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    Just a note that moderation on training threads will be strict on the issue of poster abuse. Please respect each other's views and no personal attacks on players, posters or moderators ? Thanks.
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    I'm still coming to terms with Richmond winning the flag, and on a lesser scale the Bulldogs. Both teams far from the most skilled in their respective years but manic pressure in their attack on the ball/ball carrier and get the ball forward at any cost got them across the line. Our players still struggle with the concept of coming to play every week.
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    For mine, Weideman is the wild card in this deck. If he develops into the KPF many hope, then we are in front of the game.
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    Players who are best 22 and have reached their potential (7) Jones Lewis Hibberd Jetta Pedersen Garlett Melksham Players who are best 22 and have not reached their potential (15) Low Scope for Improvement (5) Gawn Viney Tyson Frost T Mac Medium Scope for Improvement (6) Oliver Lever Hogan Harmes Hunt Neal-Bullen Large Scope for Improvement (4) Brayshaw Petracca Salem O Mac Players who are not best 22 and have not reached their potential (12) Low Scope for Improvement (2) Bugg vandenBerg Medium Scope for Improvement (6) Hannan Kent Stretch JKH King Johnston Large Scope for Improvement (4) Weideman Balic Maynard J Smith Players who are not best 22 and have reached their potential (2) Vince Wagner
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    Nathan Jones, 2013 - In a 2 win season, his support in the midfield comprised of a barely interested Colin Sylvia and Jones of the Matt variety. Still, he busted his guts every week giving Demons fans everywhere a reason to keep believing in brighter days ahead. B and F. No All Australian selection. A tonne of respect.
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    Pre-season Training starts on Monday and from the AFL site ~ Complete guide to your club's off-season. Training return: The first-to-fourth year players resume on Monday, November 6, with the rest – except draftees – returning on Monday, November 20. The Demons will again hold their pre-season training camp in Maroochydore in January. Injury list: Co-captain Jack Viney (foot), Dean Kent (shoulder), Tim Smith (navicular bone) and Aaron vandenBerg (heel) will be in the rehab group up to Christmas. Swingman Tom McDonald (ankles) is on a running program and will be integrated into the main group in late December, while Pat McKenna (hamstring) will start on a modified program and Lochie Filipovic will rehab interstate before returning in December. Jesse Hogan (hamstring) will be in the main group from November 20. Draft picks: 29, 31, 36, 47 84, 102 Arrived: Harley Balic (traded from Fremantle), Jake Lever (traded from Adelaide) Departed: Colin Garland (retired) Liam Hulett (delisted), Ben Kennedy (delisted), Heritier Lumumba (retired), Jake Spencer (delisted), Jack Trengove (delisted free agent to Port Adelaide), Jack Watts (traded to Port Adelaide), Mitch White (delisted) Major off-field moves: Jade Rawlings is the Casey Demons' new senior coach, taking over from Justin Plapp, who becomes an assistant with Melbourne's AFL side. Recently retired defender Colin Garland is also moving into various coaching roles at the club, including with the AFL team, Next Generation Academy and AFL Women's, as well as being the VFLW Casey Demons' inaugural senior coach. Melbourne also appointed Peter Maynard as Casey's general manager of football, a role where he will oversee the VFL, VFLW and NGA programs. Round one: Geelong, MCG, Sunday, March 25, 3.20pm AEDT Premiership odds: $16 (CrownBet) We say: The time is now for the Demons, who last played finals in 2006 and missed the 2017 post-season by just 0.5 per cent after a disappointing round 23 loss to Collingwood. Jake Lever's addition will strengthen an already solid defence, and their talented young crop – including Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Angus Brayshaw, Sam Weideman, Jesse Hogan and Jayden Hunt – should be ready to go to another level. The lack of Thursday and Friday night exposure (only one match) is a disappointment, but six of Melbourne's first seven matches are in Victoria and it doesn't have back-to-back six-day breaks or interstate travel. – Marc McGowan
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    Hard exercise, I'm sure many will disagree with some selections and on those I did not include. (and no I didnt overlook Woewodins brownlow medal year, Im well aware I omitted it). 1. David Schwarz, 1994 - Led competition in marks, kicked 60 goals at CHF, dominated the first two weeks of finals. Widely regarded as the equal to Wayne Carey. And he did it in style. 2. Jim Stynes, 1991 - Brownlow medal winner with 25 votes. AA ruckman Redefined the ruck position by averaging 26 disposals, 9 marks and chipping in 15 goals. B and F. 3. Garry Lyon, 1994 - 79 goals, including 10 in a final. Went into the midfield in numerous final quarters when the team needed a lift, and he always delivered. All Australian. B and F. 4. David Neitz, 2002 - 82 goals, AA full forward and a rare Coleman Medal for the Melbourne Football Club. Became a great leader and one of the comps best enforcers and most intimidating big men. B and F. 5. Clayton Oliver, 2017 - One of the greatest seasons a teenager has ever played, culminating in a landslide victory in the Best and Fairest. Became the only Melbourne player in club history to average 30 disposals in a season. 6. Jeff Farmer, 2000 - Electrified the comp, kicking 76 goals including 9 on Queens Birthday and 8 in the Prelim FInal, helping the Dees into the granny. All Australian. 7. Garry Lyon, 1995 - ,Makes it 70+ goals in back to back seasons, and earns his third straight All Australian selection. 8. Max Gawn, 2016 - A dominant season, winding the clock back to the days of the great Jimmy Stynes. AA ruckman and polled 16 Brownlow votes. 9. Allen Jakovich, 1991 - 71 goals in 14 games, it was a record breaking season. Eight goals in the first final, vs Essendon, eliminating them. Fastest player to 50 career goals. 19 scoring shots in a single game. Possibly would have been number 1 on this list if he had played even just a few more matches. 10. David Neitz, 1995 - In just his third season, future skipper David Neitz holds down centre half back with distinction, and is named in the All Australian team.
