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    It's career ending, worse than simply a calf, he's now missing a lower right leg. WARNING, look away if you are of weak stomach: (Photo courtesty of Hardtack)
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    I never saw Viv, Ben and Ben do what I have seen Corey do, so he is different. Also my temperature never rose a degree with those blokes. Corey is a bigger unit and he just may raise a few temperatures this year. To dominate a midfield in a VFL final and have Morris hit you three times after you got rid of the ball, basically illegally and with all his power and then to shrug those hits off and continue to dominate is exciting. I think Maynard is capable of becoming a regular senior player, which the other three were not.
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    How anyone can be apathetic about what jumper and colours your team wears is beyond me. Players come and go, but the glue that knits generations of fans together is the jumper and colours. One can try and place themselves above such menial matters in an attempt to seem more enlightened, but you've just taken a position that is at odds with footy, reason, and passion. Naturally, fans put up with it, as there's little choice, but how anyone couldn't care or could even embrace a clash jumper beggars belief. I assume such supporters wouldn't give a yelp if the club decided to push for a permanent change to green and aqua. I find the position disingenuous.
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    There will be zero tolerance on personal attacks and intentional off topic derailing of posts in this thread and others. The culprits know who they are.
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    Preseason training ramps up a bit more as from this Monday with the official return of the most experienced players for that all important month before the New Year break and then, before we know it, footballs will be kicked in anger once again. 😀 Even though most players have already been putting in the hard yards for the season ahead, this is always a bit of a milestone week on the calendar when the squad gathers together and of course, it ends with the addition of new blood on Friday night. Looking forward to the reports and analysis and let’s keep it in good spirit.
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    Ah ... the old Sandown races. Do they still run the Sandown Cup? I remember some of the cup horses used to run in it so as to pay their expenses etc. I hear that the old place may be sold for housing. Perhaps they could extend the place across the road. (The crematorium). Many years ago in a job I had, the people at the Springvale cemetery asked for my advice on how to make the cemetery more family friendly. They were thinking of bike rides etc to increase the cafe patronage. Even offered me a tour out the back which I politely declined.
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    I think Tyson is a very strong player around the ball is very underrated in this regard. The knock on him is his disposal but he is a very important player at getting the ball moving from congestion. I've seen him break even with Mummy (at his peak not in his decline) a few times trying to wrestle the ball off each other and that says to me he is very physically strong.
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    Cheers - agreed we have different opinions respect your stance. Much appreciated.
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    Oh please Saty Saty Saty. Please feed me. Don't listen to them.
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    Old news or not, it's news, regardless of who is pounding up Anderson's Hill. The fact is that some returned to pre-season training having not reached the expectations set by the training staff. Misson said it himself. That's all I'll say on the matter.
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    Sorry cannot stand this stupid response. In what way is caring about the jumper we wear in conflict with us winning games or not? It's not like it's a mutually exclusive propersition. I can thint of a lot of things I care less about posted on Demonland (like Ty Vickory) and this time of year, few more that I care about than seeing our club properly address this issue. I mean obviously there is the draft, but until it happens, it's like throwing darts at a dart board. And even then, until those players that are drafted actually produce on the feild, it's more an act of navel gazing for us mere supporters. And it's not like directing some of the club's management staff to take this issue up with the AFL and get an appropriate outcome is distracting our playing group, coaching or recruiting staff. Getting a good outcome for our footy club could also help to recruit and retain more members. Beyond all, when our team wins, I want to see it happen in a jumper that actually looks like our teams, not some crappy half baked version that looks more like a Sydney jumper than a Melbourne one. Every Heart Beats True for the RED and BLUE
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    Keep the reports coming Saty, love ya work
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    Notes from training today, Tommy Mc running, jumping turning, kicking, told me only 2 or 3 weeks away Tim Smith is another who has been rebuilt whilst off legs, up and running as well, said everything on track, his arms are huge Same guys in rehab, but work went up a notch As noted on AFL website, mood was upbeat Misso took most for 6 runs up Andersons Hill, Billy Stretch the standout, unfortunately his efforts made for a second look at breakfast on the walk back down after 6th run, much to everybody's amusement Jordan lewis was training today, didn't do hill runs The other old man Bernie Vince looks really fit, did the Anderson runs encouraging everybody else Pics will be in Insta later
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    We see it time and time again, but how good is the Jetta sidestep? Great to hear the Perth crowd cheer when he left a couple of Irish players standing still.
