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    someone needs to tell harley that today is monday
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    Taken from a post on Facebook: Jack Viney, the consummate professional that he is, is here. I wouldn’t blame the bloke if he wanted to go overseas for a bit and enjoy some time off. However, he looks like he’s a man on a mission as he walks into the café. Gave away the game by deciding he’s wearing shorts and wants to get rehab off to a strong start. Likewise, Cam Pedersen and Dean Kent show up. Full kit training gear, maybe doing their own thing but also maybe training. Can’t confirm as yet. After an hour – boys finally make their way over. Little media here so if something happens I’ll be breaking it. Good areas, personally. Park myself at centre wing for this one, might go over elsewhere and keep looking for more spots. Here today: Hunt, Hannan, ANB, Harmes, Oscar, Stretch, Clarry (third season, remember???), JKH, Johnstone, Balic, Maynard, Keilty, Brayshaw, J Smith, McKenna, T Smith, Vandenberg, Weideman, Petracca, King, Salem, Filopovic, Wagner, Frost The absolute photography king, Wayne Ludbey, is here taking photos. He’s the main source of media right now. Few run-throughs to kick things off. Petracca and Brayshaw leading one group through, Balic and Nibbler leading another. There’s three separate groups here. One is doing handball drills on the Swan Street end, a small group of six (including Hunt, Hannan (I think) and J Smith) are seemingly doing light running drills, whereas there is also a main group consisting of roughly 15 or 16 players. Run-throughs decidedly light as I kinda expected. Can only imagine the slog this pre-season will be like this year to be honest with the way we finished off 2017. Main group doing running straight away. It’s not a pace that takes down the surrounds of the Coles Express across the road just yet and the reason for that is the boys are running more than just one lap. Early going has Nibbler leading the way from Stretch and Oliver, however the latter starts to fall behind a little bit after one lap. JKH assumes third, while Frost brings up the rear of the field, falling away a little bit behind the rest of the group. Nibbler is motoring. Third lap of the oval and he has a solid 20m gap on Stretch. The gap that covers the players by the end of the second lap is roughly 80 metres. Harley Balic is second last in this field, locked behind Keilty and King, who’s about 15 metres further up the ground. Four laps of the ground done. Nibbler looks super impressive with his running pattern – something to monitor throughout pre-season, absolutely smacking the field. Footballs are out. Let’s see who has the most capability here to genuinely bring down the entire state of the houses around the Richmond area. First drill is a casual kick around drill which lasts around two minutes, and then the boys go into a zig-zag formation in two groups. One group is doing slightly different work – the one nearest to me actually screws up the drill on the first kick which is… yeah. Lot of kicks from here which are short, which is what you kinda expect at this time of season considering that they haven’t picked up a footy for a little while. Just getting the rust out by the looks of things. Crossy working the rehab group pretty hard. Likes of Hunt and Hannan getting their monies’ worth with the footy. In the main group, there’s a lot of faster, frentic ball movement going on. Most players are spending not much more than half a second with ball in hand. The patter is literally mark/pick the ball up and use it, either by hands or by foot. Few contest-based drills in front. One thing that’s noticeable (perhaps because of the matchup) is Gussy’s upper-body strength matched up on Harmes. If he doesn’t win the footy, he’s making it hard for Harmes to win it. Another group is doing some loose-ball get work, while the group on the far side of the ground are doing contests while the ball is on the ground… if what I said just makes sense. Think the most pleasing thing – even if it is only the first session – is seeing Gussy just be so clean every time the ball is around. Looks composed and looks ready to make a point about making 2018 his year after such a tough run. I think every Melbourne supporter wants to see him not only be on the park consistently, but put in a huge season as well. I expect him to play off half-back at the moment, be a bit of a ball carrier and creator, while also pushing Hunt a bit further up the ground. That’s my expectation, anyway. Next up, boys swap their footy boots for running shoes again. In one group – Nibs, Stretch, JKH, Clarry, Maynard and Gus; in another – Pedersen, Keilty, Kent, Oscar, Frost, King; in the third group, Harmes, Salem, Trac, Johnstone, Balic, Wagner. Meantime, rehab group currently consists of Hunt, McKenna and Smith doing some reasonably-paced running, while Filipovic is doing some work up forward along with Hannan. Mitchy seems to have had a bit of a change of hair colour since our last correspondence in Round 22 (let’s be honest here). Yet again Nibs looking very good in the running drills, constantly leading the way. Something to keep in mind a bit later on, especially if he has a good pre-season.
