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    Really happy for Jack! Hopefully he gets a good run at it.
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    This really is a good news story. If anyone ever deserved a second chance, it is him. Hope he kills it too, hell hope he plays a blinder against us (but we win).
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    I like many on here and in the press are expecting the Dees to substantially improve and at least make finals next year. The improvement other than Lever's inclusion is expected to come from assumptions that many of our players who haven't reached their potential yet will do so next year. For instance Jon Ralph wrote this week the Dees will win the flag if Petracca kicks 40 goals. So I thought I'd go through the list and break it down into players who have reached their potential and those who haven't reached their potential yet but we hope are going to next season. I've also loosely broken them down into positions but that is very fluid. It's also a useful exercise in working out list weaknesses for drafting. Will be interested to read people's opinions. I have included Oliver in players who have reached their potential because he's already playing at an outstanding level even though he clearly has a lot more improvement to go. So arguably he could go in either. Whereas I have put Tyson in the not reached potential yet because I think there's such a knock on his disposal that if he doesn't improve it he could well be moved on in the next couple of seasons. So arguably hasn't reached his full potential. We are all hoping and expecting future stars like Hogan, Petracca, Brayshaw, Hunt & Salem go to the next level next year and be consistent high level performers to push us deep into finals. But the fact is "hoping" is the big question. None of them are there yet and whether some or all of them do or don't will decide the future success of the team. Players who are top 22 and have reached their potential
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    Cause for optimism? I had some free time and called SEN yesterday to specifically ask David Schwarz one question that’s been nagging me for years. I know he has a son and was wondering ( hoping ) if he had the makings of a prospective father/son nomination in a few years time David was very honest and admitted that whilst his son played football , he was only 12 and pencil thin , thus not monstering opponents yet . On the positive side he WAS projected to grow to 6’6” ( in the old measurements ) and The Ox hoped he’d be good enough to play for the mighty Dees eventually. We can live and dream🙏 because realistically there’s no other superstars in the recent history of the club that we can hope for similarly gifted offspring.
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    PA club rules must have something about having a Jack Trengove on their playing list at all times. Good luck to our (former) Jack. Hope he can make a success of his second chance.
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    Not sure above love but certainly popular. The full story is compelling. -His difficult childhood that included seeing his father shot dead in front of his eyes. -His loyalty and love for his mother and family. -A mercurial rise as a player and a brief period when he was one of the most exciting talents we had seen, and, as others have stated, as talented a player as Wayne Carey. -The tragedy of the knee injuries. Anyone who saw them happen, will never forget particularly the second one, after he had gone through so much to get back on the field. There was a kind of brave and tragic stoicism in the Ox's determination to continue his career no matter what the cost. Most others would have given up. It was almost as if he had decided in a single minded way that injury was not going to rob him of his footy career. -He did come back, a different and less spectacular player but he played the game and left the game on his own terms. -His attitude on and off the field showed a touch of arrogance, belligerence and the larrikin that was endearing and unusual in a Melbourne footballer. In many ways, he was so not Melbourne. -His loyalty to the Demons. -His honesty in dealing with his gambling addiction and efforts to help others. -He could have ended on the scrap heap after footy and his gambling problems . -His determination to overcome his demons and carve out a career in the media. I am not a fan but he is no worse than many others. I met him once in recent years and a brief conversation and smile suggested that he was a humble and nice person. The Ox has done well.
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    Just in case there was any danger of the OX getting back to his best after his first knee reconstruction, himself and the club were punished with a further two. Shame, another super talent hindered by injury. In saying that he bled for the club, became a club champion and flew the flag in the 2000 grand final battering of his younger teammates. Wouldn't we all love to see a junior Ox running around in the red and blue even if he produces half the goods his father did.
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    Could not be happier. Hope he gets a good run at it and fulfills the promise he originally had.
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    Absolutely thrilled he has another chance, good luck Jack you deserve a bit of that after the hands you have been dealt.
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    Very happy he got another gig, would love it if he got back to being a regular AFL player again.
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    We must read different texts. My version says that "I wouldn't..."
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    What do you mean ' a knee reco'. ..... Schwarz had three knee recos, and came back and won a B and F and played in a grand final. Schwarzs 1994 season was way better than Olivers 2017. And included a dominant finals series. You're showing a severe lack of respect to The Ox.
