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    Jack T was on radio saying that he contacted Jack W (in Canada) who shed a tear or two on hearing they would be together at Port. Shows how much they think of each other. I shed a few tears too. Never thought I would say this but I hope Port has great success next year (except vs us) with our Jacks! Good luck JT. Whatever happens, you'll always be a Demon champ!
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    Absolutely stoked for Trenners. I think the club made the right decision to move him on, but I also feel as though he deserved a second chance elsewhere as well. Hopefully it's a positive outcome for all involved.
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    All ex-Melbourne DFAs, have gone to their new 'home' with my very best wishes, but Jack undoubtedly heads that list. I can't think af any other sub -100 game player who is so universally liked. Thanks Jack, for carrying yourself so professionally and proudly as a Demon, through the toughest of times.
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    I would think Lever, Viney and Oliver have a long way to go to reach their potential. No way are they fully formed players yet...
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    BTW Bugg is underated on here. Is a leading 3km time triallist with TMac, he has got talent that is arguably mis-directed at the moment. Gets to the ball and had he kicked 15 g 6b instead of 6g 15b from his 10 games we would be talking about him differently.
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    Don't know much at all about Hartung, but it's nice to see some love for ANB. My brother was on to him early on, and I wondered what he smoking. He seemed to come on very quickly this year, and by seasons end, I actually though he has one of the best "footy brains" on the entire list. Always looking for, and generally finding an option in better position, even when he could be forgiven for having a ping himself. I see him as starting 18, with a full list available.
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    Jack your a credit to yourself and family. Hope to see you play many AFL games. Now that is a feel good story.
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    This really is a good news story. If anyone ever deserved a second chance, it is him. Hope he kills it too, hell hope he plays a blinder against us (but we win).
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    Really happy for Jack! Hopefully he gets a good run at it.
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    Jack Trengove has signed a one-year deal with Port Adelaide. He joins the club as a delisted free agent.
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    Great list and talking point, I will say that while I agree a lot of our improvement will come from those yet to reach there potential, part of the optimism has to lie with so of those who have "reached their potential" actually doing so again. I'd argue that in 2017 Jones, Viney and Gawn had interrupted seasons which meant they only rarely reached their potential, so we'll also gain plenty from them. I'd also move TMac to the 'haven't yet reached potential' area, if including him as a forward (or even swing-man), we know what he brings as a defender but I think they've only just started to explore his forward capabilities and with Hogan being fit his forward role would develop even further.
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    Jones B+ Sloane is a clear A. I think we have had this conversation before. Happy to disagree.
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    Could not be happier. Hope he gets a good run at it and fulfills the promise he originally had.
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    Nucleus of team is strong but plenty of room to grow and spots available. We need to develop very good youngsters players into Stars. Viney is ready. Oliver Petracca Hogan Lever Brayshaw Tyson all to step up. Jetta and Hibberd were outstanding in 17. Others make up a strong nucleus. Perhaps too much reliance on Gawn and Hogan to be fit and stand up in 2018. Go around one more time: Vince - dropped off in 2017 and may struggle to be in best 22. May go forward if required. Pedersen - keeps on going. Lifts when you think he is gone. Big heart may carry on On the edge : J Smith- I see him really stepping up in 18. Lever takes tall defender role but Smithy has the tools to play anywhere. Fingers crossed on healthy run. Bugg - lucky to survive ...Owes the club Vandenburg - needs to be injury free Kent - poor discipline and injuries killed 2017. Last chance saloon. JKH - on the cusp. 2018 will be make or break Wagner - dropped off in 2017. Disposal was poor. A maybe at best! Mckenna - didn’t see him in 2017. Must be injury free and show his potential Must develop : Johnstone - saw him twice at Casey. Plays in on/off bursts. Not sure so would like to see him more before judge. King- more gym work required. Our backup in 2018. Rookies: Kielty - very close. Like to see him given a game in 2018 Maynard- like his style. Hope he progresses T Smith- another who needs a clean fit run. Still on doubtful list Filopovic - raw and skinny. Injury hit 2017. Given another year to see what he brings. A lot more required.
