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    VP you spoke of the victim mentality in your earlier post. To me your statement above is just that. Are you suggesting that because we have received help, or as I prefer to call it redress or equalisation for rigged income earning fixtures, we are not allowed to feel aggrieved or complain about blatant favouritism in the fixture? The Carlton prime time fixture or playing at Geelong being major examples. I don't accept that receiving some help dooms you to being a passive subservient member of the AFL.
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    Our Schwarzenegger was a champion. In 1994, he was as good as Carey. And Carey was one of the greatest of all time. I was behind the goals at the punt road end, when Schwartz twisted and his knee went. We were silent. For the rest of the game, it was a blur. I think our future went out the window. He was a sensational CHF. We were seeing another Demon cursed. His courage to play on was amazing and whilst he was never the spring heeled CHF, he was a loyal champion Demon.
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    From today's AFL article- "All up, an unfortunate pre-season accident led to a need to try new things, and now, Garland – who will also attempt to play for the Casey Demons in 2018 if his knee holds up – is pretty happy with how it's panned out." Would be good to see Col run out for Casey next year
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    And that's a problem? What do you suggest we do, try and not make money? We're already standing on our own 2 feet ... read our annual reports and stop making stuff up. Serious question ... when are the poker machines finishing up? Have you got documentation to support your claim? So @Dr. Gonzo puts forward an intelligent suggestion and you shoot him down and then offer ... nothing. That's you in a nutshell. I reckon it makes @Redleg look like a passionate demon who wants the best for his club. How about you? Do you want the best for your club? We're getting fed 3 day old scraps and have done for years now - decades in fact. Of late (2011 to 2016) we've been continuously 'granted' 7 home fixtures against poor drawing interstate teams and people wonder why we're not well off. Often our other home games in those years were against the other smaller Melbourne clubs. You want proof? - go to AFL tables and see for yourself. And that's the main reason we are selling off games to the NT ... do you reckon that we want to do that? Maybe we've been forced to do so to balance the books. A 1.4 million dollar grant in 2013 and you reckon there's lots more. So where is this extra funding that you continually bang on about? For the record ... AFL payments to clubs revealed, Giants handed $21 million 2016 PAYMENTS TO CLUBS 1. GWS Giants $21,548,374 2. St Kilda $18,566,589 3. Western Bulldogs $17,610,181 4. Brisbane Lions $17,532,922 5. Gold Coast Suns $17,194,594 6. North Melbourne $15,022,303 7. Melbourne $14,799,452 8. Port Adelaide $13,206,665 9. Sydney Swans $12,488,957 10. Richmond $12,358,925 11. Essendon $11,914,715 12. West Coast Eagles $11,703,240 13. Hawthorn $11,614,683 14. Carlton $11,607,942 15. Collingwood $11,304,689 16. Geelong Cats $10,787,483 17. Fremantle Dockers $10,563,307 18. Adelaide Crows $10,553,565 *All clubs received an $8.188 million base payment and a $1.2 million bonus payment. Extra payments included equal and disequal financial assistance, prize money, and distributions from Etihad Stadium signage rights. On the surface it looks like the 4 smaller Melbourne clubs are getting some form of compensation but our growth is stifled in comparison to the well-looked-after big clubs. As a consequence, the gap between the rich & poor gets wider by the year.
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    Like some others, I went very cool on footy after our gutless 'end of year fade-out'. Unlike previous years, my interest in the finals series was barely lukewarm, and it is only now, with the trade period gone and draft approaching, that my interest has been somewhat rekindled. But I always knew that my support for Melbourne will live as long as I do ....... it's in my DNA. A few days ago I renewed memberships for myself and five other family members. It will be their Christmas gift, and they can 'like it or lump it' but I am very confident that it will be the former.
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    Cause for optimism? I had some free time and called SEN yesterday to specifically ask David Schwarz one question that’s been nagging me for years. I know he has a son and was wondering ( hoping ) if he had the makings of a prospective father/son nomination in a few years time David was very honest and admitted that whilst his son played football , he was only 12 and pencil thin , thus not monstering opponents yet . On the positive side he WAS projected to grow to 6’6” ( in the old measurements ) and The Ox hoped he’d be good enough to play for the mighty Dees eventually. We can live and dream? because realistically there’s no other superstars in the recent history of the club that we can hope for similarly gifted offspring.
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    If his son can do anything like his old man could then I think we'll be pretty happy.
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    Better idea than just belittling people who make suggestions. Individuals and organizations banding together to achieve an objective is hardly the most unusual thing in society. But feel free to dismiss it as some hippie leftist fantasy if that makes you happy, but don't mock the person suggesting it.
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    There was a recruiter who once drafted Morton. He had a full-time job as a recruiter. He presumably spent hours and hours pouring over footage of Morton. He no doubt interviewed Morton, and maybe even ordered a psych report on Morton. He perhaps spoke to Morton's school-teachers and sports' coaches, possibly even Morton's mum: who, for the sake of economy, we'll presume here to call Mrs. Morton. I do have my doubts that our star recruiter cared much for trends in physical conditioning, but, regardless, the point of this story, is. simply, Morton.
