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    There are no experts here mate. Just a lot a people with an opinon,a drinking problem, and too much time on their hands.
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    I get what you’re saying. I just think #4 has been a hugely marketable number for the club. Put Lever in it and it will continue to be so.
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    Without sounding like a creepy old man, that some make me out to be, the message has sunk in, Trac and Harmes went on holiday together but obviously did a heap of work, they are both in magnificent shape and were wandering around at the end of the session shirtless showing off the rigs There is nobody at the moment who looks to have slacked, King is one who looks to have not stopped training since the end of the season As mentioned before Gus looks really fit, is wearing his lucky jocks and carrying a rabbits foot in his sock and avoiding ladders The one who really pisses me off is Crossy, the other coaches are beginning to show they are retired, Crossy put the rehabbers through a solid 1 and 1/2 hours, doing all the running and drills, hardly broke a sweat quote (not me) "he is a machine"
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    Obviously I wish all the players but I must admit I am barracking a bit harder for Dec because of your input on here Drunkn. Your call of "He knows his job is on the line" hits home as to the precarious nature of an AFL players career if you aren’t one of the elite. I very much hope Dec will be playing in the 22. Perhaps a Queens Birthday debut!
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    The horse has trained well and connections think he's a good chance. Best fixed I have seen so far is $13. They thought the horse might be longer odds than that. The aim is to be on pace again and hoping the horse gets an easy run across from the wide barrier. He will get back to me tomorrow lunchtime with the final thoughts and I will post an update. Hope you all had a good final day of the Flemington carnival.
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    Might be worth a look ... and we've got Sandown next week and then Ascot and all the other upcoming group races. I usually have a small wager most weeks (feature races only) I find the fields for the WFA & Group races easier to interpret. Doing the form for just 1 or 2 races takes a lot less time too. Haven't been to Sandown for yonks but I vaguely remember winning a bit on a horse called Baryshnikov one time ... it might have won on Derby day 2 weeks earlier too. But the memory isn't as flash as it once was Anyway, here's a list of all the group races for the rest of the season going into next year ... Australian Group Races (after entering the website you can click on any of the listed group races for information about that particular race and it's past winners & placegetters) .
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    I had a quick look at Ararat on the Tote.......Dan Zephyr was 39. Great odds!
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    Friend of mine thinks with the addition of these discards, they are going to have one Hell of a SANFL side.
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    There are a lot of wet behind the ears kids in our best 25. they still need a couple of years to mature and give match winning performances 80% of the time. I am assuming of course that they all well most of them continue to improve. I also think we are still a couple short of a top four side. My prediction in 2018 is eighth and if injuries go our way perhaps seventh leading to a win in our first final.
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    As always thanks for the training insights. Especially for us interstaters.
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    More incredible science theory. Monday 17 September 2012 20.14 AEST As sea ice shrinks to record lows, Prof Peter Wadhams warns a 'global disaster' is now unfolding in northern latitudes. One of the world's leading ice experts has predicted the final collapse of Arctic sea ice in summer months within four years. "This collapse, I predicted would occur in 2015-16 at which time the summer Arctic (August to September) would become ice-free. The final collapse towards that state is now happening and will probably be complete by those dates". Wadhams says the implications are "terrible". "The positives are increased possibility of Arctic transport, increased access to Arctic offshore oil and gas resources. The main negative is an acceleration of global warming." https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2012/sep/17/arctic-collapse-sea-ice Umm no. He was only out by 4.64 million square kilometres. 2017 Arctic sea ice minimum (you know, summer) had 500,000 more square kilometres than a decade ago (2007). But how can that be when the last decade has been the hottest on record. How can sea ice defy temperature. Answer ? It can't. It's simply defied NASA's fraudulent "adjustments". The Arctic sea ice minimum extent in 2017 was 1.23 million square kilometres greater than the year Prof Wadhams made his alarmist prediction. Trigger warning. This post is not a safe space for Lefties. Too late.
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    I love Jon Gruden in commentary too much. On McCarthy... it's interesting. The comparison might be Andy Reid. And not just on Girth. Reid was a long term coach, much beloved. Won Championship games. He had QB trouble in two seasons, went 8-8 and 4-12 in back to back years and was run out of town. Chip Kelly was and is hated there, but he was successful. And even with that, and the sudden rise of the Eagles, there's STILL commentary from the outside that Philly made a mistake booting Reid. The comparison is interesting though. Back to back losing seasons under McCarthy... what would happen then? The point is likely moot, because for that to happen Rodgers would need to get hurt again.
