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    we have not made finals for 11 years or won a premiership in 53 one player is not going to make any difference - he's been here for 9 years and is not integral to our side i think the football department is doing the right thing
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    It's not just about Watts. He's the lightning rod. But there's more at play. Goodwin is making a statement. And it is not "if we can only get rid of Watts, we'll be a finals winning side". You can bet your behind that this is not the only aspect of his stand. This is only part of it. He will having quiet words to Gawn, Bugg, Kent, probably Jesse in the pre season when 2017 is behind him, and others. Assuming they don't get the message anyway. It's about setting standards that cannot be dodged or done in a half @rsed fashion. If he got rid of Kent, would everyone get the message? Maybe, maybe not. But he's gotten rid of Watts. Is anyone in any doubt at all of his determination to succeed? Go Goody. Go Demons.
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    I feel that it reflects his value quite accurately.
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    Agree. The arguments on the merit of whether he stays or goes has obviously been done to death. It has got to the point of needing resolution but presumably it will be resolved in the next few days. My angst is not with his merits as a footballer but the way the club has handled the affair. First, it makes the club appear totally incompetent and inefficient. In short, very bad management. Second, it makes the club look very bad from a "values" perspective. Like any organisation, the club should have a strong emphasis on people management and one that incorporates transparency in its dealings with its players and staff, and one that treats both those groups in a respectful manner. In this case, the player despite not fulfilling peoples expectations has been at the club for 9 years, played 150 games and has been recognized for his loyalty to the club. Football is a business and a business that craves success, but loyalty should still be be valued. We supporters are loyal and we like loyalty in our players. What does the club do? It is willing to break a 3 year contract with the player and treats the player who professes his love for the club like an outcast. I wonder how Bartlett, Jackson, Goodwin or any of the other coaches or staff would feel if they were treated this way? I think the Clubs handling of the affair has been shameful and it sends a very bad message to others not least the remainder of the playing group. Not one of the Clubs best moments. And not one likely to be forgotten quickly. Sure we will move on, but it leaves a very bad taste in this supporters mouth.
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    This is the sort of snipe that really annoys me. Whatever you think of Watts, he provided a lot more than Toumpas under a lot more scrutiny.
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    Are you serious, you of all people should know it's a ruthless business and tough decisions need to be made. You have been going on for as long as I can remember about Melbourne being soft and excepting mediocrity. Any father will come out and support their child. I wish Jack well but I want a ruthless team who will do whatever it takes to win a flag and leaving no stone unturned. Clarrie knuckling down after his off season incident is a prime example of what's expected. Say what you like Jack didn't come back from the off season as required, that is not up for debate. Many on here are coming up with conspiracy theories on here which is ridiculous. Jack is being traded because of himself, nobody else. He's had numerous chances and it comes down to 1. Has Jack got the best out of himself - no 2. Has Jack left no stone unturned to fulfill his potential - no 3. Has Jack made himself an untouchable - no 4. Does Jack have trade value - yes 5. Does Jack do the non negotiables week in week out - no 6. Is it likely Jack will reach a higher ceiling if he remains at Melbourne - no 7. Will Jack perform well at another club - highly likely but it's irrelevant to us once he leaves
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    MFC has demanded at least pick 2 and Freos first rounder next year for Jesse. This is why Freo offered Weller and 5, for The Suns' pick 2. This will then be sent to us for Hogan along with their 2018 1st pick. Freo were asked for their first rounder and Neale, but he refused to be traded, so we are in for 2 x first rounders instead, with this years being upgraded so we can get our intended target in the draft. The Lever trade has been used as the basis of our demand for 2 x first rounders, with nothing more than a fourth rounder going back to Freo. Deal essentially done and will be announced Wednesday. ( None of that is true, but someone needed to take the focus of the Jack Watts thread. My reputation is taking one for the team)
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    Listen to the simpletons boo him next year, when in fact he loved the club and wanted to stay. Club has no right to play the loyalty card when Trac and Co are offered big coin in 2019/20. Like his old man said, we stuffed him and later stoned him. Pick 31 or Watts? Give me Watts.
