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    Great list of messages, well stated and realistic, It's Time (above). Some hard truths, some complimentary but all valid and these are the things that supporters like to consider and dwell upon. With this accurate analysis, improvements can be measured. Strongly agreed with your analysis.
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    I like what you've done here. It's interesting to go a step further and discuss what people think the players need to do to reach their potential. Players who are best 22 and have not reached their potential (15) Low Scope for Improvement (5) Gawn Needs to stay uninjured. Has shown form in all areas of play. Could kick more goals. Viney First of all has to get his foot right. We don't want another Trengove. Still plenty of upside development on decision making and disposal efficiency. Even for his position. Tyson Has to fix disposal. If he does that he's an A grader. If he doesn't he could be out the door in a couple of seasons as others pass him. Frost Complete drop of form is a real worry. Before that I thought he was showing good development in reading the play and playing one on one. Obviously needs to improve decision making and disposals. T Mac Showed he has the complete package to play in the forward line. Great leading patterns, very strong contested pack marking, accurate kicking. Just needs more time there. Medium Scope for Improvement (6) Oliver Obvious one is kick to handball ratio. Otherwise more of the same but natural improvement for such a young player. Lever Probably one on one contests as he builds a stronger body. Plus perhaps decision making and disposals although I'm not as critical as others on this. Hogan Running at the ball instead of trying to out muscle defenders. More time in the forward line and less roaming too far up the ground. Getting a good of games in a row to build up consistency and form. Harmes Skills and consistency. Showed improvement in both but hopefully there is more to have him cement his place in the 22. Hunt Fix the final kick into the 50. Look up and find targets to deliver low accurate passes to instead of running in and blazing away with high kicks that aren't effective. There was definitely improvement with this at different stages. I'm confident he's already shown he can do this. Neal-Bullen Skills. Cut out the turnovers. Keep using his elite endurance to get into space. Large Scope for Improvement (4) Brayshaw No injuries. Also needs to improve his final kick inside the 50 so it is low sharp passes to leads not blazing away. He also showed improvement with this. Petracca I really hope he drops at least 4kg's so he can build his tank and improve the consistency of his involvement and give himself the chance to play more onball. Salem Improve attack on the ball. Build his tank. Play more upfield so we get more of the benefit of his razor sharp kicks as last kick into 50. O Mac Build mass so can compete better one on one. Less brain fades although I think his general game improved quite a lot this season. Needs to have a natural progression of improvement in everything. No reason for that not to happen. Players who are not best 22 and have not reached their potential (12) Low Scope for Improvement (2) Bugg Agree with others that he is probably underrated however we've probably seen his best and in time is likely to be a depth player. vandenBerg I don't think he's had a chance to show his best yet. Hasn't had a full preseason and is still starting in rehab this pre season. Fully fit I think he has a higher scope for improvement as a tough defensive forward. Medium Scope for Improvement (6) Hannan Needs to lift his involvement and consistency. Has the makings of a great package with speed, contested marking and good goal scoring (although I expect this to improve with more experience) I think he could be Large Scope for Improvement. I suspect he's a big reason why Watts is gone. Kent Needs to be injury free and move beyond his previous best level. Main improvement if he gets back to that is consistency for 4 quarters and goal kicking accuracy. His forward pressure at his best has been missed and made him an integral weapon. Stretch Needs to be able to compete more strongly, improve defensive pressure and decision making. Some say he's bulked up from those first photos but if you look at the photo where they are putting their heart rate monitor straps on he doesn't look like he's bulked up that much. He still needs to. JKH Has to improve his level of involvement in games and his decision making. Doesn't seem to know where to run in AFL games but can in VFL games. Personally I think at his height he has to have speed or an ability to read the play so he doesn't need it. I don't see it. King Hasn't even played a game yet so too early to tell his upside. Has apparently bulked up over the summer which was his major issue. He's only 200cm so not going to challenge Gawn as the no. 1 ruckman but hopefully will develop into a Forward/second ruck. Johnston Haven't seen enough of him to know. Worry for me is that like JKH he is short but lacks speed so therefore needs to be an elite reader of the play. Don't know if he is or not. Apparently great forward pressure but don't know about goalkicking. Large Scope for Improvement (4) Weideman Firstly needs to continue to bulk up. Secondly seemed to have less of an idea where to run this season than last season. Not sure if that's a drop in confidence or confusion trying to learn his role in the wider forward structure. Hopefully the later and hopefully he'll fix it. Hopefully gets his confidence back in front of goals. Dropped off this season. Is very important for the future forward line structure. Especially if you know who goes back to Perth. Balic Not sure why you've put him here. I'd say medium at best. Has had 2 seasons and although had injuries and homesickness hasn't shown a great deal to show he'll be elite. Maynard Haven't seen enough to know. I have a feeling given his age there will be a lot of pressure to come in and start performing early. Showed a bit in his baptism of fire v GWS but also looked a bit lost. J Smith Showed glimpses in his first game that he could be a freak combination of height, speed, skill. Looked loss in his second stint. Hopefully he can come back and develop his confidence.