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    Late mail ... Darley Classic: Ben Smith wants group 1 accolade for 'In Her Time'
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    My thoughts exactly. Connections most of the time think their horses have a decent chance of winning a race. Rhys McLeod rode a horrible race last start and they are a bit worried about him being on board again. I have followed the horse from day 1 as I sold out of him when he was a 3 year old. It's more of an interest for me these days. Pat Carey has given the horse every chance of winning by his training for this race, it's just comes down to the horse being good enough tomorrow.
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    Cheers D77. Yes get back with the final update. Gotta love a bit of inside mail, although connections can be a wee bit too positive sometimes......but you always allow for that. Will follow regardless.
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    I suppose we define "excitement" differently, but for me R. Flower was it. During some very dark days for the MFC, I only went to the footy to watch Robbie. If he was out injured, I went to the boozer. We were getting flogged more often than not but you just knew Robbie would produce something that would make you stand proud as a Demons supporter and even draw admiration from the oppo. He might take the ball and run and bounce - excitement. He might beat an opponent (or two ) in a contest. - excitement He might take a beautifully timed mark and then goal - excitement He could do it all. For me, Robbie Flower was unforgettable.
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    Wow cheers, thanks for that.....ill have a look. I do vaguely remember Baryshnikov, was a while ago tho. I like to keep going for a while after the carnival also. Ill def be watching for anymore 2000m races Tosen is in. He brained em again! Saved my carnival!
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    And their record suggests that they are not a good team on the road either. It's ours to lose now (a spot in the world cup) The players & the coaching staff will know that too. We should be aiming at scoring at least 2 or 3 times and winning the game. We do need Cahill starting the game ... we score early and they'll have to come at us. I'm reasonably confident that we'll prevail Wadda.
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    Yes well i definately over rated Honduras, they were bog ordinary. 0-0 great result.
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    But hang on. NASA and NOAA have shown that 1940 through to 1978 wasn't so cold after-all. You mean they rewrote records to suit their global warming aim ? 1975 : Ice Age Coming – Global Cooling To Cause Terrorism And Nuclear Blackmail
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    We couldn't even roll 1/2 a Collingwood side in the last round, with finals on the line. Get real SWYL
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    The pitch in Honduras was horrendous so goal scoring opportunities were scarce. Juric had 2 big chances but that was about it. Honduras were just poor ... they couldn't penetrate our back 3 or 4. I would be surprised if they even scored in Sydney. I expect us to score at least twice if we go by this morning's game. Cahill may not start but you'd reckon he will play. And I don't feel like I'm being optimistic either ... however, I'm aware that poor sides can win games of soccer so there's that. As for Italy, they've a habit of leaving things to the last moment so that will probably happen again.
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    Favourite = Pet + Umpire = Terd (you might need to sound it out). Harmes incorrect RM.
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    The multiple name changes have done nothing to maintain the sense of history in these races. I can stand the Emirates Melbourne Cup etc but when they drop the name of the race altogether they start to lose me. I still remember the Carbine Club Stakes etc. As an aside the race quality on Cup day other than the Cup itself leaves a lot to be desired.
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    You've mentioned Dec has had a head-cold quite a number of times over this past year Drunkn. Maybe you could get him some echinacea pills for Xmas? Frequent whisky works a treat for me but probably isn't an option for the bro.
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    Seems like a poor commercial decision. You want the kids to bug their parents to buy new merch with fresh numbers. Put J. Smith in the 4 and they can get 'em back out of he closet in a couple years time and not feel so cheated.
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    The lines weren't the difference. Seattle's O line got smashed by Arizona's. Arizona's O line got smashed by Seattle's D. The difference as usual was the QBs. Stanton played surprisingly well, but missed 3-4 open throws a starter would be expected to hit. Not wide open. But he was given time on them, or he stepped up in the pocket and just overthrew or chose the wrong angle. Wilson did his houdini/jedi thing and got Baldwin on a great play and that was the difference. Seattle would have lost a few fans today. That WAS weird. Commentary on the radio said he went to the tent and got kicked out cos the doctors said there wasn't head contact. It hit his jaw. How is that not head contact.
