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    There are no experts here mate. Just a lot a people with an opinon,a drinking problem, and too much time on their hands.
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    Without sounding like a creepy old man, that some make me out to be, the message has sunk in, Trac and Harmes went on holiday together but obviously did a heap of work, they are both in magnificent shape and were wandering around at the end of the session shirtless showing off the rigs There is nobody at the moment who looks to have slacked, King is one who looks to have not stopped training since the end of the season As mentioned before Gus looks really fit, is wearing his lucky jocks and carrying a rabbits foot in his sock and avoiding ladders The one who really pisses me off is Crossy, the other coaches are beginning to show they are retired, Crossy put the rehabbers through a solid 1 and 1/2 hours, doing all the running and drills, hardly broke a sweat quote (not me) "he is a machine"
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    Obviously I wish all the players but I must admit I am barracking a bit harder for Dec because of your input on here Drunkn. Your call of "He knows his job is on the line" hits home as to the precarious nature of an AFL players career if you aren’t one of the elite. I very much hope Dec will be playing in the 22. Perhaps a Queens Birthday debut!
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    Late mail ... Darley Classic: Ben Smith wants group 1 accolade for 'In Her Time'
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    Dear Wrecker and ProDee You can present all the 'evidence' you like, the bottom line is that the Scientific community,as such, believes that the likes of you and Mr Roberto of the Hanson Rejects are preaching unscientific crap. I hope you can live comfortably in your skins while the world fries because it ain't gonna affect you. Your grandchildren may remember you both as ignorant dogmatic yes sayers, the type that just upholds the status quo so we can make a buck or two in the short term.
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    Nice tale Wadda. Dan Zephyr was certainly hot a couple of years ago winning 3 in a row in town. My mate is not a fan of Rhys McLeod but he seems to be the Pat Carey stable jockey. Michael Dee has a better strike rate on the horse. I see it's drawn wide and does it's best racing on pace so it might have to work early unless they change tactics.
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    I'll have a go at the feature races tomorrow (races 7 & 8) ... the races were formally known as the Victoria Racing Club Stakes & the LKS McKinnon Stakes (I'm old school) Can't go past the speedy Redzel in race 7 ... there are a number of other chances but I don't mind Vega Magic either. Missrock may run on. And I'll give Tosen Stardom another chance in race 8 ... the other 2 Weir horses could feature (Gailo Chop & Cliff's Edge) As always, it's the trifecta & first 4 for me. Just missed on Oaks day so am looking for a win.
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    I am very much of the opinion it's just a number on the back (don't take this as disrespecting past players). I recall Ron Barassi saying something similar when handing his 31 to Grimes during the height of Schwab's era of MFC history. I believe it's more important to assign numbers based on locker positions to provide greater access for youngsters to learn alongside leaders and veterans, or to strengthen friendships and culture so that it plays a part for when high-end players near the end of a contract (e.g. Lever #4 and Petracca #5 already good mates). Also as Tough Kent said, it would be good see Lever in #4 so that children can continue to wear and admire that number on their back.
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    I have put some pics from this morning on my Instagram account Demonpk
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    Why do you think Copernicus was afraid???????You forget how powerful the so-called Church was - was and still is in this country, witness DLP split, the lunatic fringe beliefs of Bernardi and the Abbottoir ( a very keen Santamaria acolyte ) and Andrews, the same sex marriage debacle where even Spain and Ireland have allowed common sense and compassion to rule - and, yep you mentioned it, the bastards burnt you if you flouted their fundamentalist patriarchal ideology. If you think I'm maybe a bit bitter and twisted about the so called church, you're right. I attended Salesian College Rupertswood as a day boy therefore I missed the 'warm cuddly' stuff. Unfortunately my best friend didn't. He still wears the scars. What we did get in regular abundance was lies and propaganda rammed down our throats - not all of them were lunatics, mind you. The Headmaster, for example, took Social Sudies in Matric and he used to turn apoplectic about the rape of Vietnam by the USA and Australia Most of all we faced the viscious brutality born from a goulash of bigotry, sexual frustration and the unconscious rage they must have felt when they inevitably faced the fact they were living a futile anachronistic lie where on the one hand they were supposed to be the sheppards of Jesus but in reality most of the were just indoctrinated order followers and child beaters and child molesters.
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    Flower by the length of the straight in the last 40 years schwarz season 94 jakovich lyon farmer Davey
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    Good on Pedo for coming back early. I assume he isn’t obligated to. And lovely to see Viney running! Hope that foot holds up.
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    Him and Toumpas will add some pace to the Port Flanks. Watts should provide the toughness at the contest.