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    Is anyone here saying he was a superstar? He would have been, no doubt. His 1994 season is probably the best individual season by any Demon of the last 30 years. Maybe longer. Booted 60 goals at true Centre Half forward, and led the comp in marks. Had a brilliant final series, and was as exciting as any player in the league.
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    Pot.. meet.. Kettle...
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    If his son can do anything like his old man could then I think we'll be pretty happy.
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    What a champ was the Ox. Tall, mobile, great mark, great kick.Supreme talent curtailed by injury. No wonder Collingwood offered him a fortune to change. But he remained a Demon. Still is a Demon.
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    Love the bloke and hope like anything he gets a good run at it. He deserves every success. Don't care who he plays for, I'll cheer him on regardless (maybe not against us). Go you good thing JT
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    Jack T was on radio saying that he contacted Jack W (in Canada) who shed a tear or two on hearing they would be together at Port. Shows how much they think of each other. I shed a few tears too. Never thought I would say this but I hope Port has great success next year (except vs us) with our Jacks! Good luck JT. Whatever happens, you'll always be a Demon champ!
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    All ex-Melbourne DFAs, have gone to their new 'home' with my very best wishes, but Jack undoubtedly heads that list. I can't think af any other sub -100 game player who is so universally liked. Thanks Jack, for carrying yourself so professionally and proudly as a Demon, through the toughest of times.
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    Jack your a credit to yourself and family. Hope to see you play many AFL games. Now that is a feel good story.
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    If Brayshaw goes to Port Adelaide they will have our former picks 1, 2, 3 and 4.
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    Jack Trengove has signed a one-year deal with Port Adelaide. He joins the club as a delisted free agent.
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    Yep and IMO ticking 3 & 6 are the two most important
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    Sloane, Danger, Fyfe tick a few of those boxes...none are great kicks but they seem to go ok.
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    Satyr your comments on The Ox are a disgrace. Love to see you after 3 Knee Reconstructions twit
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    Prior to the knee reco he was going to be one of the best players to ever pull on the red and blue jumper. He was, at the very least, a superstar at the end of 1994. It's a shame to see you not giving him the credit he deserves.
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    Waste of time discussing them as it would be terrible list management to lose pick 45 or whatever it is now at the expense of a DFA, given it could have been used to draft order jump. Would also in effect greatly diminish the value of the pick received for Jack Watts if his list spot is taken up by a free player rather than used on a third round draft pick. if you have anyu faith in the football department being a cohesive, well planned instrument of the club, there will not be a free agent added!
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    Late last night i lost my dog. He went quickly and very unexpectedly. Only a couple of hours earlier the vet reported that whilst having a slightly elevated temperature and increased white blood cell count, there was nothing overly remarkable in his symptoms. He was even scheduled to be picked up by me at 10.30 to bring him back home. 2 hours later the vet rings and says that he has collapsed and they were trying to resuscitate him, but could not revive him. He went very quickly, simply rolling over and then.........yeah, gone. The nurse on duty saw it all happen and said that it he was gone very quickly (almost as if he died instantly). Even though he was an anxious dog, he went without being distressed and without pain and without knowing what was coming for which i am truly grateful. As the nurse said, it was such a beautiful way to go, one second he was fine the next he had left. No pain, no fear. Like all people so lucky enough to be allowed to have their life enriched by a companion, he made my life better because he was in it. Now i am left behind and i can't go with him, protect him, care for him, be there for him on his next journey. I don't need sympathy, though i know you all will provide it (we are after all in this together, which i am truly thankful that the MFC provides me with such a community). It does however highlight what is most important in one's life. And i would not hesitate for one second take my Neville's place so his life could continue. Not for all the premiership's in the world. This is now the fourth time i have had to endure losing my best friend.............it never gets any easier, if anything it gets harder. Love those who are closest to you, appreciate them for the joy they bring to your life. Focus on the things that matter most and don't get hung up on trivial things like trades, players and coaches (unless of course they are truly that meaningful to you - then kudos, appreciate it all the more). As i always said to my parents when i let my dogs give me kisses, you just never know when your last one may be. I now do, and i would not change a thing. Even right up to the very end, as what we shared was ours alone and truly unique. I only posted this on here as it is a place i know where i am welcome, for which i am thankful. Neville you were and are a great dog, who enriched my life in ways that i will never be able to repay. May you go to your mother who is waiting for you on the other side, until such time as i come to join you. You gave me so much joy and unwavering love, as i hope i did in return. May i forever be in your heart as you will always be in mine. Gone too soon, but only for the more sooner that we will be together again. Wait for me, i will eventually be with you once more. Loved now and forever, Tom.