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    Hamish Brayshaw. Great grab on afl website. Would be great to see MFC potentially grab him at 47. He has the ability to make it.
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    I am very much of the opinion it's just a number on the back (don't take this as disrespecting past players). I recall Ron Barassi saying something similar when handing his 31 to Grimes during the height of Schwab's era of MFC history. I believe it's more important to assign numbers based on locker positions to provide greater access for youngsters to learn alongside leaders and veterans, or to strengthen friendships and culture so that it plays a part for when high-end players near the end of a contract (e.g. Lever #4 and Petracca #5 already good mates). Also as Tough Kent said, it would be good see Lever in #4 so that children can continue to wear and admire that number on their back.
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    His expectations on himself are pretty high, wants to be playing regular senior football by the end of the season as he knows his job is on the line. He's done plenty of work in the off season, regularly training both by himself and with one of the main gym instructors at his home based gym. He is at the same muscle mass as half way through the season currently, where 95% of other players drop a little bit of muscle. Hes made sure not to overdo it and been in regular contact with trainers/physios etc. He's lifting heavier weights and basically doing all the prep he can to give himself the best chance. We'll see what happens.
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    Commercially, I'd like to see Lever in #4. There are currently a large number of kids running around in #4 jumpers. Having Lever take the number on gives them cause to continue wearing the number proudly.
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    Jesus Christ this thread is depressing. Smell the roses boys and girls, the flag is ours for the taking next year
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    A few notes from training today Rehab Filipovice, Hannan, Joel Smith, McKenna all injuries cleared up working on fitness, AVB, Viney, Weed did a walking lap, Tim Smith about 10 mins of handball Mitch King now weighs in at 100kg looks super fit As do Trac, ANB, Stretch Had a chat to Gus Brayshaw 100% healthy did some work in break, looks fit Goodwin very very vocal today
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    This debate is ridiculous. The players need to have time off. The important thing is the shape they return in. That demonstrates how they will attack the year ahead.
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    He is my pick to be the major bust of the year. Coughs ball up too easily! I don't care how "Fit" he looks, if he plays Scared rabbit in headlights again this year it will be all over!
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    Donny Williams. Number 25. An absolute dasher and a star. 5 time premiership player was named on the HBF in our team of the century.
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    Why do you think Copernicus was afraid???????You forget how powerful the so-called Church was - was and still is in this country, witness DLP split, the lunatic fringe beliefs of Bernardi and the Abbottoir ( a very keen Santamaria acolyte ) and Andrews, the same sex marriage debacle where even Spain and Ireland have allowed common sense and compassion to rule - and, yep you mentioned it, the bastards burnt you if you flouted their fundamentalist patriarchal ideology. If you think I'm maybe a bit bitter and twisted about the so called church, you're right. I attended Salesian College Rupertswood as a day boy therefore I missed the 'warm cuddly' stuff. Unfortunately my best friend didn't. He still wears the scars. What we did get in regular abundance was lies and propaganda rammed down our throats - not all of them were lunatics, mind you. The Headmaster, for example, took Social Sudies in Matric and he used to turn apoplectic about the rape of Vietnam by the USA and Australia Most of all we faced the viscious brutality born from a goulash of bigotry, sexual frustration and the unconscious rage they must have felt when they inevitably faced the fact they were living a futile anachronistic lie where on the one hand they were supposed to be the sheppards of Jesus but in reality most of the were just indoctrinated order followers and child beaters and child molesters.
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    Flower by the length of the straight in the last 40 years schwarz season 94 jakovich lyon farmer Davey
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    Not dismissing what you are saying here at all, but being slow hasn't held back some great AFL footballers in the past. I just wonder if someone can reinvent a role for him that rejuvenates his career. Not that I don't think that Goody and the MFC didn't try that, but whatever they did, it didn't come off. I don't think playing off a half back flank at AFL level really worked for Jack, I feel he's the sort of player that needs to be in the guts where the action is. ... I know I'm probably grasping at straws, but I'd just really like to think this guy still has a chance of becoming a sucessfull footballer again.
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    I'd say Sloane, for example, ticks 2, 3 and 6. You could argue our Jonesboy does too. Both B+ graders on the cusp of A. If you add 5 or 4 to that mix, that'd tip you over into A grade IMO.