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    This conversation was enjoyable until the checklist of numbers turned into letters. Grades are fixed catergories across a spectrum of performance - arguing over their subjective margins into shoe-horned definitives is a waste of everyone's breath.
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    I remember 1991 well as I was in Melbourne studying. Cuthbertson was on fire for a brief period kicked 7 against North in rd 4 (which I was there to see) and followed it up with 7 against the Pies the following week. Leigh Matthews mentioned he was the difference between the two sides. Rd 6 he kicked 5 against the Bears, but unfortunately for Darren and the club his star dimmed. Only ended up playing 32 games in 3 seasons. He'd had a pretty hard road to get to the club and unfortunately I think some off field issues got the better of him.
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    Never would have believed that Port would become my second team, but if those two are on the list on game day, i'll be cheering.
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    Vanished in the last month??! What games were watching? Dominated Port Brisbane and the Saints? I really wonder about demonland sometimes..
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    Sloane is most definitely an A-grader and a better footballer than Nathan Jones.
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    Terrific bloke. Cruelled by injury and possibly the worst coach in history. I hope he comes good for Port and has a top season. ( I wouldn't even mind a cracker game against us) Go Jack!!
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    Wonderful news. So happy for him and wish him all the best!
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    How many come back from 3 and get better? That list is very, very short. The Ox, before and then after the knee recos, got every possible ounce of talent out of his body. The fact he played as many games as he did and won a club best and fairest goes to show how committed he was to the club and to giving absolutely everything he had to the cause. If all the players on our list followed that lead then we wouldn't be going far wrong.
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    Jack T was on radio saying that he contacted Jack W (in Canada) who shed a tear or two on hearing they would be together at Port. Shows how much they think of each other. I shed a few tears too. Never thought I would say this but I hope Port has great success next year (except vs us) with our Jacks! Good luck JT. Whatever happens, you'll always be a Demon champ!
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    All ex-Melbourne DFAs, have gone to their new 'home' with my very best wishes, but Jack undoubtedly heads that list. I can't think af any other sub -100 game player who is so universally liked. Thanks Jack, for carrying yourself so professionally and proudly as a Demon, through the toughest of times.
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    I would think Lever, Viney and Oliver have a long way to go to reach their potential. No way are they fully formed players yet...
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    BTW Bugg is underated on here. Is a leading 3km time triallist with TMac, he has got talent that is arguably mis-directed at the moment. Gets to the ball and had he kicked 15 g 6b instead of 6g 15b from his 10 games we would be talking about him differently.
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    Great list and talking point, I will say that while I agree a lot of our improvement will come from those yet to reach there potential, part of the optimism has to lie with so of those who have "reached their potential" actually doing so again. I'd argue that in 2017 Jones, Viney and Gawn had interrupted seasons which meant they only rarely reached their potential, so we'll also gain plenty from them. I'd also move TMac to the 'haven't yet reached potential' area, if including him as a forward (or even swing-man), we know what he brings as a defender but I think they've only just started to explore his forward capabilities and with Hogan being fit his forward role would develop even further.
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    I think that's a relatively fair assessment. Although, I believe that Viney, Oliver, Lever, and Gawn can take their games to a new level again. They are at a point, however, which is probably more dependent on how the team around them performs as to how much further they develop. Likewise, the development of the others will be catalysed if the team as a whole, including the game plan or execution of it, improves.
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    Some great footballers but for excitement alone Jeff Farmer and Liam Jurrah, They played the game differently, on their terms, unpredictable, mercurial, at times freakish. They could see patterns of play, see the ball bounce before anyone else like in the dream time. The indigenous way of playing footy. Something special.
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    "If we draft Bayley Fritsch, all our pets will become communists and our children will transform in horses."
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