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    I have had a bit of a study today and come up with a few at Flemington. I am not a fan of favourite runners (although there is great value tomorrow if you are). Race 1 - 12 Almighty, Race 4 - 6 Vengeur Masque Race 5 - 6 Jukebox, Race 7 - 11 Ocean's Fourteen, Race 8 - 9 Shillelagh. I will also have a go at Lola's Diamond on the Gold Coast, Race 3 - 6 and Monteaux at Doomben, Race 3 - 3. Good luck fellas. Cheers PD
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    Absolutely stoked for Trenners. I think the club made the right decision to move him on, but I also feel as though he deserved a second chance elsewhere as well. Hopefully it's a positive outcome for all involved.
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    Email I received yesterday: Thank you for signing up again as a member in 2018, it's certainly going to be an exciting year at the club. Exciting by the fact I'm going to gain mild depression leading into x-mas again. Cant wait Demons, cant wait.
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    I was responding to your disappointingly ill-informed comment about the fires being caused by fallen power lines. Black Saturday was caused by the conditions: a heat wave that broke every record coming at the end of the worst drought we'd ever seen. I'm not saying it was definitely caused by global warming, but it's part of a pattern. The fact that we haven't had another disaster since then proves nothing. It's only been eight years. These disasters seem to come every 25-30 years. If they start to occur more frequently, as the experts I spoke to feared was happening, then we'll be pretty sure we're in trouble, long-term.
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    Yes really glad Jack got picked up. Two Demon “Jacks” now at the power.
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    I have seen 4 players who made me want to travel hours from the country just to see them play: Flower, Ox, Farmer, and Jurrah. The Ox was an arrogant, gifted, brilliant, bullish star. In life I can't stand people like this. Opposition players like this make me want to puke. Dees players like him make me dream of that elusive Premiership. An imperfect human being who has totally owned all his errors, especially those which ruined the lives of others. As a radio man, even though I live too far away to get SEN 1116 now, I liked him when I could listen. And that 1994 team... oh what should have been.
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    Good luck hardtack I hope you get to use it soon.
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    A little further clarification for the newbies if I may Dazzle. I like to call that era ‘the Winter of Saty’. It was a time when he scoured every thread looking for negative opinions about Neeld, Schwab or anyone tied to the then administration (like Trump trolls do on Facebook today) and shout them down. My personal favorite (though it was a crowded field) was when he used to shitcan blokes for criticizing players then lectured others for having a go at Rohan Welsh for doing the same exact thing. Unfortunately, Welsh did it on the MFC website and was the coach of Casey at the time. Ox’s sin was to state the bleeding obvious: that Neeld was unlikely to stay beyond 2013 (though Ox’s comments re: losing by 100 plus so Neeld would get sacked were fairly average). For that, he copped a barrage of inane and disrespectful comments. After Neeld finally got sacked, sad as it was, it was amusing to see Saty disappear for the next six months plus; having made a thorough clown of himself. His shtick isn’t as grating these days as we aren’t getting pumped by 15 goals every second week by middle tier sides so I tend to let him ramble on. But back then tension was at boiling point (remember how tightly wound Petraccattack was in those days?), and his ongoing ‘positivity’ was as needed as a hole in the head.
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    He's paid to be a commentator not a Melbourne supporter. He wears his heart on his sleeve but there's no doubt he'd die for the club
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    I never actually said anywhere in my post you don't need to be able to kick. I'm saying being an elite kick at TAC and underage level means very little in terms of being able to use those skills at the next level due to panicking under pressure. Think Strauss and Maric vs Matt Crouch and Sam Powell Pepper. Yes it's a skill in the game but there are other far more important traits to look for in a player STMJ will know what I'm talking about here 1. Speed- leg speed, acceleration and/or decision making 2.Good Size - height and/or frame 3. Impact - ball use and/or contested impact 4. Skill - hand, foot and vision 5. Game sense 6. Workrate - endurance, repeat effort, DRIVE/DESIRE Tick 3 or more of those and you're likely to be a player at a fairly decent level and worth a look at. Dependent on how many or which particular ones you tick and that determines your draft position.