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    I’ll get a few more shots on Monday, but won’t be able to post them until Tuesday as I’ll be flying back to Sydney on Monday evening.
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    Not sure how it can be utter crap. Gawn and Jetta have become very good players in the last couple of years. Not saying Barry was a good recruiter or his record is good. But some of his picks are now becoming very good ones.
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    Pre-defection and Tex dummy spit, he was lauded at the Crows for his professionalism, fastidious preparation and leadership. With an injury free preseason he will have a rip snorter of a season next year. And hes only 21! Wowee!
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    I hope you're right, but I wouldn't hold Gazza's opinion above many others. I think most of us picked Clarry for a big season after Round 1 2016. But for the record, Corey certainly has the body and I'm intrigued to see what he brings.
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    Gawd Another preseason of talking up list cloggers
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    I broke even on the day Wadda but would have won a lot if Snitzepeg had have won or even if it placed. The horse (Snitzepeg) got knocked rotten at the turn (after being well placed) The race was a willing affair but these things happen. It's on to Ascot next week for me ... a Group 1 & a Group 2 race are on the card and I'll stick to my plan of just focusing on 2 races. How did you go? Or are you still in the running?
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    I think it's very difficult to tell a persons strength by looking at them and Jnrmac's statement was absolute. I just wondered if he had hard evidence or if it was based on using his eyes which to me means it's just a guess.
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    Very good point ... the lightly raced horses may come to the fore then. After having another gander I still like Snitzepeg but Icon of Dubai, Octabello and the Weir horse (Peaceful State) may feature. Villermont also has claims. As you stated, it's a good field leg in the quaddie if none of the top 3 salute. What's that saying ... 'The more you know, the more confusing it all gets!'
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    I just don't recall this at all.
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    I always thought you'd be more of a 'good above the knees and below the waist' type of fella BBO?
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    The dreaded old man's injury. Was he playing basketball or was it surfing? Ban 'em all, I say. Who knows, might be a slight strain and just a precautionary delay. Might also be bs. Hopefully nothing of concern. Not sure Stevo has insider knowledge at MFC, if that' what it is
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    Fisher King on the left there could've come back in better shape
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    G'day Wadda ... I'll have a go at the two group 2 races at Sandown tomorrow (races 7 & 8) In the Zipping Classic (race 7) I like 'The Taj Mahal' from Big Duke & Almandin ... 'So Si Bon' may run on as it was only 3.8 lengths behind Tosen Stardum last start. And in the Guineas (race 8) I'll give 'Snitzepeg' another chance ... Beau Geste & Black Sails should be in the finish as well. 'I'll Have a Bit' could run on if anyone is contemplating a first 4 bet. Went 2 from 2 (winners) on Emirates Stakes day but just missed the first 4 in both races. I'll back both horses (The Taj Mahal & Snitzepeg) each-way tomorrow. The running double last week paid $33 but always remember, I'm often the world's worst tipster! Its buyer beware. There are a few Group races at Ascot tomorrow as well but I haven't perused the form there yet. Those 2 races at Sandown might do me. Good punting to all!
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    Seen him play a few times. He's a Fish Creek native. Now the Alberton Football League isn't exactly the cream of the crop, but they hit hard and are true country footy players'. He's a tough kid and isn't afraid to put his body over the ball, played in the seniors as a 16 year old. Not fast no, but he seems to have lots of time when he's got the ball. I'd be happy to draft him if he is still there at pick 47, we'd get quite a few new members signing up too, as the McGannon family is a big one and the whole town of Fishy would get behind him.
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    The 2 that impressed me today Vince if this is his last year, won't die wondering Omac just seems fit, was just behind the good runners up Andersons and stayed there on all 6 runs, rest of session just completed with minimum of fuss
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    You keep mentioning 'club politics a minefield' but seem to have missed that there may have been just a little bit of personal showboating and foot-in-the-door-for-glory talk from Gary March when he so proudly noted that Cameron's (and March's) era was what set up the glory now. Seriously, do you have any actual evidence to support the claim of Craig Cameron's tenure at Richmond being the groundwork for their premiership success? I've presented the alternate position, and supported it by noting that there was limited list development, and minimal results progress, and that the surge to success occurred only after Richmond engaged in a serious review which the club and players openly acknowledge had a major transformative effect. So far all you've offered to support your claim of a 'brilliant job' by Cameron is that five years after he left a premiership was achieved by a list which was about 80% built before or after his tenure, under the direction of an almost entirely new coaching panel, supervised by a significantly changed board and club executive.
