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    someone needs to tell harley that today is monday
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    Taken from a post on Facebook: Jack Viney, the consummate professional that he is, is here. I wouldn’t blame the bloke if he wanted to go overseas for a bit and enjoy some time off. However, he looks like he’s a man on a mission as he walks into the café. Gave away the game by deciding he’s wearing shorts and wants to get rehab off to a strong start. Likewise, Cam Pedersen and Dean Kent show up. Full kit training gear, maybe doing their own thing but also maybe training. Can’t confirm as yet. After an hour – boys finally make their way over. Little media here so if something happens I’ll be breaking it. Good areas, personally. Park myself at centre wing for this one, might go over elsewhere and keep looking for more spots. Here today: Hunt, Hannan, ANB, Harmes, Oscar, Stretch, Clarry (third season, remember???), JKH, Johnstone, Balic, Maynard, Keilty, Brayshaw, J Smith, McKenna, T Smith, Vandenberg, Weideman, Petracca, King, Salem, Filopovic, Wagner, Frost The absolute photography king, Wayne Ludbey, is here taking photos. He’s the main source of media right now. Few run-throughs to kick things off. Petracca and Brayshaw leading one group through, Balic and Nibbler leading another. There’s three separate groups here. One is doing handball drills on the Swan Street end, a small group of six (including Hunt, Hannan (I think) and J Smith) are seemingly doing light running drills, whereas there is also a main group consisting of roughly 15 or 16 players. Run-throughs decidedly light as I kinda expected. Can only imagine the slog this pre-season will be like this year to be honest with the way we finished off 2017. Main group doing running straight away. It’s not a pace that takes down the surrounds of the Coles Express across the road just yet and the reason for that is the boys are running more than just one lap. Early going has Nibbler leading the way from Stretch and Oliver, however the latter starts to fall behind a little bit after one lap. JKH assumes third, while Frost brings up the rear of the field, falling away a little bit behind the rest of the group. Nibbler is motoring. Third lap of the oval and he has a solid 20m gap on Stretch. The gap that covers the players by the end of the second lap is roughly 80 metres. Harley Balic is second last in this field, locked behind Keilty and King, who’s about 15 metres further up the ground. Four laps of the ground done. Nibbler looks super impressive with his running pattern – something to monitor throughout pre-season, absolutely smacking the field. Footballs are out. Let’s see who has the most capability here to genuinely bring down the entire state of the houses around the Richmond area. First drill is a casual kick around drill which lasts around two minutes, and then the boys go into a zig-zag formation in two groups. One group is doing slightly different work – the one nearest to me actually screws up the drill on the first kick which is… yeah. Lot of kicks from here which are short, which is what you kinda expect at this time of season considering that they haven’t picked up a footy for a little while. Just getting the rust out by the looks of things. Crossy working the rehab group pretty hard. Likes of Hunt and Hannan getting their monies’ worth with the footy. In the main group, there’s a lot of faster, frentic ball movement going on. Most players are spending not much more than half a second with ball in hand. The patter is literally mark/pick the ball up and use it, either by hands or by foot. Few contest-based drills in front. One thing that’s noticeable (perhaps because of the matchup) is Gussy’s upper-body strength matched up on Harmes. If he doesn’t win the footy, he’s making it hard for Harmes to win it. Another group is doing some loose-ball get work, while the group on the far side of the ground are doing contests while the ball is on the ground… if what I said just makes sense. Think the most pleasing thing – even if it is only the first session – is seeing Gussy just be so clean every time the ball is around. Looks composed and looks ready to make a point about making 2018 his year after such a tough run. I think every Melbourne supporter wants to see him not only be on the park consistently, but put in a huge season as well. I expect him to play off half-back at the moment, be a bit of a ball carrier and creator, while also pushing Hunt a bit further up the ground. That’s my expectation, anyway. Next up, boys swap their footy boots for running shoes again. In one group – Nibs, Stretch, JKH, Clarry, Maynard and Gus; in another – Pedersen, Keilty, Kent, Oscar, Frost, King; in the third group, Harmes, Salem, Trac, Johnstone, Balic, Wagner. Meantime, rehab group currently consists of Hunt, McKenna and Smith doing some reasonably-paced running, while Filipovic is doing some work up forward along with Hannan. Mitchy seems to have had a bit of a change of hair colour since our last correspondence in Round 22 (let’s be honest here). Yet again Nibs looking very good in the running drills, constantly leading the way. Something to keep in mind a bit later on, especially if he has a good pre-season.
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    That's likely a result of not being in a professional club environment for a while. He played one WAFL match in early June and then came home to Victoria again after being granted personal leave by Freo. Prior to that he hadn't played since Round 4 at any level. He's likely coming off a low fitness base having not been at a club properly since April. No cause for concern, he's over his injuries and preseason is there to build fitness and strength. He's only got a one year contract so he'll have to bust his ass to get another contract with us in 12 months time.