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    Taken from a post on Facebook: Jack Viney, the consummate professional that he is, is here. I wouldn’t blame the bloke if he wanted to go overseas for a bit and enjoy some time off. However, he looks like he’s a man on a mission as he walks into the café. Gave away the game by deciding he’s wearing shorts and wants to get rehab off to a strong start. Likewise, Cam Pedersen and Dean Kent show up. Full kit training gear, maybe doing their own thing but also maybe training. Can’t confirm as yet. After an hour – boys finally make their way over. Little media here so if something happens I’ll be breaking it. Good areas, personally. Park myself at centre wing for this one, might go over elsewhere and keep looking for more spots. Here today: Hunt, Hannan, ANB, Harmes, Oscar, Stretch, Clarry (third season, remember???), JKH, Johnstone, Balic, Maynard, Keilty, Brayshaw, J Smith, McKenna, T Smith, Vandenberg, Weideman, Petracca, King, Salem, Filopovic, Wagner, Frost The absolute photography king, Wayne Ludbey, is here taking photos. He’s the main source of media right now. Few run-throughs to kick things off. Petracca and Brayshaw leading one group through, Balic and Nibbler leading another. There’s three separate groups here. One is doing handball drills on the Swan Street end, a small group of six (including Hunt, Hannan (I think) and J Smith) are seemingly doing light running drills, whereas there is also a main group consisting of roughly 15 or 16 players. Run-throughs decidedly light as I kinda expected. Can only imagine the slog this pre-season will be like this year to be honest with the way we finished off 2017. Main group doing running straight away. It’s not a pace that takes down the surrounds of the Coles Express across the road just yet and the reason for that is the boys are running more than just one lap. Early going has Nibbler leading the way from Stretch and Oliver, however the latter starts to fall behind a little bit after one lap. JKH assumes third, while Frost brings up the rear of the field, falling away a little bit behind the rest of the group. Nibbler is motoring. Third lap of the oval and he has a solid 20m gap on Stretch. The gap that covers the players by the end of the second lap is roughly 80 metres. Harley Balic is second last in this field, locked behind Keilty and King, who’s about 15 metres further up the ground. Four laps of the ground done. Nibbler looks super impressive with his running pattern – something to monitor throughout pre-season, absolutely smacking the field. Footballs are out. Let’s see who has the most capability here to genuinely bring down the entire state of the houses around the Richmond area. First drill is a casual kick around drill which lasts around two minutes, and then the boys go into a zig-zag formation in two groups. One group is doing slightly different work – the one nearest to me actually screws up the drill on the first kick which is… yeah. Lot of kicks from here which are short, which is what you kinda expect at this time of season considering that they haven’t picked up a footy for a little while. Just getting the rust out by the looks of things. Crossy working the rehab group pretty hard. Likes of Hunt and Hannan getting their monies’ worth with the footy. In the main group, there’s a lot of faster, frentic ball movement going on. Most players are spending not much more than half a second with ball in hand. The patter is literally mark/pick the ball up and use it, either by hands or by foot. Few contest-based drills in front. One thing that’s noticeable (perhaps because of the matchup) is Gussy’s upper-body strength matched up on Harmes. If he doesn’t win the footy, he’s making it hard for Harmes to win it. Another group is doing some loose-ball get work, while the group on the far side of the ground are doing contests while the ball is on the ground… if what I said just makes sense. Think the most pleasing thing – even if it is only the first session – is seeing Gussy just be so clean every time the ball is around. Looks composed and looks ready to make a point about making 2018 his year after such a tough run. I think every Melbourne supporter wants to see him not only be on the park consistently, but put in a huge season as well. I expect him to play off half-back at the moment, be a bit of a ball carrier and creator, while also pushing Hunt a bit further up the ground. That’s my expectation, anyway. Next up, boys swap their footy boots for running shoes again. In one group – Nibs, Stretch, JKH, Clarry, Maynard and Gus; in another – Pedersen, Keilty, Kent, Oscar, Frost, King; in the third group, Harmes, Salem, Trac, Johnstone, Balic, Wagner. Meantime, rehab group currently consists of Hunt, McKenna and Smith doing some reasonably-paced running, while Filipovic is doing some work up forward along with Hannan. Mitchy seems to have had a bit of a change of hair colour since our last correspondence in Round 22 (let’s be honest here). Yet again Nibs looking very good in the running drills, constantly leading the way. Something to keep in mind a bit later on, especially if he has a good pre-season.