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    Thanks Col. Will always remember the night in 2010 when you and Chip absolutely monstered Fev and Browny at the Gabba. Also THAT night against Essendon, deep in the pits of despair. I'm glad you're continuing your footy journey with Melbourne, may it be long and prosperous. This one really hits home as a changing of the guard. Trengove, Watts, Spencer (to a lesser extent), and now Judy. Hopefully the next chapter is a lot brighter.
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    I have a huge soft spot for Col personally, so I'm glad the club has found him a suitable role. His journey from kid in Tassie who nearly had to give up footy because he couldn't get a lift to training, to the handy, gutsy defender he was during the Bailey era, to almost the posterboy for the down trodden during the Neeld era - it's been quite the ride. At his best he was quick, desperate, always put his body on the line and could play on tall or small. All the best Col, hopefully this is the start of great things.
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    The current membership figure is a lowly 16,689. (It picks up MCC memberships and the annual automatic rollovers which occurred on Oct 25). I don’t have the comparable figure for Week 4 of Oct last year. But the figures for week 3 of October in recent years were: 2017: 21,890. 2018 Shortfall at least 5,291 (24%) 2016: 19,026. 2018 Shortfall at least 2,337 2014: 17,625. 2018 Shortfall at least 936 It is reasonable to assume that it is the diehard supporters that pay up 'early'. So it would be alarming to the club that at least 24% of last year’s diehard renewals have not occurred. Equally alarming would be we are under the equivalent 2014 figure (ie after the announcement of Roos as the new coach). If 24% fewer diehard supporters have not renewed, one wonders how many of the new members that took us to 42,000 will also fall by the wayside. We can all guess the reasons for the non-renewals: Round 23 capitulation Missing finals The post round 23 communication vacuum from the club The early finals ticket brochure fiasco. (and maybe for some the handling/departure of a fan favourite) On DL we have done those to death and on here we are quite forgiving and our belief in the club and its management, while questioned at times, is very resilient. But rightly or wrongly those events hurt the club and seem enough for members to start voting with their wallets. DL posters can ridicule them and say they are not 'true supporters' but they have the right to not take out a membership if they are not happy with what the club has shown. PJ and co really have their hands full to get the disenchanted members back. I hope he has some aces up his sleeve because patience seems to have run out. If the trend doesn't reverse it will really hurt financially which we can ill afford with the ordinary fixture we have been given. It will also hurt PJ's attempts to get a front of jumper sponsor ( I believe AHG will not be renewing their sponsorship). We might be lucky to reach 40,000 for 2018. FWIW - I did my bit and signed up last week.
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    thanks Siren, that is a great personal perspective that many footballers ( and elsewhere) will go through. A well written piece by Ben.
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    Interesting read on Ben and some of the mental issues he faced as an AFL player. http://www.aflplayers.com.au/article/players-voice-ben-kennedy/
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    Huge man crush on the great man. Hopefully Cooper is as big a talent, and has better knees. God knows I don’t want to cry again over another busted knee.
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    What a champ was the Ox. Tall, mobile, great mark, great kick.Supreme talent curtailed by injury. No wonder Collingwood offered him a fortune to change. But he remained a Demon. Still is a Demon.
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    but you said "because the new cost of it is no doubt much closer to its real value". So, you think that $299 is a fair price just for the opportunity to purchase a ticket maybe of less value? I think it is a rip off, and doubly so if you have no choice.
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    I'll be renewing but they can bloody well wait. Couldn't muster up a win against a hopeless North from two attempts. Couldn't muster up the prunes to beat a second string Collingwood to give the supporters one measly finals appearance. Meanwhile Richmond, [censored] RICHMOND, plodded their way to a flag on the back of household names like Nathan Broad - a bloke I had not heard of until he snapchatted a stranger with his premiership medallion between her jugs. Yeah, last season still stings.
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    I think you SHOULD be having a go at the club here... without members the club would be in dire financial straits, so if they want to ensure members stay within the fold, then it is their responsibility to keep us informed of any changes that are going to affect us financially; particularly in the case where memberships are set up for automatic renewal. Christ, even the emails welcoming my son and I back mention absolutely nothing about the costs (a receipt would be nice) let alone the break up of costs!! How hard is it???
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    Each to their own but I have signed up to the Luni bin again along with my family. Let the fun and games begin.
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    Liam Ryan I'm guessing will be this year's Nakia. More precisely: not this year's Nakia, but the 'Nakia' of Nakia's draft year. That is to say, he will go pretty early. Nakia.
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    Cheers for your efforts and being a solid servant to the club in some very dark times Garlo!
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    “I would like to point out that this decision has been some time in the making –myself and Josh have been having conversations for a while now. In the end, the well was dry. I couldn’t live the trademark anymore as a player. I didn’t want to waste a year remaining on the list, both personally and for the team. One H. Lumumba would have done well to take this one out of Colin's playbook.
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    I take my hat off to this bloke, the way he conducted himself on and off the footy feild. A more loyal a servant the MFC will not find. For a few years there in the middle he was a pretty handy defender. All the best for the future Col.
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