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    Had to be on Swan street mid-morning so I got down early to have a quick squiz for halfa today. Weideman is actually filling out nicely. He is thicker through the upper body and legs and his arms are now looking bigger. He's got that hulking look already and in another couple of seasons, he'll have some big boy weight to throw around. I'm more patient than a lot of demonlanders regarding Sam given his injury history, but this is the year I expect him to step it up. This will be his second full pre-season. Having said that however, he was on light duties with Viney, Vanders and Tim Smith and he left early. Not sure if there's a niggle or not.
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    It is said that Footy like many sports is a game 'played between the ears'. Those of you here that disparage Mindfulness obviously have no idea what it is. So you build up the body in the gym, build up fitness on the track but you dont need to exercise the mind? The ability to focus, reduce negative self talk, improve self belief and most importantly let go of the past are all positive mental habits that can result from mindfulness. Some of you might call this mental toughness. PS Thanks for the post D4L
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    Him and Toumpas will add some pace to the Port Flanks. Watts should provide the toughness at the contest.
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    Western Bulldogs round 21 2005 needing to win to keep our season alive... Down by under 4 goals with 5 minutes to go and Jeff White kicks the winner from 50m with seconds left, Daniher running down the southern stand through the supportera fist pumping... Spine tingling stuff
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    13. Allen Jakovich, Adem Yze, Clayton Oliver
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    I’ve posted this a few times - but the last 8 games of ‘87 (including the first two finals, but not the never to be watched or mentioned PF) was just the most exciting 2 months of football one could ever imagine. Never to be forgotten.
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    I always put in the ESS vs Melb game at Windy Hill in 1990 when we were down by over 5 goals in the last quarter. Shirtfronts, great marking and 4 last quarter goals from Darren Bennett all from outside 50m. Not a final but a great win!!
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    Nathan Jones, 2013 - In a 2 win season, his support in the midfield comprised of a barely interested Colin Sylvia and Jones of the Matt variety. Still, he busted his guts every week giving Demons fans everywhere a reason to keep believing in brighter days ahead. B and F. No All Australian selection. A tonne of respect.
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    Think Viney was there because of the off-foot issues. Take your point, but it's also important that players get/take the rest they need. It's a very long season, and running yourself into the ground by Christmas isn't the way to get through it, especially for more mature players. As always, it's a question of getting the balance right.
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    Looking at Monday night news clip I reckon you've got your 'hope' (wish). The comment was made by the reporter that Trac has slimmed down somewhat.
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    Interesting to note that Pendles, Treloar and Adams were back at training with the first to fourth year players over the road today. I think that's an impressive sign from the leaders and for anyone who needs to make a point if they're not best 22. Seeing Viney was a positive, but aside from him there was nobody there that wasn't required back. Someone mentioned Pedo was at the Monday session which was good to see. I believe he's needed to do that over the past couple of years, good to see it's hit home for him. The other one I'd like to see back a bit earlier would be Dean Kent. Have always thought he needs to trim down and work harder on his running. Hopefully we see him back a bit earlier. Both ANB and Salem lead their running groups today which were 4 x 3 minute efforts. Salem was very impressive in the second group leading Harmes and Brayshaw and ANB just looks so comfortable leading the running in group A.
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    Billy is my pick for this years breakout dam i used to love watching his old man sprinting like a Gazelle, bouncing the ball along the Members Wing and then shooting a 50 metre pass to CHF Stephen could play in a very tough era...
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    Red hair or white pants and black loafers without socks? Either way the future looks bleak.
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    Try 'nick' instead of 'knick'. It's more gooder English.
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    Great to see Port trying to win the 2018 AFL premiership by recruiting ex Melbourne players. But someone needs to tell them the the 2018 premiership will be going to the Melbourne Football Club. GO THE DEES!
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    He had his good days, he had his bad days; he was a backman who could rotate up forward; he was just one of many who had some problems with Peter Hudson, and others up forward in that era. Still respect his reliability, though.
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    No love at all for round 14 2002? We played a Brisbane Lions team at the peak of their powers and were down by 42 points only to come back and win by two goals roughly. Neitz kicked 7 from memory.
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    Now I realise that my lack of "mindfulness" is the reason I never became an elite footballer. Lack of skill, endurance, pace and courage were merely minor flaws to my game. In all seriousness, every year the media picks out something quirky that the Premiership team has implemented, and infers that it played a major factor. First it was boot camps, then it became Leading Teams. "Mindfulness" will become the new buzzword. How was the Tigers "mindfulness" when they were constantly losing close games early in the year?
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    My favourite thing about #31 is that it for the whole VFL/AFL competition, there's no-one else that comes close to RDB. Other numbers have arguable favourites. For example, #5 could be Ablett Sr, Judd, Buckley or Hird; #18 could be Lloyd or Carey; #23 could be Brereton, Franklin or Don Scott etc. But Barassi - as he should - stands alone.
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    In recent times: Jimmy's 11. He won his bronwlow in it. Subsequently cherished and worn proudly by Maxy.
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    There's 36 on the list now including Smith. Plus 4 draft picks makes 40. Plus 4 Rookies makes 44. A list can be up to 47 with a maximum of 6 rookies which means there's still room for 2 more rookies. So stop being your namesake and check your facts before blasting away saying "Wrong" when you don't know what you're talking about.
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    I don't think it's a big call at all (unless your referring to the question of whether Fremantle's and Gold Coast's best teams would also beat us). And hardly surprising given we've never had a team good enough to win a Premiership during that time.
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