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    CHANGES 2017 by The Oracle PART ONE - THOSE WERE THE DAYS “Change can be good for a player — and good for the game too.” Michael Hibberd speaking of Jake Lever's move to Melbourne during the trade period - Having changed AFL clubs himself, Melbourne defender Michael Hibberd has no issue with Jake Lever being a Demon Of course he would say that given that Hibberd will be playing alongside the talented young defender over the coming few years in what will hopefully be a successful period in their club's history but the recruitment of Jake Lever represents something very fresh and new in the modern landscape at Melbourne. It's very clear now that the dream of making Melbourne a destination club in the AFL is finally a reality and a welcome change after years of frustration when the traffic in players went the other way. Lever is the consummate young defender with the world at his feet - a young man who was keenly chased by at least four Melbourne-based clubs — the Demons, the Western Bulldogs, Collingwood and Hawthorn — before deciding on Melbourne. That decision might have upset Adelaide and its skipper Tex Walker but it's something Demon fans have been exposed to for some time. They were told then to suck it up, grin and bear and move on while some of their best were stolen from them. Those were the days and they're over. The price was high given that the club gave away two first round draft picks to get their man but the Demons believe the cost will be justified in the long run. The exchange period also saw Melbourne acquire a little known Fremantle player in 20-year-old Harley Balic who only two years ago was touted as a potential first round draft until a wrist injury saw him fall to 38 in the AFL National Draft. His career with the Dockers was soured by surgery for his serious scaphoid injury, homesickness and a hamstring tear. The former Sandringham Dragon is now back home and happy to be a Demon. * * * * * * * At this time of the year, each AFL club is well into changing its list for the coming season. It's well worth reflecting for a start on the Demons' playing list as it stood for season 2017:- PRIMARY LIST: Angus Brayshaw Tomas Bugg Sam Frost Colin Garland Jeff Garlett Max Gawn Mitch Hannan James Harmes Michael Hibberd Jesse Hogan Liam Hulett Jayden Hunt Neville Jetta Dion Johnstone Nathan Jones Ben Kennedy Jay Kennedy-Harris Dean Kent Mitch King Jordan Lewis Heritier Lumumba Oscar McDonald Tom McDonald Pat McKenna Jake Melksham Alex Neal-Bullen Clayton Oliver Cameron Pedersen Christian Petracca Christian Salem Jake Spencer Billy Stretch Jack Trengove Dom Tyson Aaron vandenBerg Bernie Vince Jack Viney Josh Wagner Jack Watts Sam Weideman ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY A Lachlan Filipovic Declan Keilty Tim Smith Mitch White ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY B Corey Maynard Joel Smith The club's two trade inclusions have been offset by the usual number of players who leave for various reasons, the most controversial being the trade of former number one draft selection Jack Watts to Port Adelaide for a second round draft pick. In a much earlier controversy, Heritier Lumumba retired last September while the other retirement came more recently when Colin Garland decided to hang up his boots after missing 2017 due to ACL surgery. The club has delisted Liam Hulett, Ben Kennedy, Jake Spencer, Jack Trengove and rookie lister Mitch White. The club's former basketball stars were also promoted from the list of Category B rookies. Joel Smith has been elevated to the senior list while Corey Maynard has been elevated to a category A rookie. The club's playing list after the free agency and trade period:- PRIMARY LIST: Angus Brayshaw Harley Balic Tomas Bugg Sam Frost Jeff Garlett Max Gawn Mitch Hannan James Harmes Michael Hibberd Jesse Hogan Jayden Hunt Neville Jetta Dion Johnstone Nathan Jones Jay Kennedy-Harris Dean Kent Mitch King Jake Lever Jordan Lewis Oscar McDonald Tom McDonald Pat McKenna Jake Melksham Alex Neal-Bullen Clayton Oliver Cameron Pedersen Christian Petracca Christian Salem Joel Smith Billy Stretch Dom Tyson Aaron vandenBerg Bernie Vince Jack Viney Josh Wagner Sam Weideman ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY A Lachlan Filipovic Declan Keilty Corey Maynard Tim Smith With the the trade period now finished, every club knows exactly what draft picks it holds ahead of the national draft. For the Demons, three of their four selections will be in the second round of the draft meeting later this month.
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    Absolutely thrilled he has another chance, good luck Jack you deserve a bit of that after the hands you have been dealt.
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    PA club rules must have something about having a Jack Trengove on their playing list at all times. Good luck to our (former) Jack. Hope he can make a success of his second chance.
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    Very happy he got another gig, would love it if he got back to being a regular AFL player again.
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    If Brayshaw goes to Port Adelaide they will have our former picks 1, 2, 3 and 4.
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    thanks for starting the thread, good read I do disagree with the above though - Tyson is a classic 'reached his potential' for me. Foot skills are not something that generally get a lot better after 24yo. And Oliver has a lot of unfulfilled potential imo. he racks up possessions, but with experience he will soon dominate matches. take more marks, score goals, become a leader, develop better tank etc
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    Getting a little excited about the draft this year, as it is not a life or death one for us, as we now have a reasonable list, but rather more of a cherry pick to hopefully find a gem after the first round and a half has gone. Usually I know very little about the available talent and this year I know even less. So for me it will be a bit of excitement finding out who we have chosen and then watching their development.
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