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    What are you referring to as 'dispatches'? Plenty of commentators and players have said Schwarz pre-knee was a star, and that he would have had a career as one of the competition's dominant players if not for the three knee recos. Definitely agree with the posters who've said Schwarz in '94 was better than Oliver's '17!
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    That's a huge win by Spurs over Real in the Champions league ... 4 of the teams from England won. Chelsea lost but are still well placed with Atletico only sitting on 3 points after 4 games. Juve & Barca dropped points unexpectedly but the big losers are Dortmund. Some interesting results to say the least.
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    Getting a little excited about the draft this year, as it is not a life or death one for us, as we now have a reasonable list, but rather more of a cherry pick to hopefully find a gem after the first round and a half has gone. Usually I know very little about the available talent and this year I know even less. So for me it will be a bit of excitement finding out who we have chosen and then watching their development.
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    Nice person the OX man. He was one player that was always happy to have a chat with the the kids and parents as well, at the family days. During the footy season love SEN on a Friday arvo with the OX and Doctor turf, great show.
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    Todd Viney and Shaun Smith were not superstars. Why don’t you bother to fully read and comprehend other people’s posts? Serious question.
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    If there's one thing I've learnt from scouting this year after being a former 'armchair expert', it's that you need to watch a hell of a lot of vision of an individual to form any sort of accurate and informed opinion about their strengths and weaknesses as a player. There are 15-20 players that I watched closely live this year at TAC cup level but I wish I could have seen even more to consolidate some opinions I have on certain individuals. And that's only the football side of things of course. To answer both your posts, I'll again point out a few things about Jack Petruccelle as a player. The vision you're referring to is from a single Vic Metro game that Petruccelle played in and if I'm not mistaken, it was his first and only game at state level. Petruccelle is a former Basketballer-turned-footballer and it was a little over a year ago that he was playing for the Vic Metro under 18's basketball side. Think about that for a minute. This is a bloke who was a full-time basketballer just over a year ago with a very real chance to go to college in the states to pursue his dream. He made a choice half-way through last year after a couple of games with the Knights to pursue footy. Here are two articles you can read about his transition and the impression he made on the coach at the Knights through his performances at TAC level this year. 1 - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/localfooty/afl-draft-prospect-jack-petruccelle-adds-pace-in-attack-for-tac-cup-club-northern-knights/news-story/2a36d9e6327fa9d92543a8e243c29297 2 - http://www.starweekly.com.au/sports/jack-petruccelle-attacks-new-goal/ Consider now the following: Petruccelle's exposure to these elite footy squads has been extremely limited, yet his improvement due to his raw talent has been monumental at TAC level. This must and will be considered given being an AFL footballer is a full-time profession and his potential is enormous. There were games this year where I saw him do things that nobody else I've watched can do. His speed, agility, contested-marking for his height, ball-handling and awareness in tight spaces (think Petracca), was far and away better than anyone I saw at TAC cup level this year. And what's even more impressive is his ability to go through the midfield and win contested ball and his contested ball numbers at TAC cup level were good, especially for someone who is new to these elite squads. It's a fantastic sign. The knocks on him are of course his kicking, that can't be disputed. What can be argued however, is the measure of how bad his kicking is. And I would argue that it's not as bad as some make out. He is hit and miss at this stage but generally he is very effective around goals. Posters should think about Jayden Hunt when assessing Petruccelle. You've got to look at the upside because there's no doubting he'll slide due to not featuring heavily at state level. Having said all of that about Petruccelle, I am definitely not screaming 'we must draft him', but rather, giving an insight into him as a player, where he has come from and the upside I believe he has given the sheer number of quality attributes he possess and his limited time in the game... [censored] it. I want him at one of our picks in the 30's. The last thing I'd like to leave here is a highlights compilation of Nat Fyfe's game against Vic Country back in his under 18's year. Now based on this footage @durango and @Sydee, I can only assume you'd think he is bog ordinary and would want to stay the hell away?
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