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    Strong around the ball, good pace, looks to release team mates with solid handballs while drawing contact from opponents. Only query at this stage is his kicking. It's inconsistent, but I don't think it's a skill issue, I think it's a composure issue where he hasn't learnt to slow down the last step or two to steady for the kick. I think it's due to inexperience and not knowing his limits yet. Could be fixed and would be a good option with any of our picks if he's available.
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    This article says we have shown interest in Zac Bailey and may use one of our first 3 picks on him. Adelaide and Port have picks after these. Other clubs could be eyeing him off too. Anyone know much about him? http://m.afl.com.au/news/2017-11-06/nt-draft-bolter-bailey-cant-explain-his-improvement
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    Denier, skeptic why should a climate zealot like myself differentiate. And yes in your definition, I put my hand up I am a zealot then because I believe in the science and therefore we need to act now and even though we are a small player in local emissions, but a large world player in our exports of future emissions, we need to take a leadership role. Skeptic, Denier either way you are about doing nothing while the evidence mounts, denier, skeptic, same thing. You realise Margaret Thatcher spoke out on the need to deal with climate change in 1989! She had a chemistry degree and believed in the science but she spoke a year after the IPCC was formed to evaluate the climate problem but before the fossil fuel industry had realised they had a PR problem and started their rear guard action to muddy the waters on climate change. How much longer do you want to evaluate the data? But then you don't believe the data so where to now for the skeptic? Sounds like more non action. US agencies just released a 500 page report stating that climate change is happening and it is very highly likely human induced, all this in defiance of their political masters of the Trump administration who are stated skeptics. Where is the conspiracy for this? As I have said before forget the predictive models if you believe they are corrupted and the data which you believe is manipulated and just observe what's happening. Temperature records are being broken regularly, 12 to 1 in favour of hotter than average vs cooler than average. Great Barrier Reef and all reefs in the Pacific bleached in successive years. 15 of the last 16 years have seen the hottest global average temperature years have occurred this century, yet skeptics say heating has stopped? Wasted billions on climate change you say, wasted on what exactly? Are you referring to subsidised Solar cells? Or wind energy turbines?
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    That's likely a result of not being in a professional club environment for a while. He played one WAFL match in early June and then came home to Victoria again after being granted personal leave by Freo. Prior to that he hadn't played since Round 4 at any level. He's likely coming off a low fitness base having not been at a club properly since April. No cause for concern, he's over his injuries and preseason is there to build fitness and strength. He's only got a one year contract so he'll have to bust his ass to get another contract with us in 12 months time.
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    My favourite thing about #31 is that it for the whole VFL/AFL competition, there's no-one else that comes close to RDB. Other numbers have arguable favourites. For example, #5 could be Ablett Sr, Judd, Buckley or Hird; #18 could be Lloyd or Carey; #23 could be Brereton, Franklin or Don Scott etc. But Barassi - as he should - stands alone.
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    All ex-Melbourne DFAs, have gone to their new 'home' with my very best wishes, but Jack undoubtedly heads that list. I can't think af any other sub -100 game player who is so universally liked. Thanks Jack, for carrying yourself so professionally and proudly as a Demon, through the toughest of times.
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    Reading about the Tigers focus on mindfulness on the weekend, will the Demons take this on, as poor starts and switching off during games, seemed to be our greatest issues this year.
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    This gives an insight into a more rounded player than the previous 'hanger' highlight reel.
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    I may have gotten some dust in my eyes after reading that Gus is training and looking good. Injury free season please. ? Nibbler led the pack in most running drills last year too if I recall correctly?
