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    Tigers are actually orange, black and white - don't tell Richmond fans though
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    Have had a busy week, so have only been able to finish listening today. It was absolutely brilliant! Its amazing that he hasn’t been public before as he has so many stories that he tells so well! I started getting interested in footy in the early 90s and Jakovich was plastered all over my bedroom walls. I vividly remember lying on my bedroom floor listening to the Melbourne matches on the radio and recording his goals (and his many behinds) on the newspaper team sheets- then watching the highlights with Drew Morphett at 6:30. (Kids nowadays have it too easy. Was amazing how much detail he could recall and his understanding of the game and the personalities involved is top notch. He’ll always be a fan favourite and is the kind of player you tell your kids about. The amazing thing being that all the YouTube footage that is now turning up actually confirms your memories of his skills and excitement rather than exposes them as exaggerations- he really was that good! Best of all, I’m glad he’s doing well and is happy with his life after footy. A concern when players completely vanish from the face of the earth, despite attempts to find them, is that they may have fallen on hard time. Jako sounds happy and fulfilled with his life and has put things into their right perspective and that’s great to hear! Well done on the best podcast interview I’ve ever heard.
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    1 wish home game against Essendon
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    Do you really understand this or are you just making it up?
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    Gee you really got that wrong LDC. Unfair to Jack and a very inaccurate interpretation of what PJ meant. First of all, how is Jack a mercenary? He didn't leave for more money. You know why he left so why disparage the guy with a comment like that? Secondly, PJ was simply saying that Jack was a great guy, who was loved at Melbourne and who loved Melbourne. After his time at Port was up he believed that Jack would consider himself a Melbourne man and get involved with the club. PJ also said that he was going to catch up with Jack when he was back in Melb soon.
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    I used to give a sh!t about the ins and outs of every trade we were involved in but then you realise it doesn't matter. Don't sweat the small stuff. If that pick we have given up next year for Lever leads to being a good pick then that is 'big stuff' but it would mean something has gone horribly wrong...
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    Picks after the top 10 are overrated these days. Free agency has completely changed the landscape. We've got an outstanding young core of Hogan, Petracca, Weideman, Viney, Oliver, Hunt, ANB, Lever, Salem, Brayshaw & OMac, plus others who may still come on like Harmes, Stretch, Balic, Johnstone. We don't need heaps of draft picks in the next 2-3 years, we need free agents and ready to go players to fill needs. I've got a feeling the Watts movement is a part of that with someone like Gaff a FA at the end of the year. It's time we put all our eggs in the winning a flag basket.
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    All I want to know is , ' Is anyone training the house down yet ??? '
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    The club needs to string along Peter Jackson for the next 13 years! This bloke is a very well articulated man!
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    Oh bing181. Are you popping your head back up out of the dung? As I've said before, Jack chose Port Adelaide and because of the way it was handled by the FD PA knew that they didn't have to go high to get him. FD basically shot themselves in the foot. But I don't want to damage the fragile little world that you live in so you just go on believing what you want to. And maybe you'll see Santa Claus this year fly past your window too. If you would please reply to my post on page 268 (5 posts from the bottom) i would be most grateful. I've been trying to chase you down about unsubstantiated crap you've put on this thread but you keep on running away from it. Man up I say son!!!