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    My favourite thing about #31 is that it for the whole VFL/AFL competition, there's no-one else that comes close to RDB. Other numbers have arguable favourites. For example, #5 could be Ablett Sr, Judd, Buckley or Hird; #18 could be Lloyd or Carey; #23 could be Brereton, Franklin or Don Scott etc. But Barassi - as he should - stands alone.
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    All ex-Melbourne DFAs, have gone to their new 'home' with my very best wishes, but Jack undoubtedly heads that list. I can't think af any other sub -100 game player who is so universally liked. Thanks Jack, for carrying yourself so professionally and proudly as a Demon, through the toughest of times.
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    Hey, BB, I reckon that is great. I never could understand why all the teams seem to persist with a training outfit that bears no relation to their team strip. That other Melb one -- the one with the daggy red patch on the left shoulder of an otherwise blue shirt -- isn't a patch on the one that is a replica of our famous jumper. Just hope they stick with it...!
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    On 23 October I posted this comment: The very best team of the past 50 years must include the following (excluding current players whose careers have still to blossom): Alan Johnson, Steven Smith, Sean Wight; Brett Lovett, David Neitz, Gary Hardeman; Stan Alves, Greg Wells, Robert Flower; Garry Lyon, David Shwarz, Adem Yze; Gerard Healey, Allen Jakovich, Jeff Farmer; Jim Stynes, Shane Woewodin, Brian Wilson Int Gary Baker, Steven Tingay, Alan Obst, Glenn Lovett Skilled, courageous, attacking match winners. Unfortunately, the month of October coincides with the end of the footy and the onset of daylight saving and I reserve the right to review all decisions in that month. How could I have forgotten Travis Johnstone? His inclusion would make this team infinitely better as he would have the delight of playing with his peers and we would have the joy of watching his smooth, silky skills being used to advantage. Imagine Travis passing 50 to Jako. Apologies to Glenn Lovett - great player but not in the same league.
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    Roos was really big on this. His wife Tammy did a bit of work with the players and I recall some saying it really helped them. Post Neeld, he and Tammy were starting behind the eight ball but still helped achieve a much improved mindset and consistency during the 3 years. Roos employed it at Syndey and they also went onto win a flag. Captain Kirk was one who really embraced 'mindfulness'. Also. I read recently that Dusty did regular sessions to help him - can't remember if it was meditation, yoga or both. Cotchin also spoke highly of the program. Some might say 'mindfulness' is all a bit airy fairy but when really tough guys like Kirk and Dusty take it on then it is worth paying attention. Goodwin is more about contest and competitiveness. Also, I think Goodwin wanted to leave Roos' initiatives behind and introduce his own. So to answer your question, I doubt 'mindfulness' will be back at the Demons. Nonetheless, Richmond and Sydney have shown the value of both. Edit: The article D4life refers to http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/mindfulness-and-meditation-helped-richmond-break-afl-premiership-drought-20171103-gzed1o.html
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    54 Trevor Korn - only played about 3 games in 1981 under Ronald Dale Barassi but I've known him since he was a little kid. The club must agree with me because, like 31, they've retired the number until someone else suitable comes along.
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    In recent times: Jimmy's 11. He won his bronwlow in it. Subsequently cherished and worn proudly by Maxy.
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    I can't think of many others that could deliver a 50m dart across his body and hit someone lace out. Trac is the only one currently that can do it. Trapper possessed incredible vision.
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    This conversation was enjoyable until the checklist of numbers turned into letters. Grades are fixed catergories across a spectrum of performance - arguing over their subjective margins into shoe-horned definitives is a waste of everyone's breath.
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    Wonderful news. So happy for him and wish him all the best!
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    Absolutely stoked for Trenners. I think the club made the right decision to move him on, but I also feel as though he deserved a second chance elsewhere as well. Hopefully it's a positive outcome for all involved.
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    BTW Bugg is underated on here. Is a leading 3km time triallist with TMac, he has got talent that is arguably mis-directed at the moment. Gets to the ball and had he kicked 15 g 6b instead of 6g 15b from his 10 games we would be talking about him differently.
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    We must read different texts. My version says that "I wouldn't..."
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    Some more press with video and audio of the Exorcist Goal. https://thewest.com.au/sport/west-coast-eagles/the-day-melbournes-allen-jakovich-overcame-the-exorcist-to-kiss-his-eagles-brother-glen-on-the-mcg-ng-b88645807z
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    Interesting stat, it seems that my observation must have matched my mood on the day. but thanks for pointing out the facts.
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    Surprised he wasn’t picked up by Port.
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    He is a bloke. Blokes should not be allowed in the Womens competition It's AFLW, not AFLTrans
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    I'm in the awkward position of having no problem at all with transgender people, but also recognising the basic practicality of biological sex being a factor in body size and 'upper ceilings' of physical size, density and the like. It is unfortunate for Hannah that she is right at the top end of the range of physical size, and I do think it is appropriate to exclude her from the top, professional level where incomes and greater glory are at stake. I'm ok with the AFL's decision to prevent Hannah from entering the professional level AFLW while also not making any obstruction to her participation at amateur level.
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