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    And all reasonable responses. I think we have just set our scopes a little differently. The jump up to the absolute top eschelon for me is a huge one in terms of both making that leap into rarefied territory and then the level of impact generated from such a player - so it in a sense from my perspective distorts the categories - a potential 100% improvement from Oscar would constitute a high scope but in my mind so would 20% from Viney and Oliver. I'm probably one of the few that thinks Viney is capable of more than the best we've already seen from him (not just in terms of achieving his best consistently - which would be massive in itself if he can). I'm also probably one of the few who believe Hunt's poor disposal is overstated (although he did nothing for my argument in a couple matches toward the end of the year). As to Vanders, I'm aware of my own likely delusion, but I am rock-solid in my thoughts on JKH simply not having the physical attributes to make it. I won't mention Oscar as we all know where that discussion leads. Lastly though, I should clarify my thoughts on Stretch: 2017 was a genuine disappointment and I do think he has a decent scope for improvement as an AFL player - but I've come to the conclusion that he may not have the speed of decision-making and disposal required for the Goodwin Hot Potato Game-plan (and the pressurised frantic atmosphere it creates along with the unorthodox movement when the opposition seeks to break our press in response). I think that it may ultimately hamper his development and limit the scope of his improvement with us.
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    Evening fellas, I am also going Marmelo and Humidor but also having something each way on Ventura Storm with G. Boss steering. Pulled up sore after the CC but galloped strongly since. My youngest daughter (29) who only ever has a bet on the Cup, apparently liked the name Cismontane a couple of weeks ago so she got her husband to put $5 each way at fixed odds at....$301 & $76! I offered her $5 last night for halves but she knocked me back! Kids today have no respect.
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    Great story about Zac Bailey on AFL website. Good Demons connection. I had him at pick 30. Would be happy to see him land at a MFC selection.
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    You missed my point Gip. I have no particular interest in the moral, social or physiological debate. My point was that the AFL was illogical in making a decision that allows Mouncey to play against lesser opposition but not in the main comp. Logic dictates that Mouncey either be banned from all comps or allowed to participate at any level.
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    Biffen was a rule-stretcher, yes; however, he was only protecting his team mates. He made a few opposition forwards shake in their socks and he was incredibly reliable at full back.
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    Melbourne vs Adelaide 2002 Semi FInal A loss unfortunately, but an incredible game. And this, eliminating Essendrug from the finals, Stynes dominating and Jakovich kicking 8
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    FFS Saty grow a set! The MFC is not infallible. It is an entity, an organisation. Mistakes will be made - in admin, in drafting, in game plan, in rehab etc etc... Shite happens. It is actually ok to criticise ............... in fact it's healthy. As for the highlighted comment. There are members and supporters who cannot get to training or even games regularly, or maybe never, who value and need this information. They should not be belittled or undervalued. Constant carping and sycophancy is of no value to anyone.
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    Me too, especially on a Sunday.
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    Are you a black duck supporter? Saw Tallan Ames outsmart Liam Ryan with good body use very good WAFL defender. I think of Ryan as another Shane Yarran in terms of ability, Subi had to go down and collect Ryan from Armadale for every training session otherwise he nore than likely wouldn't have turned up. They looked after him really well so puts anotger mark against him in terms of on going motivation Ans as for Basil Syphilis can't stand that man. Played Colts against him many moons ago arrogant Wan#@r but could play
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    He had no impact against Peel when they had their full compliment of defenders in the side. He was ineffective against them in 2016 & 2017 which is why as I've said in other threads I have my doubts on him. Most Meth Coast supporters are wetting themselves because they have never actually seen him live. We know what their supporter base is like and they have no time for the WAFL. Anything they know anout him is based on his highlights, the Meth Coast Australian, 6PR and Channel 7 pumping him up.
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    Spot on and one of the few sensible and respectful posts. For many of the posts on this thread, poor effort. If you knew any transgender people you would understand their pain, anguish and at times, difficulty in living. They deserve respect and understanding for their courageous decision. But physically it is not appropriate she plays and the photos tell you why. In track and field, Semenya has made a mockery of the womens 800m.
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    A person with male sex organs, and xy chromosomes is a MAN Are you saying a man makes a mental choice to identify as a woman? This thread is gunna get sooooooooo ugly.
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