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    best kick for goal yes. Best field kick probably not. I'd say Salem, Hibberd are Lewis are all better and you could make a case for garlett too. So this is 160 odd players that I rate higher than Watts. There is probably a few debatable ones but there's a truckload more that you could make a case for to be ahead of him also. Either way you look at it, we certainly aren't giving away a player that is top 150. I think 175-200 is about right. Geelong Danger selwood Hawkins Menegola Duncan Tuohy Henderson S.Selwood Gold Coast Ablett A.Hall Lynch Wright Lyons Touk Miller May Saad Adelaide Betts Walker Lynch Sloane Crouch Crouch Mckay Lever Talia Laird C.Cameron Jacobs Jenkins R.Atkins R.Douglas Richmond Martin Cotchin Houli Prestia Riewoldt Nankervis S.Edwards Vlastuin Caddy Rioli GWS Kelly Scully Shiel Cameron Ward Lobb Greene D.Smith Davis Patton Hawks Mitchell Gunston Burton Breust Hodge O'Meara Smith Roughead Rioli Sicily Port Wines Ebert Boak Ryder Gray Dixon Powell-pepper Wingard North Cunnington M.Wood Higgins Ziebell Tarrant Preuss Brisbane Zorko Rockliff Beams Martin Rich Frem Weller Blakely Fyfe Neale B.Hill S.Hill Mundy McCarthy StKilda Newnes Ross Steven Billings Roberton K.Stevens Gresham Membrey Carlton Gibbs Murphy Docherty Kreuzer Cripps K.Simpson C.Curnow L.Jones Weitering Marchbank Dogs Macrae Hunter Mclean Bontempelli Dahlhaus Johannison Stringer Picken Coll Treloar Pendlebury Grundy Adams Wells Sidebottom Howe Elliot Fasalo B.Reid Essendon Heppell Goddard Hurley Zaharakis Daniher Hooker Sydney Kennedy Franklin Hanneberry Heeney Lloyd Papley Parker Z.Jones Mills G.Rohan Rampe WCE S.Mitchell Gaff Shuey Hurn Priddis Yeo Kennedy Darling McGovern Melbourne Hunt Hibberd Lewis Oliver Viney Jones Gawn Petracca Pedersen Hogan T.Mcdonald Garlett
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    Also I would like to say Melbourne have handled this badly.. if you look at the Port website how they farewelled the players they traded, it's like chalk and cheese. Why didn't MFC say goodbye gracefully?? PFC put up a highlight package for or their players and wished good luck. Melbourne did nothing except criticise. Could have been better
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    You are obsessed with "winning" the trade period. My humble suggestion is you focus on Melbourne winning games and don't worry about what other clubs do or don't do.
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    You sure he's a real marine biologist? "The sea was angry that day, my friends."
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    To be an effective AFL player you need to reach a good standard for both. Throw in pure physical fitness as a third category. Hell, you could even divide that the same way, into stamina/durability versus athletic ability. If you were trying to build a metric for 'player value' based on skill v toughness, you wouldn't just add them and compare, you would multiply the two together to get your result. (Caveat - I fully understand that trying to put standardised metrics on this stuff is absurd, I am just using it to illustrate the relationship) For example; Fred Keiserkopf is highly skilled (8/10) but a bit of a damp newspaper (2/10), 8x2 = 16. Geoff McAverageish is just ok at everything, with 5/5 for both, 5x5 = 25. So you put McAverageish on the field because his effectiveness overall is a half-again Keiserkopf. But you might still draft Keiserkopf in the hope that you can push that toughness up a bit, because even 3x8 puts him at around the same value. Of course, the most recent big example of a coach trying to recruit and organise their team in separate 'streams' of toughness and skill is Terry Wallace at Richmond. That produced a string of highly skilled and quick draft picks who were never forced to develop their toughness and thus never made it as effective AFL players, and a progression of tough-nut players who could win the ball but frankly there wasn't much point them having it. I think Goodwin &co have learnt the first part of that lesson, but I still have doubts about the second part.
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    I think keep Wattsy up there but put him in a Port jumper, for a bit of a stir.
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    Walker is really only damaging his own reputation by persisting with this line of trash talking his ex-teammates. To have gone thru the Phil Walsh tragedy showing some real leadership and camaraderie to this, being a bitter and vindictive Club captain surely can’t be enamouring himself to his other teammates. Seems like a bit of a boys club over at the Crows where it’s okay for Dangerfield and probably Sloane to leave next year, escaping any criticism.
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    Plus a picture of the 1964 premiership cup with rust on it
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    Don't knoiw much about the amount of work time or effort that goes into editing the banner, but this is a good idea worth thinking about. As another thought what about a random change with a past player being seen on the banner Barrassi, Robbie, Greg Parkes, Ray Biffen, Crackers, Jacko, what an assortment of goodies !!
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    The first Chicago Transit Authority album was brilliant... they were a real contrast to Blood Sweat and Tears who were a very smooth sounding outfit... CTA at that time had a guitarist who was more influenced by Hendrix than any jazz greats and consequently the sound had a real edge to it. It was a shame what they became though.
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    The Queen song (Radio Goo Goo) isn't a masterpiece but Freddie's captivation of a packed out Wembley Stadium is as good as I have seen. I love it more for the theatre than the song itself.
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    How were they nb? While I'm here, a couple from Elvis Costello (and the attractions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhLztdvgpFY
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    Forgive my (over)indulgence, but here's a couple more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUqd8vAM8PU
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