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    I miss no point I understand how football club runs, the lists get turned over. I don't live in la la land trying to dream up conspiracy theories on why poor Jack is being "kicked out of the club" as some are saying. The fact Jack is still allegedly saying he doesn't know why he's up for trade speaks volumes and confirms to me the club is making the right decision. There is nothing more to it, I've outlined the plain and simple reasons why he is being put up for trade.
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    “I told my manager I didn’t want to speak to any other club, but it’s funny after seeing one of my great mates win a premiership on the weekend, because you have to be envious of success,” he said. “I was watching the game and people said ‘wouldn’t you love success?' and I said ‘it wouldn’t mean anything to me unless it was with Melbourne’ Col had his faults but was a demon through and through. Also loved the slight at good old chip
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    Best of luck to Jack at Port. He deserves better than the club gave him from the start. Had far to much pressure placed upon him, didn't handle the media correctly at any point, and then had his development thrown around and never got to settle in a position for more than a year or two. He's an obvious talent who the club mismanaged. He deserves better, and I hope he flourishes at Port. Good luck Jack and thanks for the memories. Must've watched that Queens Bday goal 50 times over!
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    Port Adelaide, a direct competitor to us in the 5-8 bracket have just brought in Rockcliff, Motlop and Watts.... for a total cost of pick 31. They've had a tremendous trade period. Comparatively, we've brought in Lever, but have lost Watts and 2 first round picks. Paid overs and let quality go for unders. The late picks are irrelevant unless tied to a player trade as they will produce speculative kids at best. The club better package those 2nd round picks up and make something happen or we've had a poor trade period and lost further ground on our direct finals competitors.
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    I've never watched that show. All I know is she's married to a moron with a rag on his head.
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    'rope aisle at Bunnings' -> 'national superbeings' Christ. This thing is even bigger than I thought.
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    I miss the rumours that involve mice running up clocks and something to do with a bird.
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    If he stays he won't be playing at Casey.
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    They bent over on both trades. We're building a great reputation as a club that is more than happy to be screwed right there on the trade table.
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    Goody is at the storm offices asking the best way to run a ball into the goals.
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    Just as a reminder. We lost to North twice, Freo once, had Brisbane on toast and nearly collapsed, and flubbed it against C'wood in rd 23. After another season of tripping at important hurdles, and with our stumbing, bumbling end to the season, Goodwin, the guy with his nads on the line, made the call that something has to change. Otherwise we'll forever be flubbing it when it counts. If this doesn't send a message to the players, then it's time to step down and join the VAFA.
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    I’m unhappy with he way the club has handled this. Watts loved the club and has been burnt. Some posting here say there is more to the story but clearly have nothing to back it up. I doubt whoever we draft at pick 31 will be as good. I understand we have to continuously improve our list but this was a crap way to do it. Goodwin has a lot to prove now. (end rant)
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    Was talking to a (very) passionate Collingwood supporting friend last night and asked her if she'd seen the latest trade news - that Collingwood had offered #6 for Watts, a pick in the 20's and some late swaps. Also told her that it was Howe getting into Buckley's ear that got them to put it in the table. I had to hold the phone away from my ear to save my eardrums. Other than a lot of swearing I got 'Are you [censored] kidding me?!?! That Howe can [censored] right off back to Melbourne!', 'It's bad enough we took Dunn!', 'Buckley needs to be sacked for making that deal!'. About 2 hours later I got a call back. 'We never offered that! You are an [censored]!' I laughed, and said, 'Yep. I am. But that is payback for Harry'. I expect a punch in the face the next time I see her, but, geez, it will be worth it.
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    Feel like my IQ has taken a severe backward step after catching up on the last 7 pages. C’mon, Wattsy. Call it.
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    The club asked Watts to explore his options, nothing more. Good wins view on him have been known since the start of the season. For those rattling on about how badly it's been handled accept that there really is no other way. I'd blame his manager and the media for the [censored] not the club
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    I'd agree with 'the collective wisdom' then, but I'd also say it completely depends where your list demographic sits. Our list is at a point where it needs to add some final best 22 contributors for 2018, not 2022. It's pretty rare that someone comes in like Oliver or Hogan and becomes a pivotal player for their team from almost day dot. In order to keep our young gun group together, we need to demonstrate to them that we're ready to attack that flag next year.
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