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    Tigers are actually orange, black and white - don't tell Richmond fans though
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    Yep. You're right. They got rid of Jack because he dyed his hair blue.
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    Have had a busy week, so have only been able to finish listening today. It was absolutely brilliant! Its amazing that he hasn’t been public before as he has so many stories that he tells so well! I started getting interested in footy in the early 90s and Jakovich was plastered all over my bedroom walls. I vividly remember lying on my bedroom floor listening to the Melbourne matches on the radio and recording his goals (and his many behinds) on the newspaper team sheets- then watching the highlights with Drew Morphett at 6:30. (Kids nowadays have it too easy. Was amazing how much detail he could recall and his understanding of the game and the personalities involved is top notch. He’ll always be a fan favourite and is the kind of player you tell your kids about. The amazing thing being that all the YouTube footage that is now turning up actually confirms your memories of his skills and excitement rather than exposes them as exaggerations- he really was that good! Best of all, I’m glad he’s doing well and is happy with his life after footy. A concern when players completely vanish from the face of the earth, despite attempts to find them, is that they may have fallen on hard time. Jako sounds happy and fulfilled with his life and has put things into their right perspective and that’s great to hear! Well done on the best podcast interview I’ve ever heard.
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    1 wish home game against Essendon
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    Do you really understand this or are you just making it up?
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    Gee you really got that wrong LDC. Unfair to Jack and a very inaccurate interpretation of what PJ meant. First of all, how is Jack a mercenary? He didn't leave for more money. You know why he left so why disparage the guy with a comment like that? Secondly, PJ was simply saying that Jack was a great guy, who was loved at Melbourne and who loved Melbourne. After his time at Port was up he believed that Jack would consider himself a Melbourne man and get involved with the club. PJ also said that he was going to catch up with Jack when he was back in Melb soon.
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    I used to give a sh!t about the ins and outs of every trade we were involved in but then you realise it doesn't matter. Don't sweat the small stuff. If that pick we have given up next year for Lever leads to being a good pick then that is 'big stuff' but it would mean something has gone horribly wrong...
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    Picks after the top 10 are overrated these days. Free agency has completely changed the landscape. We've got an outstanding young core of Hogan, Petracca, Weideman, Viney, Oliver, Hunt, ANB, Lever, Salem, Brayshaw & OMac, plus others who may still come on like Harmes, Stretch, Balic, Johnstone. We don't need heaps of draft picks in the next 2-3 years, we need free agents and ready to go players to fill needs. I've got a feeling the Watts movement is a part of that with someone like Gaff a FA at the end of the year. It's time we put all our eggs in the winning a flag basket.
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    All I want to know is , ' Is anyone training the house down yet ??? '
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    The club needs to string along Peter Jackson for the next 13 years! This bloke is a very well articulated man!
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    Too be honest I think that was the start of the rot. It was a mistake but it is was it is, as Mark Neeld would say
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    Wow. That's cutting. I was concerned that I might have been making you look like an idiot. Now I realise you do it all by yourself anyway.
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    I'm jealous. But well done.
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    My favourite bit of PJs comments was when he said that Jack Watts will always be a Melbourne person. It may not have been intended, but it was as if he was telling Port Adelaide that they'd contracted a mercenary who will never fully commit to his new club.
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    Why? Because it ruins the narrative of the 'save Jack Watts' campaign and those trying to impugn the integrity of our footy department? Personally I think the idiot supporters ringing SEN and moaning about Jack Watts should shut up and concentrate on next year.
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    People seem to want to get caught up with speculation and winning or losing trades. If you compare the Gibbs and Lever trades on face value one would agree a 21 to AA nominee was traded for the same value as a 29 yo A grade mid. One club made their trade happen, the other waited 12 months. 2 questions Who would u prefer for 2 first rd picks? The 21 yo or the 29 yo? And, was the 12 months worth the wait for the crows? Some might even argue they paid more Why do people rate draft picks so highly on this site when clearly the strategy to accumulate high picks over a long period of time has not reaped rewards?
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    Tex Walker is really just a yobbo. If he was real captain material he should have led his side to flag by example instead of squibbing so many important contests on the big day.
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    bing, at the end of the day, his papers were stamped Pick 31, 55, 103, didn't matter - he was gone
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    If that forward line was uninjured holey moley it would have been devastating
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    Re the podcast Fantastic Job It felt like I'd met him in the pub and he sat down and chatted with me for 2 hrs Outstanding. Sincere thanks
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    What about one position vacant each match day for a mystery pick by all after the round (with a time limit ,of course)....
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    After round 23 last season, I’d leave it empty.
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    Hendrix really rated Terry Kath (the guitarist you are talking about). I loved this version of the band but couldn't stand the versions post Kath, fell asleep in their show at the bowl...so bland. Kath accidentally shot himself unfortunately. Seem to remember a story of playing Russian roulette.
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    Here's a couple with a heavy brass influence ... Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago
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