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    Not dismissing what you are saying here at all, but being slow hasn't held back some great AFL footballers in the past. I just wonder if someone can reinvent a role for him that rejuvenates his career. Not that I don't think that Goody and the MFC didn't try that, but whatever they did, it didn't come off. I don't think playing off a half back flank at AFL level really worked for Jack, I feel he's the sort of player that needs to be in the guts where the action is. ... I know I'm probably grasping at straws, but I'd just really like to think this guy still has a chance of becoming a sucessfull footballer again.
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    Yep and IMO ticking 3 & 6 are the two most important
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    Not necessarily. But because I've seen him live a number of times this year, it probably doesn't stand out as much to me. I think you're right so far as there's something visibly different about his style. All I know is that he is was easily physical enough at TAC cup level which was a really good sign for someone so late onto the scene. He likes tackling and embraces body contact. The vision against SA above really doesn't showcase any of his talents.
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    Just a little draft talk summarised below: 'inside accumulator' = Slow and sh!t skills 'Outside wingman' = Soft 'Raw prospect': Skinny as a twig. See you in 5 years. 'Capable of brilliance': Inconsistent. 'Versatile': Doesn't have a position. 'Great left foot kick' = No right side. 'athletic midfielder' = Lacks footy smarts
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    Talk up kicking skills all you want, but it means little if you can't make good decisions under pressure Plenty of draftees come in touted as elite kicks but they are rarely exposed to high intensity pressure at TAC and colt levels. Once they take the leap to the next level they panic under pressure and their disposal suffers.
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    If there's one thing I've learnt from scouting this year after being a former 'armchair expert', it's that you need to watch a hell of a lot of vision of an individual to form any sort of accurate and informed opinion about their strengths and weaknesses as a player. There are 15-20 players that I watched closely live this year at TAC cup level but I wish I could have seen even more to consolidate some opinions I have on certain individuals. And that's only the football side of things of course. To answer both your posts, I'll again point out a few things about Jack Petruccelle as a player. The vision you're referring to is from a single Vic Metro game that Petruccelle played in and if I'm not mistaken, it was his first and only game at state level. Petruccelle is a former Basketballer-turned-footballer and it was a little over a year ago that he was playing for the Vic Metro under 18's basketball side. Think about that for a minute. This is a bloke who was a full-time basketballer just over a year ago with a very real chance to go to college in the states to pursue his dream. He made a choice half-way through last year after a couple of games with the Knights to pursue footy. Here are two articles you can read about his transition and the impression he made on the coach at the Knights through his performances at TAC level this year. 1 - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/localfooty/afl-draft-prospect-jack-petruccelle-adds-pace-in-attack-for-tac-cup-club-northern-knights/news-story/2a36d9e6327fa9d92543a8e243c29297 2 - http://www.starweekly.com.au/sports/jack-petruccelle-attacks-new-goal/ Consider now the following: Petruccelle's exposure to these elite footy squads has been extremely limited, yet his improvement due to his raw talent has been monumental at TAC level. This must and will be considered given being an AFL footballer is a full-time profession and his potential is enormous. There were games this year where I saw him do things that nobody else I've watched can do. His speed, agility, contested-marking for his height, ball-handling and awareness in tight spaces (think Petracca), was far and away better than anyone I saw at TAC cup level this year. And what's even more impressive is his ability to go through the midfield and win contested ball and his contested ball numbers at TAC cup level were good, especially for someone who is new to these elite squads. It's a fantastic sign. The knocks on him are of course his kicking, that can't be disputed. What can be argued however, is the measure of how bad his kicking is. And I would argue that it's not as bad as some make out. He is hit and miss at this stage but generally he is very effective around goals. Posters should think about Jayden Hunt when assessing Petruccelle. You've got to look at the upside because there's no doubting he'll slide due to not featuring heavily at state level. Having said all of that about Petruccelle, I am definitely not screaming 'we must draft him', but rather, giving an insight into him as a player, where he has come from and the upside I believe he has given the sheer number of quality attributes he possess and his limited time in the game... [censored] it. I want him at one of our picks in the 30's. The last thing I'd like to leave here is a highlights compilation of Nat Fyfe's game against Vic Country back in his under 18's year. Now based on this footage @durango and @Sydee, I can only assume you'd think he is bog ordinary and would want to stay the hell away?
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    You could pull highlights of ONE game from any player within the AFL and find it underwhelming. It’s ONE game man. I just can’t understand how posters form a definitive view after watching highlights from a single game. A highlights package that includes many games is a different story. But the vision of Petruccelle is from a single game and a game in which he was pretty quiet. I suggest having a google around if you want to know why his raw talent is rated so highly.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the Watts trade cost the club 3000-4000 memberships. What would that translate to in $$$?
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