk is now Ho Chi Minh because he once expressed an opinion that, heaven forfend, the survey was a waste of money? You wouldn’t want children reading such blasphemy! Do you still eat Snickers’ bars? I wouldn’t if I were you. I hear that’s where the Illuminati and New World Order types hide microchips to track your movements!
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    Since you started it picket, I'll make an emission. I'm addicted to porn.
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    Craig Cameron at Demons - Did we have any good drafts except 1999? Sustained poor recruiting for several years saw us drop off a cliff when the older players (Yze, Neitz, White, etc) faded or retired by 2007. It is quite true, the only reason he has any credit is because of the Prendergast debacle in the following years. Craig Cameron at Richmond - Joined end of 2007, and stayed until after the 2012 recruiting period. Recruiting managed to add barely 1 lasting player a season and the club stagnated overall, held together for those years and the next few by an older core, including 8 players who took 70% of all top-10 B&F placings from 2012 to 2015. Richmond's turnaround only began in any meaningful sense at least two years after Cameron left, with the big boost to depth provided by their 2014 draft. Craig Cameron at GWS - Well, it is really only 2016. Some might say that Caleb Marchbank, Jack Steele and Will Hoskin-Elliot were a bit much to give up for some academy points. But there's not much to take from one season, is there? Overall, you;d have to say that the word to describe Craig Cameron's tenure anywhere is just 'stagnant'.
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    Craig Cameron D+ 1996-2007 Barry Prendergast F 2008 -2011 Todd Viney B+ 2012 Jason Taylor A- 2013 to current
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    I don't know why we can't have a predominantly red strip as our clash strip.
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    Does that Shiraz have a cork requiring a corkscrew procedure or is it a Spalvins cap pandering to soft corkers?
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    CHANGES 2017 by The Oracle PART ONE - THOSE WERE THE DAYS “Change can be good for a player — and good for the game too.” Michael Hibberd speaking of Jake Lever's move to Melbourne during the trade period - Having changed AFL clubs himself, Melbourne defender Michael Hibberd has no issue with Jake Lever being a Demon Of course he would say that given that Hibberd will be playing alongside the talented young defender over the coming few years in what will hopefully be a successful period in their club's history but the recruitment of Jake Lever represents something very fresh and new in the modern landscape at Melbourne. It's very clear now that the dream of making Melbourne a destination club in the AFL is finally a reality and a welcome change after years of frustration when the traffic in players went the other way. Lever is the consummate young defender with the world at his feet - a young man who was keenly chased by at least four Melbourne-based clubs — the Demons, the Western Bulldogs, Collingwood and Hawthorn — before deciding on Melbourne. That decision might have upset Adelaide and its skipper Tex Walker but it's something Demon fans have been exposed to for some time. They were told then to suck it up, grin and bear and move on while some of their best were stolen from them. Those were the days and they're over. The price was high given that the club gave away two first round draft picks to get their man but the Demons believe the cost will be justified in the long run. The exchange period also saw Melbourne acquire a little known Fremantle player in 20-year-old Harley Balic who only two years ago was touted as a potential first round draft until a wrist injury saw him fall to 38 in the AFL National Draft. His career with the Dockers was soured by surgery for his serious scaphoid injury, homesickness and a hamstring tear. The former Sandringham Dragon is now back home and happy to be a Demon. * * * * * * * At this time of the year, each AFL club is well into changing its list for the coming season. It's well worth reflecting for a start on the Demons' playing list as it stood for season 2017:- PRIMARY LIST: Angus Brayshaw Tomas Bugg Sam Frost Colin Garland Jeff Garlett Max Gawn Mitch Hannan James Harmes Michael Hibberd Jesse Hogan Liam Hulett Jayden Hunt Neville Jetta Dion Johnstone Nathan Jones Ben Kennedy Jay Kennedy-Harris Dean Kent Mitch King Jordan Lewis Heritier Lumumba Oscar McDonald Tom McDonald Pat McKenna Jake Melksham Alex Neal-Bullen Clayton Oliver Cameron Pedersen Christian Petracca Christian Salem Jake Spencer Billy Stretch Jack Trengove Dom Tyson Aaron vandenBerg Bernie Vince Jack Viney Josh Wagner Jack Watts Sam Weideman ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY A Lachlan Filipovic Declan Keilty Tim Smith Mitch White ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY B Corey Maynard Joel Smith The club's two trade inclusions have been offset by the usual number of players who leave for various reasons, the most controversial being the trade of former number one draft selection Jack Watts to Port Adelaide for a second round draft pick. In a much earlier controversy, Heritier Lumumba retired last September while the other retirement came more recently when Colin Garland decided to hang up his boots after missing 2017 due to ACL surgery. The club has delisted Liam Hulett, Ben Kennedy, Jake Spencer, Jack Trengove and rookie lister Mitch White. The club's former basketball stars were also promoted from the list of Category B rookies. Joel Smith has been elevated to the senior list while Corey Maynard has been elevated to a category A rookie. The club's playing list after the free agency and trade period:- PRIMARY LIST: Angus Brayshaw Harley Balic Tomas Bugg Sam Frost Jeff Garlett Max Gawn Mitch Hannan James Harmes Michael Hibberd Jesse Hogan Jayden Hunt Neville Jetta Dion Johnstone Nathan Jones Jay Kennedy-Harris Dean Kent Mitch King Jake Lever Jordan Lewis Oscar McDonald Tom McDonald Pat McKenna Jake Melksham Alex Neal-Bullen Clayton Oliver Cameron Pedersen Christian Petracca Christian Salem Joel Smith Billy Stretch Dom Tyson Aaron vandenBerg Bernie Vince Jack Viney Josh Wagner Sam Weideman ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY A Lachlan Filipovic Declan Keilty Corey Maynard Tim Smith With the the trade period now finished, every club knows exactly what draft picks it holds ahead of the national draft. For the Demons, three of their four selections will be in the second round of the draft meeting later this month.
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    I can't comment. I have never seen him play, and therefore don't have an opinion. Looking forward to seeing him on the park to see what he is made of.
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    The games he played for GWS in the NEAFL were the reason we traded him, watched him as a youngstet and we ensured he hadn't gone backwards, I asked Proper development now, took the opportunity when off legs to rebuild him from ground up, put on 5kg of muscle, also like Vanders spent time in Casey coaches box as a 'learning' experience Another player who like the other young ones could be anything or nothing, time will tell
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