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    Dec was fine mate, did the hill runs without too much discomfort, got a good photo of him, will be on Insta later
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    If only Trengove was at Melbourne for multiple years with Watts then it may have helped Watts become a more professional player.
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    I think he'll most likely be a fringe player, but I could be wrong. I like his strengths, but he lacks a bit of polish. He'll play games, but I see him in the 23-30 bracket. Tyson is ahead of him and I can't really see how you play both.
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    How the F does Shaun Marsh get ANOTHER chance to embarrass himself. I am absolutely gobsmacked that this turnip gets a cap yet again. Bloke is not, and will never be a number 6. Totally defies logic.
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    I find the 'scoffed at us because of Houli and Grigg' comment especially funny because those two represent close to a quarter of all recruiting gains made by Richmond in those five years. The rest being Martin, Ellis, Grimes and Conca. The scoffing may have had something more to do with also recruiting Addam Maric, Graham Polak, Ricky Petterd, Tom Hislop, Brad Miller, Sam Lonergan, Jordan McMahon, Mitch Morton, Chris Knights, Troy Chaplin, Aaron Edwards, Adam Thompson and Ben Cousins. As for the quoted 'the first to open up my eyes to a five-to-eight-year plan around list management'... um... wow. Terry Wallace has really been revised out of the history of that football club, eh? Can't blame them for wanting to do that. But that statement is just plain absurd and if it got past your goalkeeper, you've got troubles. As far as list development goes, the 2014 draft, on its own, contributed almost as much to Richmond's premiership squad as the entire five years under Cameron's leadership. As for the development of club culture, can nobody else recall that at the end of 2016 Richmond was in crisis, and undertook a total review and overhaul of their coaching panel, all areas of football operations, and made an explicit commitment to consciously, deliberately change the culture? That whole 'we took a good hard look at ourselves and the club has a completely different feel to it this year' line that we've heard hundreds of times all the way through 2017. If you really want to get your football opinions from a padded press release, ok, but don't come telling me I'm ignorant or not bothering to check my facts when I know full well what I'm working with. Richmond's list, football operations and culture stagnated during the period Craig Cameron was there.
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    I believe that Garry also thought that Mark Neeld would be Norm Smith reincarnated.
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    One thing that is known about the draft is that the inside mids (contested players) are easier to get a handle on...and you're more likely to get a decent player from this group. The outside players are where the early busts are more likely to be. Think someone like Toumpas for example. I think by ranking & focussing on outside mids we are more likely to fail. Pick best available in the draft and trade for weaknesses.
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    Which is intersting in so far as i reckon most if the elite basketballers who play afl, whilst being good in traffic, are generally more outside players. Im rhinking watts, pendles, that poet player.Trac and maynard being two exceptions
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    Watch some tapes of the Mark Neeld coached games (2012- 2013). It should cure your addiction PF.
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    Thought the jumper with the red back looked great - we played some good footy in that one too.
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    I must be the only one that doesn't mind wearing a white clash jumper for what averages to be once a month - yes ONCE a month. I thought we had way more issues to worry about than a clash jumper.
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    The first is a concern. The second, well I'm not sure that being left behind in Darwin for nearly three months without even a pillow can be really considered a holiday.
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    Does that Shiraz have a cork requiring a corkscrew procedure or is it a Spalvins cap pandering to soft corkers?
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    Barely played at any level for GWS for 2 years, missed another full year for us. He'd want to be something special when he finally gets on the field for all the chances he has been given. Given how little junior football he supposedly played, you would imagine he is coming from a long way back.
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    Basketball is a good bet now, arguably better than Gaelic football for a number of reasons. Generally, anyone playing at least representative state basketball needs a relatively good basketball IQ, which is often not taught. The complexities of the sport and its plays often demand a bright player. So if you're digging into the basketball talent pool you're almost guaranteed a smart kid that is adaptable and knows how to apply complex tactics on game day. On top of that, the modern basketball game shares a demand for core strength, so the physical transition isn't as tough. Basketball is all about using your core strength to get front position and protect the ball, which is half the battle in AFL. Completely different sports yet strangely share a lot in common. Gaelic football on the other hard is an AFL-soccer hybrid that discourages physical contact and isn't anywhere near as tactical.
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