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    Yep and IMO ticking 3 & 6 are the two most important
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    I never actually said anywhere in my post you don't need to be able to kick. I'm saying being an elite kick at TAC and underage level means very little in terms of being able to use those skills at the next level due to panicking under pressure. Think Strauss and Maric vs Matt Crouch and Sam Powell Pepper. Yes it's a skill in the game but there are other far more important traits to look for in a player STMJ will know what I'm talking about here 1. Speed- leg speed, acceleration and/or decision making 2.Good Size - height and/or frame 3. Impact - ball use and/or contested impact 4. Skill - hand, foot and vision 5. Game sense 6. Workrate - endurance, repeat effort, DRIVE/DESIRE Tick 3 or more of those and you're likely to be a player at a fairly decent level and worth a look at. Dependent on how many or which particular ones you tick and that determines your draft position.
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    Talk up kicking skills all you want, but it means little if you can't make good decisions under pressure Plenty of draftees come in touted as elite kicks but they are rarely exposed to high intensity pressure at TAC and colt levels. Once they take the leap to the next level they panic under pressure and their disposal suffers.
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    I reckon Jason Taylor will nail this pick.
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    Matt Crouch was the best kid at reading the ball off the rucks at bounce downs and throw ins during his junior carnival... I thought he slipped a bit too far in the draft but then again I hadn't seen anything else of him apart from these games.
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    If there's one thing I've learnt from scouting this year after being a former 'armchair expert', it's that you need to watch a hell of a lot of vision of an individual to form any sort of accurate and informed opinion about their strengths and weaknesses as a player. There are 15-20 players that I watched closely live this year at TAC cup level but I wish I could have seen even more to consolidate some opinions I have on certain individuals. And that's only the football side of things of course. To answer both your posts, I'll again point out a few things about Jack Petruccelle as a player. The vision you're referring to is from a single Vic Metro game that Petruccelle played in and if I'm not mistaken, it was his first and only game at state level. Petruccelle is a former Basketballer-turned-footballer and it was a little over a year ago that he was playing for the Vic Metro under 18's basketball side. Think about that for a minute. This is a bloke who was a full-time basketballer just over a year ago with a very real chance to go to college in the states to pursue his dream. He made a choice half-way through last year after a couple of games with the Knights to pursue footy. Here are two articles you can read about his transition and the impression he made on the coach at the Knights through his performances at TAC level this year. 1 - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/localfooty/afl-draft-prospect-jack-petruccelle-adds-pace-in-attack-for-tac-cup-club-northern-knights/news-story/2a36d9e6327fa9d92543a8e243c29297 2 - http://www.starweekly.com.au/sports/jack-petruccelle-attacks-new-goal/ Consider now the following: Petruccelle's exposure to these elite footy squads has been extremely limited, yet his improvement due to his raw talent has been monumental at TAC level. This must and will be considered given being an AFL footballer is a full-time profession and his potential is enormous. There were games this year where I saw him do things that nobody else I've watched can do. His speed, agility, contested-marking for his height, ball-handling and awareness in tight spaces (think Petracca), was far and away better than anyone I saw at TAC cup level this year. And what's even more impressive is his ability to go through the midfield and win contested ball and his contested ball numbers at TAC cup level were good, especially for someone who is new to these elite squads. It's a fantastic sign. The knocks on him are of course his kicking, that can't be disputed. What can be argued however, is the measure of how bad his kicking is. And I would argue that it's not as bad as some make out. He is hit and miss at this stage but generally he is very effective around goals. Posters should think about Jayden Hunt when assessing Petruccelle. You've got to look at the upside because there's no doubting he'll slide due to not featuring heavily at state level. Having said all of that about Petruccelle, I am definitely not screaming 'we must draft him', but rather, giving an insight into him as a player, where he has come from and the upside I believe he has given the sheer number of quality attributes he possess and his limited time in the game... [censored] it. I want him at one of our picks in the 30's. The last thing I'd like to leave here is a highlights compilation of Nat Fyfe's game against Vic Country back in his under 18's year. Now based on this footage @durango and @Sydee, I can only assume you'd think he is bog ordinary and would want to stay the hell away?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the Watts trade cost the club 3000-4000 memberships. What would that translate to in $$$?
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